Mailchimp Pricing Plans 2020 – Right Plan & Total Cost?

Know more Mailchimp Pricing Plans & fee. Check Total Mailchimp Cost & Mailchimp Fee for all its Plans. Choose a Right Mailchimp Plan that you want on Discount.

Mailchimp provides all Rather Advertising solutions like Email Efforts, Paid Advertising, and Social media Branding.

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If yes, then this article will surely help you out. in this article, we have mentioned the actual plans and pricing of MailChimp. Also, how you can get this tool at a discounted price.

This Email Marketing Tool helps audience behavior utilizing progress In-Sight & record programs, makes automated email promotions based on every other event, and establishes societal networking marketing campaigns.

MailChimp Pricing Summary

A quick overview of Mailchimp pricing.

  • For Free plan, Up-to 2000 contacts, 10000 monthly emails, limited templates, website creation, landing pages, social post scheduling = FREE
  • For Essential plan, Up-to 50000 contacts, 500000 monthly emails, unlimited templates, website creation, landing page, social post scheduling = $10/mo.
  • For Standard plan, up-to 100000 contacts, 1.2M monthly emails, unlimited templates, website creation, landing page, no social post scheduling = $15/mo.
  • For Premium plan, up-to 200000+ contacts, 3M+ monthly emails, unlimited templates, websites creation, landing page, no social post scheduling = $310.50/mo.

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp offers 4 different plans. Free plan costs $0 per month, Essential Plan costs $9.99 per month, Standard plan Costs $14.99 per month and Premium plan costs $299 per month. 

Mailchimp Pricing Plans Features

The hints to get News-Letter layouts always stays uncomplicated.  It’s excellent to appreciate that MailChimp comprises 80 glistening templates that point out, divide into sections such as electronic commerce, events or vacations.  

Monthly Email Sends10,000500,0001.2M3M+
All TemplatesNo (Limited)YesYesYes
Website CreationYesYesYesYes
Landing PagesYesYesYesYes
FB & Insta AdsYesYesYesYes
Social Post SchedulingYesYesNoNo

MailChimp provides an accounts dashboard that gives you a summary, campaign participation, audience acquisition and performance. Plus, the comprises interactive charts which picture those statistics. Users can also see graphs of area participation, contributor habits, along with a whole lot added.

Among all other email marketing solution tools in the industry, MailChimp’s costs less as compared to all other tools of the same category.

MailChimp Plans, Features and Pricing

Mailchimp would maybe be the winner because of the ease of high level features, customization and usage. It’s paid options in comparison to all other solutions of email marketing supplied a plan that’s at no cost.

Mailchimp could function as an email program which can be found on the present market, too for rationale. They’ve an outstanding program, and they also supply membership. 

It provides assistance choices that could be self explanatory which may be great, together with content filled with screenshots and movies that will help one to tackle their particular issue.

Free PlanEssentail PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
Contacts2000Up-to 50000Upto 100000Yes up-to 200000
No. of EmailsYesYesYesYes
Advanced segmentation YesYesYesYes
Multivariate testingYesYesYesYes
Send time optimization Yes YesYes
Custom templates Yes YesYes
Custom branding Yes Yes
A/B testing Yes Yes
Forms and landing pagesYes
Starting Price Free$10/mo$15.53/mo$310.50/mo

This past Year, Mailchimp began broadcasts: Face-book, Insta-gram and Google Advertising. Nowadays it is not a message boosting approach, it is an advertising and promotion software for Web users.  

One approach that Mailchimp uses to make its software look simpler would be to create replicas and images that’ll be simple and to grasp. 

MailChimp includes auto responders. By means of example, you may decide on an effort for special subscriber groups (people enthusiastic concerning solution A or product B) and make mailboxes. Facets allow you to send a specific message. 

MailChimp Plans with Price

Mailchimp offers 4 plans to their customers. Out of which 3 are paid plans and one is Free plan.

It is the biggest advertising platform of the world, MailChimp simplifies the debut of email promotions that are belonging to clients’ specifications.

MailChimp integrates with popular programs, like facebook, Insta-gram and Google. Also It has user friendly dashboard.

Mailchimp includes an email editor. It’s drag and drop email editor creates emails tremendously easy.

1. Mailchimp Free plan

It is the free plan offered by mailchimp. This plan is best for learners in email marketing. In this plan you can hold up-to 2000 contacts. 

In this plan you can send unlimited emails to your subscribers. You will also get a feature of website builder with this plan. 

Mailchimp Free Plan

Some features like marketing CRM, 1-step automation, matching domain and formals and landing pages make this plan best for new comers.

MailChimp Free Plan Features

Everything you get with Free:

  • Marketing CRM
  • 1-Step Automations
  • Website Builder New
  • Mailchimp Domain
  • Forms & Landing Pages

Mailchimp Free Plan Pricing

As its is free plan, so it is available for free of cost. i.e. do need to pay a single penny.

Mailchimp Free Plan is best for

As per the features that they offers. This plan seems to be best for:

  • New Comers
  • Learners

2. Mailchimp Essentail plan

It is the starting paid plan offered by mail chip. The starting price of this plan is $10.38 per month. This plan seems to best for beginners in email marketing.

In this plan you will get access of up-to 50,000 contacts along with 3 audience included. 

Features like pre-built templates, custom branding, AB testing and 24*7 email/ chat support make this plan worthy for beginners. 

MailChimp Essential Plan Features

Everything in Free, plus:

  • All Email Templates
  • Multi-Step Journeys
  • Custom Branding
  • A/B Testing
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support

Mailchimp Essential Plan Pricing

The pricing of campaign monitor is dynamic. It depends upon the number of Subscribers.

  • For 500 subscriber = $10.38/month
  • For 1500 subscribers = $20.01/month
  • For 2500 subscribers = $31/month
  • For 5000 subscribers = $51.89/month
  • For 10000 subscribers = $78.16/month
  • For 15000 subscribers = $133.42/month
  • For 20000 subscribers = $164.42/month

Mailchimp Essential Plan is best for

As per the features that they offers. This plan seems to be best for:

  • Beginners
  • Newbies

3. Mailchimp Standard plan

It is the second paid plan offered by mailchimp. The starting price of this plan is $15.50 per month. The plan seems to be best for brands and business.

In this plan you will get access of up-to 1000,000 contacts along with 5 audience included. 

Features like send time optimization, behavioral targeting, custom templates and dynamic constent, make this plan worthy for brands.

MailChimp Standard Plan Features

Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • Customer Journey Builder + Branching Points New
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Custom Templates
  • Dynamic Content New

Mailchimp Standard Plan Pricing

The pricing of campaign monitor is dynamic. It depends upon the number of Subscribers.

  • For 500 subscriber = $15.50/month
  • For 2500 subscribers = $51.89/month
  • For 5000 subscribers = $78.16/month
  • For 10000 subscribers = $102.42/month
  • For 15000 subscribers = $164.42/month
  • For 25000 subscribers = $229.10/month
  • For 50000 subscribers = $309.96/month

Mailchimp Standard Plan is best for

As per the features that they offers. This plan seems to be best for:

  • Brands
  • Businesses

4. Mailchimp Premium plan

It is the highest plan offered by mailCWhats ishimp. The starting price of this plan is $309.96 per month. This plan seems to be best for professionals and experts in email marketing.

The best part of this plan is, you can get access of up-to 200000+ contacts along with unlimited audience included. 

Features like advanced segmentation, multivariate teasing, competitive reporting and priority phone support make this plan – value for money. 

MailChimp Premium Plan Features

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access
  • Phone Support

Mailchimp Premium Plan Pricing

The pricing of campaign monitor is dynamic. It depends upon the number of Subscribers.

  • For 10000 subscriber = $309.96/month
  • For 15000 subscribers = $363.87/month
  • For 20000 subscribers = $417.87/month
  • For 25000 subscribers = $464.94/month
  • For 30000 subscribers = $518.95/month
  • For 40000 subscribers = $572.76/month
  • For 50000 subscribers = $619.93/month

Mailchimp Premium Plan is best for

As per the features that they offers. This plan seems to be best for:

  • Professional
  • Experts

MailChimp Pricing Nonprofit

Mailchimp has some special prices & offers for Nonprofits to help them in their fundraising or community programs.

Mailchimp offers a 15% Discount to Charities and Nonprofits on its Regular Pricing Plans.

Steps to Avail Nonprofit Discount:

  1. Choose the Free Plan
  2. Sign up on Mailchimp
  3. Contact to Sales Team
  4. Send them your Mailchimp Username & Organization Website
  5. Team will offer you a 15% Discount on Paid Plans
  6. Choose a Pricing Plan and Avail your Offer

Do as above steps to get Nonprofit discount on Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Landing Page Pricing

Mailchimp landing page doesn’t have any specific pricing, It doesn’t cost any extra money. this feature is included with Mailchimp pricing plans.

Mailchimp provides Landing Page and Shoppable Landing page features in its all 4 Plans including its FREE Plan also.

Just by Signing up on Mailchimp, you can start making powerful landing pages at no additional cost.

Mailchimp Website Builder Pricing

Mailchimp Website builder pricing is already mentioned in its 4 plans. It doesn’t cost any extra money to build website on Mailchimp.

Website Building feature is already included in all 4 Mailchimp Plans even also in Free Plan.

Just by signing up for any plan you got the website builder feature at no additional cost.

MailChimp Total Price

The pricing of Mailchimp is starting from $10/mo which is for their essential plan, in which you can create a list of up to 50000 contacts and it’s pricing goes up-to $310.50/mo which is for their premium plan, in which you can create a list of up-to 200000 contacts.

Monthly Cost$0/mo$10/mo$15.53/mo$130.50/mo
Annual Cost$0/mo$120/mo$186.36/mo$1566/mo

Mailchimp Quick Review

  • Product
  • Specification
About Mailchimp Mailchimp is all in one marketing platform for bloggers, marketers and small business. It founded in 2001 by BenChestnut and Mark …
Starting Price $9.99/mo
Free Trial Yes, Max 2000 Subscribers
Payment Option Credit Card
Expert All the thing that you Need

Mailchimp is currently the number 1 advertising platform for bloggers, marketers, and small enterprises. It was founded by Mark and also BenChestnut Armstrong in 2001 to make a delightful email advertising agency for smaller organizations. It’s headquartered in Atlanta that also contains some extra areas of work. By June 2014 it delivered on behalf of its own users over 10 billion emails a month.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Tools home

MailChimp provides an integration using google-analytics, and they track the operation of someone’s own messages on distinct conversions or zones which are ecommerce. Additionally it is actually a Click map of bounce speed and click rate.

Mailchimp has amazing automation characteristics that enable consumers to access follow ups and to send merchandise tips. You will detect causes to set up when someone creates a click or abandons their own cart.

All Advertising options provided by mailchimp are really awesome such as Social Media Branding, Compensated Advertising and Email Efforts. The Internet device builds media marketing campaigns and makes email promotions which are automatically predicated on every other event and support audience behaviour using progress penetration & listing apps.

Mailchimp provides a good deal of integrations during a vast selection by way of instance obligations, accounting, content administration, ecommerce, and also endurance.

Mailchimp FAQs

Get know more about this Mailchimp pricing and its plans.

What is the starting price of MailChimp?

MailChimp Offers 3 Paid plans to their customers. however the starting price of mailchimp starts from $9 per month. which is for their Essential plan.

Which plan is best for beginners?

Mailchimp offers 3 different paid plans to their users. however, Essential plan is best for beginners. In which you can collect the information of upto 2000 subscribers.

Is their any free plan offered by MailChimp?

yes, MailChimp offers free plan to their customers, in which you can access 2000 contacts. this plan is best for Newbies.

What are the accept payment methods of MailChimp?

MailChimp accepts payment with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards and payment with PayPal.

Did Mailchimp just change its pricing?

Recently Mailchimp change their pricing. Now they have 4 pricing plans.

How much does Mailchimp Cost?

Mailchimp plans starting Cost is $10.41/mo for Essential Plan, $15.54/mo for Standard Plan and $310.80/mo for Professional Plan. It also has a Forever Free Plan.

How much is Mailchimp per month?

Mailchimp per month cost is $10.41/mo, $15.54/mo and $310.84/mo simulates for its Essential, Standard, and Professional plan.

Do you have to pay for Mailchimp?

Mailchimp payment depends on your selected plan. It has a Free Plan and 3 Paid plans. The Plan you select you pay for Mailchimp.

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