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Mailchimp is a web-based email marketing automation service with millions of users worldwide. This software allows users to share newsletters on various social networks and track customers for engagement.

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We have shared Mailchimp active Coupons and Discounts so users can get the maximum saving and Discounts at the lowest prices of Mailchimp Plans.

In this article, we’ll discuss Mailchimp discount coupons and offers for 2023

Mailchimp Coupon Summary:

No. of Coupons4
Maximum Discounts %15
Total Savings$50
Free PlanYes
Mailchimp Coupon Code 2023

Mailchimp Promo Code & Discount

Mailchimp Marketing Platform Coupon:

Mailchimp Free Plan

Get Mailchimp Free Plan for up to 500 Contacts and send 1000 emails monthly.

Mailchimp Essential Plan Coupon

Get started with Essential Plan for 500 Contacts and send 5000 emails monthly. This Plan also offers some additional marketing features.
$9.28/mo get offer

Mailchimp Standard Plan Coupon

Get started with Essential Plan for 500 Contacts and send 6000 emails monthly. This Plan also offers some additional marketing features.
$13.86/mo get offer

Mailchimp Premium Plan Coupon

Get started with Essential Plan for 500 Contacts and send 150,000 emails monthly. This Plan also offers some additional marketing features.
$277/mo get offer

Mailchimp Website and Commerce Plans Coupon:

Mailchimp FREE Plan

Transaction Fee – 2%
Seats – 1
Create your store or website with MailChimp Free Store and Website Builder.

Mailchimp Core Plan

Transaction Fee – 1.5%
Seats – 3
Custom Domain
Live Chat Support
$10/mo get offer

Mailchimp Plus Plan

Transaction Fee – 0.5%
Seats – 5
Custom Domain
Live Chat Support
$29/mo get offer

Is It Real or Myth

Does Mailchimp Ever Offer Discount

Mailchimp is an advanced email marketing tool for big and small companies and high-level marketers. They have their achievements in many ways. So, now it is a kinda valuable part of online business owners.

That’s why Mailchimp offers two types of Discounts to users, One for Non-Profit Organizations and charities, and the other one is Signing up for a two-step authentication security feature.

The best thing is that the Two-Step Authentication feature available for anyone who signs up for two factors authentication. It provides you with 10% OFF for a month of your chosen plan.

How Does Mailchimp Discount Work?

The Discount Process of Mailchimp Email marketing software will calculate the percentage of your final total. If we look into the section Mailchimp applies only allows Discounts on certain features on its platforms.

Some of the restrictions such as the Third-party purchase with your account are not eligible for Discounts.

These are some features of this platform which are Domain, and Postcards. Furthermore, Mailchimp does not offer retrograde refunds or Discounts for any prior purchase you may have made.

In this article, we will tell about to get full advantage of any potential Discounts, you should first sign up for Mailchimp and set up your Discounts before selecting and purchasing a marketing package.

< class="mt0 mb10 font200" style="color:#111;"> Does Mailchimp allow more than one Discount? >

Yes, you can use the two Discounts offered by Mailchimp together.

Let’s see the point of view when you use two Discounts, you are using the Nonprofit discount with a two-factor authentication discount.

In this case, you will get 15% OFF for being a nonprofit organization and 10% OFF for the two-factor authentication discount.

However, you will get 25% OFF, and you’ll get 23.5% OFF.

Mailchimp doesn’t explain their reasons for changing discount amounts when using them together.

Does Mailchimp Have a Free Trial?

No, Mailchimp doesn’t offer a Free Trial but they provide users with a free plan with basic email marketing features which is pretty good for small businesses or beginners.

Mailchimp Free Plan

You will get a surprising amount of features with the free plan.

If you’re a small business then you don’t have to buy the paid plans.

A few of the features that come with a free plan :

  • One audience
  • One seat, with owner permissions
  • A limited selection of basic featured, and themed email templates
  • Up to 500 contacts
  • Marketing CRM
  • Creative Assistant
  • Website Builder
  • Mailchimp Domain
  • One-click automated welcome email
  • Basic reporting

If you are reached the 500 contacts limit Mailchimp will place a hold on your campaign until you upgrade to the paid plan.

Some Reasons for Discount Errors

My Mailchimp Discount isn’t Working

Sometimes Discount Coupons and Promo codes don’t work.

If you are facing some issues with your discounts working, here we shared some possibilities:

1. You don’t qualify for the discount

Sometimes you won’t qualify for a Mailchimp discount.

For example, if you’re a non-profit organization outside the US and Mailchimp requests additional proof of your non-profit status.

If they don’t find the additional proof sufficient, then Mailchimp won’t give you the discount non-profit.

2. You removed a feature

if you sign up in Mailchimp for Two-Factor Authentication for a 10% Discount but after removing the feature by mistake or forcefully, then the Discount will be disappeared or void.

3. You paused, canceled, or changed your plan

Since the 10% Discount for two steps authentication is only available for one month, you have to keep your same plan for that month to get the discount.

Some Easy Steps to Get Discount

Steps to Avail of Mailchimp Discount Coupon

  1. Visit the Mailchimp website
  2. Go to the Mailchimp Pricing Plan
  3. Select among 3 paid plans
  4. Select the best plan with the right subscriptions
  5. Create your Mailchimp account and fill in the details
  6. Enjoy your free plan or Discounted plan
  • Free Plan – 2500 Email Sends & 500 Contacts
  • Essential Plan – All the Free Plan Features, 2 role-based access
  • Standard Plan – All the Essential Plan Features, 5 Users seats
  • Premium Plan – All the Standard Plan Features, Advanced segmentation

Mailchimp offers a 15% Discount to nonprofits and charities, want to get this deal go to the pricing and choose the plan to claim the 2023 offer.

Mailchimp Pricing and Discount

Mailchimp has a’s price starting from $9.30/mo – $241.44 where you can send 5,000 – 500,000 emails in a month and can manage up to 50000 contacts.

After this Mailchimp also has 2 more paid plans Standard and Premium which cost $13.88 – $464.77 and $277.65 – 1020.08/mo continuously with some geeky features and huge numbers of emails sent which are mentioned below.

mailchimp pricing plans

Mailchimp also provides a Free Plan for New marketers and Bloggers. Which is suitable for beginners to understand how email marketing, social ads, and mail automation works.


Mailchimp Free Plan

For Beginners

It is starting plan of Mailchimp, which allow a user to try Mailchimp free, or if they have to shortlist this plan is best for them to grow their list.

This Plan is Best for New Bloggers and Marketers who have short contacts and don’t need advanced features. This Free plan has some limits in sending mail and mail list.

Price – $0

Contact – 500

Monthly Email – 2,500

Free Plan Features:

  • 7 Marketing Channel
  • 1 Click Automation
  • Basic Template
  • Marketing CRM
  • 1 Audience
  • Signup forms
  • Marketing CRM
  • Up to 500 contacts

To understand how many emails you can send weekly in Essential Plan with a different number of email lists let’s take a look at the below table:


Mailchimp Essential Plan

Entrepreneurs and Big Companies

This Plan is the First paid plan of Mailchimp with some advanced essential features for marketers like Templates, A/B Testing, and Mailchimp support for their large mailing list or leads.

If you’ve got a good number of subscribers, good traffic, and leads then this plan is right for your audience to convert them into customers or offer them some good services.

Price – $9.30 – $241.44/mo

Contact – 500 – 50,000

Monthly Email Sends – 5,000 – 500,000

To understand how many emails you can send weekly in Essential Plan with a different number of email lists let’s take a look at the below table:

The above number shows(Email/week) that this plan is best for Intermediate or Professional Bloggers who have this size of a Mailing list. Even for Marketers, it seems also the right plan.

Essential Features:

  • ALL FREE Features
  • A/B Testing
  • All Premium Templates
  • Remove Mailchimp Footer
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support
  • 3 Audiences
  • Marketing CRM
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Signup forms
  • Up to 50,000 contacts with our $299/mo tier


Mailchimp Standard Plan

Professionals and Big Companies

This Mailchimp plan has some extra features which add more engagement with audiences and have the potential to convert them into buyers.

In this plan, additional features are Email delivery according to Time Zone which increases CTR, Email Automation which makes your work easy and worthy, Retargeting your website, and visitors, using Facebook, Google, and Instagram Ads, Schelu right time for your social post and Advanced audience insights.

Price – $13.88 – $464.77/mo

Contact – 500 – 100,000

Monthly Email Sends – 1,200,000

To understand how many emails you can send weekly in Essential Plan with a different number of email lists let’s take a look at the below table:

Standard Features:

  • ALL Essential Features
  • Social Post Scheduling
  • Retargeting Social Ads
  • Delivery by TimeZone
  • Advanced audience insights
  • Send Time Optimization


Mailchimp Premium Plan

Professionals and Big Companies

Want to send more emails, more engagement, and have a huge list?

Let’s try Mailchimp Premium Plan where you can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers.

This Plan has extra features like Multivariate testing which is similar to A/B testing but here you can change the impact on small changes in the mail. This plan also provides Phone Support to its customer.

Price – $277.65 – $1020.08/mo

Contact – 500 – 200,000 (if 250000+ Then Contact sales)

Monthly Email Sends – 150,000 – 3,000,000 (if 250000+ Then Contact sales)

Essential Features:

  • ALL Standard Features
  • Phone Support
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Multivariate testing
  • Unlimited seats and role-based access
  • Customer Journey Builder
  • Multiple starting and branching points
  • Pre-built journeys
  • Custom-coded templates

Get to more for this tool

About Mailchimp Platform

Mailchimp is an in-one marketing platform for bloggers, marketers, and small businesses. It was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Atlanta which also has some additional offices.

About Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides all kinda marketing solutions like Email Campaigns, Paid Ads, and Social Media Branding.

This Web Me Tool helps audience behavior using advanced insight & report tools, creating automatic email campaigns based on any event and setting up social media campaigns.

Mailchimp Features:

  • Put Emails on Automation
  • API and 3rd Party Integrations
  • Advance Report and Analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • ready‑made email automation
  • Create Social Posts, Schedule and Check Insights
  • Offer a Free Download
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • pre‑designed templates and our drag‑and‑drop builder
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Mailchimp’s Smart Recommendation

Why avail Mailchimp Promo Codes

Mailchimp has definitely continued improving and enhancing its products and services over the years, after the growth it added some more powerful features like setting up sign-up forms, like popups that integrate with your website, to start building or growing your existing list.

1. Ready to use Templates:

Customize templates to launch campaigns, Mailchimp offers basic pre-Built Templates for both emails and landing pages in their Free plan.

Mailchimp Promo Code and Discount 2023 (Get upto 45% OFF)

The choices of templates are pretty limited, with access to only a few of the templates out of the 100+ that you would get in the paid plans.

Users can get more templates when they upgrade or buy their paid plans, templates are more effective to show the best results for the interface.

2. Creating Marketing Campaigns:

One of the most useful features that were largely responsible for embracing Mailchimp into the top position of the email marketing space of campaign features.

you can either use the layouts to consist of pre-designed blocks and themes or code your own design.

It is able to perform drag-and-drop functionality to create some neat and smooth designs with code-free block building.

3. Automation & Integrations:

As marketer users are always looking for optimized workflows. Mailchimp offers customized automated workflows for your viewers, e-commerce, marketing, and special events.

Mailchimp Promo Code and Discount 2023 (Get upto 45% OFF)

It provides you with hundreds of integrations you can choose from whether you are an e-commerce store owner, a Blogger, or a small business owner. you can integrate Mailchimp with the most popular as well as some more niche ones.

This Platform will provide you with a neat UI interface that gives you a  visual representation of the sequence you’re building. Even automation and integration will be more sufficient for beginner users.

4. Real-Time Analytics:

This Mailchimp feature keeps tabs on all marketing campaigns including emails, automation, social ads, and much more.

Help to manage your marketing budget using real-time stats, and allows you to track your sales from a campaign to purchase by finding out who made a purchase after opening the campaign, viewing what they bought, and helping to analyze your earnings by the campaign.

5. Behavioral Targeting: 

In this feature an API enables pulling custom event data or actions which is performed by users, to send them targeted messages based on specific, activities such as download or account renewal.

Mailchimp has made this feature to trigger all the activities to manage data for the users.

6. Segmentation

Mailchimp made some readymade segments based on campaign activity, Purchase history, and more offered to send campaigns.

It helps to enable five different layers of segmentation filtering and can update data automatically. Some other features like different combinations of data collection such as purchase activity, gender, age range, and more.

7. A/B spilt Testing

Most of the platform has been able to perform with two variations of campaigns. But in Mailchimp, you can test up to Three variations of campaigns to choose the best one for your sale improvement and build a workable strategy for your email marketing business.

8. Reporting and Analytics

It enables the monitoring of trends and tracking performance. the growth, engagement, and revenue report facilities to view who’s interacted with marketing, along with their clicks and unsubscribing rates to industry peers.

Which Deal Is Best For Me

Conclusion – Mailchimp Coupon and Promo Code 2023

On this page we shared Mailchimp Discount deals and offers, It helps to users for purchase at a low cost.

Mailchimp is an amazing email marketing tool, it’s very easy to use, and optimized for better tools and services with its affordable prices. It allows users to send unlimited emails to their subscribers.

It also provides standout features including an intuitive website builder with a drag-and-drop interface, an integrated database, as well as robust landing page builders for web and social media traffic. 

Mailchimp discount coupon

Nowadays subscriber or mailing list is the only way to communicate with your previous visitors or keep engaged with them.

Whenever we visit a site we saw its free download, pop-ups, subscriber forms, and lead generation actions. So Everyone is trying to get leads now and these mail tools help to get leads and convert them into buyers.

Mailchimp Promo Code allows a user to use this tool for mail and social media marketing at a discount price.

Using Mailchimp Plans you can draw leads, enable automation to send them the right emails automatically, and promote your own products or affiliate products in their mailing list.

Get to know more about Mailchimp

FAQs – Mailchimp Discount and Coupon

1. What is Mailchimp Promo Code?

Mailchimp Promo Code is a set of Codes that can get to use the Discounts on Mailchimp Email marketing service.

2. How to use the Mailchimp Coupon?

It’s too simple to explain, use the Mailchimp default offers and deals to avail of Mailchimp Coupons.

3. When these coupons get expired?

All the active coupons arrive in a limited time and after that, you can’t use the coupon codes most of the coupons last long for 30 days.

4. How many emails can I send in my Mailchimp Free Plan?

In Mailchimp, you can send 2,500 emails/month to 500 subscribers.  Also, use email automation and create beautiful landing pages to attract the audience at first glance.

Mailchimp Promo Code and Discount 2023 (Get upto 45% OFF)
Mailchimp Promo Code and Discount 2023 (Get upto 45% OFF)
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