Aweber Pricing & Plans – Get the Right Aweber Plan at Actual Price

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Aweber Pricing & Plans – Get the Right Aweber Plan at Actual Price
Aweber Pricing & Plans – Get the Right Aweber Plan at Actual Price

Check Aweber Pricing and Best Aweber Plans of 2024. you can also check the Total Aweber Cost with its Pricing Plans and choose the right Aweber plan according to your need. Compare Aweber costs and choose the right one.

Aweber makes it possible for one to send emails, manage subscribers/leads, and track delivering the open speed, click rate, and audience behavior of mail.

Looking for the best plan for Aweber for you??

Get an Overview of Aweber Pricing Plans and Its Total Cost of Sending Emails.

In this article…

We mentioned all the Aweber Plans with their price and features, So you can easily choose a better plan for you.

Aweber Pricing Plans Post Summary:

Aweber Starting Price$18.75/month
No. of Aweber Plans4 Plans
Aweber Free PlanYes, Available
Aweber Total Cost (Annually)$225
Latest Offer of AweberDiscount of 19.2% on Annual Billing
Maximum SavingSave $75 a Year
Aweber Subscription DurationMonthly or Annually
Payment OptionCredit or Debit card
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Get Your Plan Cost

How Much Does Aweber Cost?

AWeber can be an extremely popular advertising and marketing solution for one of the most hardcore marketing professionals.

Aweber has Four plans and one of them is a free Plan, so here we have mentioned these plans and their cost:

  • Free: $0.00/month
  • Lite: $12.50/month
  • Plus: $20.00/month
  • Unlimited: $899/month

All these pricing are based on annual billing.

When you choose the annual payment option you get up to 33% discount on the monthly price. A free demo is designed for people that want to shoot AWeber to get a spin.

This platform comes with autoresponders which make customer engagement and interaction simpler than before.

The system additionally boasts advanced options for integration, including systems and business tools such as Zendesk, Salesforce, PayPal, and LeadPages, along with WordPress, to list a few.

Enterprise pricing and AWeber electronic mail advertising SMB plans come with a plethora of tools and features for example production applications, infinite emails, register forms, uncomplicated automation, autoresponders, and sector standard deliverability to mention a couple.

Aweber Overview

Aweber Plans & Features Comparison

Aweber Provides Free and Paid plans both with Basic and Pro level features. You can see all their Basic and Pro features below.

The old pricing of Aweber was based on the number of subscribers and billing periods. and recently aweber changed their pricing and now they have four plans, which are Free, Lite, Plus, Unlimited.

Aweber Pricing Plans

Aweber is just really a stage that serves more than 120,000 clients and will be providing phone support together with chat and email.

Its monitoring feature empowers consumers to observe contacts that have been in the lifecycle of a campaign, in addition to which attempts created the activity or caused the unsubscribes.

AWeber’s automation capacities indicate labels and campaigns you could add based on behavior, meaning that you can cause sections that are much improved fast.

Choose The Best Plan For You!!

Aweber Pricing Plans Explained

Aweber Provides 2 types of Plans. The first is a Free plan for up to 500 subscribers, Second is Pro Plan which starts from 501 Subscribers.


Aweber Free Plan (0-500 Subscriber)

Best For Beginners

Aweber Provides a Free Plan for up to 500 Subscribers. In this plan, you can send 3000 emails per month with all the basic features of Aweber.

AWeber Free Plan
AWeber Free Plan

This plan is best to test Aweber for your business, It has all the measure features and specifications that you need to grow from scratch. So if you’re a beginner in blogging or digital marketing you can try this plan.

No Credit Card is needed to activate this Plan you can simply sign-up for this. And now this is free forever not like before for just 30 days.

Aweber Free Plan Features:

  • 500 Subscribers
  • 3000/month
  • 100s of Email Template
  • Create & Send NewsLetter
  • Email Automation
  • Drag-Drop Builder
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Sign-Up Forms
  • Subscriber & Message Analytics
  • 24/7 Support

Aweber Free Plan Price:

  • Lifetime Free for Up to 500 Subscribers

Aweber Free Plan Best For

  • New Bloggers
  • New Email Marketers
  • Test Aweber Platform


Aweber Lite Plan

Best For Small Businesses

Aweber Lite Plans or Paid plans start when you’ve 500+ subscribers. You can send unlimited emails, to unlimited subscribers with all the Pro Features of the Aweber Email Marketing Tool.

Aweber Lite Plan Features:

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 1 Email list
  • 3 Landing pages
  • 3 Email automation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Basic templates
  • Advanced message analytics

Aweber Lite Plan Prices

Aweber Lite Plans are its paid plan which has premium features of Aweber that you need to grow your business using email marketing like a pro.

The lite plan price is $12.50/month if you choose their annual billing and if you choose their monthly option this plan will cost you $14.99/month.

Aweber has some discounted prices on quarterly and annual payment options as compared to monthly. It provides an almost 16% discount on an annual price plan.

Aweber Lite Plan is Best For

This Plan provides all the pro features that geeky marketers need. so this plan seems best for those who have experience in email marketing and well-established business. Or else a company can also use this plan.

  • Bloggers
  • StartUp


Aweber Plus Plan

Best For Marketers

This Plan comes with some advanced features as compared to the Aweber Lite plan, this plan includes features like Unlimited email lists, Unlimited landing pages.

Unlimited email automation and Advanced reporting and analytics, another side, the Pro plan has a limitation in these features.

Aweber Plus Plan Features:

  • Unlimited subscribers*
  • Unlimited email lists
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited email automation
  • Priority, 24/7 support
  • Full template library
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Advanced landing page features
  • Sales tracking and low transaction fees
  • Remove AWeber branding

Aweber Plus Plan Prices

When we talk about the pricing of the Pro Plan, then we can say, it is a little bit expensive as compared to Lites, because it has some features like Sales tracking and low transaction fees, and Removes AWeber branding, which makes this plan expensive.

So, this plan will cost you, $20.00/month if you use their annual billing option, otherwise, this plan will cost you $29.99/month.

Aweber Plus Plan Is Best For:

This Plan is best for anyone, running an agency and needs some advanced features to uplift their email marketing.


Aweber Unlimited Plan

Best for big Companies

This is the last plan of Aweber, which obviously, provide all the features that Aweber provides, so in this plan, Aweber provides you with a superior experience with this plan, because of its name, this plan will provide you all features with no limits.

Aweber Unlimited Plan Features:

  • Unlimited subscribers, single fixed price
  • Unlimited email lists
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited email automation
  • Send 12x subscriber volume, monthly
  • Personalized account management
  • Full template library
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Advanced landing page features
  • Sales tracking and low transaction fees
  • Remove AWeber branding

Aweber Unlimited Plan Prices:

We can say the pricing of this plan is high compared to another plan, also this plan is advanced features as compared to other plans, so this plan will cost you $899/month, it doesn’t matter if you choose annual or monthly billing.

Aweber Plus Plan is Best For

This plan is best for any big agency or business, that works for various clients and wants no limits on their work.

AWeber Billing Period.

How To Choose a Right Aweber Billing Period?

To solve this confusion we’re adding this block, in this block I’ll help in selecting the right Aweber Billing Plan.

Aweber Provides 2 Billing options monthly and annually. Annual billing costs less than monthly but here we also pay a big amount in the beginning.

A simple way to choose the Aweber billing period is:

  • How many subscribers do you have?
  • What is subscriber list growth?
  • How much is your budget?
  • How much do you want to earn from Email Marketing?

These simple questions will make it easy for you.

  • Aweber Monthly Plan: This is the right option for the short-term and for beginners or else you want to test Aweber Pro features.
  • Aweber Yearly Plan: ​The best option for long-term users, marketers, and looking for a good email marketing platform. Have a good budget and need a discount on the plan.

Why Aweber as the Better Email Marketing Tool?

Reasons To Buy Aweber

AWeber is a popular email marketing platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses and individuals build and grow their email lists, engage with subscribers, and increase conversions.

Here are some reasons to choose AWeber:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

AWeber’s interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, with a clean and simple layout. The platform also offers a drag-and-drop email editor, making it easy to create and customize emails without any coding skills.

AWeber’s user-friendly interface ensures that both beginners and experienced marketers can navigate the platform with ease.

The intuitive design, organized menu structure, drag-and-drop editor, and comprehensive reporting capabilities contribute to a seamless user experience.

2. Automation Capabilities:

AWeber’s automation features allow you to create triggered campaigns based on subscriber actions, such as signing up for your list or making a purchase.

You can also set up drip campaigns to send a series of emails over time and segment your list based on subscriber behavior and demographics.

Event-based automation is another powerful feature offered by AWeber. Businesses can trigger automated emails based on specific events or actions.

For instance, automated birthday emails can be sent to subscribers on their birthdays, or reminder emails can be sent for upcoming events or webinars.

3. Integration Options:

AWeber integrates with over 100 popular platforms and tools, including WordPress, Shopify, PayPal, and Facebook. This makes it easy to connect AWeber with your existing systems and automate your workflows.

4. Robust Analytics:

AWeber provides detailed reporting and analytics, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

You can also track subscriber behavior and engagement, and use this data to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.

One of the key features of AWeber’s analytics is the ability to monitor email performance metrics. You can track open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates.

These metrics provide insights into how your audience is engaging with your emails, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

5. Excellent Customer Support:

AWeber offers a range of support options, including live chat, phone support, and email support. The platform also provides extensive documentation and tutorials, as well as a knowledge base and community forum.

AWeber offers phone support. During business hours, users can contact AWeber’s support team directly by phone. This allows for real-time conversations and enables users to discuss their inquiries, seek guidance, or receive technical assistance over the phone.

6. A Wide Range of Templates:

AWeber provides over 700 professionally designed email templates, including newsletters, promotional emails, and event invitations.

These templates are fully customizable and can be edited to match your brand’s colors and fonts. AWeber also offers a template builder that allows you to create your templates from scratch.

Know More!!

About Aweber- Quick Review.

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


AWeber is a powerful email marketing platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses and individuals create and send effective email …
Starting Price


Free Trial

For 30 Days

Payment Option

Credit Card, Paypal


Essential Features, Good Automation but Costly.

Aweber is currently the foremost email advertising tool that was established by Tom Kulzer at the end of 1998 now It is servicing advertisements to 100,000 + bloggers and entrepreneurs.

AWeber lacks advertising solutions‘ intuitive and present graphical interface, plus it may feel as if you have to set a terrific deal of function.

AWeber also integrates programs, all the additional apps, and gateways that employ daily, and should We have some questions or possess difficulty that the AWeber customer care technicians are really helpful.

AWeber Email Marketing Home

Aweber is a stage that will offer mobile service together with chat and email and functions with around 120,000 clients.

The AWeber template developer is great for newbies considering that people insert their articles and can select a template. You can find over seven hundred pre-designed templates out there.

Get the full review here of AWeber:

Aweber Reviews: Pros and Cons & some other

AWeber Features:

  • Editor: The drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor provides users with a huge choice of 700+ templates, all of which utilize responsive design for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Signup Forms: You can create a signup form for your website using one of the hundreds of provided templates. There are many options for customization. Select from various form styles: inline, pop-over, pop-up, or lightbox. You can even split-test your signup forms.
  • Follow-Up Series (Autoresponders): In addition to one-time email blasts (called Broadcasts), AWeber allows you to create chains of autoresponders (campaigns).
  • List Segmentation: You can segment your lists to deliver tailored content to your subscribers. Lists can be segmented by nearly any criteria you can imagine: by birthday month, location, people who specify a certain interest on your signup form, or by people who click, visit, purchase, or open a message.
  • Global Text Snippets: This tool allows you to change the information in many email messages (such as store hours) all at once.
  • Send Windows: You can schedule your follow-up series to only send on certain days and/or times, based on the recipient’s time zone.
  • Subscriber Options: AWeber allows you to provide your subscribers with a range of unsubscribing and preference change options.
  • Automation Rules: You can set up rules that automatically remove or add your subscribers to lists based on their subscriptions to your other lists.
  • A/B Split Testing: Split testing is a great way to optimize your emails, and AWeber makes it pretty painless. You can split-test broadcast messages by subject line, content, or time sent.
  • Analytics & Reports: AWeber provides a wide range of reports on everything from open rates to sales. These can be viewed online or downloaded in CSV format.
  • API: AWeber provides an API so that developers can create custom integrations with other apps and programs.
  • Blog Broadcasts: A real boon to bloggers looking to boost their readership, this RSS tool allows users to email their blog audience automatically each time they post.
  • Unlimited images: AWeber offers unlimited image hosting for all accounts, with a maximum image size of 10MB each. All users also have access to the software’s image library, which contains over 6,000+ images.

If you notice this application is making use of Brian Dean sir, who’s a search engine marketing professional and skilled blogger.

AWeber gives its people a method to make segment lists and autoresponders, so marketers can send relevant content.

Why Choose Aweber?

Aweber handles mailing lists. This means that it handles subscription and unsubscribe requests automatically.

It also incorporates systems, all the other apps, and gateways which utilize daily, and if We have any questions or have difficulty that the AWeber customer service technicians are extremely useful.

They offer analytics for all of your mailbox messages. It is possible to readily view what is opened received, and clicked on the links inside your messages, so you can refine your advertising campaigns.

Does it worth your money?

Conclusion – Aweber Pricing Plans & Aweber Cost

This is Aweber pricing & plans based on the number of subscribers, billing periods, and what features you want. If you’ve more subscribers you’ve to pay more and if you’ve fewer subscribers then you won’t need a bigger plan.

Aweber premium pricing starts from $16.15/mo where you can send unlimited emails or else you can also choose its Free Plan.

It is a good tool for email marketers, start-ups, Bloggers, and Digital Agencies. You can use this amazing Web Me Tool for your marketing purpose, engagement, and any affiliate sale.

At the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned every simple detail that you need to know about Aweber pricing, now it is your turn to choose, which plan is the best work for you!!

FAQs – Some Queries Related To Aweber Plans

To understand more about Aweber’s Pricing Structure and its Subscriptions here we’re sharing some common FAQs of Aweber.

  1. What is the Best Aweber Plan for Beginners?

    If you’re a complete beginner you can try Aweber Free Plan for up to 500 subscribers where you get basic features of Aweber

  2. Is there any discount on Aweber Annually Plan?

    Normally Aweber provides a 15% discount on its Annually plans.

  3. What type of Payment Method does Aweber Accept?

    Aweber accepts payment with Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

  4. Can we upgrade from Aweber Free Plan to Pro Plan?

    Yes! You can change your billing plan from the control panel.

  5. What is Starting Aweber Pricing?

    Aweber Starting Pro Plan costs Monthly – $18.75, Quarterly – $56.25, and Annually – $225 for up to 500 subscribers.

Get more details about this tool.

Other Aweber Related Info:

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos


AWeber is a powerful email marketing platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses and individuals create and send effective email …
Starting Price


Free Trial

For 30 Days

Payment Option

Credit Card, Paypal


Essential Features, Good Automation but Costly.

Aweber Pricing & Plans – Get the Right Aweber Plan at Actual Price

AWeber Pricing Plans

Check Aweber Pricing and Best Aweber Plans of 2024. you can also check the Total Aweber Cost with its Pricing Plans …
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Aweber Pricing & Plans – Get the Right Aweber Plan at Actual Price

AWeber Pricing Plans

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