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What is CommentLuv And How to Find CommentLuv Blogs in 2023

Get Massive Lists of 500+ Dofollow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List 2023 and In this article also included What is CommentLuv and how to find CommentLuv Blogs to get quality backlinks from Comment Luv in 2023.

We are sharing some lists of High Domain authority Dofollow CommentLuv sites lists, where you can add comments and get high-quality backlinks, which help to increase your website authority.

With the help of this article, you will be able to get hundreds of quality backing from high-authority websites.

Commentluv Sites List is a fantastic WordPress module that parses the analyst’s blog posts and highlights them in the comment.

It’s a fantastic way to communicate with other bloggers and build activity and relationships with new readers.

In this post we have shared:

  • What is Comment Luv
  • What are CommentLuv Blogs
  • Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs List 2023
We Promise- If you read this whole article very carefully, you will be able to get lots of Quality backlinks by CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

Our Experience With Proof.

How CommentLuv Blogs Help us in SEO:

Our SEO Experts and Team members create comments on hundreds of websites.

Some of the websites are our Niche(Which is very beneficial), Some are Instant Approval(Good) and some are Do-Follow (That helps us increase our authority).

Below we are attaching 3 screenshots of our SEO Efforts:

How CommentLuv Blogs Help us in SEO:
Screenshot 1- SEMrush domain stats
What is CommentLuv And How to Find CommentLuv Blogs in 2023
Screenshot 2- Ahrefs domain stats
Backlinks Overview on Moz
Screenshot 3- MOZ domain stats

We believe these new CommentLuv Enabled Blogs sites also help you in building your website’s Authority and Improve your organic rank.

Best of Luck!

Any blogger wishes to increase their readership and conversions. Creating high-quality, do-follow backlinks is an important SEO strategy for increasing blog traffic and SERP ranks.

Today, We’ll share a checked list of CommentLuv-enabled blogs where you can leave comments.

You don’t need to be concerned if you’re completely unfamiliar with CommentLuv sites and how they can help you create backlinks. Since I’m going to tell you what you need to know about Comment Luv.

In this article, We’re sharing some top Dofollow CommentLuv blogs list that will help you to get some quality backlinks.

Get All The Details –

What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a WordPress blogging application that rewards commenters who leave feedback on blogs that use the plugin. In simpler terms, if you do it right, you can get a dofollow backlink from CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

How to Install CommentLuv Plugin and Increase Number of Comments
CommentLuv Plugin on WordPress

The CommentLuv WordPress plugin must be installed and configured in order for a blog to be Comment Luv powered. As a result, obtaining backlinks, especially Do-Follow backlinks, from any Comment Luv-activated site is critical for ranking your brand-new blog.

What Are CommentLuv Blogs

The CommentLuv blogs are websites that are useful in creating high-quality backlinks for your websites.

These sorts of sites enable you to connect back to one of your blog entries (for the most part, ongoing one). They pass the connection juice.

In the event that you need to find out about connections, simply perused this blog entry about backlinks. You will have the capacity to comprehend its idea.

There are even more users who use this method to create high-quality backlinks and lift their domain authority. Bloggers continue to look for backlinks from PR websites, but Google no longer publishes PR data.

How to Find CommentLuv Blogs

On the Search Engine, lots of people search for the “how to find CommentLuv Blogs” query, but to be honest, Finding a CommentLuv Enabled Blog is not a big deal.

Method #1 To find CommentLuv Enabled Sites:

  1. Go to Google or any search Engine
  2. Search for the exact query- “This blog uses comment Luv”, you can also add your niche as the keyword.
  3. You can see lots of sites
  4. You can pick anyone you want

Method #2 To Find CommentLuv Enabled Sites:

  1. On the internet, you can find a website that helps to find CommentLuv Blogs. (Drop My Link)
  2. All you need to sign up on this website.
  3. Create your account on the Drop My Link Website
  4. After signing in, we have to enter your niche, select Category and footprint.(set footprint as Comment Luv Premium)
  5. And click on the search
  6. now, you can see some results on Google
  7. All results will be CommentLuv enabled
  8. Now you can easily pick which one you want.
List Of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs In 2022

All these two methods are very simple to find Bogs that are CommentLuv enabled, as you can see, the process of both methods is very easy.

Pick A List For Your Website.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List 2023

Here is a massive list of high DA, do-follow CommentLuv Enabled Blogs to get high-quality backlinks:


High DA 100+ Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs List

Websites LinksDomain Authority

People also search for:

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15+ Top CommentLuv Blogs in Verified List in 2023


SEOs also do link-building on:

200+ Dofollow Image Submission And Free Image Sharing Sites


Other CommentLuv Enabled Blogs list in 2023

Blog/Website URLDA

List of Travel CommentLuv Blogs 2023

If are want to create some backlinks for your travel sites, so we are sharing a list of travel Commentluv blogs that will help you to get some quality backlinks.

  • Made all the Difference
  • Mags on the Move
  • Man vs Globe
  • Mapping Megan
  • Maria Abroad
  • Meldrums On the Move
  • Ripped Jeans and Bifocals 
  • Round the World We Go
  • Romancing Travel Magazine
  • Metro 
  • Mrs
  • Mini
  • Santa Fe Travelers
  • Seychelles Mama
  • Smart Mouse Travel
  • Snarky Nomad
  • Suitcase Stories
  • Migrating Miss
  • Minniemama Adventures
  • Mummy Travels
  • Mum on the Move
  • Mums Do Travel
  • My Travel Affairs
  • My Travel Monkey
  • My Wanderlust

The following are some tips that must be remembered while writing a comment:

  1. Don’t simply complement the blogger by saying things like “nice post,” “informative post,” and so on… Try to add meaning, spot an error or something the author forgot to mention, and address it in the comments.
  2. Take advantage of the chance to be the first to comment.
  3. Don’t just rush into the comment section, and don’t try to comment on all blog posts of a blog in a single day. Rather, make a habit to drop a comment on 5-6 blogs daily.
  4. Read the article carefully and note down a few important points. Also while writing the comment elaborate on your knowledge too, it will make your comment more professional and natural.
  5. Do not write your comment in a spammy way. Try to make it user-friendly.
  6. Try to find out a highly authorized blog for your comment, as it will give you a quality backlink.
  7. Try to find an article that is relevant to your niche and gets a high rate of traffic. It will eventually redirect high-targeted audiences to your primary blog.

Trending – Get more Comment Backlinks:

500+ Blog Commenting Sites List [Instant Approval, Do-Follow, High DA]

FAQs –

Some Queries Related To CommentLuv

What Is A CommentLuv-Enabled Blog?

CommentLuv is a plugin that uses followed links to reward positive actions (and good comments). It also has a fantastic feature that encourages social media networking.

What are CommentLuv Blogs?

These blogs have the Commentluv plugin installed in WordPress as a Commenting system. People can get dofollow links from blogs or WordPress Websites.

What are the best CommentLuv Enabled sites?

Here We are mentioning 4 popular sites:

Are CommentLuv Blog sites worth it?

Even though CommentLuv’s backlinking technique is no longer as popular as it once was, it continues to deliver great results for many bloggers today.

Why did I Choose Commentluv For Link Building?

Commentluv is one of the easiest ways to create backlinks, simple you have to comment on these commentluv-enabled blogs then you will get a from that site.

Does CommentLuv Worth Your Efforts??

Conclusion – CommentLuv Blogs List 2023

Even though CommentLuv’s backlinking technique is no longer as popular as it once was, it continues to deliver great results for many bloggers today.

These are the most famous high-PR Dofollow CommentLuv blogs. By commenting on these sites you can easily get backlinks and you can increase your domain authority as well as ranking in Google.

A CommentLuv plugin does not need to be installed on your website. You will easily start looking for DoFollow CommentLuv blogs and leave backlinks by posting on them.

Your backlink will be created for your website until the admin accepts your comment on the website.

You can also follow some fast advice, such as keeping a keyframe layout for your post and writing relevant content. This will expedite the approval of your comment by the admin.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If this post has helped you do share on your great social environment and let me know the ways you are using to get backlinks.

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