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FreshBooks is Best Accounting Sofware to Manage Invoice Clients, Company Expenses, P&L Insights, Fin Forecast and All Financial Data. It is a Web-Based Finance Tool with Affordable Plans and Quality Features.
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Are looking for the FreshBooks review 2023 then you are in right place, FreshBooks is a package of awesome accounting features that are used by small, and mid-sized businesses, and freelancers.

FreshBooks is the best accounting software nowadays is leading to managing all business activities in one place it handles the many key things of a business for purpose of good workflow.

Key things are managing cash flow, managing payment, and expenses, managing profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, daily invoices, online banking, accounting reports, tracking time and mileage, and many more things that can handle by FreshBooks.

Read the full article to get the exact review of FreshBooks.

Here In this Article of FreshBooks Review, we’re sharing

  • FreshBooks Overview
  • Features of FreshBooks
  • FreshBooks Pricing and Plan
  • Total Cost of FreshBooks


About FreshBooks

This Accounting Sofware FreshBooks was Founded by Mike in 2003 during solving an invoicing problem. Yet 24 million people have used FreshBooks and Oven $6 Billion Invoices have been paid using this medium. FreshBooks saves your Time and Money and Increase Productivity.

About FreshBooks
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FreshBooks is a Cloud-Based Accounting Sofware that is beneficial for Small and Medium Businesses to Create and Send Invoices to their Clients, Manage Company Expenses, Track the Timing of Payments, and Many More. It makes your accounting tasks easy, fast, and secure.

This Sofware ensures your Business Actions are based on Invoices, Expenses, Taxes, and Insights. It provides quality figures around the cost of running a business, unnecessary expenses, the ability to hire new candidates, and forecasts about your earnings and growth.

Key FreshBooks of Features

  • Customizable Invoice
  • Late Payment Reminders and Fees
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Project Overview and Sharing
  • Expense Report
  • Track Time for Clients & Team
  • Sales Tax Summary
  • Complete Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss report
  • client contact information
  • Mobile Applications
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Get the reasons

Features of FreshBooks

Here are some features of Freshbool in details:

1. Invoicing

With this feature, you can generate invoices fast and easily and also customize them, to grab your customer’s attention, send invoices with your own logo, and thank you for an email. FreshBooks is automated billing software that makes your accounting work easy.

FreshBook Feature Professional Invoice

You can also establish a stable cash flow with retainers and don’t worry whether you’ll be paid when a project ends or not because you can include deposits in your invoices.

2. Reports 

FreshBook Feature Reports and Dashboard

FreshBooks provides a full report of your payments and profitability, This book also tracks every dollar in and out of your business.

Importance of financial report.

  • Expenses and Invoice – invoice details, item sales, expense report.
  • Accounting reports – profits & loss, balance sheet, trial balance, general ledger, bank reconciliation summary, sales tax summary, cash flow.
  • Payments reports – credit balance, account aging, accounts payable aging, payments collected.
  • Time tracking and project reports—retainer summary, time entry details, and profitability summary.

3. Expenses and Time Tracking

Time tracking means FreshBooks updates your account daily and you can keep track of your spending because this software is easily connected to your bank account.

FreshBooks Expenses takes care of your taxes too. So, With these both features, you can more efficiently bill your client and track time how much time spent on your projects.

4. Projects

FreshBooks is a brilliant project management and team collaboration Software.

With this software, You can invite your business partners, and contractors to collaborate on a project. They can leave feedback that will be stored in the cloud.

5. Ease of Use

FreshBooks’ light ease of use is what makes this system so unique. Many users deemed the simplicity of this software as outstanding in their FreshBooks reviews.

Both web and mobile apps are straightforward to use and have an intuitive user interface. Even if you’re not very good at accounting, you’ll quickly learn how to use these handy apps.

Overall, FreshBooks offers an excellent user experience.

Provide Value For Money?

FreshBooks Plans Review

Now we’re sharing FreshBooks Pricing Plan that helps you to choose the right to apply the FreshBooks coupon code.

FreshBooks Pricing Plans Yearly

FreshBooks is developed to save your invoicing and billing time for big and small businesses, it produces professional-looking invoices you can also customize invoices. With FreshBooks Customization and automation features, you can send recurring invoices and accept payments online.

They offer affordable prices with multiple invoicing features and is easy to use, making it ideal for business owners who send a lot of invoices.

It offers 4 types of pricing plans that are Lite, premium, support, and the last is select means a custom plan, its price starts from $7.50/month, and saves up 30.00


FreshBooks Lite Plan

A FreshBooks Lite plan is best for professionals with basic needs just as freelancers, and small companies who want to use FreshBooks to get basic accounting solutions like Fast billing.

The Lite plan cost is $7.50/month and by purchasing this plan you can save up to $30.00, Lite plan is only for 5 Billable clients.

This plan gives you access to many Pro features like Client account statements, Clients can store credit card info, and a Client self-service portal.

FreshBooks Lite Plan Features:

  • 5 Billable Clients
  • Client account statements
  • Client credits
  • Clients can store credit card info
  • Automated Recurring Invoices
  • Client self-service portal

FreshBooks Lite Subscription Plan:

FreshBooks offers two subscription plans for monthly and yearly, and a yearly plan with extra savings.

  • Monthly subscription for $6/month
  • Yearly subscription for $139/month with extra savings.


FreshBooks Plus Plan

This is the second plan offered by FreshBooks, Its Plus plan is for owners who looking for more automation and insights. they can Send unlimited invoices to up to 50 clients.

FreshBooks has two types of Plus subscriptions monthly and annual, Monthly plan cost is $12.00/month, but when you buy its yearly subscription you can save up to $108.

With the FreshBooks premium plan, you received access to many advanced features like Automatically tracking expenses, Double-entry accounting reports, Mobile mileage tracking, and more.

FreshBooks Plus Plan Feature

  • 50 Billable Client
  • All Lite Plan features
  • Automatically capture receipt data
  • Send unlimited estimates and proposals
  • Get paid with credit cards and bank transfers
  • Set up recurring billing and client retainers
  • Run business health reports
  • Double-entry accounting reports
  • Invite your accountant
  • Automated Recurring Invoices

FreshBooks Plus Subscription Plan

  • Monthly Subscription for $12.00, save up to $72.
  • Yearly Subscription for $252/year, save up to $108


FreshBooks Premium Plan

This is the third plan offered by FreshBooks, Its Premium plan is For growing businesses that want to empower employees, they Send unlimited invoices to an unlimited amount of clients

FreshBooks has two types of premium subscriptions monthly and annual, Monthly plan cost is $22.00/month, but when you buy its yearly subscription you can save up to $198.

With the FreshBooks premium plan, you received access to many advanced features such as Track Bills, Bill Payments & Vendors with Accounts Payable, Automatically sending late payment reminders and bill late fees, Get paid with credit cards and bank transfers, and more.

FreshBooks Plus Plan Feature

  • Track project profitability
  • Customize email signatures
  • Automatically track expenses
  • Automatically capture bills and receipt data
  • Get paid with checkout links
  • Send unlimited estimates and proposals
  • Run business health reports
  • Run financial and accounting reports
  • Invite your accountant

FreshBooks premium plan subscription

  • Monthly Subscription for $22./month, save up to $132.
  • Yearly Subscription for $467/year, save up to $198/month


Custom Plan

this is the fourth plan, to get FreshBooks pricing for this you’ll have to contact sale, this plan contains many great features which is most suitable for those businesses with more complex needs.

Custom plans offer important features such as Send unlimited invoices to an unlimited amount of clients, Access to lower credit card transaction rates and capped ACH fees Info Tooltip, Starting with 2 team member accounts, Getting a dedicated account manager, Getting help migrating from other software, and more.

FreshBooks’ custom plan features

  • Unlimited Billable Clients
  • 2 team member accounts
  • Automatically track expenses
  • Securely accept credit cards over the phone
  • Automatically send late payment reminders and bill late fees
  • Invite your accountant
  • Run business health reports
  • Run financial and accounting reports

FreshBooks Plans Comparision:

FreshBooks has 3 kinds of Plans Lite, Plus, and Premium. The main difference between its plan is each plan has a different No. of Billable Clients as upper, you go you get more clients numbers.

Freshbooks’ Price is affordable and fair for business. But as we know if our need is high we need to also pay high.

Here are all 3 plans of FreshBooks:

 Features IncludeLitePlusPremium
Unlimited + Customized InvoicesYesYesYes
Unlimited Expense EntriesYesYesYes
Unlimited Time TrackingYesYesYes
Insightful Tax Time ReportsYesYesYes
Automated Recurring InvoicesYesYes
Automated Late Payment RemindersYesYes
Starting Price$6/mo$12/mo$22/mo

As we know FreshBooks is the best Finance tool for every business who are more financially aware and believe that goal of any business is not just the right products we also have to manage our finance. So Be more Earn more and Manage it all with Freshbooks.

No Doubt is there that Freshbooks Plus Plan is the best plan for anyone who wants to use this Accounting Web Me Tool to manage their finances. Plus Plan has 50 Client management and almost all the features that it provides.

If you’ve more than 500+ Clients,  Freshbooks also has a Select Plan in which you can customize your plan according to your clients it has custom pricing.

FreshBooks Total Cost

FreshBooks Pricing starts from $7.5/mo in its Lite Plan where you can bill Max 5 clients. FreshBook’s other plans Plus price is $12/mo for 50 clients and the Premium Plan price is $22/mo for 500 clients.

All FreshBooks Plans Pricing is affordable and set based on the number of billable clients.

Regular Price152550
Annual Plan Monthly Price4.57.515
Total Annually Price5490180
Monthly plan Monthly Price61222
Total Annually Price72120240

Here we’ve cleared the Price and Total cost of using FreshBooks, We hope this detailed article will help you to choose the right plan according to your need and budget.

FreshBooks Plans also have 30 Day money-back guarantee. so you can try this for 30 days risk-free. And if you found that this tool is not beneficial and any issue you can easily apply for your money back.

Looking For Some Other Options?

Top FreshBooks Alternatives

We’re also sharing some top QuickBooks online alternative means sites like FreshBooks.


This is one of the most popular accounting software for small as well as mid-sized businesses which follows both customers and vendors and handles all banking-related tasks easily and automatically.

You can get used to a variety of payment options, including annual subscriptions and one-time multi-user licenses.

With QuickBooks software, you can manage all your accounting work like managing inventories, managing cash flow, tracking time, customized invoicing, good for a tax deduction, and managing all your accounts like profit/loss, and balance sheet.

QuickBooks Features:

It has the following features:

  • 25 users included
  • 1099 contractors to manage
  • Track miles
  • 30-day free trial
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Track sales & sales tax
  • Capture & organize receipts

QuickBooks Plans and Pricing:

It offers the following plans:

  • Plan-1: Simple Start plan for $15
  • Plan-2: Essentials plan for $27.
  • Plan-3: Plus plan for $42.50
  • Plan-4: Advanced plan for $100.



Xero is the best financial collaboration app that stands high on our list of best accounting solutions. This system has been designed to satisfy the requirements of small businesses in any enterprise and accountants term it the “handiest asset for handling financial activities”.

It is a user-friendly platform that allows over 110 app integration and when you start using Xero You’ll also get access to a mobile app and the basic tools for tracking inventory, paying bills, creating invoices, and more.

Xero Plans and Pricing:

It offers three plans with a wide range of Features:

  • Plan-1: Starter plan for $20. You will get the features to send 5 invoices and quotes, Reconcile 20 bank transactions, etc.
  • Plan-2: Standard plan for $30. You will have the features to Send unlimited invoices & quotes, Capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc, and much more.
  • Plan-3: Premium plan for $40. It includes handling multiple currencies, reconciling bank transactions, etc.


Wave is another best and free Alternative to Freshbook that you can get this Accounting software completely free for unlimited clients and time and you can sync your expense statement, balance sheet, and bank account.

But this also offers the paid services for more functionality, features included in Wave are bill and invoice reminders, expense & income tracking, unlimited bank and credit card connections, and wave also offers tools that help you to file your business taxes.

You can only pay for the Payroll cost of $40, for Advisors $149, Self-service stats cost of $20, and the Accounting payroll caching cost of $379.

Wave Features

  • Fixed Asset Management
  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • General Ledger
  • Tax deduction
  • Reporting
  • Manage business projects

Our Opinion-

Conclusion – Review of FreshBooks 2023

FreshBooks is a simple and built-in cloud-based accounting application that’s accessible across all your devices. with it easy to create invoices, view invoice payments, and handle all your standard tasks. FreshBooks has great functionality, which is a big plus for service-based businesses invoicing clients.

Image- tutorialdeep.com

This tool contains more easy and time-saving features like customizable invoicing, mileage tracking, time tracking, project management, team collaboration, and much more to boast your business.

FreshBooks offers 4 premium plans monthly and yearly which cost starting from $6/month, Last fourth plan is a custom plan which is negotiable.

We hope to get the right and full FreshBooks review.

FAQs –

Queries Related To FreshBooks Review

To get more ideas and details about FreshBooks we’ve also added here some common FAQs.

As our policy to provide accurate and correct information to our visitors, First here we’ve added some FAQs from FreshBooks sites. So you get the actual answer & solution which is written by FreshBooks.

What Happens After 30 Days Free Trial?

With the free trial, you can use FreshBooks at no charge for 30 days (no credit card required). After your trial is up, you can choose from one of several paid plans. If you’re not ready to subscribe, no problem. Your invoices, expenses, and other data will be securely stored in case you decide to upgrade later.

Do FreshBooks 30 Days Free Trial Work?

yes,, it’s on us. You can have unlimited access to FreshBooks for 30 days, with no contracts and no credit card required. You even get free phone and email support in case you have questions about setting up your account

Is your Data Safe on FreshBooks?

Yes, FreshBooks protects your personal information. For the security of transactions, we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any information such as credit card numbers and billing information that you send us electronically.

Do We Need to Install any Sofware?

FreshBooks is 100% web-based, meaning you can access it anywhere and there’s no software to install on your computer. You can even use FreshBooks on your mobile device

What is the starting price of FreshBooks?

FreshBooks offers 4 premium plans monthly and yearly which is cost starting from $6/month.

Specification: FreshBooks


Accounting Software

Starting Price


Key Features

Customized Invoices, Expense Tracking, Fin Insights


30 Days Free Trial

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days


Best Accounting Software for Individuals and Business.

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