20 Most Content Marketing Tools That You Should Know in 2023

Content marketing is one of the most lucrative long-term marketing strategies that companies employ today.

It has a considerably smaller investment (62% less) compared to a traditional marketing campaign and it yields almost three times as much profit.

That is an astounding figure and it definitely highlights why the world is going crazy over content marketing.

Content writing is now a large industry that anyone with good proficiency in language can tip their toes in. Some people treat it like a full-time job while others treat it as a side gig to earn more money.

Regardless content marketing is considered important. But it does beg the question, how can a small business do its own content marketing?

Hiring a full team of experts is expensive and usually, the budget is too small to accommodate them.

The answer is content marketing tools. These are online tools that have both free and paid variants and with just a little bit of research, they enable anyone able to do their own content marketing.

In this article…

We are going to check out 20 tools that can be used for content marketing in 2023.

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20 Content Marketing Tools in 2023



Ahrefs is a paid all-in-one marketing solution. It is one of the best tools available in the market right now and for good reason. Let’s take a look at what Ahrefs brings to the table.

First off there are five major tools that are provided by Ahrefs. They are called:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Explorer

Between these five tools, Ahrefs encompasses all facets of SEO to an astonishing degree. You can make projects and track their metric in a dashboard and use these tools to enhance their performance.

With Site explorer, you can research what keywords your competitors rank for and which pages get them the most traffic, their backlinks, and any paid traffic they are getting.

Keywords explorer lets you see the search volume, ranking difficulty, and more suggestions for lower-difficulty keywords.

With the Site Audit tool, you can check your website for any SEO issues it might have such as broken links, missing pages, missing tags, issues with images, and many more issues.

With the Rank tracker, you can check your rank on both PC and mobile, while with the Content Explorer, you can research more topics and link opportunities.



Prepostseo is another toolkit that provides various tools for content marketing, but in this article, we are going to take a look at their article rewriter tool.

This is a great tool for content writing as it allows content creators to reuse old stuff and make it relevant and unique again.

The article rewriter comes with four modes of rewriting. They are called:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative (premium only)

With the Simple mode, users can rewrite any article they wish by replacing words in the text with their synonyms.

In the Advanced mode, larger changes are made, such as replacing entire phrases instead of just words. The output of both of these modes can be edited by clicking on the bold and underlined text and choosing a suitable replacement from a list.

Fluency mode makes the text more readable by changing sentence structure, words, and phrases. However, it does not allow editing of the output. Creative mode is basically the
Fluency mode but on steroids.

The best thing about this tool is that it is free and does not require registration. You can also choose to upgrade it by paying which removes all ads, and captcha requirements, and unlocks the Creative mode.



HubSpot website

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing solution that aims to make the lives of its users much easier with regard to marketing.

While it does offer most of its features for a price, users can use the platform for free as well (with some limitations of course).

There are four main features that have further subsections on offer. They are called:

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Email marketing by HubSpot allows users to create and personalize emails according to their target audience. It helps them to send high-quality outbound emails, manage their delivery, and set up automated responses to emails.

The Online marketing feature lets users create attractive and optimized landing pages and forms. It also enables users to place dynamic content on those pages.

Mobile optimization is a big SEO factor and fortunately, HubSpot online marketing also lets users do that.

Lead management lets users set up a lead database and segment it by various criteria. It also allows users to track the online behavior of clients, so that data for targeted marketing can be collected.

Finally reporting and analytics lets users track their performance and get reports about whether their strategies are getting more leads or not. 



The paraphrasing tool by Paraphraser.io is a great tool for content marketing. That’s because, in content marketing, uniqueness and readability are very important.

If the content is difficult to read, people can’t understand it leaves. This is against the principles of marketing.

However, with the paraphrasing tool content writers can make sure that their write-up is easy to understand.

There are four modes available in this tool. Two of them are free, while two are premium only. Their names are as follows:

  • Fluency mode
  • Standard mode
  • Creative mode (premium)
  • Smarter mode (premium)

The tool offers both free and paid options, the free options can be utilized even without an account.

When it comes to content marketing, the Fluency mode is the most relevant mode in the tool. It paraphrases the text while making it more readable.

To do that, it replaces and changes words, phrases, and even sentence structure. The output is a very smooth and flowy text that is easily read by most people. 

The Standard mode on the other hand only changes words with their synonyms and is good for removing repetition from content.

There are only a few annoying things in this tool and those are the number of ads on the page and the small 500-word limit. 



Frase.io is a great SEO writing tool which obviously means that is good for content marketing. Frase.io provides two main features that make it excellent for content marketing. They are:

  • SEO-optimized writing
  • AI-generated content.

With AI-generated content users can fight their writer’s block or get new ideas for writing content. The AI generator has two modes, they are called:

  • Listicle generator 
  • Blog introduction

With the Listicle generator, a user can create a list of headings for any listicle article along with some content. In the example below, it can be seen that the title “5 Ways to Get CPU Parts for Cheap” has five online stores listed.

These can serve as a great starting point for writers as usually the hardest part about writing is knowing what to write about. 

With the Blog generator, users can get introductory paragraphs for a title that they provide to the tool. In the following example, a great intro paragraph can be seen for the title “5 Ways to Get Computer Parts for Cheap”.

In the SEO-optimized writing tool, Frase.io lets users enter their article/blog post into a text box. The article is then analyzed and various issues such as the number of words, headers, links, and images are shown.

They are compared to the highest SERP-ranking articles on the internet. Users can see if their word count is too low, the number of links and images is too high or low, etc., etc.

Various suggestions and statistics are provided that can help content writers make their content as optimized as possible for SEO.



Editpad.org is a completely free online toolkit that provides various content optimization tools as well as miscellaneous tools.

In this article, we will check out their text summarizer which is another useful tool for content writing and by extension content marketing.

The text summarizer can be used by content writers to create a good conclusion to their articles. It can also be used to create a shortened version of an article that was too long and probably went over the limit of some websites’ guidelines. 

The summarizing tool is also great for conducting research. Content writers can simply take an entire article and run it through the summarizer. Then they can read the main points in the article in a much shorter amount of time.

The tool itself allows file uploading, copy-pasting, and direct writing for inputting text. It also supports multiple languages apart from English such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and many more.

The output can be shown in the form of paragraphs or bullets and can be copied or downloaded by shortcuts present in the interface.

Integration with other content optimization tools on the same platform is another feature that is very welcome.



Rytr is an excellent writing assistant tool. It utilizes the power of machine learning to create very human-like content that is also SEO optimized as well.

And the best part of this is that it is free to use. The only limitation is that users get monthly credits to use and if they run out then they have to buy more.

The free version has the least credits, but they are still enough to get adequate use out of the tool. It has many options for content writers. Some of the types of content it can help users create is:

  • Blog idea and outline
  • Blog section writing
  • Brand name
  • Business idea pitch
  • Call to action
  • Copywriting framework AIDA

And many more. 

Users need to create an account before they can start using the tool, but they do not need to provide their credit card info for using the free version. This is very welcome, as too many “free” tools ask for credit card info, which is very anti-consumer.

Content writers can use this tool to create great outlines and if they are unable to find content for the outlines, they can generate AI-written content for them as well.

This helps content writers combat writer’s block as well as get new ideas that can be written upon.




SEMrush is a marketing toolkit much like Ahrefs. It provides multiple tools that can be used for the purposes of optimizing both content and websites for SEO. SEMrush is not a purely premium tool unlike Ahrefs and can be used for free. 

It offers multiple tools for the purposes of:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Advertising

And other features. With their SEO tools, users can conduct keyword research, run site audits to find SEO issues, and track their SERP positions daily. 

While the Content Marketing tool lets users do topic research, audit, improve content based on real-time metrics, and track where and how many times the user brand has been mentioned.

With the Market Research tool, users can check the traffic on any website, find out the keyword and backlink gap, and explore new ideas for growing the market share.

Hence, SEMrush is definitely one of the best options for improving a brand’s content marketing potential.



AlsoAsked is a revolutionary tool that uses graphs to let users explore keywords and topic ideas. It is technically not a free tool, because a standard user only gets three free tries a day.

Subsequent tries cost credits which are bought with real money.

The tool is very simple to use, there is a search bar in which the user adds their keywords. The tool generates a graph that shows multiple blog post ideas related to those words. 

Below the search bar, there are three buttons, they are for:

  • Language
  • Region
  • Search Depth

Language lets users select from 10+ languages to search in, while region lets them choose the country. Search depth is for getting more ideas or fewer ideas. More ideas cost credits.

Once the parameters have been set, a tree diagram is created using them. In the example below, it can be seen how related ideas can stem from a keyword.

Clicking on the plus sign generates another tree for that keyword. In this way, content creators can find new topics related to their niche. Ultimately this helps in content marketing as the topics are divided according to regions.



Image: Capterra.com.au

BuzzSumo is an online toolkit that can be used to do a lot of stuff such as:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Find content ideas
  • Discover patterns and trends
  • Discover opportunities for publicity
  • Backlink analysis

And many other things. As such it is a great tool for content marketing.

With the content analyzer users can find out about the highest-ranking headlines over a period of days, weeks, months, and years.

The topic analyzer lets people see new and engaging topic ideas and with the Keyword tool they can be checked to see how well they perform.

BuzzSumo also allows users to track specific websites, what this entails is that every time a new post is made in that domain, the user gets alerted.

Similarly, the number of backlinks and which websites those links are from are also included in the alert.

The tool is paid, but there is a free 30-day trial available as well.


Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an online writing assistant tool. It is a free tool, which can be used without registration. There is a desktop version available as well which is premium only. 

It gives various suggestions that when applied, improve the readability of the text. As we already know that the readability of content in marketing is an important factor.

The suggestions range from highlighting which sentences are difficult to read, to highlighting instances of passive voice and adverbs that weaken the text. The highlights are color-coded and are as follows:

  • Red signifies the sentence is too hard to read,
  • Yellow means that the sentence is hard to read,
  • Purple shows that a simpler synonym for the word exists,
  • Green shows passive voice usage,
  • Blue highlights adverb usage.

A readability score is always present on the right-side panel, it updates in real-time. So, content writers can edit their work in the Hemingway editor itself and get feedback instantly. 

The color-coded highlights, as well as instant feedback, make this a useful tool for content writers.



Grammarly is an online proofreading tool where content writers can get assistance to improve their write-ups. There are two versions of the tool, one is free and the other is paid.

Both versions require a free account, so registration is mandatory.

The free version only offers suggestions and corrections about spelling mistakes, tense discrepancies, and punctuation errors. There is also a minor rephrasing ability that is used to increase the clarity of the sentences. 

In the paid version there is plagiarism checking, delivery improvement, tone improvement, and other similar stuff that can greatly improve the quality of one’s writing.

There are also three ways in which the tool can be utilized. The first method is to simply use the online version of the tool by going to the Grammarly webpage.

The second method is to use the browser extension which helps in checking any content written in a browser in real-time. 

The final method is to download Grammarly for either Windows or Microsoft Word. In the case of Word, it acts like an extension and only works inside the word processor.

But in the case of Windows, it can act globally and check any content written in any tool, or software in real-time.



Copy.ai is a tool similar to Rytr. It is an AI content generator that can be used by content writers and marketers to get new content in a few seconds.

We already know that writer’s block and content saturation on similar topics are very real issues. 

The saturation of content means that it is difficult to come up with new content about overused topics. With Copy.ai though, such worries can be eased. With its advanced AI content generation, engaging content can be easily created. 

There are six categories of content that can be created, and most of them are related to copywriting. The categories are as follows:

  • Blog content 
  • Digital Ad copy
  • eCommerce copy
  • Sales copy
  • website copy

When the user has selected which kind of content they want to create, then the next step involves providing data to the tool.

The tool asks for the project name, and description, and asks the user to select a tone. And that’s it, the rest is done by the tool itself. Users can simply sit back and relax until a great copy is created for them.

The tool can be used for free with a free account.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing Home

This is a platform geared toward email marketing, it is not free except for the first month, afterwards, users have to pay a subscription fee. 

Constant Contact allows users to create targeted emails using templates and a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop designing tool. 

It allows users to create a contacts list, advertise to them, write targeted emails, and move people through the sales funnel. 

There is also a live chat service included, which allows users to contact their clients in another way (apart from emails). 

Finally, all the related metrics such as email opening rate, click-through rate, bounces, number of new clients, etc., etc. are all monitored and presented in one simple interface.

This feature lets the users see which of their efforts and campaigns are successful and which aren’t so that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses for future endeavors.



Formerly known as Jarvis.ai this is another AI content generation and writing assistant tool that works much like Rytr and Copy.ai.

The major difference between Jasper.ai and the other two is that Jasper.ai is not free, and it has more options available.

Jasper.ai has many templates available, users can choose from:

  • Long-form assistant
  • AIDA framework
  • Email subject lines
  • PAS framework
  • Content Improver
  • Product Description

And many others. Just like Copy.ai the user simply needs to add a product/project name, then a description, and select a tone.

The rest is done by the tool itself. What is extra here though, is that users need to provide keywords that the generated content will target.

Another great feature of Jasper.ai is that users who are unable to write in specific tones such as formal ones, can write their content in one tone, and the tool changes it to another.

All the content is SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free, so writers can use it for content marketing pretty handily.

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Parse.ly is an online platform that provides a number of useful tools for content marketers. 

The main purpose of Parse.ly is to provide content analysis and make decisions based on that analysis. 

Using Pares.ly marketers can see which of their content is performing the best through metrics such as:

  • Page views
  • Conversions from that page
  • How did people arrive on that page
  • Where did people go after that page?

Those last two questions might not seem very important, but if we delve deeper into psychology, we find out that they are very important to answer.

If a particular page is performing really well in regards to page views and conversions, then knowing where the visitors arrived will tell you how they found that page.

The previous page might have also set their expectations really well so that the intended page performed admirably. 

Thus, users can optimize all their content and websites so that they can drive the largest number of conversions possible.



In content marketing, the uniqueness of the content is a really crucial factor. It is of such paramount importance that content writers are fired for not being able to create sufficiently unique content.

The obvious reason is that content that is not unique is naturally plagiarized/duplicated. Such type of content cannot perform well on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

This is mainly due to the fact that search engines can detect plagiarized content and they punish the website hosting it by either:

  • Lowering the SERPs ranking,
  • Completely removing it from their index, thus making it impossible to be found organically.

And this is where the plagiarism checker by Check-plagiarism comes in. It is a tool that can accurately detect all instances of duplication in a write-up by comparing it to billions of online sources.

Using this tool content writers can make sure that there is no accidental plagiarism in their work that might throw a monkey wrench in the content marketing strategy.



Clickfunnels mainpage

Click funnels is an all-in-one website builder and marketing tool. In the platform’s own words, it makes the process of building sales funnel much easier. 

In the simplest terms, this platform builds upon an existing marketing campaign by letting the users create effective landing pages, shopping pages, and follow-up pages.

These pages let you collect data that can later be used for targeted marketing.

This platform allows users to create beautiful and attractive pages using a convenient drag-and-drop editor. Email marketing is also included in the bundle, which can be used for both following up on existing leads and creating new ones.

Users can manage everything through a single dashboard. There is a free 14-day trial, afterward, users need to pay a subscription fee.



Canva is an online digital designing tool that can be used for free. It requires a free account to use and there are plenty of features that are available only to premium users.

However, it is good enough for people who are just trying to dip their toes into graphic design. 

Canva has many templates for designing:

  • Posters
  • Certificates
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Whiteboard
  • A4 Document
  • Logo

And others. Users can find tons of copyright-free images, icons, and drawings that they can use in their designs.

Designing is an integral part of marketing. In content marketing, adding images to articles and blog posts makes them more attractive and readable. 

Adding images to CTAs (calls to action) makes them more enticing. So, Canva is a great marketing tool.

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QuestionDB is an idea generation tool that can be used to find out what kind of topics related to a specific keyword is trending currently. 

It is quite a simple tool that is free to use and does not require registration either. It has a simple interface with a search bar occupying most of the screen.

Users just have to input up to three keywords in the bar and click on “Search”. The tool then generates a list of questions that are currently being asked by people on the internet related to those words.

A small list of related topics that are touched upon in those questions is also given. The list of questions can be downloaded so that users can read it at their leisure.


Which Content Marketing Tools Are Best For Me??

20 Most Content Marketing Tools That You Should Know in 2023
Image: cedcommerce.com/

These were twenty content marketing tools that can be used in 2023. These tools ranged from complete solutions to individual tools. The list was also a healthy mix of both free and paid tools.

The trend we noticed, is that complete solutions such as Ahrefs only offer free trials for a few days, and then users have to pay to use the platform. 

However, tools that only offered one kind of service were mostly free but had some features locked behind a paywall.

Users can use any of the tools from the list according to their needs and willingness to pay.

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