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ThriveCart Pricing Plans 2023 (Check Total Cost and Save $2305)

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$495/lifetime $1995

ThriveCart Pricing Plans 2023 (Check Total Cost and Save $2305)
ThriveCart Pricing Plans 2023 (Check Total Cost and Save $2305)
$495/lifetime $1995

Check all the ThriveCart Pricing and Plans with their Features in 2023, so you can select the best plan. Here you can Compare all the Thrive Cart Plans with Features, Cost, Deals, and Others Parameters and choose the right one plan.

Here we will also get to know about ThriveCart Features and ThriveCart’s total cost of each plan to help to choose the right one for you.

ThriveCart has a great vision to provide the best software stuff and tools that allow you to maximize your selling techniques and enhance your product selling skill to get smooth results for your commerce business websites.

If you looking for the best options to run your programs or any kind of selling website then this platform this best for you ThriveCart has some great plans and features with unlimited uses and lifetime accessibility.

ThriveCart Pricing Plan Summary:

ThriveCart Plans2 Plans
Lifetime PlanYes Available
ThriveCart Pricing$495 for Lifetime
Lifetime Plan Price$690 for Lifetime
Free ThriveCart PlanNot Available
Trial Plan30 Days Risk-Free
Money Back Guarantee30 Days

Get to know about the Prices-

How Much Does ThriveCart Cost?

ThriveCart Pricing of the First plan is $495 once in a lifetime which is the Lifetime Plan and with the Pro Addon Lifetime Plan will cost you $690 for lifetime access with all features included.

If we compare it to the other online shopping cart platform, this one is more powerful than the other competitors because it comes with lifetime accessibility which means you can run this tool for your whole life without paying any other further costs.

We will mention both ThriveCart plans and their costs for making choices for your purchasing

You can test the software with a 30-day risk-free trial and have the option to make a cancellation before 30 days, which will be refunded with your full payment.

Choose The Right Plan for ThriveCart

ThriveCart Pricing Plans Explained

ThhriveCart Plans start at the Standard plan of $495 one-time payment and get lifetime access.

but if want to upgrade your plans and access the full potential of ThriveCart then you can also choose the second plan which is the Lifetime Plan with the cost of a $690 one-time payment in a lifetime.

ThriveCart has two different Plans:

  • Lifetime Plan
  • Lifetime Pro Plan

ThriveCart offers you one-time investment deals, You can choose the Standard plan to test the Platform, and if you want to go to the next level you can also upgrade to the Lifetime plan to access all the ThriveCart features and tools.

Let’s have a close look at both plans and discuss their pricing plans and features details:


ThriveCart Lifetime Plan

For Beginners
Get this Plan with all the Thrive Cart Features and Lifetime Access.
$495$1995 Get this Plan

In this Plan, you will never be charged monthly or yearly fees from ThriveCart if you purchase this limited-time offer.

ThriveCart will have the essential features and tools that help your business grow. In the terms of other features, it has Drag and Drop builder and conversion test checkout page, Embeddable checkout- Pop up Checkout pages, and much more.

The Lifetime Plan will cost you $495 once in a lifetime.

ThriveCart Lifetime Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Lifetime ThriveCart account
  • One-Time Payment (no recurring fees in the future)
  • Continued Access to Feature Updates & New Releases
  • Access To Learn Platform (Online Course Builder)
  • Unlimited Carts / Checkout Pages
  • Drag and Drop Checkout Page Builder
  • Conversion Tested Checkout Templates


ThriveCart Lifetime Pro Plan

For Entrepreneurs companies
Get this Plan with all the PRO Thrive Cart Features and Lifetime Access.
$690$2995 Get this Plan

This Amazing plan has lots of compatibilities and some advanced User management features that allow your team members to manage your ThriveCart Account and can access to change billings, and subscriptions, create pages, and much more.

ThriveCart Lifetime Plan Price
ThriveCart Lifetime Plan Price

You can use the full potential of this platform for a lifetime. so The ThriveCart Pro Plan costs you $690 once in a lifetime. Let’s look into the LifeitmePlan features to boost your business to the next level.

ThriveCart Lifetime Pro Plan Features:

  • All Features of Lifetime Plan
  • Affiliate Management Center
  • Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning)
  • Automatic Sales Tax Calculation
  • Intelligent Business Projections
  • Joint Venture Contracts
  • Admin User Management
  • Client Usage Rights
  • Custom Domain Name Functionality

Compare ThriveCart Plans:

Bottom Line
Standard Plan
Bottom Line

Unlimited Lifetime ThriveCart account
One-Time Payment (no recurring fees in the future)
Continued Access to Feature Updates & New Releases
Access To Learn Platform (Online Course Creation Tool)
Unlimited Carts / Checkout Pages
Drag ‘n’ Drop Checkout Page Builder
Conversion Tested Checkout Templates
Integrates With Paypal, Stripe,
Autoresponder / Membership Integrations
Mobile Payments Including Google & Apple Pay
One Click Upsells & Bump Offers
Automatic Cart Abandonment Follow Up
A/B Testing
Key Metric Reporting And Analytics
GDPR Compliance Functionality
PRO Plan
Bottom Line
*(Upgrade to PRO Plan by paying $195 extra on Standard Plan. Total payment of $495 +$195 = $690)
All Features In Standard Plan +
Affiliate Management Center
Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning)
Automatic Sales Tax Calculation
Intelligent Business Projections
Joint Venture Contracts
Admin User Management
Client Usage Rights
Custom Domain Name Functionality

Overall Pricings of ThriveCart

Total ThriveCart Cost of All Plans

Offer PriceRegular PriceOffer Saving
ThriveCart Lifetime$495$1995$1500
ThriveCart Pro Lifetime$690$2995$2305

As we have already told you about the whole ThriveCart Plan and pricing, now we will tell you about the overall pricing you can save up to $1500 or up to 75% on a lifetime plan with the basic features.

If you want to full access to ThriveCart Features, then you can choose the Pro Lifetime Plan with included Discount and save up to $2305 or up to 76% Off. These amazing deals come within their limited time period so go and grab the offer.

Get the Thrivecart Lifetime Deal and pay just one time and access all the Thrivecart features for a lifelong.

A Quick Comparision of Plans

ThriveCart Plans Features

Some of the cool features of the ThriveCart that no other platform will provide you.

ThriveCart is the most famous and trusted shopping cart platform that helps its customers and their e-commerce business to stand out from their competitors, it will ensure you to easily purchase page upsells and Bump offers to maximize their earnings.

ThriveCart Pricing Plans
ThriveCart Pricing Plans

So let’s discuss the features with the pricing plans so that we can classify them with a better visual.

1. ThriveCart Lifetime Plan:

This basic costs you $495 and will give you all the most features (unlimited checkout pages, 1 click bump offers, high converting templates, customizable insights dashboard, etc).

2. ThriveCart Lifetime Pro Plan:

ThriveCart Lifetime is an upgrade on the Pro ThriveCart plan and it costs $690 in total. For that price, included with the basic Thrive Cart features, you’ll also get some additional features like Powerful affiliate & JV functionality and automatic sales tax calculation.

To know about this tool

ThriveCart Overview

9Expert Score
ThriveCart Review

ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform enabling businesses to boost revenue with high-converting cart pages.

Value for Money
Ease of use
  • Conversion-Focused Templates
  • New Landing Page Builder
  • A/B Split Test Capabilities
  • Upsells, Downsells, &amp
  • Bump Offers
  • Coupon Codes and Trials
  • Customer Management Center
  • No Free Trial
  • No Monthly or Annual Subscription

Josh Bartlett founded Thrivecart in 2016. This software will help you to grow your earnings through your existing traffic with the highest converting cart for online businesses in 2023.

Whenever it comes to a shopping cart this platform stands apart from the rest. ThriveCart comes with all most all the features that you need to successfully run and grow your business in better ways.

On that point, ThriveCart owes it a success with ultimate features such as visually appealing checkout pages, Affiliates, campaigns, Upsell funnels, and the ability to create embeddable carts and popups.

Thrivecart will help you in:

  • Customize your online stores with the feature of Drag and Builder
  • Help to Create membership sites
  • Create high-converting checkout pages and Cart pages
  • ThriveCart can run Affiliate Program
  • Sell Digital Products through the recurring subscriptions

The other super features that help you to create skyrocket conversions and sales of your E-commerce store.

ThriveCart Key Features:

Regular Features:

  • High-converting carts & funnels
  • Live traffic and conversion rates
  • Free online course creator!
  • Lifetime value, average daily revenue
  • Manage subscriptions and reduce churn
  • Quick projected revenue and forecasting
  • First-class customer support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Pro Features:

  • ALL Regular Features +
  • Custom domain name functionality
  • Powerful affiliate center
  • Subscription saver functionality (dunning)
  • Simple sales tax functionality
  • Intelligent business projections
  • Advanced user management
  • Client usage rights

Know the Potential

What You Can Do With ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is one of the best Inbound marketing tools, that has lots of features to create, promote and sell different types of products and services.

  • Sell Digital Products – Comes with downloadable or streamable Digital files, such as mp3, PDFs, videos Plugins .etc
  • Sell Physical Products – Users can also sell their created, dropshipped, or any kind of Physical products with the help of ThriveCart.
  • Build Funnels – Aware potential customers to get them to know about a brand and what’s being marketed.
  • Create Unlimited Courses – You can build tons of learning options to create unlimited access courses.
  • Run Affiliate Campaigns – Able to advertise model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate leads and traffic to the company products and services.

Get to know about the features.

ThriveCart Plan Features Explained

If we talk about the interface it’s extremely easy to use and with the help of these ultimate tools, you will be able to create and build checkout pages and get more clicks into your sales, by creating upsells, down sales, and Bumps to increase your business rapidly.

ThriveCart Rating and Trust

To start making use of ThriveCart, users can select a profitable niche and list out ideas for digital or physical products. That they can create on ThriveCart and sell from this same platform.

#1. Learning Courses( Learn & Learn+)

Introducing the new feature in this platform is changing the entire scenario with competitors like ClickFunnels and Samcart which offer similar functionality, it now makes thriveCart a complete end-to-end solution.

Thrivecart Learn has these features:

  • Student management– Control your access to your private content
  • Team Members: Add staff and assistants that can help with the management of your courses and member’s
  • Projects Course Management: Projects help to organize internally your offers which can consist of many courses
  • Import: ThriveCart allows you to import students for third-party membership systems.
  • Featured Content: Highlight your content and courses

#2. Design Editor

ThriveCart recently added new features that could help to make your building process easy. It will provide you with the Drag and Drop editor to create your shopping easily. This tool has some fantastic pre-made template options.

So get the details to the others and learn them and test them to apply to your own cart. The features are the most visual thing in selling online products to the customers to attract them with your eye catchy interface.

#3. Upsell, Downsell, and Bump Offers

This is the easy way to upscale the lifetime value of customers by offering more products for purchase at the time of sale.

ThriveCart Supports Trial offers Multiple payments and subscriptions as well. It will give you every possible option for testing your products and implementing the lifetime value of your customers.

Upsells and downsells are usually associated with more expensive or cheaper products. Whether you choose the upsell, down-sell, or offer bumps you will be able to test each step of your sales funnels without getting paid.

#4. Affiliate Program

ThriveCart has a portal that enables you to pay your audience and fans to sell your online products.

The best thing is that this platform will help you to toggle the partner option on or off with specific items. ThriveCart provides information about the affiliate click purchase, conversion rates, and redemption for each Affiliate.

The program also allows you to offer an exclusive bonus. It’s an underutilized affiliate marketing technique, but it can help to increase conversions for your online business.

ThriveCart Features

#5. A/B Split Testing

Figuring out precisely what your website viewers prefer and the sales techniques they respond to the best to requires a strategic approach.

And that’s exactly where the ThriveCart comes in with the A/B split testing feature. It can allow you to test the two variations of sales pages to identify what works best for your target market.

This simple trick should take you much less time compared to the insights over a long period.

Even the high-converting templates are much more responsive to the site interface to the visitors. Unlike other checkout forms.

ThriveCart will give you so much flexibility by allowing you to test each and every aspect like Testing two bump offers against each other, payment options, different prices, and check out the overall Design.

#6. Integrations

ThriveCart has many cool features but one of its most remarkable is the ability to integrate with third-party tools that enable you to do amazing things that you couldn’t do before.

Most of the popular membership site platforms, email marketing software, automation software, CRM, and Payment Gateways, also allow you to connect with your third-party apps like Zapier and Webhook integration.

ThriveCart supports various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, GooglePay, and Apple Pay.

#7. Embeddable and Popup Checkouts

ThriveCart provides you with two types of carts on your sites.

The feature of embeddable will help to provide code to put on your own site, you can put the previous code and snip it and then paste it in at your sites also.

The pop-up checkout cart will help you to let your potential customers attract on a click button when they enter in site it will come up instantly in seconds, which increases your customer’s purchasing chances.

These checkout pages are potentially made for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce businesses.

ThriveCart Pro Features

#8. Creating Membership Sites

ThriveCart will give you three options for fulfillment area display invoices, you can send them to a specific URL or can add customers to the membership sites area.

The best thing about the membership site integration is that it can automatically add customers to your membership site at checkout time.

And then your customer’s checkout through ThriveCart, all the customer’s details will be transferred to your membership site. ThriveCart also can create an account based on their acquisition.

Another feature of this tool it enables you to add multiple payment options according to the different member levels for example silver plan, gold plan, and much more.

#9. Conversion Templates

ThriveCart will give you high-converting templates to choose the best one for your visitors. It will provide you with pre-designed templates to boost your conversion rates.

The best thing about ThriveCart is you can customize and adjust it according to your requirement. You don’t need any design experience or any knowledge of coding for major edits.

Does It Worth Your Money?

Conclusion – ThriveCart Pricing Plans 2023

ThriveCart is the most remarkable online shopping cart platform to grow your business dramatically. It comes with an exclusive feature and tool to create amazing checkout templates and sales, down sells, engages leads, and increase profits.

In this article, we will cover the maximum details and information which is relatable to ThriveCart and its features so you can select the right plan and the perfect ThriveCart plans to access the features according to your requirements.

If you choose any plan of ThriveCart for your business or website you can save up to 75%-76% Discount Off on ThriveCart 2023.

As we already have told you the difference in the pricing of both Lifetime plans. Each plan comes with the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

so you can choose a basic Standard plan with a cost of $495 and can choose the advanced Lifetime plan with a cost of $690 according to your desire.

Get more ideas about ThriveCart

Common Queries on Pricing Cost of ThriveCart

What is the starting price of ThriveCart?

ThriveCart’s starting price is $495 for the lifetime plan, Users can also get its Lifetime plan for a lifetime at an additional cost of $195.

What are the payment methods on ThriveCart?

ThriveCart accepts all Major Credit Cards and Paypal to make payments for its premium plans.

Does ThriveCart provide monthly plans?

ThriveCart does not provide a monthly or annual basis submission. It only provides a Lifetime subscription for its regular and Lifetime plan.

Is ThriveCart Lifetime worth the money?

Yes, of course, ThriveCart will save you on each plan if you get the latest 2023 thriveCart offer.
Standard Plan – save $1500 or 75% OFF
Lifetime Plan – save $2305 or 76% OFF

How long is Thrivecart’s money-back guarantee?

If you go with any plan and test the platform and want to cancel it you can apply for a refund before 30 days and will easily get your full refund.

What about ThriveCart Future Updates?

Right now, according to the ThriveCart policy, Existing users will be able to access its future update and new release.

Is ThriveCart GDRP Complaint?

Yes, ThriveCart is a GDRP complaint, users can select what email they want to receive, users can allow or disable cookies and they can request to delete their data.

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