Thinkific Pricing Plans – Right Plan & Actual Cost?

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$39/mo $49/mo

Thinkific Pricing Plans – Right Plan & Actual Cost?
Thinkific Pricing Plans – Right Plan & Actual Cost?
$39/mo $49/mo

Compare all Thinkific Pricing Plans with Features, Best Use, and Total Cost. Get the Best Thinkific Plan starting at $49/month or Save up to $1200 on the Thinkific Course Builder platform.

Thinkific is a platform that allows you to create and deliver online courses. Once you have created your courses, you can sell them or deliver them using your own brand.

So, Are you looking for the Best Thinkific Plan for you??

One of the best things about Thinkific is that they offer packages for everyone, from free to premium Thinkific offers packages affordable for everyone.

In this article…

We’re going to describe the Thinkific Pricing Plans with their Features in detail, so…

You will get an idea of the Total Thinkific Cost and Choose the Right Thinkific Plan.

Thinkific Pricing Plans Post Summary:

Thinkific Starting Price$49/month
No. of Thinkific Plans4 Plans
Free PlanYes, Available
Thinkific Total Cost (Annually)$468 – $4788
Latest Offer from Thinkific25% off on Annual Billing
Maximum SavingSave $1200 a Year
Thinkific Subscription DurationMonthly or Annually
Payment OptionCredit or Debit card
Money-Back Guarantee30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Let’s Start!!

How Much Does Thinkific Cost?

Thinkific Basic Plan cost $49/month, StartPlan cost $99/month, and Grow Plan costs $499/month in a monthly subscription.

With an Annual Subscription, there is a 25% Discount, Thinkific also offers a FREE Plan and 30 Days Free Trial on Premium Plans.

Thinkific offers three different plans to its users-

  • Basic
  • Start
  • Grow

Thinkific offers 3 different pricing plans for their users which are the Basic Plan, Start Plan, and Grow Plan costing $49/mo, $99/mo, and $199/mo.

Choose The Right Plan For You!!

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific has three different kinds of plans whose prices vary according to the choice of your subscriptions which are mentioned below.

Thinkific Pricing Plans annually
Thinkific Pricing Plans Annually

Here is Thinkific Pricing Comparison.

Monthly Subscriptions:

  • Basic- Costs $49/month
  • Start- Costs $99/month
  • Grow- Costs $199/month

Annual Subscriptions: (Save 25% OFF):

  • Basic- Costs $36/month
  • Start- Costs $74/month
  • Grow- Costs $149/month

Here you can see Thinkific offers a monthly subscription as well as an annual subscription with their all plans. And if you wish and choose yearly subscriptions you will get a 25% of additional discount with all plans.

Thinkific seems best for beginners, digital agencies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and email marketers planning to grow their businesses at a very pocket-friendly price.

Complete Details on Each Plan.

Thinkific Plans with Price

As we have already told you, Thinkific offers 3 different pricing plans for its user they are Basic, Start, and Grow Plan.

Thinkific Pricing Plans monthly
Thinkific Pricing Plans Monthly

These plans of different features will help you to start an online course creation business and which features are different and according to your need.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on each pricing plan of Thinkific with their features, and prices one by one.


Thinkific Basic Plan

Create 1st Course with all Essential Features.

The Thinkific basic plan offers you unlimited course coupons and email student integrations with Mailchimp and AWeber custom domain email integrations are available with ConvertKit, and Constant Contact.

This helps you to start your course creation experience with the basic features and tools you need to launch your first course

It cost you $49 per month for a monthly subscription and $36 per month for an annual subscription where you can use all basic plan features of Thinkific

Thinkific Basic Plan Features:

Here are the key features of the Basic Plan:

  • Unlimited number of course
  • Email students
  • Custom domain
  • Email integrations
  • Manual student enrollment and export
  • Zapier triggers
  • Unlimited students
  • Coupons
  • Drip(scheduled) content

Thinkific Basic Plan Price

The Thinkific basic Plan price for a Monthly Subscription is $49/month and for an Annual Subscription is $39/month.

  • Monthly Subscription – $49/month
  • Annual Subscription – $36/month

This is the best for beginners who want to launch their first course online and want to experience course creation.


Thinkific Start Plan

Build Online Courses into Business with Great Studnet Experience.

Moving to the next plan the Start Plan we will discussStart Plan pricing with a lot of features Plus you will get all features of the basic plan and more loaded features in the Start plan

It cost you $99 per month for a monthly subscription and $74 per month venue of an info annual subscription where you can use all the features of the Start Plan of Thinkific

This is the most recommended plan and most popular plan and it’s perfect for course creators ready to build a successful online course business.

Thinkific Start Plan Features:

Here are the key features of the Start Plan:

  • 2 Site admin accounts
  • Private and hidden course
  • 5-course admins/author
  • Live sessions with zoom
  • Advanced customization
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited number of students and course
  • Advanced course pricing options
  • Membership and bundles
  • Certificates & Free SSL
  • Communities

Thinkific Start Plan Price

The Start Plan price for Monthly Subscription is $99/month and for Annual Subscription is $74/month.

  • Monthly Plan Price– $99/month
  • Annual Plan Price – $74/month

The Startplan is best for those who want to build a successful online course business and a complete suite of tools and want to create an amazing student experience.


Thinkific GrowPlan

Deliver Online Education at Scale.

The Grow Plan offers all advanced features and it fulfills requirements for those who are ready to build an education empire online and want all Thinkific features it’s designed for delivering online education on a big scale and with no limitations.

It cost you $199/month for a monthly subscription and $149/month for an annual subscription where you get all the advanced features of Thinkific

In this plan, you will get the entire and all Basic and Start Plans features, and in addition, you will get some other advanced features that also fulfill your requirement.

Thinkific GrowPlan Features:

Here are the key features of the Grow Plan:

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • 50-course admin/authors
  • Unlimited Courses and Students
  • 15 group Analysts
  • Onboarding package
  • 5 site admin accounts
  • Unlimited growth package
  • Content hosting
  • Live sessions with zoom
  • Unlimited coupons
  • Custom domains
  • Email integrations
  • SSL Encryption
  • 30 minutes onboarding call
  • Expert customer support
  • Secured cloud hosting and daily backup
  • Student progress tracking
  • Fully managed student purchase and enrollment process
  • Accept Paypal payments
  • Create a hidden and private course

Thinkific Grow Plan Price

Grow Plan price for Monthly Subscription is $199/month and for Annual Subscription is $149/month.

  • Monthly Plan Price– $199/month
  • Annual Plan Price – $149/month

The Growplan seems best for the advanced customer who is ready to build an education empire and wants all Thinkific advanced features and wants to build online education at a big scale with no limitations.

Compare Plans and their Features.

Thinkific Prices & Features

Thinkific is one of the most promising and best online course platforms among creators. Thinkific offers popular and its flexible pricing model is the best.

It also offers multiple pricing plans including free plans which make it ideal for the creator at different stages in their online course creation journey.

Thinkific Features in All Plans

Thinkific plans pricing is very affordable and value for money.

FeaturesBasic PlanStart PlanGrow Plan
Full video and content hostingYesYesYes
Import existing contentYesYesYes
Embed third-party tools and sitesYesYesYes
Student course reviewsYesYesYes
Unlimited coursesYesYesYes
Live lessons with zoomYesYesYes
Create Free, Paid, and Time-limited coursesYesYesYes
99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoringYesYesYes
Expert customer supportYesYesYes
Accept Paypal paymentsYesYesYes
Enroll an unlimited number of studentsYesYesYes
Site monitoring dashboardYesYesYes
Monthly Pricing$49/month$99/month$199/month
Annually Pricing (25% OFF)$36/month$74/month$149/month
Get Basic PlanGet Start PlanGet Grow Plan

Why not try free, before purchasing any plan?

Get a Free Plan or Try a FREE Trial

Thinkific also provides Lifetime Free Plan and which includes basic features it helps you to understand Thinkific More and help you to choose the right plan.

After using the Thinkific lifetime free plan you can experience Thinkific and for more advanced features you can upgrade to paid plans.

On the Paid Plans, Thinkific Provides a 30 Days of Free Trial for every new customer. So users can check its features, dashboard, UI, and Functions. It’s a good idea, to start a Thinkific Free Trial on Premium Plans before you buy them.

Start Thinkific Free Trial or Get Free Plan

Start a Trial Account or Get Lifetime Free Plan.

To activate your Thinkific free plan you just need to sign up and enter some basic information and no credit card is required. And you can enjoy Thinkific for absolutely free.

After you have used all features and experienced Thinkific you can opt for a paid plan for a better experience.

Total Cost of Subscription.

Thinkific Total Price

As we have already discussed the Thinkific Plans Pricing and Features. And we already know that Thinkific gives you 25% Savings on its all-pricing plan when you opt-in for an annual subscription.

Now, we will calculate how much price we have to pay to Thinkific in an annual payment.

Thinkific Total Pricing:

We shared the Total Price and Discounted Price, so you can get the right deal according to your wish.

 Basic PlanStartPlanGrow Plan
Monthly Plan Price$49/mo$99/mo$199/mo
Total Annually Payment$588$1188$2388
Annually Plan Price$39/mo$74/mo$149/mo
Total Annually$468$888$1788

All the above Thinkific Prices are without any Coupon or Special Offer.

You can also check Latest Deals and Offers on the Thinkific Coupon page:

Thinkific Coupon Code: Get Up to 40% Discount

Check Latest Deals and Discount on Thinkific.

Note: If you choose an annual subscription for any plan you have to pay the price of the full year in a one-time payment. After that, you can get access to the plan.

Long story in short.

Thinkific Pricing Summary

Let’s have a look at the price summary of Thinkific:

  • Basic Plan $49/month – Unlimited course and unlimited students, email students, custom domain, email integrations, coupons, and manual student enrollment and export
  • Start Plan $99/month – 2 Site admin accounts, live session with zoom, 5-course admin/authors, Free SSL, membership and bundles, advanced course pricing options
  • Grow Plan $199/month – Single sign-on (SSO), 50-course admin/author, unlimited growth package, unlimited coupons, 15 group Analysts, content hosting, custom domain, and an unlimited number of courses

Does Thinkific Worth Buy??

Conclusions: Thinkific Pricing, Plans & Cost

Thinkific is an amazing platform to create, market, sell, and delivers online courses. The platform also helps you in making money by teaching others and learning online and the prices also vary pocket-friendly.

In this article, We have shared detailed information about Thinkific pricing, Thinkific plans, and its features. So you can choose the right plan and the best Thinkific plan at the right price according to your need.

Thinkific Pricing Plans – Right Plan & Actual Cost?
Source –

As we have all seen the difference in pricing of monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions in all the plans We recommend you choose an annual subscription of your favorite plan so that you can save 25% which will save a lot of money.

It’s a user-friendly platform with a high degree of customization. With this software, it has never been easier to transform your knowledge and expertise into an online course.

Thinkific prices are very affordable and are a digital marketer with huge features. I will recommend and it’s worth buying and starting online course creation and launching the first course.

Some Information about this Course Platform.

About Thinkific- Quick Review

Thinkific organization was founded in 2012 by Greg Smith, Matt Payne, Matt Smith, and Miranda Lievers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Thinkific is no one platform for individuals and businesses to create market sales and deliver courses online and also you can create your own online course.

Thinkific believes in sustainable lasting courses that make an impact on both you and your student. Every Thinkific tool was designed with your audience’s learning experience in mind,

Thinkfic Online Course Platform

So you can maximize impact across the entire student journey. Because if your students are happy and succeeding you are ultimately succeeding too.

Thinkific provides ultimate support every step of the way Thinkific is a top online course platform used by many digital training companies and individual course creators.

Alike Hootsuite uses the Thinkific platform to host their social media digital training academy that is used by 45000 learners.

And Dana Malstaff Of BossMom And Lewis Howes Of The School Of Greatness also use Thinkific to run their online course business.

Why Choose Thinkific?

Thinkific lets you have an unlimited number of courses and students. It lets you focus on course creation. Selling and creating courses become easy with Thinkific.

Thinkific also has a free plan to lets its users try the tools with limited courses and unlimited students.

It offers user-friendly and excellent customer support which really e helps many business owners to choose this platform.

Get More Idea About Thinkific.

FAQs: Thinkific Pricing Plans

Here are some frequently asked questions which will surely clear doubts and queries related to Thinkific Plan and Subscriptions.

  1. What is the Starting Price of Thinkific?

    Thinkific price starts at $49 per month
    Basic Plan – $49 per month
    Start plan -$99 per month
    Grow plan -$199 per month

  2. Is there any discount on the Thinkific Annually Plan?

    Yes! You can save 25% on an annual subscription on all plans.

  3. Is There Any Free Plan in Thinkific?

    Yes! Thinkific offers a one-lifetime free plan that you can sign up for without the use of a credit card and it includes basic features.

  4. What is the Best Thinkific Plan for Beginners?

    I will recommend you if you are a beginner then you must try the Thinkific basic plan that costs you.
    On monthly subscription – $49 per month
    On annual subscription -$36 per month

  5. How much will I save on an annual subscription to Thinkific?

    The basic plan, Start plan, and Grow plan cost you an annual and monthly subscription.
    In monthly subscription
    Basic plan -$49 per month
    Start plan $99 per month
    Grow plan $199 per month
    In annual subscription
    Basic plan -$36 per month
    Start plan $74 per month
    Grow plan $149 per Month
    You can save 25% on your annual subscription.

  6. What are the payment modes of Thinkific?

    Thinkific only accepts online payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

  7. What is new in Thinkic Plans?

    For Plus Plan customers, Thinkific created the Plus Portal to make it easy for you to manage multiple learning environments by enabling you to quickly switch between the Admin Dashboards of each of your Thinkific sites. 

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