SiteGround Renewal Discount 2021 – Total Price + Similar Soln

SiteGround Renewal Discount 2021 – Total Price + Similar Soln

SiteGround Renewal Discount & Coupon to Save Money on SiteGround Renewals and Avoid High Charges. Check Total SiteGround Renewal Cost + 3 SiteGround Similar Hosting.


Siteground Renewal Discount


Pros of Siteground Renewal


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Siteground Renewal Total Cost


4 Tricks to Save Money on Siteground Renewal

1. Buy a Plan for Long Term

From the beginning when you buy Siteground hosting 1st time, you can buy a Sietground plan for a maximum time period of 3 years. Then till 3 years, you can host your website on Siteground for a lower price.

You’ll face higher renewal prices after 3 years. It gives you the benefits of using Siteground hosting at a low cost for long period.


2. Ask Siteground Team for Renewal Discount

No one wants to lose their customers.

At the time of Siteground hosting renewal, you can contact to Sietground support team and request them to provide you a discount on Siteground plan renewals. Give them some reasons that can be technically or emotionally. It might help you in getting a Siteground renewal discount.


4. Create Another Siteground Account

We can also create another Siteground account with new billing details.

To host continue our old website on Siteground and Migrate them from Old Siteground account to new Siteground account.

Now here you’ve to migrate your website self or you can use a WordPress plugin or any Fiverr gig help.

But if Siteground Team, wishes they can recognize that you’re hosting the same websites on the new Siteground account.

But using different billing details you can explain that you’re the new owner of those websites and using self Siteground accounts now. It might work and Siteground allows you to use your old Siteground hosted sites on a new Siteground account and you save money here.

Again keep in mind, buy Siteground hosting for long term as possible your budget say or you’re planning to run sites.


4. Try Siteground Alternatives

If all the above options don’t work for you and still you want to get rid of higher Siteground renewal charges.

You can switch on another web hosting, which has less price, same features, and performance as Siteground and FREE migrations.


Bluehost GreenGeeks HostGator Siteground
Websites 1 1 1 1
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes No
SSD Storage 50GB Unlimited Unlimited 10GB
Starting Price $2.95/mo $2.95/mo $2.95/mo $6.99/mo


Siteground Renewal Coupon


Siteground Renewal FAQs


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