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Get to know about A2 Hosting Renewal Hosting, Domain & Other A2 Hosting Renew Costs for Renewal Plan. Check A2 Hosting Renewal Discount Coupon to save $$$ USD.

Get Know about A2 Hosting Renewal Price & Get Discount with A2 Hosting Renewal Coupon. Pros & Cons of A2 Hosting Renewal and 3 Tricks to Save Money on A2 Hosting Renewals Plans.

Searching for A2 Hosting Renewal Discount Coupon 2024?

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We are going to tell you about A2 Hosting Renewal Price $ Discount Coupon and how you can save your hard-earned money.

A2 Hosting Renewal Summary:

A2 Hosting Renewal Price$10.95/month
A2 Hosting Renewal CouponSome Offers Available
A2 Hosting Renewal DiscountYes, Available
Save Money on Renewal3 Tricks Shared
Should you Renew Hosting?Explained Inside

How Much Does It Cost To Renew A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting Renewal Price

For its shared hosting plans, A2 Hosting(CrunchBase) is really popular. The rate of their extension varies from $8.99 a month to $24.99. If you have a platform with massive traffic or need a specific server configuration, that is, it’s the one that most projects would need. They also provide managed hosting plans for WordPress.

Unfortunately, low promotional rates and high renewal pricing seems to be the industry standard in web hosting. A2 implements this policy as well.

So don’t expect to pay the same price forever. You won’t get a better deal than your initial contract. To get the lowest possible rate, you need to choose a 3-year contract.

A2 Hosting has multiple plans across all its hosting types, as well as different subscription (A2 Hosting Renewal Price $ Discount Coupon 2024) lengths, which also affect the price. A2 Hostings 30 days money-back guarantee prices start at $7.95 per month. 


A2 Shared/Web Hosting Renewal Price:

Whether you’re new to web hosting or looking to change web hosting providers, A2 needs to be taken into consideration. Here’s a quick overview of A2 Hosting Renewal prices of Shared Plans:

Plan NameMonthly Recurring PriceAnnual Recurring PriceBiennially Recurring PriceTriennially Recurring Price
Startup Web Hosting$11.99$119.88$239.76$359.64
Drive Web Hosting$14.99$155.88$311.76$467.64
Turbo Boost Web Hosting$22.99$239.88$479.76$719.64
Turbo Max Web Hosting$28.99$299.88$599.76$899.64

A2 Hosting has some of the best-shared web hosting plans on the market today. The choices are competitively priced, and offer plenty of benefits.

A2’s shared plans definitely deliver in terms of performance as well. There are four different shared plans to choose from. Here’s a quick overview of each one. A2 Hosting shared Startup plan starts at $10.99/mo and the renewal price is the same as the monthly cost for all the plans.


A2 Hosting Reseller Renewal Price

Shared hosting Various plans and their renewal cost are mentioned in the below table.

Plan NameMonthly Recurring PriceAnnual Recurring PriceBiennially Recurring PriceTriennially Recurring Price
Turbo Kickstart$49.99$599.88$1199.76$1799.64
Turbo Launch$69.99$839.88$1679.76$2519.64
Turbo Grow$99.99$1199.88$2399.76$3599.64
Turbo Scale$119.99$1439.88$2879.76$4319.64

Shared hosting KICKSTART’s Monthly Price starts at $18.99/mo and Renewal Cost is the same as the monthly cost you can also get a discount if you contact the provider.

Shared hosting is less safe in comparison with other types of hosting since the environment and resources are shared. An infection on one site may spread and involve other websites housed on the same server.


A2 Hosting Domain Renewal Price

A2 Hosting Renewal Price & A2 Hosting Renewal Discount

A domain name is billed annually. It’s not a service for a one-time fee. A recurring fee is involved in getting a domain name on the internet as per ICANN.

DomainMonthly Price Renews for Year
.biz$17.45 USD/1yr  $17.45 USD/1yr  
.com$14.95 USD/1yr  $14.95 USD/1yr  
.io$49.95 USD/1yr  $49.95 USD/1yr  
.net$14.95 USD/1yr $14.95 USD/1yr 
.org$14.95 USD/1yr $14.95 USD/1yr 

A2 Hosting popular Domains are .biz, .com, .io, .net, and .org and their plan starts at $14.95 USD/1yr  and renews at the same rate and varies according to Domain you choose.

Your registered domain(A2 Hosting renewal price) names will auto-renew by default. This will prevent any domain from inadvertently expiring due to accidental human error.


A2 Hosting VPS Renewal Price

Glance at VPS Hosting that A2 Hosting offers:

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Plans

Plan NameMonthly Recurring PriceQuarterly Recurring PriceSemiannually Recurring PriceAnnual Recurring PriceBiennially Recurring PriceTriennially Recurring Price
Runway 1 VPS$8.99$$$95.88$191.76$251.64
Runway 2 VPS$14.99$$$155.88$311.76$359.64
Runway 4 VPS$23.99$$$239.88$479.76$647.64
Supersonic 8 VPS$59.99$$$599.88$1199.76$1619.64
Supersonic 16 VPS$99.99$$$1019.88$2039.76$2699.64
Supersonic 32 VPS$139.99$$$1439.88$2879.76$3599.64

Managed VPS Hosting Plans

Plan NameMonthly Recurring PriceQuarterly Recurring PriceSemiannually Recurring PriceAnnual Recurring PriceBiennially Recurring PriceTriennially Recurring Price
Lift 4 VPS$76.99$230.97$461.94$779.88$1391.76$1835.64
Lift 8 VPS$104.99$314.97$629.94$1079.88$1991.76$2591.64
Lift 16 VPS$131.99$395.97$791.94$1355.88$2375.76$3131.64
Mach 8 VPS$139.99$419.97$839.94$1427.88$2519.76$3311.64
Mach 16 VPS$189.99$569.97$1139.94$1931.88$3407.76$4499.64
Mach 32 VPS$239.99$719.97$1439.94$2447.88$4319.76$5687.64

Best 3 practices to save money while Renewing Hosting of A2

3 Tricks to Save Money on A2 Hosting Renewals:

Here we are sharing some tricks that you can use and save your money while Choosing A2 Hosting Renewal Prices.

As usual A2 Hosting renewal charges are higher approx 60% to 80% than the new pricing plans. Here are some methods by which you can avoid the higher renewal charges and host at a better place.


Contact A2 Hosting Team for Renewal Discount

This is the easiest and simple way to get a discount on A2 hosting.

You can simply go to the support page and raise a ticket that your hosting is going to expire and you want to continue but renewal charges are high, so you need a discount on the renewal price.

Probably they would like to offer you a discount, But this won’t be much high as they also want to earn. But if the discount volume is good and you are happy then you can continue with the A2 Hosting.

We advise you to contact them at least 1 month before, so you get a proper time to plan your website host.


Sign Up for a New A2 Hosting Account

Tricky, but easy and working method.

Little Tricky and Working Method.

A2 Hosting is a Fast, Quality & Good Web Hosting provider at a low cost. Their Turbo hosting plan really worth the money and give a superb experience.

If you purchase a new plan on A2 Hosting then again you can get A2 hosting at a very discounted price nearly 70%-80% for the long term like 1 year or 3 years.

So you can get a new A2 Hosting Plan with New Emails Address.

Yeah but in this process, you’re to migrate your site from your old account to the new account. This can be easy if you plugin like easy migrator or similar.

I suggest, while purchasing the plan again don’t enter your existing domain name there. First host your website on a temporary domain then remove your domain from the old account and after this add the domain to your new account.


Try A2 Hosting Alternatives

Easy & Free Migration

Move your hosting to any other platform.

Last but Best way to save money on a higher A2 Hosting renewal price is to Choose a Better Alternative to A2Hosting Hosting.

There is so many Best A2Hosting Alternative with Good Features, the Same Pricing Plans, and Quality Speed & Support.

The Best Feature of All these Hosting Providers is the FREE & Expert Migration Service, Which allows you to Migrate your Complete Site from an Older Web Host to New Selected Hosting completely FREE & It is a very easy process.

Top 3 A2 Hosting Alternatives:

Starting Price$2.95/mo$2.59/mo$2.75/mo
Free Domain NameYes for 1 YearYesYes
Free SSL & CDNYesYesYes
SSD Storage50 GBYesYes
Free Expert MigrationYes AvailableYes AvailableYes Available
Subscription Period1 Year,
2 Year,
3 Year,
3 Year
Multiple Months
1 Year
5 Year
Get BluehostGet DreamhostGet Hostgator

Check some Top A2 Hosting Alternatives:

Best A2 Hosting Alternatives & Hosting

What do you need to know before A2 Hosting selects a plan?

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting Plan Renewals

Here we have shared all the Pros & Cons of A2 Hosting…

A2 Hosting Renewal Pros:

1. Great value for money: very competitive prices for all hosting packages – as A2 Hosting puts it, “you only pay for the hosting, not for the marketing”

2. Ease of Use: The backend looks a bit outdated and it could be a bit more intuitive. However, their cPanel version has a clean design and it’s easy enough to use. Their checkout page can be a bit overwhelming with all the add-ons and purchase options you have.

3. Speed: As we’ll see later on, one of the fastest providers I have ever tried is A2 Hosting.

4. Unmetered storage and bandwidth: Your storage is unlimited (for the highest 3 plans), although your total amount of files can’t be more than 600,000. Bandwidth isn’t metered either.

A2 Hosting Renewal Cons:

1. Unfortunately, low promotional rates and high renewal pricing seems to biggest cons in standard in web hosting.

2. Confusing checkout: Even if they are not as pushy as other providers (e.g. iPage), their checkout is loaded with add-ons that you most likely won’t need (e.g. paid SSL certificate).

3. Concurrent HTTP connections: All shared hosting plans seem to be limited to 15 to 50 concurrent HTTP connections to the server depending on the plan – this may not be enough for some.

A2 Hosting Renewal Cons:

FAQs: A2 Hosting Renewal Coupon 2024

We have added some useful FAQs related to A2 Hosting Renewal Discount Coupon 2024. If you have any queries or doubts you can clear them from these FAQs.

  1. How A2 Hosting Renewal Prices are good for other hosts?

    A2 Hosting has a policy of renewal which is if you renew for a long time you have to pay less. A2 Hosting does not increase prices on renewal in comparison to starting a plan that generally other host does. On renewal, A2 Hosting gives other free services and tools offers also that no other host gives.

  2. How to Save Money on A2 Hosting Renewals?

    In this article, we’ve shared 3 Ways to Save money during Renewals. You can Buy Hosting for Long Term, Create a New Account, or Try Better Alternatives to A2 Hosting.

  3. What are the best A2 Hosting alternatives?

    Hostgator, Hostinger, Dreamhost, and inMotion are the best alternatives of iPage.

  4. What is A2 Hosting Renewal Pricing?

    If you go for the long-duration plan in the introductory offer hosting starts at$2.99USD monthly.

  5. Why is the A2 Hosting Renewal Price higher than the 1st time Fee?

    Web hosting companies sell their first-time customers a low-cost package, meaning they can order a web hosting plan at a reduced price.

Still confused? Find which plans we recommend for A2 Hosting

Conclusion: A2 Hosting Renewal Discount & Pricing

Renewing your domain before it expires is a simple task, but is also easily forgotten. Failing to do so in time could have a negative impact on both your website and your business. Fortunately, by renewing it early or setting up auto-renewal, you can avoid any complications.

A2’s core goal is to create and maintain such a good web hosting company that the staff wants to use it themselves.

A2 Hosting customer support is available free of charge. Connection charges can vary when calling from outside the area, abroad, or from a mobile phone, depending on your specific phone plan.

Image result for a2 hosting renewal

The high renewal rate problem is with most of the hosting platforms. What makes A2 Hosting worse? It is the 15 days renewal deadline. Limited Services on Cheapest plan Lite is the cheapest shared hosting plan available in A2 Hosting. The price is $3.92 per month for the “Lite” plan.

There are no hidden charges, so if you are paying for A2 hosting renewal prices, you don’t have to pay any extra amount.

When you miss the deadline the opportunity to claim refund ends. You have to email them about cancellation to customer support prior to the renewal period. Further, only one site migration is free of cost.

To the conclusion that “A2 Hosting is really good“ and also faster than Siteground and other web hosts. As a result, you can go with A2 Website Hosting if you are comfortable with the renewal rates.

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