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MemberPress is a WordPress premium, subscription, and learning management system (LMS) plugin.

Looking For Memberpress coupons in 2024??

In this article…

We are going to share the Memberpress discount code and all the details.

so you can get Memberpress at a discounted price, by simply using these coupons.

Here We are sharing all the details you need to know about Memberpress Discounts and Coupons.

No. of Memberpress Coupons5 Offers
Maximum DiscountSave up to 65% OFF
Offer Price$179
Total SavingUp to $399
Money Back14 Days

All Active & Latest Deals.

Memberpress Discount Codes 2024

MemberPress Special Discount – 50% OFF

$179.50 $359
Limited Time Offer.
Get 65% and Save $649 on the MemberPress Sale 2024.

MemberPress 50% Discount coupon

Get up to 50% discount on MemberPress Plans and Save up to $400 in a year.
Right now, Avail Black Friday Deal.

MemberPress Basic Coupon – Save $180

Create 1 Membership site for unlimited members and courses with all features of Memberpress. Avail a 50% Discount or Save $180 on this Plan.
$179$359 GET OFFER

MemberPress Plus Coupon – Save $300 Most Popular

Create 2 Membership sites for unlimited members and courses with all features of Memberpress. Avail a 50% Discount or Save $300 on this Plan.
$239$599 GET OFFER

MemberPress PRO Coupon – Save $400

Create 5 Membership sites for unlimited members and courses with all features of Memberpress. Avail a 50% Discount or Save $400 on this Plan.
$279$799 GET OFFER

MemberPress Elite Coupon – Save $600

Create 5 Membership sites for unlimited members and courses with all features of Memberpress. Avail a 50% Discount or Save $600 on this Plan.
$349$999 GET OFFER

Easy Steps To Get Your Discount…

How to Avail Memberpress Coupons?

Here We are Sharing Some Easy Steps To Get a Discount on your Memberpress plans.

Step.1 Simply you need to visit the Site of Memberpress

Step.2 From the pricing section, choose the plan you want.

Step.3 Enter your payment and other details

Step.4 Apply our coupon or your price will be automatically get discounted.

Step.5 Now Check all your details and Place Your Order.

MemberPress Coupon Apply

Congratulations!! You Got your Memberpress Plan At a Discounted Rate after following the given steps and applying our special MemberPress coupon code.

Choose The Right Plan For You!!

MemberPress Pricing Plans

As previously stated, Member Press has three distinct pricing plans for its use: the basic plan, the plus plan, and the pro plan.

The above plans offer a wide variety of characteristics and pricing that are entirely dependent on your customers’ needs. They also assist you in launching your first online course and launching an online course creation business.

These are some plans that you choose to apply your Memberpress coupon code:

MemberPress-Pricing-Plans new

The greatest feature about Memberpress is that they provide a 2-week money-back assurance, which means that if you’re not satisfied with something, you can get your cashback without even any extra penalties or service charges without any kind of questions asked.


MemberPress Basic Plan

Memberpress has a basic plan that includes everything you need to get started, including unlimited courses, certificates, and rewards, as well as all of the essential features.

The basic plan costs $179.50 per year, but you can get a $180 discount for a limited time. After that, the price will be changed to $359 per year, and you can use most of the basic package plan’s features.

  • Use only on a single website.
  • Create as many memberships and content as you want.
  • Paypal and Stripe are both supported.
  • Online classes are leaking content.
  • Over 10 add-ons, as well as implementations, are available.
  • All of the essential features
  • 2-week money-back guarantee


MemberPress Plus Plan

Shifting onto the next plan, the plus package plan, I’ll inform you about its cost structure. This plan provides various features, including all of the basic plan’s features and additional features.

You can get this plan at $299.50 per year, so you can get a $300 discount for just a limited amount of time. after that price will change to $599 and you can use all of the basic package plan’s characteristics.

It also has a lot of advanced characteristics, and the plus package plan is perhaps the most famous one at Member Press. It’s preferred for professional people who would like to grow quickly at a low cost. You could also begin selling online courses.

  • Use on two different websites
  • included with the world wide web
  • Memberships for corporations can be created and sold.
  • 10 additional integrations and add-ons
  • Zapier integration services that are unique to you
  • All of the essential features
  • 2-week money-back guarantee


MemberPress PRO Plan

The MemberPress pro package plan includes several innovative and maximum benefits that aid in the creation of web pages as well as the sale of online classes.

The pro plan is best for experienced users, large organizations, or large academic institutions who want to take their classes online to the next stage and would like to try out the best of Memberpress and all of its characteristics without even any constraints.

The pro plan costs $399.50 per year, but for a limited period, you could get a $400 discount for a limited time. after that, you will get this plan at $799 per year, so you can use most of the features of the basic package plan and also the plus package plan.

  • Use on 5 different websites
  • Affiliate Royale is included in the package.
  • Memberships for corporations can be created and sold.
  • Pro-only add-ons and implementations
  • All of the essential features
  • 2-week money-back guarantee

Quick Overview-

About MemberPress

MemberPress is a powerful membership plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing you to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Additionally, you’ll be able to establish a community of customers by granting them exclusivity with this product.

MemberPress was founded back in January 2013 by Blair Williams and Bethany Williams, whose headquarters is established in South Jordan, Utah, United States.


Membership programs may be created using MemberPress. They also have the option of deciding which articles, categories, tags, and more should have access to your material when you make them.

You may use MemberPress to sell digital items and services, as well as subscriptions for anything else that can be sold via subscriptions. It’s up to you how much money the user will be charged for this subscription. You can put in any amount here. There is a One-Time billing type.

The type of access you want people to have based on how much they pay is in this drop-down. You may use MemberPress to sell digital items and services, as well as subscriptions for anything else that can be sold via subscriptions.

Several connectors make this plugin even more fascinating and efficient. In the end, MemberPress is a one-stop shop for subscriptions on your website.

Powerful Plugin

MemberPress Key Features:

MemberPress Features

Here’s a high-level look at what you get:

  • Unlimited membership levels – create unlimited free or paid membership levels to organize your users.
  • Course builder – create courses for your members via the built-in course builder.
  • Coupons – use flexible coupons to market your site.
  • Flexible emails – send emails to your members to engage them at key points.
  • Detailed reporting and member management – view reports to see how your site is doing and easily manage members and their subscriptions.
  • Content restriction – use your membership levels to restrict access to some/all of your site. You can also drip out content over time or set custom expiration dates.
  • Built-in payment integrations – choose from popular payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and
  • Flexible payment plans – charge one-time or recurring fees, give free trials, offer payment plans, charge one-time signup fees, and more.
  • Group memberships – sell memberships to groups, such as selling an employee training plan to corporate clients.
  • Useful integrations – easily integrate with Zapier and other tools, as well as popular WordPress plugins like bbPress and Blubrry PowerPress.

Grab All The Benefits…

Reason to Choose MemberPress Coupon


Membership Programs

MemberPress programs

MemberPress is famous for how effortlessly it interacts with the WordPress platform. Installing the plugin is a breeze if you’re familiar with the WP CMS.

A newcomer may easily configure MemberPress even if they’ve never used a plugin before, thanks to further refinement since it was first released. The plugin may be activated in three easy steps: installation, payment getaways, and product setup.


Membership Options

Additional features of MemberPress include the ability to customize each membership program’s name, description, and parameters.

  • Follow up a sale using a “Thank You” page for clients who’ve completed their purchases
  • Introduce yourself through email.
  • Elicit further details from the users
  • Customize the pricing box’s call to action
  • Each membership level should have its unique landing page and login page.


Unauthorized Access Pages

A member who attempts to access restricted material must also be informed that this is only allowed to upgrade their membership. By building a landing page with a particular message displayed, MemberPress enables you to deliver this message.

You have the option to display material in the following formats on this page:

  • Only a portion of the material will be shown
  • Include a message that you disapprove of
  • Include a username and password.

Using this method, you may persuade clients to sign up for a new plan or upgrade their existing one. This is the first step to ensuring that the plugin provides a consistent user experience throughout the website.


Subscription Management

As the site owner, every part of your membership program should be within your control. That involves both the creation and administration of them. As a site administrator, you may do the following actions.

How to Manage New User Registrations in MemberPress
  • Provide a partial refund if the payment methods allow it
  • Changing the conditions of membership
  • Manage transactions or subscriptions by hand
  • Stripe allows you to adjust the billing cycle or plan type manually
  • Changing a member’s subscription to another program manually
  • Customer credit card details should be manually updated
  • Users may manually change subscription gateways

You may still make manual modifications if you need to, even though the payments are completed automatically by MemberPress.


Content Dripping with MemberPress

Dripping content is one of the most current capabilities to be added to the MemberPress toolkit. You may schedule the publication of a post or a series of posts using this function.

Let’s imagine you’ve put together a training program or a lesson. Each module may be released every month once the membership payment is made using the content leaking mechanism.

This content drip has a start and end date that you can control. In this manner, you may conceal material from clients after a specified amount of time, not depending on their membership plan.


Import and Export Membership Data

If you’re currently using another membership plugin, you may easily switch to MemberPress at any moment. The plugin’s import and export features have made this feasible. In addition, you won’t have to worry about losing your data if you move to a new domain or website.

To import data from a MemberPress database, you may use the MemberPress Importer plugin add-on. Once the add-on is installed, you may import your old data into MemberPress through a CSV file.

However, it is advised that you wait until the import is complete before changing any rules. MemberPress-specific rules may be applied after everything functions as expected.


Create and Manage Coupons

Memberpress discount coupon

Promoting your website by offering discounts and coupons is a great idea. There are a few clever workarounds for this in the MemberPress codebase.

For example, it is possible to specify the number of times a voucher may be used and the validity period with the help of this plugin.

Memberpress coupon option helps you to create your own coupons.

How to Make Coupons for Your Membership Site

It’s possible to regulate your site’s advertising campaigns in various ways using these options.

  • Percentage of fixed-rate discounts might be offered.
  • Each time a member’s membership is renewed, they will get a regular discount.
  • Reduce the cost of the first payment alone.
  • Override the trial period
  • Promoting upgrading by offering discount coupons
  • Only certain memberships may benefit from the discount.


Send Automated Reminder Emails

MemberPress’s reminder tool lets you send automatic emails to your clients to round up the user experience. The following email templates may be used with the plugin:

  • When a client registers for your website,
  • Following the cancellation of an account by a client
  • Before the end of a subscription
  • After a subscription is over, it is no longer available.
  • Sending out a reminder to consumers that their membership is about to expire
  • After a subscription renewal, automatic updating is performed.
  • If the card is about to expire, send an alert.
  • If your credit card has run out of funds, you should make the necessary adjustments.

Queries Related To This Post-

FAQs – Memberpress Discount and Plans

Here we are sharing some common queries related to Memberpress plans and coupons:

What is a Memberpress Coupon?

by using these coupons you can get a discount on any pricing plans of Memberpress, which makes purchasing.

How to get a discount on Memberpress?

Simply you have to pick any coupon or promo code, choose any plan, and apply any of these coupons and you will Memberpress at a discounted price.

What is the best way to add a coupon to MemberPress?

To begin, go into your WordPress admin and select the Add New option under MemberPress Coupons. It is possible to change the name of the discount code generated by MemberPress to suit your campaign better. The discount might then be either a percentage or a fixed amount.

Which plan is best for the Memberpress coupon

It depends on the plan that you want to choose, but you will get different discounts on every plan.

What is the expiry date of these Memberpress promo codes?

You can use a coupon for a specific period, which time is around 8 to 15 days after that the coupon will expire.

Get a Discount On Renewal Price-

Memberships Discount on Renewals

One of the most critical components of operating a membership site is retaining members. Therefore, when a member’s subscription expires, offer them a discount coupon code.

Members who take advantage of this offer will save money on their annual dues, which might be just the thing to keep them coming back. After a member’s membership has expired, you can utilize the MemberPress reminders tool to send them an automatic email.

Additionally, a promo code might bring people back to your site to take advantage of the deal if you include it in this email.

Whenever a member attempts to cancel their monthly subscription, you may give them a voucher for a discount. Because it takes time and effort to recruit new members, keeping the ones you already have is a top concern.

The long-term value of keeping current members is more important than short-term revenues.

Should You Avail of This Offer?

Conclusion: Memberpress Coupon and Discount 2024

Memberpress is a pretty interesting plugin, it allows you to turn your website into a membership website where users can sign up for a membership on your website. The various options Memberpress offers to make it a good addition to your website.

So if you want to buy Memberpress we recommend you use these Memberpress coupons and get the maximum discount on your plans.

To get a discount on Memberpress, Select a plan from any of the 3 plans of Memberpress sign up for the plan, and make the payment.

A special offer link has already been added to all of the plans. You don’t need to apply any coupon code.

at the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned all the details related to the member promo codes that will help you get discounts on your favourite plan.

We will also provide additional discounts and a variety of choices to attract more users to use the MemberPress coupon.

Get more details about this WP Plugin.

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MemberPress is a powerful membership plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing you to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

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MemberPress Coupon Code 2024, Save $399, Get a 65% Discount or Win MacBook

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MemberPress Coupon Code 2024, Save $399, Get a 65% Discount or Win MacBook
MemberPress Coupon Code 2024, Save $399, Get a 65% Discount or Win MacBook
$179/year $359
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