Do You Want To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Your Websites? With Lots of Features That Makes More superior Experience To Your Visitors.

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With Lander, users get a great, feature-packed landing page builder with a large level of granular control and a wide-reaching collection of analytics tools.

Landing pages make the plan for your online marketing strategy. So it makes complete sense to concentrate on setting together with a strong and engaging landing page.

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Being a professional blogger and knowing the importance of time, so without wasting it, lets begins with the reviews of this amazing platform i.e. Lander.

What Is Lander Landing Page?

Lander is a landing page solution applied by in-house marketers, marketing teams, and companies that are handling large marketing campaigns to create and publish high-converting and mobile-ready landing pages.

The platform has been serving users to improve their business by implementing a natural tool that lets them quickly design their landing pages, regardless of what type of operations they are driving; and without coding knowledge needed.


which is where the landing page apps highlight prominently. With a powerful landing page app, your job of designing a successful landing page becomes a simple task.

The landing page software makes it feasible to build a landing page for any marketing goal by the aid of its pre-designed landing page templates. These templates are meant for selling products and services online, launching webinars, creating coming soon pages for product announcements, and more.

Introduction: Lander Review

Founder: Krishna Shastry

Founded Year: 2018

Headquarter: San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast

Lander also allows the testing of various variants of landing pages using its A/B testing tool. With its DTR or Dynamic Text Replacement feature, the content of landing pages can be modified.

Last but not the least, Lander helps users in getting insights into the activities on their landing pages and campaigns by its combination with Google Analytics.

The app is an extremely helpful tool whether you are just building your landing page or want to revise your current landing page if it is not running as it should.

Lander app is such a clever marketing application that can accomplish wonders on your landing page. Let us dive in and discuss what the app guarantees and whether it delivers.

Lander Features Review:

Here are the key features of Lander:

  • 100+ Ready-made templates
  • A/B Testing Tool
  • Auto-Fill Forms
  • Google Fonts included
  • Conversion Analytics Tracking
  • Facebook Landing Page Tab
  • Email Integration
  • 14-days free trial
  • 24/7 customer support
  • SSL Encryption

Lander's intuitive editing tool allows you to design your own landing pages without using HTML or CSS, just drag and drop the elements to the place on your page you want them to go.

Get ready your logo, your content, a graphic asset or video, set up a few base colors from your brand palette, and you’re ready to launch your marketing campaign!

Lander features review

Its visual editor makes it super easy to design a landing page, just drag and drop the elements you want, and you’re ready to go.

What Is Lander Plans?

Lander has two plans, Basic and Professional. Lander offers you monthly subscription as well as an annual subscription for all their plans and can save $390 by Paying Annually for the Basic plan and save $189 by Paying Annually for a professional plan.

With Lander Plans, you are able to get your own Landing Page without help from ITs or Designers. On Lander, you can find high-conversion templates: make our designs your own.

Let us look at their plans in the detail below.




Visitors per month



Custom Domains



SSL Encryption



Web-hook Integration


Auto-Fill Forms



Dynamic Text Replacement


Technical Support



(Paid Annually)



Lander offers you a 14-Day Free Trial on any of our plans, and they don’t even ask you for your credit card number. You can test and experience all its features and if you like their service, just upgrade at the end of the trial period. Do remember you can cancel it at any time.

Do You Want To Try Lander For Free?

Lander 14-day Free Trial

Lander Basic plan is its first plan with all the features which are required to start Small Business. There are a lot of helpful features in a professional plan for In-House Marketers.

Lander Pricing:

The Lander Pricing starts from $16/month in its basic plan. And similarly the Professional plan for $83/month.

The Basic plan is a starting plan of Lander, which costs $49/mo for a monthly payment and $16/mo for an annual payment. It consists of the features of SSL Encryption, Facebook Landing Pages, A/B Testing, Auto-Fill Forms, Email Support, and much more.

The Professional plan costs $99/month for a monthly payment and $83/month for an annual payment where you get all the Basic plan features of Lander including some advanced features like Dynamic Text Replacement, Salesforce, Marketo, Webhook Integration, and much more in combination.

Like, if you need to use all the features, then you can go ahead with the Professional plan. Let us look at the pricing below.




Monthly Plan Price



Total Annually Payment



Annually Plan Price



Total Annually



Do You Want To Know More About Lander Pricing?

Lander Pricing With Latest Discount

The Pricing listed above in the Annual plan is based on the special offer. You have nearly saved $390 and $189 in Basic and Professional plans by paying annually.

Lander Pros & Cons

Lander is one of the best landing Page Builder tool, But Like Every Other builders, It has some Pros & Cons As Well as, With Some Experience with Lander, we are sharing its Pros & Cons On The User Basis.

Lander Pros: Lander gives us visibility into what pages receive the most traffic as well as what individual visitors are doing not only through their web log-in, but also through customized alerts to our email that we set up for daily or weekly use. And its Interface is pretty interesting.

Lander Cons: Lander's Geolocation is not always accurate and it Does not provide information as to what employee is visiting, It would be nice to see a connection or link between e-mail addresses or customers that have already been on the site.

What is Lander Used for

Lander is first and foremost simple to use. With the platform, attractive landing pages are quickly designed and users can convert more.

Thanks to its natural editing tool, users can customize content and create their landing pages to display their brands and offerings. Its drag-and-drop controls make design landing a breeze. One does not require to understand any HTML or CSS.

This tool is best for:

  • Building Landing pages
  • Email marketers
  • Entrepreneurs

The platform also enables users to create their forms and have them on their landing pages. With this, companies will be ready to receive data from site visitors.

What is lander Used For

One can also attach a countdown timer. This can help out in improving services and even events. Companies can use this feature to help drive site visitors to sign up or take steps conceding for greater conversions.

As far as landing page builder apps go, LanderApp provides you worth for the cash you shell out. It is a great choice to think when you need to develop landing pages for Banner ads and email campaigns. The app is simple to use, and you need not be tech-savvy to understand the mechanics of fixing it up and doing it.

FAQs – Lander Review & How it works

Here We Are Sharing All The Queries Related to Lander Landing Page, Here We are Answering Some Few questions that people Mostly Asked.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

Lander offers you a 14 Day Free Trial on any of our plans, and they won’t even ask you for your credit card number.

How Does Lander Works?

Lander is a Powerful landing Page Builder Like Every Other Landing Page Builder, On Landingi You can Create Your Landing Page and also increase Your Conversion rate. But Its Provides more superior Features as Compare to others.

What is meant by Custom Domain?

A Custom Domain is the individual personalized URL you can apply on your landing pages. With custom domains, you can build branded links handling your organization’s own domains.

Can I choose any plan for a free trial?

Yes, you can try any of our plans for free, from the Basic to the Pro Plus Plan.

Can I change plans from one to another at any time?

Yes. You can switch to any different plan during your trial or after it has expired, whether it’s smaller or bigger, by updating your account.

Can I cancel my account at any point?

you can, no issues. Try all Lander’s features and if you’re not convinced you can cancel your account any time.

Photos: Lander

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