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Check iPage Pricing and Get the Best iPage Plans of 2021. you can also check the 💲 Total iPage Cost with its Pricing Plans & Choose the Right iPage Plan according to your need. Compare iPage Plans and choose the Right One.

Searching 🔍 for Best Ipage Pricing Plan for You??

iPage(wiki) is a web hosting company. It offers a wide range of web hosting solutions for online businesses and webmasters to create websites.

We are going to describe the iPage Pricing Plan and the price of each plan of iPage in detail with its features which will surely help you to choose the right plan according to your need.

🌟 iPage is known for bargain-priced hosting that’s easy to use. And they put an emphasis on WordPress features and services.

In this article, We are going to be addressing the iPage Pricing Plan and cost total pricing and which plan is best for you.

iPage Pricing Plan Post Summary:-

iPage Starting Price $1.99/Month
No. of iPage Pricing Plan 3 Plans
iPage Pricing Plans Basic, Business, Optimum
Free Trial Yes, Available For 30 Days
iPage Subscription Option Annually
Ipage Best Pricing plans for you

Choose A Best Option For You!!

iPage Pricing Plans

iPage Hosting offers a variety of hosting plans based on these hosting types:

  1. WordPress-specific hosting
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Shared hosting
  4. VPS
  5. Dedicated
Hosting PlansPriceLink
Web Hosting$1.99/moGet Now!
WordPress Hosting$3.75/moGet Now!
VPS Hosting$19.99/moGet Now!
Dedicated Hosting$119.99/moGet Now!

Affordable hosting doesn’t have to come with a catch. With iPage, you can have a site up in minutes and then easily expand as you grow. Plus enjoy quality features, without the high cost.

Whether you’re a passionate individual or a small business, our affordable web hosting plan gives you the flexibility to build everything from a simple landing page to a full-blown eCommerce site.

The hosting needs of most site owners will fall into the first three categories.

iPage Plans Overview.

iPage Plans, Features & Price.

iPage Hosting Plans


Web Hosting

iPage hosting provides full savings for IsItWP customers. With this exclusive iPage contract, you save a lot on buying iPage Pricing Plans. It helps you to build a website, launch a blog, or create an online store with powerful tools. iPage offers great iPage Pricing Plans in Web Hosting.

You will use the built-in analytics software in your hosting panel to track the performance of your website.

Web Hosting Pricing: Starts at $1.99 / month.

Web Hosting Plan Features:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • FREE domain for a year
  • FREE standard email address
  • FREE website builder
  • 24/7 support

WordPress Hosting

iPage offers specialized iPage Pricing Plans in WordPress hosting. What’s special about it?

This hosting is stated to offer:

  • Speed and security optimized for WordPress including security protection (including a firewall) from SiteLock, a well-known security firm
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer service by live chat or phone

iPages states that this hosting provides you with a version of WordPress that they’ve prepared and has:

  • Hand-selected themes for you to choose from
  • Some key pre-installed plugins
  • A control panel designed for WordPress
ipage wordpress hosting

Choose from Two WordPress Hosting Plans

iPage Pricing Plans offers two WordPress plans: WP Starter and WP Essential.

What Do I Get with WP Starter?

This plan comes with:

  • Free domain name (for one year)
  • Free search engine credits
  • Scalable bandwidth for handling surges in web traffic

Introductory price: $3.85/month

What Do I Get With WP Essential?

The WP Essential plan includes the above features and comes with:

  • Enhanced security that includes daily malware scans and built-in firewall
  • Superior speed
  • WordPress expert support.

iPage WordPress Hosting is intended for those users who choose to create a website or launch a blog. WordPress hosting is reliable and comes with pre-installed plugins, themes, and a basic control panel.

You can also get a free domain name, free SSL license, free email address, 24/7 live customer service, drag-and-drop page creator, website upload facility, and more.

Introductory price: $6.95/month


Shared Hosting

If you are in need of budget-friendly hosting for a project that you are just getting off the ground, consider iPage’s shared hosting option.

Unlike other hosts that offer you a variety of shared hosting plans from which you can choose, iPage offers one plan that comes with everything you need to get started.

The shared hosting plan offered by iPage includes:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free domain name

In addition, you will be able to get a free domain name during the signup process, as well as the ability to use the company’s website builder. This way, you can create your website using a simple drag-and-drop interface instead of needing to know how to code.

You will also find that you get enhanced security tools and 24/7 uptime monitoring.

VPS Hosting: Blog Hosting With Speed

VPS is a good choice for new bloggers.

If your blog is starting to see some serious growth, you might want to consider the virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans offered by iPage. iPage offers great iPage Pricing Plans in VPS Hosting.

VPS plans are a great step-up from shared hosting when your traffic levels grow, or your site now features a large number of resources, such as high-resolution images and video files.

A Good Choice For New Bloggers Too

However, even if you are just getting started with your blog, you might go straight to a VPS plan. You’ll get much better performance, and you will have room to grow.

Choose from 3 VPS Plans

There are 3 VPS plans: Basic, Business, and Optimum.  Each has a different limitation on traffic, storage space, and RAM.

You can choose from a number of available resources depending on the needs of your website.

Each plan allows you to take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Free domain name
  • Migration services
  • High-speed storage
  • Round the clock support

iPage VPS Hosting comes with advanced customization options. It gives you optional root access to customize the hosting environment and install necessary applications or software.

With semi-private resources, you get the maximum server speed and reliability. It offers seamless migration options with complete cloud scalability to grow your website comfortably.

VPS Hosting Price: Starts at $19.99 / month.

VPS Hosting Plan Features:

  • FREE domain
  • Pre-installed scripts
  • Managed support
  • Search engine friendly

Dedicated Hosting 

For blogs that are very large and/or receive tens of thousands of daily visitors, iPage offers 3 dedicated hosting plans.

With a dedicated host, you get your own fully managed server with no additional cost for exceeding your resource limits.

Benefits such as free a domain name, free marketing credits, and 24/7 support are available on each of the dedicated hosting plans.


iPage offers spectacular dedicated hosting only for all your domains to be hosted. Be it a startup or an enterprise they have a dedicated server allocation based on how much disk space is required for your website.

These servers are highly under protection free from any internal or external attack.

Dedicated Hosting Price: Starts at $119.99 / month.

Dedicated Hosting Plan Features:

  • Bandwidth starts from 5TB
  • control pane
  • an enterprise plan is exciting since it has 5 IP address
  • 4 Core CPU working in professional and enterprise plan

iPage Total Cost & Pricing Summary

Let us look at the pricing below.

Shared Hosting

Go Plan
  • 1 year – $119.88
  • 2 year – $215.76
  • 3 year – $287.64


WP Starter
  • Monthly – $10.49
  • 1 year – $119.88
  • 2 year – $215.76
  • 3 year – $287.64
WP Essentials
  • Monthly – $9.65
  • 1 year – $155.40
  • 2 year – $286.80
  • 3 year – $399.99

VPS Hosting

  • Monthly – $24.99
  • 1 year – $269.88
  • 2 year – $509.04
  • Monthly – $59.99
  • 1 year – $647.88
  • 2 year – $1,223.76
  • Monthly – $99.99
  • 1 year – $1079.88
  • 2 year – $2,039.76

Dedicated Hosting

  • Monthly – $149.99
  • 1 year – $1,679.88
  • 2 year – $3,239.76
  • Monthly – $194.99
  • 1 year – $2,219.88
  • 2 year – $4,199.76
  • Monthly – $239.99
  • 1 year – $2,699.88
  • 2 year – $5,039.76

About iPage- Quick Overview

iPage was founded in 1998 and hosts over a million websites across two data centers in the US. iPage's single shared hosting plan is among the cheapest we've reviewed at $1.99/mo for three years.

Offering domain registrations, shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, their platform is powering over one million websites.

Since its founding, iPage has developed a reputation for offering full-featured hosting plans at low prices. The company has two data centers that serve over 1 million websites.

iPage is based in Burlington, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ipage-logo-1024x549.png

iPage doesn’t come standard with cPanel Control Panel; rather the company builds a custom control panel for its customers.

The base product is the vDeck control panel, but it has been modified by iPage so that the final product is easier for customers to use.

iPage customers may opt to use the cPanel only if they purchase a VPS hosting plan or a dedicated server. iPage seeks to bring a little bit of everything to the hosting experience while keeping prices not only competitive but extremely affordable at the introductory levels.

Does iPage Worth To Buy?

Conclusion: iPage Pricing Plans

iPage offers some full-featured packages at budget-friendly prices. One of the trade-offs is that it doesn’t come with cPanel or well-known one-click installers like Softaculous or Fantastico.

In seeking to create an attractive collage of hosting services at affordable prices, iPage is forced to leave out a few you might expect to find as standard components of your plan, particularly at the shared hosting level.

For those who are getting started or are seeking web hosting for a smaller website or blog, iPage’s shared hosting plan should be sufficient.

iPage offers you the unlimited package: unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains etc. Beware though that unlimited does not always mean unlimited.

If pricing for the first three years is what matters to you, then iPage is an excellent choice. There’s simply no comparison to that $2 per month price point from the web hosts we’ve seen.

After that initial offering, the prices are more typical and can actually be higher if you go with a shorter first-time commitment.

Get More Idea About iPage.

FAQs- iPage Pricing Plans

What is Starting Pricing of iPage?

There’s only one option available to you in web hosting and its starts at only $1.99 per month with the introductory price ($7.99 on renewal).

How much Does iPage Cost?

iPage has a single, Linux-based, shared hosting plan beginning at $2.99 per month for the one-year option. The price drops to $1.99 per month if you choose the three-year plan. That's a great price, and the single plan's simplicity means you don't need to do much research before getting started.

Which iPage Plan is Best for Beginners?

The web Hosting Plan is easy for beginners and its starts at only $1.99 per month with the introductory price ($7.99 on renewal).

What are iPage Pricing Plans?

The WordPress hosting packages have two levels. The first is $3.75 per month for the introductory period with a regular price of $7.50 after that. The higher tier WP Essential plan is $7 per month for the initial period with a regular price of $10.50.

Does iPage provide any Money-Back Guarantee?

If you're not satisfied with iPage, we'll give you your money backNo questions asked. During the first 30 days, we'll refund your hosting fees in full.

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