Debutify Pricing Plans 2024: Choose The Best Plan For You

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Debutify Pricing Plans 2024: Choose The Best Plan For You
Debutify Pricing Plans 2024: Choose The Best Plan For You

Get to know more about Debutify pricing and plan 2024 and choose the right plan for you. compare each plan’s features and price and get the right plan for any stage of your business.

If you looking for a Debutify plan then this article helps you to choose a better plan that fulfills all your requirements.

Debutify is the smartest Shopify theme with which you can build and extend your stores and brands. Its Thousand functions and 50+ Add-ons help to grab new customers that increase conversion rate and revenue.

In the Debutify theme pricing article, we have mentioned every single detail that you need to know about the Debutify theme.

and we explain all Debutify pricing plans with features that make it easy for you to choose the right one.

Debutify Themes Pricing Summary:

Debutify Starting Price$29/month
No. of Debutify theme Plans4 Plans
Debutify Theme Free PlanAvailable
Money-back guarantee30 days
Debutify Theme Subscription DurationMonthly, quarterly, and Annually
Payment OptionPaypal or Credit Card

Let’s Start-

How Much Does Debutify Cost?

A quick review of the Debutify theme pricing plan.


Debutify offers 4 different plans are Free plan, a Starter plan of $21.75/month, a pro plan of $59.25/mo, and an enterprise plan of $111.75/mo.

  • Free Plan: Basic support, 1 store license. $0/month
  • Starter Plan: Advanced support, Access to up to 5 Add-ons, and one-click integration. #21.75/month
  • Pro Plan: Everything in Starter Plus and access up to 30 Add-ONs. $59.25/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Everything in Pro Plus. $111.75/month

Debutify also offers quarterly and yearly subscriptions with different costs. All 4 plan has monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. you can choose any of them.

Choose The Best Plan For You-

Debutify Theme Pricing Plans – Explained

Debutify offers four different pricing plans under different subscriptions to their customers which start from $21.75/month and go up to $111.75.

It is an awesome Shopify theme for those who can create and extend their online stores and brands. it is an all-in-one solution for savvy brand owners.

The main difference in the Debutify pricing plan is ADD-ON options. such as in its free plan does not include any add-ons but in its plus plan, you get the no. of Add-ons and in its plan, you enjoy access to all add-ons options.


Debutify Free Plan

Forever Free Plan.

Debutify is also a freemium theme of Shopify. which you can use for free they do not charge anything for it.

But, Under the free plan, you do not get any add-on options for your online stores. only you basics support and one store license.

This plan is best for beginners.

Free Plan Features

  • 1 store license
  • Basic support


Debutify Starter Plan

For Small Businesses.

The second plan is offered by Debutify for $29.00/month. this plan is best for small business owners looking to grow their stores.

This plan includes all features of the free plan and 5 Add-ons options you can any best 5 Add-ons from 55 options that can significantly increase your conversion rates and set your sales dashboard on fire.

You have full control over your store’s looks and design because of its customization options you are free to design and create your online store according to you.

Debutify Starter Plan Features

  • 1 store license
  • Advanced support
  • Access up to 5 add-ons
  • 1 click integrations

Debutify Starter Plan Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription: $29/month
  • Yearly Subscription: 21.75/year – With this subscription, you save 25% money.


Debutify Pro Plan

For Scaling and Fast-Moving Businesses

Pro Plus is the third-highest plan offered by the Debutify theme for $79/month. this plan is best for small business owners as well as brand owners who want to increase conversion rates.

In this plan, you get access to many features but the pro plan also does not activate all Add-on options you just get access to 30 add-ons. you can any 30 add-ons out of 55.

By purchasing the Debutify pro plan you can increase the conversion rate by using its Add-Ons options and features. like niche templates, customization, page speed boosters, and more.

Debutify Pro Plan Features

  • Everything in the starter plus
  • one click integrations
  • Access up to 30 ADD-ONs
  • Advanced support
  • One store license

Debutify Pro Plan Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription: $79/month
  • Yearly Subscription: $59.25/year – on purchasing a yearly subscription, you save 25%.


Debutify Enterprise Plan

Agency and Store Solution.

The last plan of the Debutify theme starts at $149/month. this plan is good for the brand owners as well as serious brand owners who want to maximize conversions and scale faster.

In this plan, you get access to all awesome features and 55 Add-on options. you can attract more customers by using its Add-ONs and build a brand without the need for an expert.

By using enterprise plan features you can increase your revenue, sale, and conversion rate and extend your small business into the brand.

Debutify Enterprise plan features

  • Everything in Pro plus
  • 3 store license
  • Access to all ADD-ONs
  • VIP Support
  • One-click integrations

Debutify Enterprise plan pricing

  • Monthly Subscription: $149/month
  • Yearly Subscription: $$111.75/year – Under a yearly subscription you can save 25%

Debutify Theme Plans Comparison

Debutify offers four different plans for businesses of varying sizes and needs. The free plan is a good starting point for small businesses with limited budgets, but it has limited customization options and features.


The Starter, Hustler, and Master plans offer more advanced features and integrations with third-party apps, as well as more themes and support options. Businesses looking for more customization and advanced features may want to consider higher-tier plans.

FeaturesFree PlanStarter PlanPro PlanEnterprise Plan
Store License1113
No. of Add-OnsAccess up to 5Access up to 30Access All
Monthly Subscription$29/month$79/month$149/month
Yearly Subscription$21.75/year$59.25/year$111.75/

Choose The Best Review Plan For You-

Debutify Reviews Add-On Plans

Debutify adds a new product on the theme Debutify Review plans. the review plan is added to three pricing plans that are free plan, the starter plan, and the pro plan.

Debutify Reviews Plans

Debutify Free Plan

You also get the Debutify Review Plan for free $0/month. the review plan is for those who want to create the best customer experience.

The Debutify review plan is best for entrepreneurs who want to gain traction for their startup businesses.

Free plan features

  • Review management dashboard
  • Collect text reviews
  • Product reviews widget
  • Reviews sorting and filtering
  • Customize the look and feel of the review widgets
  • Effortless review importing
  • Chatbot and email support


Debutify Starter Plan

With Debutify theme pricing, it also offers the Debutify review pricing plan which starts from $29/month who want to gain tracking and review collection capability to extend their business.

The Debutify review is best for For small business owners who want to boost their review collection capabilities.

Starter plan features

  • All features included in the Free
  • Up to 300 email review requests
  • Collect photo reviews
  • All product and reviews widget
  • Personalized email templates
  • Email template builder
  • Customize sending time of review requests
  • Send automated review
  • Incentivize customers
  • Live support 

Review starter plan pricing

Monthly Subscription: $19/month
Yearly subscription: $15.20/year


Debutify Pro plan

Shopify theme also provides the Debutify review pro plan which starts from $79 per month.

This plan is best for mid-sized business owners who want to create the best customer experience and scale their businesses.

Pro Plan Features

  • All features included in Starter
  • Up to 750 email review requests 
  • Collect photo and video reviews
  • Profanity filter
  • Spam filter
  • Verified purchase badge
  • Most helpful reviews
  • Share reviews on social media
  • Review rich snippets
  • 24-hour live support

Review Pro plan pricing

Monthly subscription: $39/month
Yearly Subscription: $29.25/yearly

Debutify Theme Total Cost

The Shopify theme offered four different Pricing plans each plan has three subscriptions with different pricing for monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Now we have to discuss the Debutify pricing plans‘ total cost.

Total PricingStater PlanPro PlanEnterprise Plan
Monthly Subscription$29/mo$79/mo$149/mo
Yearly Subscription$21.75/mo$59.25/mo$111.75/mo

Quick Overview-

About Debutify Theme

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos


Debutify Theme is an e-commerce theme for Shopify Stores launched by dropshipping Based YouTuber, Ricky Hayes from Europe and Trusted By Leading …

Shopify Theme

Starting Price

$29/month (Monthly Subscription)

Key Features

For Multiple Stores and 50+ Add-Ons


Amazing Theme to Boost the Shopify Store.

The Debutify Shopify theme is a genius way to launch your online store and grab more users on your desired landing page. This single platform will give you all the flexibility, customization options, and 55 Add-Ons to start, grow, and scale your business.

Thousand of successful dropshipping, eCommerce brands, and retail brands all over the world are using the Debutify theme to get the highest conversion rates. with Debutify marketing strategies get more traffic, more sales, and more freedom.


Under the Debutify theme, you get more features like niches templates, and customization options so you can control your store look and design according to your needs and faster page load speed, and site tracking one app to rule them all.

The Debutify team provides 24/7 hours of support to its customers or multi-channel support. If of its any customers have any queries related to the theme they are free to ask.

Know It Features-

Debutify Theme Features

1. Templates – Debutify provides ready-to-use templates chosen according to your niche and designed according to your brand.

2. Customization – This is one of the key features of every theme. Debutify has this awesome feature that helps to customize your store look as you want.

3. Support– Debutify provides 24/7 hours of support to their customers and their support team gives you Instant Feedback and Conversational Support.

4. Seamless Integrations – They provide a stable eCommerce solution ecosystem to make sure everything works seamlessly together and you can build your Add-Ons and apps using their primary parlance protocol.

5. Faster Page load speed – Success loves speed they say. Well, so do conversions. that’s why Debutify is always on top of this one.

6. Site Tracking – This feature See what actual visitors do when they visit your site. you can also find out which sections attract their attention the most so you can place your high-margin, best-selling offers right in front of their eyes.

7. Add-Ons: Debutify includes 55 add-on options on the theme.

8. Cart Maximizers – In this option includes different 8-cart optimizers like Add-to-cart animation. Age check, cart discount, cart reminder, and many more.

9. Conversion Triggers – Under this, you see the 9 conversion triggers such as customizable products, discounts saved, social discounts, sticky add-to carts, and more.

10. Loyalty Builder – This Add-ons option has the 3 different options newsletter pop-up, user feedback, and wish list.

11. Shopping Enhancer – Shopping Enhancer has 31 add-on options like cart favicon, collection filters, customs currencies, Facebook messenger, infinite scroll, and many more.

12. Shop Protectors – Under shop protectors include 4 different options Shop protect, cockies box, agree to the term, and more.

Our Opinion-

Conclusion – Debutify Theme Pricing Plans 2024

Overall, we discuss all the Debutify pricing plans with features and costs. we have also discussed the Debutify theme with its features.

Debutify itself is an all-in-one platform for all the e-commerce brands, retail brands, and drop shippers with whom they successfully build their brands. we already know that the Debutify theme also provides demo stores to its customers.

After purchasing its pro plans you have to activate its all advanced features like all customization options, use all Niches templates, page speed booster, and access to all 55 Add-Ons.

We already see that Debutify offers 4 pricing plans that is a free plan, a starter plan for $29/month, a Pro plan for $79/month, and an enterprise plan for $149/month.

We highly recommend you buy the Debutify plus plan because it plus plan gives you access to the add-on option that helps you to extend your brand, increase your conversion rate, and increase your revenue.

FAQs –

Queries Related To Debutify Plans

1. What is Debutify’s Starting Price?

Debutify theme starting starts from $29/month. this is the cheapest plan offered by Debutify.

2. Does Debutify offer a free plan?

Yes, Debutify also has a free plan with $o cost, you are free to choose Debutify free plan too.

3. Is Debutify a free Shopify theme

Yes, Debutify is a freemium theme of Shopify. It has a Forever Free Plan and 3 Paid Plans that start from $29/month.

4. Does Debutify have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Debutify theme provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its purchasers if they are not happy after buying.

5. How many plans are offered by Debutify?

Debutify Theme offers four types of pricing plans that are free, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

6. Does Debutify have a Quarterly plan?

Yes, Debutify has a Quarterly plan that starts from $24.65/qty.

7. Does Debutify provide a free trial?

Yes, the Debutify Shopify theme free trial for its visitors, visitors can also use the Debutify theme for free for up to 14 days.

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