ConvertKit Coupon Code and Discount 2024

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Convertkit has a reputation for offering advanced features that can help build an engaging and responsive online presence for businesses. 

Get 2 Months Free on ConverKit when you sign up for the yearly subscription.

On this web page, we have shared the Latest and most Active ConvertKit Deals and Offers for 2024.

So if you want to buy an amazing email marketing tool for your business, so we can say this Coupon deal is made for you!!

In This Post…

We have shared the Latest ConvertKit discount deals with their plans, features, and steps to avail of this discount.

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No. Of Coupons3 Offer
Maximum Discounts2 Months Free
Total SavingUp to $100
Free PlansYes Available

Latest and Working Deals.

ConvertKit Discount Coupons 2024

ConvertKit Free Plan

Sign up for a Free Plan and create unlimited pages and forms.
Maximum Subscriber – 1,000
For new creators building their list.

ConvertKit Creator Plan Coupon

Get 2 Months Free on Creator Plan, when you select a yearly subscription over a monthly subscription.
For growing creators automating their work.

ConvertKit Creator PRO Plan Coupon

Get 2 Months Free on Creator PRO Plan, when you select a yearly subscription over a monthly subscription.
For established creators scaling their businesses.

Get the Right Plan.

ConvertKit Pricing Plans

If you’re just starting out then one of the things that are likely making you question whether ConvertKit is the right decision is price. Well, I’m here to put your mind at ease. Sure, there’s no hiding the fact that they are more expensive than other options but you are paying for a premium.

ConvertKit Pricing Plans Monthly
ConvertKit Pricing Monthly 300 Subscribers

ConvertKit has a price range according to the number of subscribers, You’ve to pick a plan based on your email list or the potential that how many subscribers will you get.

ConvertKit price starts from $29/mo where you can send unlimited emails to up to 1000 subscribers using all features of ConvertKit.

The best part of all ConvertKit Plans is that all Plans have the same features, unlimited emails, and all landing pages and layouts. A user just needs to select a plan according to their subscriber list.

Here’s a chart that will give you an idea of how the sliding monthly pricing model can quickly get up in price.

No. of SubscribersCreator PlanCreator Pro Plan

Note: If the number of subscribers you have exceeds 5,000, you can calculate how much it’d cost. A great deal from ConvertKit is that when you pay annually, you get 12 months for the price of 10.

Steps to avail the offer.

Steps to Get ConvertKit Coupon Discount

There are very simple steps to get a discount on ConvertKit in this Coupon sale.

  • Step:1 – Visit the ConvertKit Pricing Page
  • Step:2 – Select a ConvertKit Plan
  • Step:3 – Choose your subscription period/member
  • Step:4 – Enter your Personal Details
  • Step:5 – Enter your payment information
  • Step:6 – Proceed with the checkout with an offer price
  • Step:7 – Congratulations! You Availed this Deal

By default, ConvertKit offers 2 Months Free when users subscribe to the Yearly.

Know more about this tool.

About ConvertKit – Email Marketing Tool

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ConvertKit is now the leading and trending tool in email marketing among bloggers, small business owners, and marketing solutions.
Starting Price


Free Trial

Yes, Up to 500 Subscribers

Payment Option

Credit Card


Easy to use

ConvertKit is an incredibly powerful email marketing platform that is particularly useful for companies with complex customer journeys.

It allows you to create forms, capture leads, and funnel those leads into highly customized email nurture sequences that keep your audience engaged and coming back for more!

ConvertKit is now a leading and trending tool in email marketing among bloggers, small business owners, and marketing solutions.

It has all features to drive more leads, and engagement and make subscribers into loyal customers with automation and app integration.

ConvertKit Email Marketing Home

ConvertKit has an excellent set of features. Its autoresponder, subscriber management, and form-building capabilities are superb. One area that is lacking is its email edit.

ConvertKit Review – Pros & Cons

Quick review of ConvertKit marketing tool.

It also helps users build landing pages and sell products and services over email. Think of it as a cross between Infusionsoft and MailChimp–except more affordable and easier to use.

This Email Marketing tool has a good creative team, all kings of email marketing solutions, and is easy to use for beginners.

With its advanced features and reporting tools, you can easily categorize subscribers, create impactful landing pages, use sign-up forms and automation to make each subscriber into a customer, and get a live report.

ConvertKit also offers a Free Trial period to new users and its price starts from $25/mo where we can send unlimited emails using all features of ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Main Features

ConvertKit Features

ConvertKit Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop: The drag-and-drop sequence builder makes it easy to create personalized automated emails to get more subscribers while scaling my business.
  • Broadcasts: Instead of using lists to manage subscribers (the term ConvertKit uses for contacts), ConvertKit uses email tags. You can specify what the tags are (for example, subscribers imported on November 1st), and add as many tags as you like to a subscriber.
  • Built-in Email Courses and Sequences: It is also easy to create email sequences. You can remove people who have bought your course from a sequence or send more messages to people who got to your sales page but failed to buy.
  • Email Autoresponders: Most professional bloggers and content creators have an autoresponder series. It’s a series of emails automatically sent to new email subscribers.
  • Custom Responsive Landing Pages: Use the included tool to quickly create a landing page to collect email addresses. ConvertKit automatically formats your landing pages for various devices, such as desktop computers and mobile phones.
  • Embeddable Forms: Collect email subscribers anywhere on your website by dropping in a Javascript or HTML form, or by using the WordPress plugin.
  • Sell Products: Set up a landing page and collect payment for one-time or subscription products right inside ConvertKit
  • Visual Automation: ConvertKit allows you to create rule-based paths using if-then logic so that when a subscriber takes a particular action, you can send them pre-defined emails or add them to a segment.

Make your selection easy.

Reason to Avail ConvertKit Promo Code 2024

1. Simplifying Campaigns

The process of creating these campaigns in other email marketing systems can be tedious and downright difficult. However, ConvertKit simplifies everything.

For instance, you can create a series of emails to be sent over one month after new subscribers join your list.

2. Using Automation Templates

Convertkit automation templates

One of the great features of the ConvertKit automation builder is the ability to share and import automation.

So, if you find yourself thinking – “What sort of automation can I create?” No problem! ConvertKit has automation that can be imported directly into your account. In this Promo Code sale, you can get this amazing tool at a very low price.

3. Email Broadcasts

Automation is perfectly ideal for handling your audience in numbers. But that’s only a part of the whole email marketing ecosystem. The other part is made up of those one-off emails you might need to send to individuals.

And ConvertKit makes that simple.

Instead of creating complex sets of broadcast rules, users can capitalize on the filtering tool to pick out specific parties to whom they’d like to send emails.

4. Implementation/Integration

ConvertKit integrates with more than 70 marketing automation tools, including leading apps for e-commerce and customer payment, lead capture, membership and courses sites, survey and quiz development, website platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and list tracking.

Its Zapier integration gives users access to hundreds more marketing automation tools. It also accommodates Slack.

5. Unlimited Traffic

They give you unrestricted traffic is the individual that goes through the landing pages and the sales funnel.

This software enables you to send endless emails you wish to send as they want you to convert these individuals and your mail subscribers.

With your understanding of this it refers to both warm and cold traffic, and who are not your subscribers. But once they turn out to be your subscribers, they are your 1 out of 1000 you gain for the range of $29.

6. Selling Products and Services

ConvertKit’s automation builder and sequencing are the perfect tools for creating campaigns to promote products and services.

Market and sell items like eBooks, coaching sessions, or exclusive newsletters directly to your subscribers or website visitors.

With ConvertKit commerce, creating digital product listings and customized product pages is a total breeze.

7. Lead Magnet Double Option

lead magnet convertkit

The lead magnet double option feature allows you to gather more leads. Since ConvertKit has a double option, it is easier for subscribers to double-opt.

Instead of your visitors seeing the regular double-option email, they will see a unique double-opt email when they subscribe.

ConvertKit spontaneously confirms subscribers’ requests when they click the download button to get their lead magnet. This results in a better opt-in rate for email marketing.

8. ConvertKit Support

For Priority Support, you need to log into your account to get access to the ConvertKit team of Product Specialists who live around the globe to make sure you receive support right when you need it.

Their getting-started guides and tutorials help you get the most out of ConvertKit, right out of the gates. ConvertKit also hosts weekly video workshops, typically less than an hour long, on a variety of topics.

Should You Avail of This Deal?

Conclusion: ConvertKit Coupon and Discount 2024

So We have shared all the major details about the ConvertKit Promo Code and Discount, which will help you to save your maximum money and time and get the right deal.

ConverKit tool is designed to make everything easy, the way it should be – especially for people who don’t want to waste their time with the technical things and want to focus on more important things like actually producing content or, perhaps running their business.

‘Now Email Marketing has become an essential part of online marketing of any business, blog, shop, and service.

To sell a product or promote something to new users we need emails to contact our audience. To make visitors return back on our site we need something where we can contact them and here email marketing plays an important role.

ConvertKit is best easy-to-use the email marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses. Using ConvertKit Coupons you can avail of a discount on this tool to make more engagement.

When a visitor visits our site using some offers like Free Downloads, Exclusive content, Ebooks, and blueprints we can capture a user’s email address and save it for later contact.

That’s a simple email marketing solution. Later we can send them our latest posts/products, new updates, and any new services.’

Well, there are lots of ConvertKit alternatives, But ConvertKit is a popular and useful email marketing tool among new bloggers.

Now we have shared all Plans, discounts, and details, it’s your turn to choose CovertKit as your Email Marketing Tool.

Coupon deals are the best time to save money on web marketing tools and get maximum discounts on any tool or service.

At the end of the post, we hope that this article was truly helpful to you, Our goal was to provide legit information about ConvertKit Promo Code Deals.

Some Queries Related To This Post-

FAQs – ConvertKit Discount and Coupon

Here we have mentioned all the common queries related to ConvertKit Promo Code.

  1. What is the ConvertKit Coupon Deal?

    During a particular event, ConvertKit provides discounts on its all plans. during the time of the Coupon and Promo Code.

  2. Is ConvertKit Worth a Coupon?

    ConvertKit is a great service provider for content creators. It offers lots of advanced features that will help build an online business. It’s easy to use and the support is great too.

  3. When do These Discount Coupons expire?

    All the coupons that we are sharing in this post are very limited time, after that time, there is no use for these coupons, and most of the coupons expire in 7 days.

Details about this Marketing Tool.

More – ConvertKit Related Info

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ConvertKit is now the leading and trending tool in email marketing among bloggers, small business owners, and marketing solutions.
Starting Price


Free Trial

Yes, Up to 500 Subscribers

Payment Option

Credit Card


Easy to use

ConvertKit Coupon Code and Discount 2024

In this ConvertKit Promo Code 2024, Get up to a 50% Discount + Save up to $1200 on your Favourite Email Marketing …
Get up to 45% Discount on ConvertKit Plans.

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ConvertKit Coupon Code and Discount 2024
ConvertKit Coupon Code and Discount 2024
$9/month $15/mo
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