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On this page, we will share the latest and most active Deals and offers in 2024.

So, If you want to start your email marketing journey then buy this amazing email marketing tool to grow your business. we think this is the right time to apply for the Discount coupon and get this offer.

In this post, we have shared the latest 2024 Constant Contact Discount deals with their Plans, features, and steps to avail of the Discount.

Constant Contact Coupons Summary:

No. of Coupons2 Offers
Maximum Discounts1 Month Free
Total SavingsUp to $320
Free PlansNo
Free Trial60 Days

Latest And Active deals

Constant Contact Coupon Codes 2024

Get 10% OFF for 12 Months

Special Offer for Visitors.
Get an Additional 10% Discount on Contact Contact Plans for the next 12 Months. Choose this option if you are selecting Monthly Subscription.

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Constant Contact Lite Plan Coupon

Get started with Core Plan that has all essential marketing features and a good price point.
$12/mo get offer
Get started with a simple suite of email and marketing tools.

Constant Contact Standard Plan Coupon

Dynamic content personalization, Automation, In-depth reporting, and other advanced features.
$35/mo get offer
Deliver the perfect message with segmentation tools, automation, and AI.

Constant Contact Premium Plan Coupon

Dynamic content personalization, Automation, In-depth reporting, and other advanced features.
$80/mo get offer
Fuel your growth with ads, SEO, and advanced segmentation.

Constant Contact Nonprofit 30% Discount

Avail 30% OFF on Contact Contact plans when you subscribe for the annual subscription as a Nonprofit organization.
Offer is applicable only for Non-Profit Organizations.

15% OFF – Constant Contact Offer

Avail 15% OFF on Contact Contact plans when you subscribe for the annual subscription.
When users prepay for 12 months.

10% OFF – Constant Contact Offer

Avail 10% OFF on Contact Contact plans when you subscribe for the half-yearly subscription.
When users prepay for 6 months.

Easy Steps To Avail Coupons

Steps to Get a Discount on Constant Contact

Apply for a Constant Contact Coupon to claim the best exclusive deal easily. Follow these simple steps in detail to get started.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Constant Contact website to access the platform, and enter the sign-up page with the promotion offer.

Visit – Constant Contact Offer

Constant Contact Discount Landing Page

Step 2 – Once you are on the sign-up page, click on the promotion link “Buy now 20% OFF 3 months” just below the sign-up button.

Step 3 – It will show you the interface, to create an account on this page using your desired email address and password.

Constant Contact Sign Up Page

Step 4 – You will able to choose a plan on this page, The starting plan core is selected with the monthly payment option but you can choose the setting as per your requirement on this page.

You can see the Discount information highlighted at the top of this page “Save up to 20% oFF for 3 months discount applied for checkout.

Checkout page with discount codes

Step 5 – To the next step, on this check page, you can see that the coupon code shows the discount applied to your selected plan.

See the discount 20% OFF is applying following the constant contact coupon code.

Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)
Source –

Step 6 – In this last step, complete your order by entering your payment method (Credit Card or PayPal Details) and click on the Pay button to finish the discount process.

That’s all, you have now claimed the best Constant Contact for the next 3 months.

Get The Right Plan

Constant Contact Pricing Plans

It only offers Paid Plans. Constant contact Prices start from $9.99 – $300/mo But the pricing of its plan completely depends on the number of contacts. Constant Contact also has one more plan, Core Plus which will cost you $45 – $410/mo.

Constant Contact Pricing Plans

Constant Contact doesn’t have any Free Plan but it offers a completely free because of 30-day money-back guarantee and you will be refunded within 30 days. You can easily get it without paying a single penny.


Constant Contact Lite Plan

Its Lite plan of constant contact costs $12 – $430/mo with some good features but its actual price depends on the number of contacts/subscribers.

Here you can see 100 Email templates and some cool features like Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and List building tools.

This plan is right for new Bloggers and Small business owners who have less contact and need a few emails/per week.

  • Price – $12- $430/month
  • Contacts – 500 – 50,000

Lite Plan Features:

  • Basic email marketing with easy-to-use templates
  • Automated welcome email for new contacts
  • Social marketing
  • Event management
  • AI content recommendations
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Marketing Calendar
  • List building Tools
  • Email Scheduling
  • Landing Pages
  • Addons & API Integration
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Live Support


Constant Contact Standard Plan

It has some advanced features like Dynamic contact where you can attach users’ info. To understand the behaviour of your audience create surveys and polls on ready-to-use templates.

This plan has a higher price and advanced features but as compared to other email marketing solutions it is expensive.

  • Price:- $35- $460/mo
  • Contacts :– 500 – 50,000+

Standard Plan Features:

  • Email marketing with subject line A/B testing and email archive
  • Resend emails to non-openers
  • Pre-built automation templates
  • Contact segmentation
  • Social media ads integration
  • ALL Email Plan Features+
  • A/B Testing
  • Survey, Polls & Coupons
  • Dynamic main content

Here we shared some of the features and plans with a better visual to compare them and choose the right one according to your requirements:

Total ContactsLite PlanStandard Plan
50000+Upgraded in Core PlusContact Sales

Quick Overview –

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact was founded in 1995, after this in 2016 it was acquired by the multinational solution company Endurance and right now it’s serving 5 million customers worldwide.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Home

It is now also a part of EIG company Endurance who run also has other popular services like Bluehost, Hostgator, Reseller Club, and Mojo Marketplace.

Constant Contact provides a solution for Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, website building, and all basic essential tools to grow an online business.

It also provides a complete website from logo making, drag-and-drop site builder, and domain registration. Using this a beginner can easily create an elegant website free of constant contact.

Constant Contact Features:

  • Automation Email Marketing
  • E-commerce Ready
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Manage Contact Easily
  • Real-time tracking
  • Create Survey and Polls
  • Form Triggers
  • Dynamic sign-up forms

Constant Contact Features in Details

To convert website visitors, subscribers, and leads into customers we need a smart marketing solution and for this constant contact, automation marketing tools are really helpful to create a sale funnel using users’ actions and make them into loyal customers.

Using the above constant contact promo codes you can get 1 month Free Trial, an additional 10% Discount when we pay for 6 months, and 12% Extra Off when we pay annually.

Pick a period that suits your marketing campaigns and try to choose the maximum discount on constant contact.

Some features of Constant Contact, which we will discuss in this article, that why this is different from the other platforms.

1. Marketing Automation

Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)

In this Constant Contact feature, users can set up their autoresponder series, welcome emails, birthday, and anniversary emails automatically be sent to contacts based on certain triggers.

Several times users spend their time customizing emails, but now they don’t have to worry about them again until they are ready to modify their content.

2. Statistical Reporting

Constant Contact offers details reports that show statistics on the number of clicks, forwards, opens, unsubscribes spam reports, and much more.

These kinds of statistics are graphically displayed on users’ accounts. It also allows users to customize their spreadsheet to export whatever they want to see changes in their source data. An activity tab logs exports, removals, updates, and additions.

3. Event Marketing Tools

Constant Contact’s event registration application is a great feature for marketers interested in leveraging email marketing to drive attendance at trade shows and conferences.

It provides all the tools to the users to create email invitations and corresponding form home pages. There are also integrations with other event marketing like Eventbrite.

4. Contact Management

Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)

The solution’s contact management dashboard provides all the tools users need to organize the subscribers into a single contact list.

Marketers can also upload a text file or spreadsheet for automatic processing or can import contacts directly through Outlook or Gmail.

5. Customizable Landing Pages

Constant Contact comes with a new custom landing page feature. This useful feature allows users to create a landing page that fits their particular needs, Including new design templates for portfolios, Events, or blank slate.

With these features, users can turn leads into customers and increase sales faster than they have ever done before.

6. Mobile App

This user’s friendly app allows you to promote emails including other alerts to watch inside the mobile app to your friends and fans on Facebook and Instagram, able to work insights to check your impressions, reach, and engagement on a mobile app.

7. Website Builder

Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)

Constant Contact has recently updated its website builder to support three different websites, you can now able to perform multiple works in one account.

They also added a new tool on your websites such as a fundraiser section, a Podcast section, and even one for artists who want to share their music with the audience.

  • Great for hosting events
  • Dozens of Templates
  • Image Editing Tools
  • User Friendly

Which Deal Is Best For Me

Wrap up – Constant Contact Discount and Deals 2024

On this page, we have shared Constant Contact Discount offers and deals, which will help users buy the plan at a low cost.

Constant Contact is an amazing email marketing tool, that is very easy to use and well-optimized for better email services and its plan is also affordable. It allows you to send huge numbers of emails to their subscribers.

It also provides custom dashboards, with a unique workflow This will provide the tools that help to make your marketing go much smoother.

Which means you can relax just a little bit more. Even If you run into trouble, Constant Contact support staff is on hand to help.

At the end of this post, we just want to say that we have mentioned every detail that you need to know about Constant Contact Discounts and Coupons, So now that’s the perfect time to choose the best deals for your email marketing business.

Some Queries Related to this post

Common Questions – Constant Contact Coupon

Here we have added some frequently asked questions related to Constant Contact:

1. Do you offer any Discounts for nonprofits?

Yes, CC provides a 30% discount for nonprofits when they prepay for an annual subscription.

3. Do I have to provide my Credit Card to start the free trial?

No, your 60-day trial is free with no commitment, and no Credit Card is required for a free trial.

4. How much can I save with Constant Contact with a Discount Coupon?

It regularly changes its offers, and right now It is offering 10% OFF for the next 12 Months.

5. Does Constant Contact offer any money-back guarantees?

Yes, Constant Contact offers 30 Days money back guarantee on all of its plans. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel within the first 30 days and get a full refund.

6. How do I claim a Constant Contact Coupon Code?

To claim your Constant Contact Coupon Code, simply sign up to the plan page that activates the offer. You can see the coupon applied automatically on the checkout page.

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Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)

New and Verified Constant Contact Coupon Codes to get an additional 10% OFF for the next 12 Months. Also, avail 10% …
Avail Maximum Discount on Constant Contact and Save up to $320.

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Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)
Constant Contact Promo Codes (Upto 30% OFF & Save $250)
$31.5/month $35
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