BlueHost Renewal Discount 2020 – Price & Similar Soln?

Bluehost Renewal Discount & Promo code to save money on Bluehost Renewals and avoid high charges. Check Total Bluehost Renewal Cost + 3 Bluehost Similar Hosting service.

Do you find the Bluehost renewal price expensive?

Are you looking for a Bluehost renewal discount?

Then let me tell you that like every hosting company, Bluehost also offers the maximum discount at the time of buying the first plan only. So, if you’re concerned about the high charges of the hosting plans check out how to save money on Bluehost hosting renewal price.


Bluehost Renewal Discount

Well, as I am sharing about Bluehost renewal price that means I am talking about both types of customers

People who are buying Bluehost for the first time

People who already bought Bluehost and want to renew their hosting plan

From the title, it is easy to understand the 2nd type of people will simply look for a Bluehost renewal coupon to save more on their renewal expenses. But how the people who are buying Bluehost for the first time can save on Bluehost renewals?

Let me explain both the cases and find out how much Bluehost renewal discount you can get.

Confused between Bluehost Basic vs Plus vs Choice Plus (earlier Prime)? Then find out which Bluehost plan is best for you.


First Time Buyer? Save 58% on Bluehost Renewal Price!

Bluehost PLUS plan @ $4.65/mo for 12 month = $55.8

For 36 months = $178.20

But this year I have to pay a Bluehost renewal price of $154. That means 1st year I have paid $55.8, 2nd year $183.94 and 3rd year $183.94. Total = $423.68

I have to pay an extra $245.48. Can you imagine the mistake I did? If you go for 60 months, then you will be saving even more.


Existing User? Check Out Bluehost Renewal Discount!

So, you are an existing Bluehost user and want to renew your Bluehost plan? Let me tell you that you can also save some big money with this Bluehost renewal discount. Here is the screenshot I took from my Bluehost cPanel.

Here you can see that the unit price is applying for renewal is $12.99. But if you opt for a higher duration of 36 months then it will be changed at just $10.99.

So, if you renew Bluehost plan every year you have to pay $184 X 3 for 36 months = $552.

But in the case of 36-month plan renewal, you have to pay only $466.86. That means, you can save $85 or around 20% and you don’t need any Bluehost renewal promo code for that. This is a big amount and with that amount, you can easily buy a quality WordPress theme like Genesis or Generate Press to give your site a professional look.


Pros of Renew Bluehost Hosting

1. Bluehost Is Surprisingly Easy To Use

If you’ve ever built a website before and used a web hosting service provider with a crappy interface, you’ll understand the pain of logging into the dashboard and… not knowing what to do.


2. They’re Surprisingly Fast Around The World!

According to thinkwithgoogle, fast site load speeds are important for online businesses to be successful, and server response time plays a HUGE role in getting websites to load up fast.


Cons of Renew Bluehost Hosting

1. Bluehost Only Has 1 Datacenter

We mentioned previously that we were quite impressed by how fast Bluehost’s 1 datacenter performed, and we still are.

2. No Uptime Guarantee

After ranting about it in the earlier point, I can’t really not talk about the lack of uptime guarantee here.


Bluehost Renewal Total Cost

Don’t create here multiple tables.

[Just give a simple idea about Bluehost or Other Hosting Most Popular plan start at $2.95/mo.]


Tricks to Save Money on Bluehost Renewals

Here I’m sharing 2 tricks to save money on Bluehost higher renewal prices.

Bluehost renewal promo code and coupon are available on our website at free of cost only for you. By using coupons you will get upto 50% discount on bluehost. You just have to follow this step, scroll down your web page to the bottom.

Then a green color rectangular button named as GET CODE is in front of you click on this button. By clicking on it your deal is activated. And you can avail Bluehost renewal discount and renew your hosting and domain at a cheap price.


Blue host regular pricing for renewal is quite reasonable and if you buy a renewal plan for 36 months then you will save some extra bucks. We have shared some most demandable plans.

Shared web hosting Basic plan renewal

12 months – 8$ to 9$

24 months – 8$ to 8.6$

36 months – 7$ to 8$

Shared web hosting Pro plan renewal

12 months – 25$ to 26$

24 months – 24$ to 25$

36 months – 23$ to 24$

All of this pricing is without coupon code. If you use Bluehost renewal coupon code 2020 then you can save a huge amount of web hosting and domain renewal.

Top 3 Alternatives

Bluehost HostGator` Hostinger SiteGround
Starting Price
Renewal Price
Free Domain & SSL Yes
SSD Storage
HighLight Feature
Free Expert Migration
Buy Now


Bluehost Renewal Coupon

As we discussed earlier Bluehost is a premium hosting provider and it’s a top-notch company you never feels any flaw in its services that’s why it’s costing is comparatively immense. That’s why they are providing lots of discount coupons and promo codes. By using our Bluehost 90 off discount coupon you will get your renewal in a cheap price.


Conclusion | Bluehost Renewal

Bluehost Renewal Discount Coupon

You’ve probably noticed already that Bluehost is not my favorite provider. However, if you want a hosting service with unmetered storage and unlimited bandwidth, Bluehost could be a suitable option.

As you can see in the above tests, their speed wasn’t the best. However, I was impressed with their uptime scores as they got similar results to top providers like SiteGround and DreamHost.

Their (first-year) pricing is remarkably cheap, but please consider the renewal prices as this sky-rocket.

Finally, I want you to be aware that their support can take too long to answer your questions and may not always resolve your issues.


FAQs on Bluehost Renewal Discount & Coupons

Get More details about Bluehost Renewals.

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  • What are the Cons of Renew Bluehost Hosting?
  • Why is the Renewal Price higher than 1st time Fee?


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