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Guest Posting Sites & Guest post for free is a common practice that is followed to achieve growth via search engines. Free guest posts can take time to get published.

Backlinks aren’t the only reason for guest posting/guest blogging. It’s a chance to reach out to a new audience, expand your online audience, and form relationships with other niche influencers.

The most effective way to improve a company’s online presence is through content marketing. To the end, search engine optimization is a highly effective strategy used all over the world to do this. As an SEO nerd, you’ll still like or wish to get backlinks from high-authority websites.

In this article we are sharing some paid and free Guest Posting Sites List, and we also share some useful information related to Guest Posting Sites List.

As a digital media agency, we understand the significance of Guest Posting Sites. Guest publishing, also known as guest blogging, provides access to potential users, high-quality website visitors, and improved search engine rankings.

A digital marketer is still on the lookout for high-quality connections from a range of referencing domains, but we all struggle with guest blogging. As a community service, we’ve compiled a list of guest hosting sites where you can post as a contributing blogger.

Free Guest Posting Sites List

What are Guest Posting Sites?

Guest blogging Guest Posting Sites — also known as guest posting — is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

The idea is simple: you write a blog post that meets the needs of a specific blogger in exchange for a backlink, which is normally placed in the Author Box at the bottom of the article.

Bloggers choose to post high-quality content on their websites that they can use to both attract new followers and communicate with their existing ones. As a result, guest blogging is a win-win situation for both website owners (who need connections to rank higher in search engines) and bloggers (who want to draw more followers to their blog).

Is Guest Blogging Good for SEO & Bloggers?

Regardless of this declaration, guest blogging is still an effective web marketing strategy. Guest blogging is potentially one of the easiest ways to create powerful links in 2021.

Guest blogging can be a perfect source of useful material for a blogger’s readers if the blogger is selective and eager to spend time sorting — and editing — posts from outside outlets.

Reviewing links within the content is an important aspect of editing every outside contribution. A connect can only be used if it is editorially appropriate.

To stay on the safe side, scrutinize guest posts for quality and make sure you link to only quality websites that add value to the web.

How Guest Posting Benefits to you?

Here are 7 main benefits of Guest Posting Sites & Guest Blogging for other websites:

  1. Generate quality referral traffic

 Quality posts that get seen and read by 1000s of people are likely to generate a ton of quality, targeted referral traffic. You know where this can lead to. Yes, more exposure and more sales.

2. Reach a wider audience

Contributing to the work on external blogs will increase the number of users who see it. Consider this: if the post is written on Forbes, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people will read it, and if the topic is closely relevant to what you do, people will return for more (often directly to your website).

3. Become an influencer

Being featured in authoritative websites and blogs would make you an influencer in the eyes of your potential audience. People would look up to you as an expert in your niche, and will often cite your words as the words of “The Almighty”.

4. Build long-lasting relationships

If you’re not one of those people who guest post just for links, you are likely to publish multiple articles on a single blog. This, in return, will tighten up the relationship with the owner of the blog and may lead to further partnerships.

5. Increase exposure & brand awareness

Similarly to increasing the authority of your website, guest blogging can expose your brand to a much broader audience.

6. Increase the authority of your website

People are more likely to support and purchase from a company with a strong online presence. Will people be more inclined to purchase your product if it received a positive rating from The Next Web? Sure, go ahead.

7. Inbound links (backlinks)

You can also get a quality, powerful backlink from your profile bio. The vast majority of sites will allow you to add a link or two in your byline, which usually appears at the bottom of every post.

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Other Paid and free Guest Posting Sites

Here we are sharing a list of some Paid and free Guest Posting Sites:

How to be the perfect guest blogger?

Here I have mentioned some of the key points for a guest blogger.

Get to know the blog’s content and audience

Determine which types of content perform well on a given blog and which types of content get the most traction. Observe how other posts are written, how well they are written, and how comprehensive they are.

Read the guidelines

What could the length of the item be? It’s pointless to write a 2,000-word article only to discover that the limit is 1,000 words.

Pitch your post

Before you start writing the actual post, it’s a good idea to pitch an idea to see if it’s something they’d be interested in publishing.

When pitching an article, keep your email short (200 words or less), including several title variants, a brief summary of the article, a fast overview of yourself (what you do, where else have you been released, accomplishments, etc.), and a few links to relevant websites.

Draft an article

Make sure the post is structured according to the blog’s theme, and that any related photos are included (everyone loves images). Typically, blogs will request that you upload your post in HTML or Markdown format, in which case you can host photos on your own server and provide source links.

Craft a perfect byline (bio)

If you want to be good at guest blogging, the way you show yourself may be the deciding factor. Include a link to your website and any related social media accounts to demonstrate your experience and understanding of the issue.


Check the essay twice, if not three times, read it aloud, and send it to a friend or family member to read. Is it logical, does it flow well, and does a layperson grasp what you’re trying to say?


Your contribution is also needed at this stage. You could be asked to make the required changes by an editor.

Benefits of Guest Posting Sites

  • Increase Domain Rating & Authority
  • Get Direct Traffic on Website
  • Improve Organic Search Traffic
  • Improve your Keywords Organic Rank
  • Website Branding & Promotion
  • It Helps in Indexing
  • Get Leads & Subscriptions
  • Diversify your Link Building Profiles
  • Increase the Number of Referring Domains

1. Increase Domain Authority & Rating

Yeah, if you Guest Posting on high DA Do Follow pages, your site will receive some link juice from those sites, which will support your domain authority.

Linking from high authority sites tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. That improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

2. Get Direct Traffic on Website

Guest post enable sites are exchanged within networks, helping more users who may not have reached the blog otherwise to access it.

As these people visit and share the page, they will spread the link further among their own social groups, creating a swiftly-moving viral advertising network of backlinks.

3. Improve Organic Search Traffic

Backlinks from high authority sites by guest posting tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. That improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

Many SEO marketers believe that Guest Posting sites only provide backlinks to such referral traffic may help improve the organic ranking of the website.

4. Improve your Keywords Organic Rank

Once you start publishing quality content, you’ll want to give it a boost. Want to increase website traffic free? Instead of paying for ads, increase your organic website traffic by bookmarking posts and indexing pages yourself.

Using these websites allows you to add keyword tags to content so that others can easily access related articles with a search. This also helps to build better backlinks and climb in search engine ranks.

5. Website Branding & Promotion

In simple words, it is the act of tagging a website and saving it for later use and reference. These tagged websites are saved on the web instead of the your own web browser. It enables users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of the websites. Guest Posting is a powerful tool in promoting a website.

Guest Posting assists in the growth of your brand and credibility. When you get more votes or shares from the audience, you get more targeted traffic, which often leads to a wider subscriber base. People fill out forms with their email addresses so that they can get the most recent posts from your site. These subscribers are a great network for you.

6. It Helps in Indexing

Guest Posting assists in the indexing of the blog entries more easily. When you publish a post on your blog and send the link to a number of Guest Posting sites, users can share it if they like it and find it useful. It will also send signals to Google, which will support your post rating.

When Google updates and stores the data it’s called indexing. Social bookmarks help Google bots find and understand your content. It speeds up the indexing process. The search engine finds and ranks your content faster than if no bookmarks existed.

7. Get Leads & Subscriptions

Guest Posting differs from search engines in that other people are ranking and tagging your content. So you don’t need to be a Google “whiz” with keywords or rely on their bots to drive traffic to your site.

Guest Posting sites also track the links each user accesses. When your content appears on a Guest Posting site it creates a backlink. The link leads back to the original website.

8. Diversify your Link Building Profiles

Link diversity is a strategy of obtaining inbound links from different kinds of pages ( for example directories, articles, news links). Link diversity also means obtaining links from a variety of domains such as . edu, .com, . net and so on.

Link diversity is using a variety of different types of links in order to leave a completely random footprint that the algorithm is not able to track and therefore not able to penalize. Backlink diversity also facilitates the ranking process by preventing any roadblocks.

9. Increase the Number of Referring Domains

Increasing the Number of Referring Domains is another way to use social bookmarking software. When you come across an article on social media marketing as a marketer, you should tag it as “Social Media” so that the social media team can identify it. Furthermore, once anyone on the team has access to the Guest Posting platform, they can check in on a daily basis to find the tools they need.

Popular companies and news sites use Guest Posting to promote their products and news. Guest Posting help them to publicize their content with lots of internet users at the very cheapest rates.

Tips for Effective Guest Posting

In WordPress, there are many Social Bookmarking Plugins which will add a bookmark to your blog posts from where users can quickly share your posts.  Here I’ll give you some tips for effective SGuest Posting.

  1. While Guest Posting, always uses variations in Titles, Descriptions & Anchor Text.
  2. Use Quality Content. Your rankings, Subscription rates & CTR depend on the quality of your content.
  3. Always use interesting & relevant titles. Do not stuff excessive keywords in your titles.
  4. Never use Automatic Tools which will bookmark your links in hundreds of websites.
  5. While doing Guest Posting only select the relevant categories.
  6. Add bookmark icons at the bottom of your blog posts.

Conclusion: Top Guest Posting sites

While guest blogging can be a great way to gain traction, create awareness, confidence, popularity, and connections, it’s critical that you follow best practises and don’t break Google’s rules.

I hope you liked this lengthy article. We’ll keep this list updated as far as possible, and if you find something strange (perhaps a mistake), please let us know.

The best 40 guest posting sites for you with the highest PR

There’s one more thing to remember: based on the amount of traffic, your guest post might rank in quest, giving you or your brand more exposure and maybe even clicks.

We hope that this list of guest hosting sites will help you improve your marketing efforts. Please keep in mind that the following list of guest hosting places is based on our own personal experience. These websites’ guest hosting policies will change in the future.

FAQs – Guest Posting Sites

Here are some FAQs related to free and Paid Guest Posting Sites:

What are Guest Posting Sites?

Guest blogging Guest Posting Sites — also known as guest posting — is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

What makes a good Guest Blogging Site?

Online authority and whether the site will appear in a search and give you the exposure you’re looking for.
1.Whether there is a large audience the site will help you to reach.
2.A target audience that contains the demographics you’re aiming to reach.
3.If the site contains topics and content which are related to your industry.
4.If these factors are tended to you will know it is a good guest blogging site.

How do I get a guest blog posted?

There are a number of best practices for getting your guest blog posted:
1.Have a Pitch They Can’t Refuse
2.Become a Subject Matter Expert
3.Get to Know the Editor Quirks
4.Nurture Your Network and Relationships

Why Guest Posting Sites are important?

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the use of white space; this is basically the empty space between the lines, paragraphs, and characters in your guest post. Using adequate white space within your content will help to break it down and make it easier to read

What are some best Guest Posting Sites?

This is the most popular in blogger community having more than 40 million monthly page views.
SoftwareWorld is leading software review and rating platform offers guest posting opportunity where you can write about software How to Guides, opinions, SaaS software and many more topics. Domain Authority: 56 Category: Technology, Software, Reviews, Startups, Small Business.
HubSpot is the leading source to get inbound marketing, sales and service software.

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