15 Best Sprout Social Alternatives 2021 and Competitors

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Looking for Alternatives to Sprout Social or ✅ similar Tools. We've 15 Best Sprout Social Alternatives 🔁 with their Price, Features, and Reason why you should use them over Sprout.

Are you searching 🔎 for Sprout Social Competitors?

Sprout Social is one of the most successful social media tools accessible today. Perhaps Sprout Social is out of some people's budget.

Maybe it doesn’t support the social networks you require.  No problem – there are lots of Sprout Social alternatives available in the Online Market.

In This post of Sprout Social, We are Sharing:

  • List of Top Sprout Social Competitors
  • What are the best Alternatives of Sprout Social
  • Features & pricing of Sprout Social Alternatives
  • Why People Search for Alternatives to Sprout Social

🌟 So, We have shared and compared the best social media marketing tools for You.

We are sharing all the Top Paid & Free Social Sprout Alternatives, you can compare them and choose a better Social Marketing Tool for you.

Sprout Social Alternative Summary:

No. of Sprout Socuial Alternatives15
Best Sprout Social CompetitorsSendible, Agora
Sprout Social Cheap AlternativesCrowdfire, Hootsuite
Competitors Comparison ByReview, Features, Pricing
Alternatives TypePaid & Free
Pricing range Of Alternatives$7.45 – $99/month
15 Best Sprout Social Alternatives 2021 and Competitors

Top Alternatives of Sprout Social.

What are Sprout Social Alternatives?

Sprout Social is one of the world’s most famous social media tools, particularly for business users. The social media control tool has a huge set of various enterprise-focused tools.

In this post we have included:

  • Sprout Social Alternatives
  • Best Sprout Social Alternatives free
  • Sprout Social Competitors

For instance, the app’s quick social inbox delivers it simple to collaborate with different people on your team. There are a ton of awesome Sprout Social alternatives on the store, many of which are significantly below priced and have yet more impressive features.

Why People Search for Sprout Social Competitor?

Sprout Social is one of the most prevalent social media tools and analytics platforms on the media marketing view. Both small and huge companies, including businesses, use Sprout Social, and those who maintain by Sprout Social social media marketing would never assume of switching tools.

Some cons of the Sprout Social are:

  • A limited number of social networks
  • Higher cost
  • The interface is less friendly

In this article, we’ll go beyond what social media software is, provide you a summary of Sprout Social, define the regions where Sprout Social falls short, and then recommend several excellent alternatives to examine.

Top Alternatives To Sprout Social

List of Sprout Social Alternatives with their Price and Key features/specification.

S.noNameStarting PriceSpecifications-1Specifications-2Get Sprout social alternatives
1Sprout Social$99/monthPaid promotion toolsChat-bots with automation tools 
2Sendible$29/month14-day trialCancel anytime 
3Buffer$12/monthCustom Video ThumbnailsSocial Media Support 
4HootSuite₹19/month30-day free trialCompliance integrations 
5Agora pulse$79/monthUnified Calendar24/7 Support 
6Crowdfire$7.48/monthPriority SupportRSS Feed Connect 
7Loomly$25 /monthUnlimited ContentCore Features 
8Hubspot$40/monthLive chatA/B testing 

Compare Social Media Tools with Features, Price & Reason.

Best Sprout Social Alternatives & Competitors

Here are the best alternatives to Sprout Social with their plans, features, and pricing to use over the Sprout Social.



Best Sprout Socual Alternative
Best Sprout Social Alternative Sendible

Sendible is a simple software that gives social media management. More commonly, it serves a business platform committed to monitoring, analytics, and public engagement which can be fairly helpful to short, medium, and huge businesses from all industries.

Sendible Features

It has the following features:

  • 50+ custom reports included
  • Up to 120+ queues available
  • 190+ services included
  • Group training sessions
  • 14-day free trial
  • Cancel anytime
  • Includes White-Label Reporting

Sendible Plans and Pricing

It has four plans with a wide range of features. Let us discuss it below.

Plan-1: Starter plan for $24. You will get the features of Social profile grouping, Priority Inbox (45m sync), and much more.

Plan-2: Traction plan for $84. It includes the features of Custom team workflows, Save to content library, Bit.ly Pro integration, etc.

Plan-3: Growth plan for $169. It has the features of Permission groups, extended data retention, and many more.

Plan-4: Large plan for $254. It includes UTM tracking, Priority Inbox (15m sync), Up to 60 custom reports, etc.

Why use Sendible as Sprout Social Alternative

Sprout Social has many profitable features; nevertheless, the software lingers out of the process and provides a company to involve itself with people and develop relationships efficiently. By using Sprout Social, a company can benefit from clarifications for social media marketing, social customer assistance, and social media analytics.

The tools are given by Sprout Social help companies in handling their social media and social care works effectively and efficiently. Since social media has developed over our individual lives, it has also transformed the conventional way of marketing.

Uncover How Our Features Can Simplify Your Work Day | Sendible

With the advice of Sprout Social, you can quickly grow your business in a bigger way as you can get genuine feedback that can point you towards the improvement of your product. Furthermore, building a lasting relationship with your clients goes beyond just a computer screen.

You can also benefit from the software by recognizing and engaging with consumers who might prove potentially beneficial for your business.



Overview of Buffer

A buffer is an internet-based tool designed for handling social media content. Its main function is for sharing content over today’s well-popular media sites. It gives the ability to publish content via an easy approach. The tool has the facility to connect to all social media accounts while getting it easier to plan and schedule posts.

Buffer Features

It has the following features:

  • 20+ social media accounts included
  • 2k+ scheduled posts per each account
  • 60+ Third-Party Integrations
  • Free trial for 14-days
  • Cancel anytime
  • Retweet Scheduling
  • Custom Link Shortener

Buffer Plans and Pricing

It has three plans with a variety of features:

Plan-1: Pro plan for $15. You will get the features of 8 social accounts, Directly Schedule Posts, and much more.

Plan-2: Premium plan for $65. It includes the features of Scheduled Posts Per Social Account with 2000, Tailored Posts for Each Social Network, and much more.

Plan-3: Business plan for $99. It has the features of Custom Video Thumbnails, Create and Manage Draft Posts, etc.

Why Buffer is Best Alternative of Sprout Social

Formerly delivered as an easy social media management scheduling tool, Buffer has newly rebranded to be a social media authority program that allows three separate tools: Publish, Respond, and Examine.

Even with its software updates and enhancements, Buffer Publish is yet the simplest tool on this list. Its scheduling platform is very easy to manage and operate, and it doesn’t allow any additional features such as in-depth social listening or accurate analytics.

Social Media Analytics: Grow Your Following with Insights

To plan content, simply start the Queue, continue your post, and schedule it for whichever networks you’d like to declare on.

Buffer’s lack of characteristics has criticized by some users and recognized by others depending on their market needs. Buffer’s simplicity is what delivers the platform easily and beginner-friendly. Though, if you’re trying a complete social media management tool, Hootsuite or SocialPilot might be greatly suited for you.



Overview of Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social relationship software stage that enables companies to perform astonishing social media tactics and activities over their companies. Its idea is to transform today’s communications. The company’s purpose is to permit its consumers to transform their messages into significant relationships.

HootSuite Features

It has the following features:

  • 35+ social profiles included
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • 5+ users to add
  • Unlimited boosted post spend
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day free trial
  • Access to free apps

HootSuite Plans and Pricing

It has the following plans:

Plan-1: Professional plan for ₹1260. You will get the features of 10 social profiles, Unlimited scheduling, and much more.

Plan-2: Team plan for ₹6600. It has the features of Auto scheduling, content apps, Content library, etc.

Plan-3: Business plan for ₹45000. It includes the features of Advanced, scalable tools for large social marketing teams, Unlimited scheduling, and many more.

Plan-4: Enterprise plan as custom solutions that drive your sales, service, and marketing to different levels with a custom social media solution.

Why use HootSuite instead of Sprout Social

With scheduling, analytics, and safety capabilities, Hootsuite is one of the most ingenious Sprout Social contenders on this list. Hootsuite aims to be a one-stop-shop for all your social media requirements. It also presents a social ads program, from which you can build, manage, and control social media campaigns.

One of Hootsuite’s strengths, according to its users, is its extremely customizable dashboards. Hootsuite enables you to custom build your social feeds based on what streams and systems you require to see.

Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard - Hootsuite

This helps you control your social media activity, brand mentions, certain followers, and particular keywords.

You can withdraw or add these feeds with a single click, and you can also decide which “boards” to present in your reporting dashboard. Hootsuite is the most suitable tool for social media marketing novices.


Agora Pulse

Overview of Agora Pulse

Agorapulse is a social identity and moderation tool that aids companies handle all their social network profiles. The platform is built to support businesses to combine messages from various sites, write new posts, as well as observe their standing on the best social networking sites.

Agora Pulse Features

It has the following features:

  • 60+ social profiles included
  • 2k+ Active Ads per profile
  • Unlimited Report Exports
  • Facebook Competitor Analysis
  • 24/7 Support
  • 28-day free trial
  • Onboarding Training included

Agora Pulse Plans and Pricing

It has four plans with a variety of features. Let us discuss it below.

Plan-1: Medium plan for $79. You will get the features of Queue Categories, Priority Inbox, Inbox Filters, and much more.

Plan-2: Large plan for $159. It has the features of 600 Active Ads per profile, Unlimited Queued Posts, etc.

Plan-3: X-Large plan for $239. You will have the features of Unified Calendar, Queue Categories, Label Content, and much more.

Plan-4: Enterprise plan for $399. It includes Onboarding Training, Team Workflow, Customer History, Facebook ROI Calculator, etc.

Why use Agora Pulse as Sprout Social Alternative

Agorapulse lets you set all your social networks in a centralized interface and handle everything from there, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Agorapulse guarantees that you are constantly in the know, notifying you of each comment, tweet, and messages that cover all your inboxes. Practically, you will never miss a simplistic conversation, an effort to connect, or an opportunity to expand.

Social Media Dashboards: The Most Important Features | Agorapulse

With Agorapulse, you can view how many comments, messages, and tweets you have got and you have to do is read, respond, assign, or tag. All conversations can be handled in 15 minutes or less, providing you tons of time that you can manage on other driving issues, interests, and tasks.

Writing content, whether it be scheduling a tweet, sharing photos on Facebook, or uploading a video to Instagram, can be made from Agorapulse. The tool clarifies publishing content regularly without you bothering about forgetting.



Overview of Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media management platform managed by brands, companies, businesses, and individuals all across the world to further push social media engagement and growth.

Crowdfire is easy to understand, assists you save tons of time has a lot of features in a single place and is the ideal tool to build and maintain your social accounts.

Crowdfire Features

It has the following features:

  • 50+ accounts linked per social network
  • 800+ scheduled posts per account
  • Unlimited articles recommendation
  • Unlimited images to use
  • Includes hashtag recommendation
  • 3 in 1 Scheduler
  • Android and iOS apps

Crowdfire Plans and Pricing

It has four plans as listed below:

Plan-1: The first one is the free plan. You will get the features of one account linked per social network, Chrome extension to share articles, etc.

Plan-2: Plus plan for $7.48. It includes Video Posts Support, Custom Posting Schedule, and much more.

Plan-3: Premium plan for $37.48. It has the features of Schedule with Calendar view, Bulk Schedule Posts, etc.

Plan-4: VIP plan for $74.98. You will have the features of Hashtag Recommendations, Support for multiple image posts, and many more.

Why use Crowdfire instead of Sprout Social

Crowdfire supports the Clean-Engage- Grow law, which is a recurring and a fool-proof plan of growth on social media. It’s ‘Clean’ features keep away unnecessary, undesired, and spam accounts, which do not maintain any true value to organizational or personal feeds and also don’t participate in reaching important goals.

‘Engage’ attracts the end audience and aids them to talk about and to you, while ‘Growth’ helps move the top people and improve the follower-base exponentially.

Crowdfire Mentions (Beta) Explained : .

The product gives many features that Twitter and Instagram do not intrinsically offer, including data regarding up-to-date un-followers, and inactive followers.

It refines Twitter analytics to support businesses/individuals to make more versed and quicker decisions. Its DM Marketing characteristics let users reach out to a wider public and sell via DM. It also allows users to understand the followers of their contenders and draw those who are probably engaged in their product.



Overview of Loomly

Loomly is a social media calendar control tool that supports organizations and individuals plan and schedule content for social media networks including Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Via an automatic interface and innovative characteristics, users can get opinions for social posts, enjoy live post optimization tips, preview social media posts, automate post scheduling & mark their achievement with superior analytics.

Loomly Features

It has the following features:

  • 15-day free trial
  • 51+ social accounts included
  • Unlimited Content
  • Core Features
  • Chat & Email support included
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Live Post Analysis

Loomly Plans and Pricing

It has the following Plans:

Plan-1: Base plan for $25. You will get the features of unlimited Content, Core Features, etc.

Plan-2: Standard plan for $57. It includes Advanced Analytics, Content Export, and much more.

Plan-3: Advanced plan for $119. It consists of IM Integrations, Custom Roles, etc.

Plan-4: Premium plan for $249. You will get the features of Custom Branding, Custom Roles, and much more.

Plan-5: Enterprise plan will be based on your business level as you can contact them to know the details of this plan.

Why use Loomly instead of Sprout Social

Loomly is an accurate social media calendar tool that supports social media directors to create posts and list them. The application is for freelancers, companies, and brands that need to have a more regular internal workflow for crafting and posting social media updates.

Loomly — Check Out Your New Widget Dashboard | Loomly Blog

With Loomly, users have a path to tools that made them optimize their posts. These give them the means to lead a wider spectrum of readers and let them examine how their statuses, tweets, and posts are executing.

Furthermore, Loomly offers certain that team leaders are constantly conscious of their members’ activities. The solution takes note of changes and other updates and signals the manager by email and push notifications. This way, they can quickly react in case a problem arises.



Overview of Hubspot

HubSpot is a mass platform, on a mission to get the world more inbound. The merchant claims over 64,500 total consumers in more than 100 nations presently using HubSpot’s software, and aid to modify the way they engage, draw and delight customers.

Hubspot Features

It has the following features:

  • 10k+ contacts included
  • Campaign reporting
  • Hubspot Marketing Synchronization
  • Marketing automation
  • Phone Integration
  • Ad management
  • Calls-to-action

Hubspot Plans and Pricing

It includes the following Plans:

Plan-1: Starter plan for $40. You will get the features of Landing pages, Ad management, etc.

Plan-2: Professional plan for $800. It includes Marketing automation, Smart content & reporting, and much more.

Plan-3: Enterprise plan for $3200. It consists of the features of Partitioning, Social permissions, and many more.

Why use Hubspot over Sprout Social

HubSpot is one of the popular CRM apps currently accessible on the store and also won Best CRM Software Award for 2019. Easy and simple, HubSpot built to be a platform that enables sales teams to get lighted instantly without presenting much of a difference in their actual workflow.

Dashboard & Reporting Software | HubSpot

It is a solution ideal for businesses that are still beginning to understand the importance of CRM and need to work it out or for companies that are not using their current CRM systems to their completest potential.

HubSpot is a quick and simple option that provides all the essential basic features without the often confusing complexity, many different platforms have. These are some features that are missing in Sprout Social platform.

Should you search for Sprout Social alternative?

Conclusion: Sprout Social Similar Sites and Competitors

So, these were some of the Sprout Social alternatives. There are some more alternatives are available, which are listed below:

  • Social Pilot
  • Everypost

Sprout Social is also a good platform but a lot of functionalities are missing in it. So, we have listed the best alternatives with the comparison with Sprout Social.

All the alternatives we're sharing are on the top list of social media marketing tools, all the tools top-rated people are really like to use these tools improve their social media marketing journey, so you can choose any of them, and get kick-start to you social media journey.

Not found a better Sprout Social alternative?

Try Sprout Social:

sprout social alternatives article

Sprout Social is one of the most known social media management platforms, and it lacks the free or low-cost plan that most of the different platform reviews have. It targets larger companies with more heavy-duty requirements.

As by all these apps, you start by connecting all your social accounts. Sprout Social makes this extremely easier than much of the competition. It has a clear and natural interface and is reasonably laid out. It puts much weight on its Smart Inbox which handles all your social messages.

You can opt to join all your inboxes into one or put them separately. Certainly, you can consolidate any set of social inboxes, which will be especially helpful to agencies, as they can classify inbox messages by the client.

Sprout Social Features

It has the following features:

  • 10+ social profiles included
  • 30-day free trial
  • Includes Paid promotion tools
  • Social content calendar
  • All-in-one social inbox
  • Custom URL Tracking
  • Report Builder & Scheduled Report Delivery

Sprout Social Plans and Pricing

It has three plans with a wide range of features:

Plan-1: Standard plan for $99. You will have the features of iOS and Android mobile apps, Paid promotion tools to boost Facebook posts, etc.

Plan-2: Professional plan for $149. It includes Competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Scheduling for optimal send times, and much more.

Plan-3: Advanced plan for $249. You will get the features of Digital asset and content library, Custom URL tracking, and many more.

Get More Idea About Sprout Social.

FAQs on Sprout Social Alternatives

Here We are sharing all the queries related Sprout Social Alternatives & Competitors.

  1. What makes Sendinble unique from Sprout Social?

    Sendible allows us to cancel a plan anytime but Sprout Social does not have this option.

  2. Who are Sprout Social competitors?

    Some alternatives of social sprout are Aporapulse, buffer, Hootsuite. you can easily found all of them.

  3. What are cheap Social Sprout Alternatives

    Crowdfire & Buffer are the two cheap alternatives, these both tools are pricing under $15/month.

  4. Why should I search for Alternatives of Sprout Social?

    Like every tool, sprout social have some flaws and one of these are its cost highly.

  5. Why should we choose Loomly instead of Sprout Social?

    Loomly offers 50+ social profiles while Sprout Social offers only 10 social profiles.

  6. What are the best features of Buffer that Sprout Social does not have?

    Buffer provides 60+ Third-Party Integrations while this feature is not available in Sprout Social.

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15 Best Sprout Social Alternatives 2021 and Competitors

Looking for Alternatives to Sprout Social or ✅ similar Tools. We've 15 Best Sprout Social Alternatives 🔁 with their …

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