HootSuite Pricing and HootSuite Plans 2024 – Get A Right Plan

Hootsuite Pricing Plans
HootSuite Pricing and HootSuite Plans 2024 – Get A Right Plan
HootSuite Pricing and HootSuite Plans 2024 – Get A Right Plan

Get To Know About Hootsuite Pricing Plans 2024, check out Hootsuite Prices & Total Cost, Compare all the Hootsuite plans with their features and choose The Best Plan For You!!

Hootsuite is a social media management tool with millions of users.

It has the advantage of allowing you to view up to five social networks simultaneously, and its easy-to-use interface lets you easily flick between different social media profiles, campaigns, and customers.

So, if you are thinking about buying Hootsuite, here we can help you!!

In this post of Hootsuite, We are Sharing:

  • All Hootsuite Plans
  • Hootsuite Total Cost
  • Hootsuite Pricing Table
  • Hootsuite Price with Discounts
???? We have mentioned all the details you need to know about Hootsuite pricing plans that will help you choose a better plan.

And also help you To post your content whether it is on Pinterest Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram or any social media platform.

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Hootsuite Pricing Plan Post Summary:

Hootsuite Starting Price$49 /month
No. of Hootsuite Plans3 Plans
Hootsuite Free TrialYes, Available
Total Cost (Monthly)$49.00 – $739.00
No. of Schedule PostUnlimited
Subscription DurationMonthly or Yearly
Hootsuite Payment OptionPaypal, Credit or Debit card

Get Your Price…

How Much Does Hootsuite Cost?

Hootsuite costs $49/mo for the Professional Plan, $179 for the Team Plan, and $739/mo for the Business Plan. There is also a customizable Enterprise plan.

HootSuite has 3 Pricing Plans and a 30-day free trial of Professional and Team plans.

The Pricing of HootSuite Plans depends upon the number of social profiles. For 0-10 social profiles it costs $49/month, 11-20 social profiles it costs $179/month, 21-35 social profiles it costs $739/month.

For more than 35 more Social profiles cost you depending upon how many social profiles you have choices and also how many users you want. It’s a custom solution for your business 

HootSuite Plans/Features Professional Team Business
Social Profiles 10 20 35
Schedule Messages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users 1 3 5, up to 10
Auto Scheduling
Publishing Calendar
Content Library
Campaign Planning
Report Templates
Customizable Reports
Social Inbox
Access to Free Apps
24/7 Priority Support
Price $19/mo $99/mo $599/mo
  Get Plan Get Plan Get Plan

In a HootSuite free plan account, you get very limited options for your needs and it’s best for trial purposes.  There are four types of paid plans from which you can choose as per your need.

and also good points all come with 30 days Trial free of charge you do not have to pay you will get today’s trial 30-day trial benefit.

You can also able to manage up to three social profiles and also schedule up to 30 messages in advance and you also get one administrative account so that you can track everything.

Hootsuite Pricing Plans

As the entry-level option, You will get support for 10 social profiles unlimited scheduling of your content, and also administrative access for one user you also get the benefit of a bulk scheduling feature and also real-time Analytics and support for social sweepstakes and  RSS integration so you can use it

The next HootSuite plan in our list will add support for an additional 10 social profiles and also to more admin users so it will be compatible with your team assignments reports custom branded URL social media certification and content templates it will give you so many options

Now, for the top tier pre-configured plants you will get everything we have already mentioned Plus you will get support from the team and it’s for a total of 50 social profiles and up to 10 admin users

Now We will tell you About HootSuite Has 4 Pricing Plans And Also One Free Plan

Social Profile102035As Per Your choice
SchedulingUnlimited schedulingUnlimited schedulingUnlimited scheduling 
Users135 and more 
Free trial30 days free trial30 days free trialRequest for a demoRequest for a demo

Hootsuite Country Wise Pricing

Hootsuite social media tool has different pricing plans for different countries. just like US pricing are different from the UK pricing and UK pricing is different from the Indian price.

So, we have to provide you with different countries’ prices in one place no more confusion about Hootsuite pricing.

HootSuite US Pricing

HootSuite US Pricing

Hootsuite Us price are quite higher than the other countries’ prices but features are the same for every country.

Hootsuite offers 3 types of pricing plan: professional, Team, and Business, which start from $49.

  • Professional Plan – $49/month
  • Team plan – $179/month
  • Business Plan – $739/month

Hootsuite UK Pricing

Hootsuite Pricing Plans United Kingdom UK

Hootsuite offers the same 3 types of Pricing plan in to UK country, but the price are not the same as US.

Professional Plan – €39/month
Team plan – €139/month
Business Plan – €569/month

Hootsuite India Pricing

Hootsuite Pricing Plans India

Hootsuite offers different prices of its plans to Indian countries, INR price is quite lower than the US country.

Professional Plan – ₹1915/month
Team plan – ₹7540/month
Business Plan – ₹45000/month

HootSuite Canada Pricing

Hootsuite Pricing Plans USA

Hootsuite CA pricing almost same as US country pricing.

Professional Plan – $49/month
Team plan – $179/month
Business Plan – $739/month

Get More Detail…

About HootSuite – Quick Review

  • Product
  • Specification


Hootsuite is one of the great platforms for managing social media accounts. I will help you in scheduling your post, engaging social media engagement …

Social Media Tol

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited Post, Publishing Calendar, Reports,

Free Trial

30 Days


Leading Tool for Social Media Profile Management.

HootSuite Is one of the most used social media management tool and HootSuite not only does more than publish or schedule your content it also help you in many ways.

It will help you and also from one tool to rule everywhere you can try and also by this tool you can also manage and build your social media empire and it will manage each and everything.

  • Posting and scheduling content to your social media channels
  • Analytics and reporting on your social media efforts.
  • Engagement. So you can respond to your social media mentions, comments, and messages efficiently.
  • Listening. So you can find and engage with people talking about your brand, your competitors, or keywords.

Choose The Right Plan For You!!

Hootsuite Pricing Plans 2023

Hootsuite offers 5 kinds of Pricing Plans are Free, Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

Let’s take a look at Hootsuite Plans, Prices, and Features.


Hootsuite Free Plan

Our first plan is free to use but it does not have many features you will get very limited features in this HootSuite Plan.


You can only add 3 social channels with this plan and you can only post a very limited 30 said you would post and only one user can use it.

Hootsuite Free Plan Features

  • 1 User
  • 2 Social Accounts
  • 5 Scheduled messages

Hootsuite Free Plan Price

Hootsuite Free Plan is Free Forever, you can sign up without any credit card and use this plan to manage your 2 social media profiles.

Free Plan Best For

  • Beginners

Hootsuite Professional Plan

Now, We will tell you the cheapest and the best-paid plan on Hootsuite is the Hootsuite Pro plan its have almost all the features

In This plan, you can manage 10 social profiles but in this plan, you are not able to the addon and not able to manage an unlimited number of social channels also it’s limited to 1 user

Hootsuite Professional - Pricing and Plans

Some More like you can auto-schedule your post photo video means your content, and you also get bulk scheduling, and publishing calendar feature and there are lots of benefit in plan you also get 30 day free trial benefit so that you can test it.

Hootsuite Professional Plan Features

  • 1 User
  • 10 Social Profiles
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto scheduling
  • Publishing calendar
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Monitor incoming messages
  • Social inbox
  • Compliance security integrations
  • Access to free apps

Hootsuite Professional Plan Price

Hootsuite Professional plan costs $49/month where you can manage 10 social profiles and schedule unlimited posts.


Hootsuite Team Plan

The best and the most affordable plan of HootSuite is the HootSuite Team Plan in this plan you get many features.

In this plan, you can manage three users and you can manage 20 social profiles for your team for your business in this plan you will also get unlimited scheduling.

You will also get a free 30-day trial benefit in this plan. In this plan, you are also not able to manage unlimited social channels.

Hootsuite Team - Pricing and Plans

In this Hootsuite pricing plan, you will get a custom branded URL also with bulk scheduling, publishing calendar, and auto-scheduling as well. You will also get lots of more features you can also manage team assignments in this plan.

Now we will tell you about the discounts in this Hootsuite plan in the annual subscription you will get this plan for $179/month.

Hootsuite Team Plan Features

  • 3 User
  • 20 Social Profiles
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • 1 Custom branded URL
  • 3 Hootsuite platform certification
  • Auto scheduling
  • Monitor incoming messages
  • Bulk scheduling

Hootsuite Team Plan Price

The Hootsuite Team plan costs $179/mo where you can manage 20 social profiles, and 3 Users and you can schedule unlimited posts.

Monthly Subscription: $179/mo

Team Plan Best For

  • Ideal for social media marketing teams.


Hootsuite Business Plan

Now the HootSuite bestseller plan is a business plan and It’s best for big businesses and also good for new startups.

Hootsuite cost of this plan is $739 per month and it’s an advanced plan you can also scale your large social media marketing team with this plan.

you can also manage up to 35 social profiles in this plan with 5 + users or up to 10 users can manage it in your team. it also comes with unlimited scheduling in this plan you will also get addon users up to 15 but it’s not included in the prices of this plan you will also get client organization benefits in this plan.

Hootsuite Business - Pricing and Plans

Now about some good points in this plan, you also get a property Management feature with this business.

As well as you can manage so many things in this plan you can assign tasks to another team member also, the business plan allows you to do this.

  • you can assign user-rolled
  • you can also use a publishing workflow for team
  •  you can also check  and view team statistics also
  • you can also check the team audit trial and you Can see it

In this HootSuite plan what We love the most is you can also check the ability of your team to live or you can track team activity also and you will also get so many features, you will get 5 custom branded URLs, bulk scheduling, auto-scheduling, publishing calendar.

You will also get message approvals, a content library and you can also plan your campaign you can also check campaign tagging and reporting and you will also get ad campaign management in this plan so you will get lots of features in the HootSuite Team Plan.

Hootsuite Business Plan Features

  • 5 and Upto 10 User
  • Up to 15 Additional Users
  • 35 Social Profiles
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • 5 Custom branded URL
  • 5 Hootsuite platform certification
  • 60 mins 1:1 training
  • Auto scheduling
  • Monitor incoming messages
  • Bulk scheduling

Hootsuite Business Plan Price

Hootsuite Business plan costs $739/mo where you can manage 35 social profiles,5+ Users and you can schedule unlimited posts.

Business Plan Best For

  • Ideal for large social marketing teams.


Hootsuite Enterprise Plan

If you are running a big business or on an enterprise level then HootSuite Enterprise Plan will help you if you need more than 10 users then you should go with HootSuite Enterprise Plan. You get so many options in this plan 

In this plan, you can manage 50 + social profiles and you can upgrade it as per your need in this plan you will get unlimited scheduling messages to benefit this plan mainly for enterprises and you can add unlimited users in this plan.

This HootSuite plan is only for taking sales giving services and marketing to a new level with this custom social media solution in this plan you can modify each and everything as per your need and as well as its price is all depend upon custom solution means all depend upon what you all choose.

Hootsuite Enterprise Plan

The prices depend upon what you choose you will get unlimited custom branded URL unlimited works scheduling unlimited publishing calendar and also unlimited auto-scheduling Most features are unlimited as per your need you can also automate your team assignments in this enterprise plan. 

You will also get live training for the entire team and HootSuite platform certification you will also get 24/7 technical support and you will also get a quarterly Business review in this plan.

You will also get security features in this HootSuite plan you will get a single sign-on feature in this enterprise plan.

you will get security notification employees’ permission and also Compliance integrations you will get a lot of features in this plan for prices you have to contact HootSuite and ask the prices.

Start Now-

Hootsuite Free Trial

Hootsuite a social media management platform also provide 30 days free trial so its users have a chance to try Hootsuite free for 30 days and test out Hootsuite.

Its allows users to streamline all aspects of social media management with ease. Hootsuite offers different plans that you can subscribe any plan it is depends on your personal needs and the size of your team, but their is no difference in its pricing plan features. they are the same no matter which plan you choose.

We’re also sharing easy steps so, you can easily start your Hootsuite free trial. follow these simple steps.

1. Visit Hootsuite Pricing Page – All you need to do first just visit on Hootsuite Pricing page where you can see their different pricing plan with features.

2. Choose Plan to Start Free Trial – Secondly, you need to choose a suitable plan that you can want use for your social media platforms and than after choosing click on the Start a Free Trial button.

3. Enter Personal Details – After clicking on the free trial button you are redirected to another page where you can enter your details like Name, E-Mail, and Password.

4. Enter your billing details – You’re able to pay on this site with a credit card or PayPal.

5. Click “Finish Sign-Up” and then “Start My Free Trial.”

Check all Features of Hootsuite Plans.

Compare Hootsuite Plans

Hootsuite Pricing Plans Features Compared

Below you can see a table you can compare HootSuite features side by side and you can also choose a plan as per your need.

Social profiles10203550+
Scheduled messagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Users 135, up to 105+
Additional Users   Add-on (up to 15)Add-on (unlimited)
Departmental or Client Organization     
Publishing & Scheduling    
Auto scheduling    
Publishing calendar    
Bulk scheduling    
Custom branded URL 155+
Campaign management    
Campaign planning    
Campaign tagging and reporting    
Post boosting₹30,000/month boosted post spend₹125,000/month boosted post spend₹315,000/month boosted post spendUnlimited boosted post spend
Ad campaign management  Add-onAdd-on
Integrate social across the organization    
Access to free apps    
Access to premium appsPaidPaid  
Employee advocacy   Add-on
Social selling   Add-on
 Free 30-Day TrialFree 30-Day TrialRequest a DemoRequest a Demo

Total HootSuite Cost (Annually)

HootSuite Cost for 12 Months.

HootSuite also gives their user 3 months for free if they buy an annual subscription.

HootSuite Total Pricing:

Monthly Plan$49/mo$179/mo$739/mo
Total Cost$588$1548$8868

Hootsuite Pricing Summary

A Quick pricing overview of Hootsuite Pricing.

  • 1 user, 3 Social Profiles and 30 Post Scheduling – FREE
  • 1 User, 10 Social Profiles and Unlimited Scheduling – $49/mo
  • 3 User, 20 Social Profiles and Unlimited Scheduling – $179/mo
  • 5+ User, 35 Social Profiles and Unlimited Scheduling – $739/mo

Does It Worth To Buy?

Conclusion – HootSuite Pricing Plans 2024

Now about the conclusion and final points of Hootsuite Pricing, you will get a lot of features if you are a beginner you can go with the free plan the more you pay the more benefit you will get.

There are 4 HootSuite pricing plans according to No. of social profiles and users’ accounts. You can pay monthly or annually for Hootsuite plans.

HootSuite Professional Plan pricing starts from $49/mo where you can manage 3 social Profiles or else you can also choose its Free Plan.

Hootsuite is a good social media marketing tool and it will be best for start-ups, businesses whether it is small businesses or large businesses, Bloggers, and Digital Agencies.


But in case you need a social media management tool for a large business whose needs extend the plan listed above also you can opt for enterprise-level subscriptions which will also help you to build the requirements of your company.

because these all plans are specially designed based on needs for your organization’s Requirements the HootSuite cost will vary from plan to plan on what you choose.

Hootsuite Review

If you want to get started with HootSuite or you are confused and not sure if HootSuite is the right option for your business or not You can choose for a limited time their free plans so that you can understand it. 

Queries Related To This Post-

FAQs: Hootsuite Plans & Their Prices

Here We have shared some common queries related to Hootsuite pricing Plans:

  1. What is the starting price of Hootsuite?

    You can start a Hootsuite plan for $49/month.

  2. Is There Is Any Free Plan In Hootsuite?

    Yes, Sprout Social offers 30 Days Free Trial Plan without the use of a credit card.

  3. What is the Best Hootsuite Plan for Beginners?

    If you are a beginner and you want to try Hootsuite then I recommend you to use the free plan in which you can choose any plan like the standard plan professional plan and advanced plan you can opt any of the plans and can try it for first 30 days and then you can upgrade to a paid plan.

  4. Can I access Hootsuite on my mobile phone?

    The Hootsuite mobile app for iOS and Android lets you manage your social media content and conversations when you’re on the go.

Get More –

HootSuite Related Info:

  • Product
  • Specification


Hootsuite is one of the great platforms for managing social media accounts. I will help you in scheduling your post, engaging social media engagement …

Social Media Tol

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited Post, Publishing Calendar, Reports,

Free Trial

30 Days


Leading Tool for Social Media Profile Management.

Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Get To Know About Hootsuite Pricing Plans 2024, check out Hootsuite Prices & Total Cost, Compare all the Hootsuite …
Get the Right Hootsuite Plan with Best Features, Check Total Cost and Compare all Plans.

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