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Nexcess is a Mid-Range Optimized Hosting Solution for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento.

It is mostly known for its Managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

Do you want to buy Nexess Plan at a discount price?

On this page, we have shared the Latest Nexcess Promo codes and deals so you can get maximum discounts and offers.

Nexcess Hosting Discounts & Deal Summary:

Nexcess Coupon5 Offers
Nexcess Discount50% Off for 6 Months
Regular Price$19/month
Offer Price$13.30/month
Exclusive CouponYes, Available
Free TrialYes for 14 Days

Latest and Working Coupons.

Nexcess Discount Code 2024


Nexcess WordPress Plan Coupons

All WP Plans with their Discounted Price.

Nexcess Spark Plan Coupon – 30% OFF

Get Nexcess WordPress Spark Plan at just $13.30/month instead of the $19/mo for the first 4 Months.
$13.30/mo GET OFFER
Site – 1, Storage – 15GB, Bandwidth – 2TB

Nexcess Maker Plan Coupon – 30% OFF

Get Nexcess WordPress Maker Plan at just $55.30/month instead of the $79/mo for the first 4 Months.
$55.30/mo GET OFFER
Site – 1, Storage – 15GB, Bandwidth – 2TB

Nexcess Designer Plan Coupon – 30% OFF

Get Nexcess WordPress Designer Plan at just $76.30/month instead of the $109/mo for the first 4 Months.
$76.30/mo GET OFFER
Site – 1, Storage – 15GB, Bandwidth – 2TB

Nexcess Builder Plan Coupon – 30% OFF

Get Nexcess WordPress Builder Plan at just $104.30/month instead of the $149/mo for the first 4 Months.
$104.30/mo GET OFFER
Site – 1, Storage – 15GB, Bandwidth – 2TB

Nexcess Producer Plan Coupon – 30% OFF

Get Nexcess WordPress Producer Plan at just $209.30/month instead of the $299/mo for the first 4 Months.
$209.30/mo GET OFFER
Site – 1, Storage – 15GB, Bandwidth – 2TB

Nexcess Executive Plan Coupon – 30% OFF

Get Nexcess WordPress Executive Plan at just $384.30/month instead of the $549/mo for the first 4 Months.
$384.30/mo GET OFFER
Site – 1, Storage – 15GB, Bandwidth – 2TB

Nexcess WooCommerce Coupon

Get 33% OFF for 4 Months.
Select the Monthly Payment option and use the coupon to get a 33% Discount for the first 4 months.

Nexcess Magento Coupon

Get 50% OFF for 4 Months.
Select the Monthly Payment option and use the coupon to get a 50% Discount for the first 4 months.

Easy Steps To Get Discount-

Steps To Avail Nexcess Discount Coupon

Step-1 Visit on Selected Nexcess Hosting type Special Page

  • WordPress
  • WooCommers
  • Magneto

Step-2 Choose a Plan

Choose a hosting plan based on the number of sites, Storage, and Bandwidth.

Here you will see a discounted price as to the regular price. These are the special pricing plans, that are offered to new referrals from our side.

Nexcess-Managed-WordPress-Hosting Plans Special Price

For example, here we are selecting the WordPress Plans:

Hosting PlansRegular Monthly PriceSpecial Monthly Price

When you select a Plan,

Simply click on the ‘Buy’ button of the Plan.

Step-3 Enter your Account Info

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Adress
  • Password

Step-4 Enter your Billing Adress

Enter your billing details, company name, address, email, and other required information.

Step-5 Enter your Payment Info

Select a Payment method,

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal

Nexcess hosting coupon checkout page

Step-6 Complete your Purchase

After entering all the details, now Its time to complete the plan purchase.

On the right side, you can see the Plan’s Regular Price, Applied Coupon, and Discounted Price.

Simply complete your purchase with 4 Months 30% Discount.

Choose the Right Plan for your Business.

Nexcess Pricing Plans

Nexcess hosting provides 5 Kinds of hosting solutions they are WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Cloud, and Enterprise.

Managed WordPress and WooCommerce have 7 Plans starting from $13.30/month. As you need hosting for more sites, more space, and bandwidth the price of the plan increases.

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting Plans:

Nexcess wordpress hosting Prices

Nexcess WordPress and WooCommerce Plans are the same.

Here Nexcess has a big diversity in their WordPress plans, Users have 7 Plans options according to the number of sites and site storage.

All these 7 Plans have the same features and configuration only the difference is the number of sites, storage, and bandwidth.

Individual Bloggers, who want to host their single blogging website can consider its Managed WordPress Spark Plan starting from $13.30/month. Nexcess will provide a better speed and optimized environment for your blogging site.

Right now using our Nexcess coupon code you can get a 50% Discount on Nexcess WordPress Monthly Plans.

Know about this hosting.

About Nexcess

Nexcess is a subsidiary of Liquid Web Hosting company, It was established in the 2000s and is known for its Managed and Premium web hosting services.

Nexcess Managed Hosting Homepage

Nexcess is specialized in classic shared hosting having simple yet powerful infrastructure. Basically, this platform offers those services which are not covered under the Liquid Web.  

Now Nexcess hosting is available in 130 countries and has 30,000+ customers that are continuously rising. Its focuses on providing a high-quality hosting service that’s why its plan seems costly as compared to other web hosting providers.

Nexcess Key Features:

  • Visual Regression Testing
  • One-Click Staging Site
  • Nexcess CDN Included
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • Email Included
  • Daily Backups
  • PHP 7 Compatible
  • WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
  • Image Compression
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Image Lazy Loading

Why Choose Nexcess?

Reason to Choose Nexcess Hosting Coupon


Easy to use Hosting Dashboard

liquid web control panel

Nexcess web hosting provides 2 kinds of control panels.

  • cPanel
  • Plesk

Users have a choice of selecting any control panel for their websites.

Both the panels are very easy to use and you can manage all of your websites from a single dashboard.

From its Control Panel, you can enable Cloud Acceleration, In-Build CDN, Monitor Bandwidth, Purge Server Cache, and Auto Scaling feature.

To get this amazing hosting at a discount you can use the above shared Nexcess coupon.


NGIX Cloud Accelerator

To host your website Nexcess Hosting uses NGIX servers with cloud accelerators. That converts your static website data into a short compressed object for data transfer that boosts your site speed rapidly.

Its server-side cache option allows you to purge cache directly from the server side.


In-Build Faster CDN

liquid web cdn services

Every Nexcess hosting plan comes with an in-built CDN service. You can easily start from your hosting dashboard.

Nexcess CDN increases your site speed, prevents DDoS attacks, and keeps your site secure from bots’ visits. Due to this, you don’t need to purchase any CDN service from the outside and its setup is also too easy.


Stencil Sites

nexcess stencil site

This is a very useful feature for Freelancers, Developers, and Agencies.

Nexcess Hosting allows you to create a new Stencil Site that has all the content, plugins, themes, and WordPress data that your old site has.

So if you are creating new sites again and again and want to use the same WordPress Tools, Configuration, and Content. Then the Stencil site feature will be too worthy for you.


One-Click Staging

nexcess staging

Staging allows you to make changes in your WordPress sites, without affecting your live site.

Staging sites are also helpful to get feedback on new content, design, and features without publishing those changes on the production site


Cloud Auto Scaling

Nexcess Auto Scaling features can be easily turned on from its dashboard.

When your site visitors rise rapidly, it starts handling your website in auto mode. Then Nexcess adds more resources and bandwidth to handle multiple requests.

It prevents your site from any downtime and slow loading issue.


Free Site Migration

Well right now this is a very common feature in the hosting industry, but Nexcess is providing an optimized solution to transfer your website all pages from another host to Nexcess.

Nexcess hosting solution

Secure Password Generator

The Nexcess Secure Password Generator helps generate passwords that are more resistant to cracking efforts.

they’ve provided two types of password generators: a traditional random character generator and a multiple-word generator. Don’t forget to change your passwords often.


Expert Support and Knowledge Library

When we use a new hosting service, users face some technical or configuration-related issues.

Then Hosting Support staff became our need at that time, Nexcess hosting provides 24*7 live chat support and a direct call option for any technical support.

  • Live Chat – This option is always available and a human is always there to help you. The average response time is 2 minutes.
  • Phone – During working days and working hours you can directly call them, The Average response is within a call far.
  • Help Desk – This ticket system is time taking, Average response time can be 2-3 hours.
  • Knowledge Library – Sets many articles with proper screenshots and guides.

FAQs – Coupon and Discount

  1. What is Nexcess Hosting Coupon?

    By using the Nexcess coupons users can get discounts on the Nexcess hosting plan and get the best deal.

  2. How to use Nexcess coupon?

    At the time of checkout, Nexcess hosting has the option of entering a coupon code. Users can enter their coupon to avail of the discount.

  3. Does Nexcess hosting provide any money back?

    Yes, Nexcess hosting has the 30-day money-back period option and a 14-day free trial plan for Managed WordPress hosting.

  4. Does Nexcess provide any Free Trial?

    Yes, Nexcess hosting provides 14 Days Free Trial without any credit card. Users can host 1 website with 15 GB storage for 14 Days.

Should you avail of this deal?

Conclusion – Nexcess Coupon Code 2024

Nexcess Hosting is known for its Managed WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento hosting solutions.

We have shared the Latest and working Nexcess coupon here so you can get the best and maximum discount on Nexcess hosting plans.

Nexcess 3 Hosting Types

Nexcess Hosting also offers the best deals and discounts continuously. That update continues here.

If you are looking for Mid-Budget high-quality hosting then Nexcess can be a good hosting solution for your websites and brands.

Nexcess Promo Code 2024, Get a 60% Discount and Save $540
Nexcess Promo Code 2024, Get a 60% Discount and Save $540
$13.30/month $19/month
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