GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal & Groove 70% Discount Coupon 2023

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Are You looking for GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deals?

Well, in this article you’ll get all the inside details about the GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal, the Benefits you’ll get from this Deal, and essential Features you need to know about this GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal.

Whether you’re a startup or a company you need this Powerful Tool if you’re Selling any Services or Products. You’re Lucky if you’re reading this article at GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal.

For getting Big results GrooveFunnels came up with this new LifeTime Deal which gives you access to the top 17 Marketing Tools under one plan.

It is a Game-Changer Tool that can Grow your business to the next level just by using GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal. 

So, without any further due Let’s Begin.

GrooveFunnels Discount Deals

Groove Logo GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnel Free Lite Plan Best Values

Contacts: 500
Access GrooveFunnels for FREE and It’s all features with some limitations.
Groove Logo GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnel Start-up Plan Most Selling

Contacts: 500
Try GrooveFunnels Start-up Plan with a 30 Days Free Trial or Lifelong Free.
This is the default plan when you create an account on Groove.

GrooveFunnel Creator+ Monthly Plan

Contacts: 10,0000
Avail 70% Discount a the Creator+ Plan, when you select its Monthly Subscription.
$42/month GET OFFER

GrooveFunnel Premium+ Monthly Plan

Contacts: Unlimited
Get Premium+ Plan for Lifetime at just $2497 and use all 16 Groove Tools Lifelong Free.
$299/month GET OFFER

GrooveFunnel Premium+ Lifetime Plan Best Values

Contacts: Unlimited
Get Premium+ Plan for Lifetime at just $2497 and use all 16 Groove Tools Lifelong Free.
$2497 Lifetime GET OFFER

GrooveFunnel Premium+ Lifetime Plan Affordable Option

Get a Premium+ Plan for Lifetime, Pay 3 Installments of $997 each, and use all 16 Groove Tools Lifelong Free.
3*$997Lifetime GET OFFER

Let’s Start!!

What is GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal is the Most Awaited Deal for those who know the value of GrooveFunnels Services. Anyone who wants to Sell their Services and Products must use Groovefunnels for better results.

In this lifetime deal, you get access to 17 Tools that GrooveFunnels offers at just $2497.

The reason behind this deal is best for you because if you lose this deal Today, then you think to purchase additional Groovefunnels tools like – GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GroovePages, GrooveBlog, GrooveMember, etc.

It costs you a Higher Price but if you purchase Lifetime Deal today you get all these tools with no added charge.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

The best part of this GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal is, that you can Pay a one-time full price of $2497or you can pay in four instalments of $999Each.

WAIT! there are more ways to pay, you can pay in Six or Twelve Months Installments depending on your budget.

But Make sure if you’re a new user and looking to purchase this LifeTime Deal then First you need to create a Free Account on GrooveFunnels & then Take the benefits of 2 Weeks Free Trial.

So that you get an idea of how powerful this tool & how you can achieve your targets with GrooveFunnels. Only then you can take advantage of this LifeTime Deal.

NOTE: This is a Limited Time offer that is applicable while the Software is in Beta Version.

Those who decided to take benefit of this amazing GrooveFunnels Platinum LifeTime Deal, get ready for a lot more surprises coming to you because GrooveFunnels give them access to additional features & updates totally free of cost.

[BONUS]: GrooveFunnels offers $10,000 worth of Groove-A-Thon Recordings to their Lifetime Platinum Deal Members. 

Inside these recordings get 300+ Hours from the whole Groove-A-Thon Event.


  • Featured guest presentations
  • Transcripts
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • Etc.

Let’s Compare Why GrooveFunnels Platinum LifeTime Deal is the Best Deal in comparison to all other Funnels.

If you think of purchasing all these tools individually, to run your online business and scale to the next level it takes up to $17,506/Year.

But take a look at GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal all these tools are in one platform with the One Biggest Deal i.e, GrooveFunnels LifeTime Platinum Deal.

Also, all the GrooveFunnels LifeTime Platinum Users get Updates and additional features free of cost.

NOTE: GrooveFunnels has a bright Scope, because of the best services they provide. Amazing deals they’re offering A major Part is, they have Industry leaders as a Team in GrooveFunnels like Mike Filsaime(CEO) also co-founder of Kartra Software, John Cornetta(President), and one of the leading experts, Matt Serralta(COO), Matt Naus(CTO).

Get start your first GrooveFunnels free trial

Save Your Money!!

GrooveFunnels Discount (For a Limited Period)

Recently GrooveFunnels announced a sale – And we can say this is the right time to buy It and Save now with these amazing GrooveFunnels deals.

If you are looking for GrooveFunnels Coupon, then you should check out this deal. Most Groovefunnels focus on its lifetime deal but this time you can see there is a huge discount on GroovFunnel Premium Plan.

Groove Special Discount

Easy steps to get the offer.

How To Avail GrooveFunnels Discount

Getting a Discount from GrooveFuneels is not a big deal, simply you can follow the below-given steps and that’s done:

1. Step: Visit the GrooveFunnels
2. Step: Choose a Plan for your Website
3. Step: Click on the ‘Buy’ button
4. Step: Enter your Details
5. Step: Select a Payment Method (Credit Card/Paypal)
6. Step: Enter your GrooveFunnels Coupon Code Or It Will Automatically Provide a Discounted Price.
7. Step: Then click on the ‘Apply’ button
8. Step: Now it will show a Discounted Price
9. Step: Click on the ‘Place Order button and Make Payments
10. Step: Voila, You successfully avail of GrooveFunnels Discount.

Quick Review

About GrooveFunnels

Groovefunnels was founded by Mike Filsaime. Mike has been a mainstay in the internet marketing space for over a decade and is also one of the founders of Kartra and WebinarJam.

Kartra, in particular, is a big fish in the business software space with millions in annual turnover.

GrooveFunnels is a suite of products that includes all the tools you need to run your online business.


GrooveFunnels is an Inclusive SaaS created to assist you in saving money and time by allowing you to have all your important tools in one location so that you can optimize your productivity and maximize your income as a business owner.

GrooveFunnels Features

  • Email Leads — This tool allows you to collect, organize, and contact email leads. This is a feature that’s not available on the GrooveFunnels free plan. 
  • Robust Analytics: Track open rates, click-through rates, engagement rates, and more. All the important stats you need to craft better emails.
  • HTML Emails: Create simple emails or upgrade to more beautiful full-color emails. Simply choose a theme or create one from scratch.
  • GrooveFunnels Community: There’s a large community of Groove users you can communicate with. The Facebook group is active and you can join once you sign up with GrooveFunnels.
  • Sales Management: It has a comprehensive sales dashboard where you can monitor all relevant metrics. There, you can switch between ”Vendor” and ”Affiliate Marketer” and track your performance in each role.
  • Shopping Cart: You can customize every step of the checkout process and manage to ship using GrooveFunnels’ automation systems.

Tools You Get GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

Why choose Coupon Code

GrooveFunnels Come Up with these Marketing Tools:

All these tools are integrated in Groovefunnels.

All Core Tools included:

Groove Plan is the Best Funnel-creating software because its basic plan comes with in-built tools to start getting results without switching to a premium paid plan.

This Groove Funnel lifetime deal is one of the best deals you get because in this plan you get more than you expect. In this lifetime deal, you get all the marketing tools you need to grow your business to the next level.

Because in the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal you get access to all major tools like GrooveMember, groovy email, GrooveVideo, GrooveLeads, GrooveQuiz, etc.


Groove Webinar for Live & Automated Webinar:

Host Your Webinar!!

This Feature is not common on any platform, but Groove Funnel is always one step ahead in terms of Growing your online business to the next level

If You’re using the Groove Funnel feature i.e, Groove Webinar then this feature allows you to host live webinars with multiple presenters and You get access to Schedule automated webinars and many More Things you get in this feature to make your webinar 10X.



Create Your Landing Pages

GroovePages is a landing page builder and a sales Funnel builder that you can use to sell your Service and Products Digitally.

This is the most important tool every business uses for growth & the best part of using Groovefunnels is that you don’t need any technical knowledge. The groove-pages tool is completely user-friendly & Easy to Use landing pages (Just drag-n-drop).


Groovepages also comes with lots of Template options so that you can use them for Faster results.

The Drag & Drop editor makes this tool super easy to customize templates and Create beautiful Landing pages for your requirements. You can build landing pages/ sales funnel/ or even a complete website in a Short time.

Some Major Features of this GroovePages are:

  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Unlimited funnels/Landing pages/Custom Domains
  • Free Hosting/Bandwidth/SSL Certificate
  • SEO Free
  • Google Analytics & tracking
  • You can import funnels

Overall, it’s simple & easy to use a Drag-and-drop editor to create funnels & Landing pages as per your choice. The best part is, this Feature you can use this in your Free account also just after you sign up.



Sell Your Product

If you’re looking for the best management tools for your sales, then you’re at the right place because GrooveSell solves your problems & makes it easy to sell your products and services.

When you use a groove sell feature that allows you to Easily sell your products and services additionally upsells & down sells.

Groove Sell can generate massive amounts of sales by using this feature. whether you’re a Startup or a Multinational company your Profit generated through the sales & Groove Funnel feature i.e, groove sell helps you to hit your sales targets.



Start Your Email Marketing

We all know about Email Marketing but few of us used the Best & Converting Email Marketing strategy.

When you use GrooveMail you’ll get access to a Behavioral-based email marketing system that helps you to send unlimited emails to your potential customers & Additionally, you can set automated emails/follow-up and broadcasting by GrooveMail.

For nurturing leads or generating Revenue we need Email because all businesses work through the Email they’ve built.

This is an Asset that can generate profit without spending money on advertisement. That’s why You need to Start Email Marketing by groove mails.


Groove Video

Make Videos And Generate Sales

In the present time, if we want to Upload a video about anything, the first thought coming to our mind is YouTube, because this is the biggest video-sharing platform.

But business owners know that on YouTube, they can’t generate sales. They Need Funnels for Better Results and adding video to that funnel work is more beneficial.

GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal & Groove 70% Discount Coupon 2023

Groove Videos gives you its own platform to host your created videos without uploading them on other platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The best part is, that after uploading a video on Groove Video even then you can analyze, View rates, split Testing and video testing.


Groove Desk

Get Better Customer Support

Customer Support is the Most Important for all of us. Because If we are stuck in something only Customer support Can help us.

Groove Desk knows their work very well, they work as Customer Support to your customer through the Help desk and live chat Support.

We Like this feature because any business needs this customer support & the Groove Desk feature fulfils all requirements.


Groove Calendar

Schedule Your Appointments

This is something Massive feature you’re going to look at. You can schedule appointments with your client just by using this Groove Calendar feature.

In today’s Era, Everything is going digital so why not appointments too? Groove Calendar can easily set appointments for you with your client.


Groove Survey

Get Your Data With Survey.

If you’re planning to create new Surveys and Engage quizzes by the audience then you need to look at the Groove Survey feature.

With the help of the Groove Survey feature, you can easily create an Engaging Quiz and Survey that increases your database for better Results.


All these surveys and quizzes are added to your Funnels for higher conversions.


Groove Pages for Shopify

For Shopify Users

With the help of this feature, you can Easily Create Converting Landing pages and also Check out pages. 

The importance of Landing pages is known by all owners because this is the most important way to Generate your desired results whatever you want.

GrooveFunnels having this feature “Groove pages for Shopify” is best for creating your desired Funnels/landing pages And Checkout Pages easily drag and Drop.


Groove Blog

Create Your Blog With Groove

Having blogs or articles on websites or funnels is now mandatory or Necessary for all of us. Because giving value through words becomes a New way to get more desired results.

For this, Let’s look at Groove Blog because when you’re using Groove Blog you can easily Create and Post articles on your website or funnels.

This is super easy to set up this feature on your website and customize it in your Way. So that you can create / Edit / Post articles with your style.


Groove Member

Sell Your Memberships

This is the – most important feature if you’re one of those who want to create your online course / Give online Training Etc.

This is the topmost Using feature because, with the help of Groove Member, you can sell your online courses. The Design of this Course Selling feature just blows your mind because of its amazing features.

You can use this feature to sell your online courses easily. This feature allows you to Drip-feed content or get complete access to the full course you’re promoting.


Groove Affiliate

Get affiliated with Groove

What is better than having your own Affiliate program for your products? Because just by using this feature you can sell your products at 10X level.

This is the most amazing feature to Use in your products if you know how to use it well. When you’re using the Groove Affiliate feature you get detailed analysis and Lots of marketing tools you need in this affiliate program that helps you to create and manage affiliate Programs.


Future Updates Included

Get notified of new upcoming

Once you get access to Groove Funnel Lifetime Deal, You get lots of options to use in this plan. The Best Part is You get Future updates at no additional cost.

Just by paying $1397, You get so many powerful features that boost your business to the Top, and remember You get upcoming updates and additional features at no cost.

Get The Quick Info.

GrooveFunnels Coupon Summary

Groovefunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool that unlocks your business’ growth potential.  It does this through a combination of customizable landing pages, targeted email marketing, automated marketing campaigns, and high-converting checkout pages.

And with these coupons, you will get these pretty amazing Tools at the lowest, all you have to follow our given instructions about GrooveFunnels Discount, and things will become easy for you.

  • Currently, Groovefunnels Provides a SIGN-UP SPECIAL Discount For a Limited Period of Time.
  • During This Period You can Save up to $200/per month
  • It Also Provides 30 Days Guaranteed Money Back
  • GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan Ended On February 2022

Affiliate Links:

Direct response landing page

Main Website

Demo to Free Account Pros and Cons


  • Using Groove Funnels is super Easy just drag and drop the software you’re using this software on cloud-based (It means you don’t need any Hosting for using this tool)
  • Free Account available for you and use it for Creating Funnel in Groove Funnels
  • In Groove Affiliate Program your commission goes from 20 to 40%
  • You Know That GrooveFunnels was created by the founder of Kartra (i.e, also a Sales Funnel Software)
  • Groove Funnels have all the Most Common & useful Features you need to grow your online business
  • There are so many Flexible Payment options and Methods to Pay and Save Most
  • With Groove Funnels, you can Build unlimited Courses and sell any Programs with Groove Members.


  • Groove Funnels is still in Beta Version, It depends on your level at this Beta Version it may not be for your online business.
  • GroovePages editors Right now can be with some bugs
  • Not Showing how to Drive traffic to your website or Sales Funnels
  • You need to pay for Extra marketing tools
  • It Doesn’t have a Sales Funnel tracking system like any other tool.

Our Side!!

Conclusion: GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal 2024

So let’s conclude what we’ve discussed about the Groove Funnel lifetime deal and is it worth it to Purchase this offer.

If you’re Looking for one platform that can sell your products and services Easily without having any major technical issues so Groove Funnel is the first choice for you.

With the help of Groove funnels, you can easily sell your Service and products with Upsell/Downsell And Additional extra Offers Using Funnels. It’s Super Easy to create a funnel in a Groove funnel and the best part is you don’t need to pay for anything.

You can use their Free Trial for creating funnels just Drag and Drop and then you can go for a paid Plan so you get access to multiple Marketing tools Easily.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

In groove funnels, you get Lots of Features like – Creating a Landing page/ Checkout page/ Creating Funnels, and lots of Automation Surprisingly you get additional features to Sell your course Easily.

GrooveFunnels competitors like ClickFunnels & Katra are Quite expensive. 

With the help of the Groove Funnel lifetime deal, You get massive Features that help you to build your Business 10X.

Note: Currently, Groovefunnels Does Not Provide a Lifetime Deal, The only paid plan they have is the Premium Plan, in which they provides a Huge Discount, So if You want to Buy GrooveFunnels, we recommend you choose Its Premium plan.

At the end of the post, we hope that this article was truly helpful for you, we just want to say that we have mentioned each and every aspect of the GrooveFunnles lifetime deals.

Now it’s your turn to get the best lifetime deal and start your business journey.

Some Common Queries

FAQ: Groove cm Lifetime Deal

We have added some frequently asked questions about the Groovefunnels lifetime deals, here you can get some relevant answers and clear your possible doubts or queries about this lifetime deal.

What are Groove funnels?

Groove Funnels is a powerful marketing tool used for creating funnel and checkout pages with lots of Marketing tools. Groove funnels are now in demand like any other tool like – click funnels/ builder All and Kartra

How to Get a Groove Funnel Lifetime Deal?

All Details about GrooveFunnel’s lifetime deal are covered in this article along with steps to get this deal.

Does GrooveFunnels have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Groove Funnels refunds your money if you don’t like their services or are not satisfied with the software in 30 days.

What are the Tools I Get with GrooveFunnels?

Well, when you use groove funnels additionally you get 17 Marketing tools for better performance or getting desired results for your business.

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

Yes, you can create a free account and Take the benefit of creating funnels for Free in Groove Funnels.

Is GrooveFunnel’s lifetime deal Worth it?

Yes Absolutely, the Groovefunnel lifetime deal is one of the best deals you get if you’re reading this article during this offer! The Great chance to improve your Business Having all the tools you need to take your business to the Next Level Easily.

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