WebMeTools.com is now WebMarketingTools.com | We Changed our Domain Name

We have very helpful information for our readers and visitors.

That we have changed our domain name from webmetools.com to the webmetools.com

This means all the pages of the webmetools domain have now been converted into the webmarketingtoools domain pages. We have set 301 redirects for every page of the webmetools.

In the future users will access through webmetools.com domain

The previous domain webmetools.com will redirect you to the new domain automatically.

Why we Change our Domain Name

For a long time, we are planning to change the domain name of our website, and when we saw that webmetools.com is available for sale. we purchased this domain name and move our previous site to the new domain.

Our old domain name webmetools may be confused web surfers that what is the meaning of it, So we change the domain.

AIM of new Domain Name

This new domain name has more clarification about our AIM for our readers.

As its name – WebMarketingTools

It is completely showing that in this domain we have marketing tools that work on the web. Our website has 100+ digital marketing tools that are mostly used by Businesses, IT Professionals, and Bloggers.

We are continuing adding new tools and content for marketing.

What about the Social Media Pages

Our social media pages are the same as previous ones, but we have changed their name, username, and logo.

Now we are sharing more helpful information and graphics on the social media channel.

Join us on the social platform and stay connected with us.

Our Social Media Pages:

Website Assets and Logos:

WebMarketingTools Logo
Horizontal Logo
WebMarketingTools Logo Side
Side Logo

WebMarketingTools Logo Vertical Text Icon BG Color OPT95
Vertical Logo
WebMeTools.com is now WebMarketingTools.com | We Changed our Domain Name
Icon and Favicon

Logo Color Code: #296BEF

Logo Fonts: Lobster

You can check our complete resources and tools that we are using, on our Resource Page.

How this change is helpful for the visitors

Now this domain name is allowing us to create new content around marketing, marketing tools, and other helpful stuff.

This domain name also makes clear what is our site. So users will have a clear image that this site talks about blogging, digital marketing, software, and marketing guide.

Divesh Diggiwal

Founder of WebMarketingTools

Divesh Diggiwal
Divesh Diggiwal

Hi, I'm Divesh Diggiwal. Founder of this Website and DealsDekho. After quit my Railway Job, I am a Full-Time Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer, Now having 5-6 Years of Experience in SEO and Marketing. During this period, I have tried and tested many Digital Marketing & SaaS Tools. And Now I am Helping other Business Owners to get right Marketing Tools. On this website, I Manage Keyword Research, SEO, Tools Collaboration, and a Little Bit of Marketing.