Social Bookmarking Site List 2021

Massive List of 400+ Working & Active Hight Authority Social Bookmarking Site List 2021.

In 2021, what are the best social bookmarking sites?

Is social bookmarking still important in terms of SEO?

I’ll give you a step-by-step guide and also teach you how to use these social bookmarking sites to create backlinks.

The easiest way to speed up indexing of your new site or to rate your current blog post higher in search results is to bookmark your site in free high-PR social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking is a method used in Off-Page SEO and is a convenient way to gain high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites.

One of the most critical aspects of search ranking is backlinking or link creation. Yes, you might find it convenient to set up a blog and easily post a few posts. However, I’m sure you were surprised to find that your posts were nowhere to be found in Google’s search results. Most of the reasons for this is that you are either not building backlinks or are building low-quality, unworthy backlinks.

In this post, I’ll try to make the process of establishing backlinks for your website or freshly developed blog as easy as possible. I’ll also go over the simplest approaches and a few advanced link-building methods that experts use, so you can start working on them now to create backlinks for SEO in 2021.

You must use SEO tactics such as Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Guest Blogging, and others to gain better ranks in Google and other search engines.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an off-page SEO technique that involves submitting your post, photos, videos, and web page links to a range of websites. This is the fastest way to get high-quality backlinks for your website. It’s also a perfect way to improve the website’s traffic and popularity.

If done correctly, bookmarking your site in new social bookmarking pages, such as those mentioned below, is a perfect link-building technique. As a result, as an SEO executive or specialist, you must keep this in mind and use social bookmarking in your link-building strategy at all times. Social bookmarking may be a welcome gift for a new website or business.

When you share a link on a quality Social Bookmarking platform, search engines get a signal that the group crowd on these pages likes your content, and Google algorithms instantly improve your site’s ranking in search results.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Increase Domain Rating & Authority
  • Get Direct Traffic on Website
  • Improve Organic Search Traffic
  • Improve your Keywords Organic Rank
  • Website Branding & Promotion
  • It Helps in Indexing
  • Get Leads & Subscriptions
  • Diversify your Link Building Profiles
  • Increase the Number of Referring Domains

1. Increase Domain Authority & Rating

Yeah, if you bookmark high DA Do Follow pages, your site will receive some link juice from those sites, which will support your domain authority.

The social bookmarks tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. That improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

2. Get Direct Traffic on Website

Traffic is driven by bookmarks. Social bookmarks are exchanged within networks, helping more users who may not have reached the blog otherwise to access it.

As these people visit and share the page, they will spread the link further among their own social groups, creating a swiftly-moving viral advertising network of backlinks.

3. Improve Organic Search Traffic

The social bookmarks tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. That improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

Many SEO marketers believe that social bookmarking sites only provide backlinks to such referral traffic may help improve the organic ranking of the website.

4. Improve your Keywords Organic Rank

Once you start publishing quality content, you’ll want to give it a boost. Want to increase website traffic free? Instead of paying for ads, increase your organic website traffic by bookmarking posts and indexing pages yourself.

Using these websites allows you to add keyword tags to content so that others can easily access related articles with a search. This also helps to build better backlinks and climb in search engine ranks.

Popular social bookmarking tools include:

  • Bitly
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon/Mix

5. Website Branding & Promotion

In simple words, it is the act of tagging a website and saving it for later use and reference. These tagged websites are saved on the web instead of the your own web browser. It enables users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of the websites. Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website.

Social bookmarking assists in the growth of your brand and credibility. When you get more votes or shares from the audience, you get more targeted traffic, which often leads to a wider subscriber base. People fill out forms with their email addresses so that they can get the most recent posts from your site. These subscribers are a great network for you.

6. It Helps in Indexing

Social bookmarking assists in the indexing of the blog entries more easily. When you publish a post on your blog and send the link to a number of social bookmarking sites, users can share it if they like it and find it useful. It will also send signals to Google, which will support your post rating.

When Google updates and stores the data it’s called indexing. Social bookmarks help Google bots find and understand your content. It speeds up the indexing process. The search engine finds and ranks your content faster than if no bookmarks existed.

7. Get Leads & Subscriptions

Social bookmarking differs from search engines in that other people are ranking and tagging your content. So you don’t need to be a Google “whiz” with keywords or rely on their bots to drive traffic to your site.

Social bookmarking sites also track the links each user accesses. When your content appears on a bookmarking site it creates a backlink. The link leads back to the original website.

8. Diversify your Link Building Profiles

Link diversity is a strategy of obtaining inbound links from different kinds of pages ( for example directories, articles, news links). Link diversity also means obtaining links from a variety of domains such as . edu, .com, . net and so on.

Link diversity is using a variety of different types of links in order to leave a completely random footprint that the algorithm is not able to track and therefore not able to penalize. Backlink diversity also facilitates the ranking process by preventing any roadblocks.

9. Increase the Number of Referring Domains

Increasing the Number of Referring Domains is another way to use social bookmarking software. When you come across an article on social media marketing as a marketer, you should tag it as “Social Media” so that the social media team can identify it. Furthermore, once anyone on the team has access to the social bookmarking platform, they can check in on a daily basis to find the tools they need.

Popular companies and news sites use social bookmarking to promote their products and news. Bookmarking sites help them to publicize their content with lots of internet users at the very cheapest rates.

Tips for Effective Social Bookmarking

In WordPress, there are many Social Bookmarking Plugins which will add a bookmark to your blog posts from where users can quickly share your posts.  Here I’ll give you some tips for effective Social Bookmarking.

  1. While Bookmarking, always uses variations in Titles, Descriptions & Anchor Text.
  2. Use Quality Content. Your rankings, Subscription rates & CTR depend on the quality of your content.
  3. Always use interesting & relevant titles. Do not stuff excessive keywords in your titles.
  4. Never use Automatic Tools which will bookmark your links in hundreds of websites.
  5. While doing Bookmarking only select the relevant categories.
  6. Add bookmark icons at the bottom of your blog posts.


Social bookmarking is a very easy task and it can be done in 4-5 steps if you are doing it for first time. Otherwise it gets done in 2-3 easy steps.

But, one important aspect to be remembered  before publishing your social bookmarks is to first understand the page and then create one small article in your own words without copying the content from the source.


Step 1 : Choose the product/ service / article whose social bookmark you want to create. After, choosing the product understand the product or service by thorough go throw.

Step 2 : Choose website having good reviews/ points and create account on it. After this start your social bookmark submission activity by following further steps.

Title - Futurebrands - Social Bookmarking
Title - Krishna Allied - Social Bookmarking
Article - SJMSOM - Social Bookmarking
Article - Futurebrands - Social Bookmarking
Article - Krishna Allied - Social Bookmarking

Step 3 : Define the product/ service / article title to attract readers. Title should be simple, but needs to be trendy. For example, if article is to be written about educational program then its title should define about course and its deliver as shown in the below image :
Title - SJMSOM - Social Bookmarking
Another two examples for your better understanding :
Example 2: If the bookmark is to write for the service page of a brand management agency, then Title of it is likely to be as follows.

Example 3: If the bookmark is to write for the product page – Dal Storage Tank of the kitchen equipment manufacturer, then the Title of it is likely to be as follows.

Step 4 : Now, write the article in summarized form in your own sense. The article should be descriptive in an introductory manner and not full of promotional. Also, one thing to take care of is to maintain the proper flow of thought with correct framing of sentences and avoid grammatical errors like punctuation, quotes, full stop.
To avoid such mistakes and to write trending social bookmark refer following articles :
Example 1: If the bookmark is to write for the educational program page of a particular educational institute, then it likely to be as follows.

Also, see below examples of another two categories to understand this concept properly.
Example 2: If the bookmark is to write for the service page of brand making agency, then it likely to be as follows.

Example 3 : If the bookmark is to write for the product page of the kitchen equipment manufacturer, then it likely to be as follows.

Step 5: So, finally you did the two most important tasks, title & bookmark story creation. Now, last but not least task/ step is remaining and that is keyword assigning or creation.
Keyword assigning/ creation is selecting or writing appropriate words that will define your bookmark correct from the list provide by a respective website or to write your own words if list is not provided.
Now, you may think of what exactly keywords means? And why they are important? So, Don’t get stressed! Keywords means the words which user type in search box to find related information and to reach most of the user your webpage needs to be rank higher. Similarly, to rank your bookmark higher you have to labelled your bookmark with specific words that are highly searched by large number of readers.

Step 6: Submit your story or publish it directly. Some websites directly allow you to publish your bookmark while some other websites allow you to submit the story for review and if they like the story then only your story will publish otherwise it will be deleted automatically.
If your article not published by a particular website, then at the time of reporting you will be in trouble. So, better not to forget to take screenshots before publishing your bookmark as well as after publishing.

Conclusion – Social Bookmarking Sites, Should you Create Link on those?

Still, first and foremost, bear in mind that great content is important. A high authority backlink would not help you expand your blog in any other way. So, first and foremost, concentrate on building a highly useful website for your readers, and then rate your website so that you can automatically create backlinks.

Building the brand’s credibility by social bookmarking is highly beneficial. It will increase user engagement on your site, resulting in more frequent and focused traffic. It is the most effective off-page SEO tactic for any blog or website.

I’d like to say that social bookmarking can be very dangerous at times. There are a lot of bookmarking sites on the Internet, but not all of them are good.

Please note to review their spam ratings, DA, Relevancy, Traffic, and a few other words before uploading your connection to any site.

FAQs – Social Bookmarking Site List

Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective?

Social bookmarking might be useful because it is one of the way through which you can bookmark or add your website’s important pages like product pages, services pages, course pages, blogs etc. to most viewed directories or websites and increase your website’s traffic.

Why Should I Create Links on Social Bookmarking sites?

Since social bookmarking sites are authoritative sites, search engine spiders or web crawlers visit these sites almost continuously and thus, by placing your sites link on them, you’re able to inform Google quickly about any new content on your site, leading to faster indexing of your web pages.


Social bookmarking might be useful because it is one of the way through which you can bookmark or add your website’s important pages like product pages, services pages, course pages, blogs etc. to most viewed directories or websites and increase your website’s traffic.
Many people have different opinions, but we feel that this is one of the tactics that is obsolete to a good extent. There are few good social bookmarking websites like Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon or Digg which might  probably give you some extra traffic. But is the traffic actually worth?  You need to check Google Analytics and find out whether the bounce rate of traffic from these social bookmarking sites is high (> 70%). If such is the case, then we need not utilise Social bookmarking.

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