TemplateMonster Promo Code 2024- Get an Exclusive Discount on Every Product

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TemplateMonster is a marketplace where more products are listed, such as website themes, plugins, graphics, videos, audio, presentations, online services, and more.

TemplateMonster Team has provided us with a Special Discount Coupon for MonsterOne.

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In this post, you get:

  • TemplateMonster Promo code
  • How to Avail Coupons
  • TM Products with a price range
  • TemplateMonster features
  • MonsterOne Discount Code

Summary of Template Monster Discount Code:

No. of TemplateMonster Coupons8 Offers
MonsterOne DiscountAdditional 10% Discount
Exclusive Monster One CouponYes, Available
Maximum Saving on TemplatesSave up to $280
Free TrialNot Available

You’re on the right page to save money on TemplateMonster products and themes.

Latest And Active Deals-

MonsterOne Discount Code 2024

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Template Monster Social Media Templates Coupon

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Template Monster PowerPoint Templates Coupon

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Easy Steps To Avail Your Discount.

How to Avail MonsterOne Promo Code

We are sharing with you easy steps to get the TemplateMonster coupon code and get the maximum discount on TemplateMonster Products.

Step.1- Visit MonsterOne Site

In the first step, you can visit the TemplateMonster website where you can find the products to apply Our given coupon code.

Step.2- Visit On Pricing Page

In the second step, you need to visit on TemplateMonster product page where you can see the multiple products listed.

Step.3- Choose the Plan and Subscription

In the third step, you need to choose a product that you want to buy and which can fulfil your website’s and business needs.

Step.4- Select the Pricing Plan of Products

TemplateMonster Promo Code 2024- Get an Exclusive Discount on Every Product

In this step, you need to select the pricing plan of products. every product has a different pricing plan, for example, the website template product has three pricing plans personal, commercial, and business, and the video and the audio products have two pricing plans a regular plan and an extended plan.

So, it would help if you chose a pricing plan to which you can apply the MonsterOne promo code.

Step.5- Apply Coupon Code

Purchase Now
Use Promo Code – WEBMTOOLS

Get an additional 10% Discount on all the MonsterOne Subscription.

Checkout-MonsterONE-Subscription WEBMTOOLS Coupon

In the last five steps, you can apply our given TemplateMonster coupon code after filling in your details you can also enter the code to get a discount on your purchasing product.

All Products at a discount.

TemplteMonster Products Pricing with Discount

TemplateMonster Products

TemplatMonster offers a variety of products and services for E-Marketers. Here are some of the best-selling products with their price range.


Website Themes or Templates

Optimized WordPress, Shopify, or Other CMS Themes.
Template Monster Product Templates
Template Monster Product Templates

The first and Beginning product of TemplateMonster is website themes which are their oldest product and most selling category. TM provides all kinda themes for WordPress, HTML, E-Commerce, and Other CMS

More than 11,000+ themes are listed on TemplteMonster which are ready to use and build with high-quality standards. Lots of variety is available here to select the right theme for your next project.

For a Website template, Template Monster’s price starts from $14 and can go up to $160. There are lots of themes categorized with their price range so you get a quick idea about template pricing.

  • WordPress Theme  >> $45 – $98
  • HTML Theme  >> $14 – $98
  • WooCommerc Theme >> $75 – $127
  • Joomla >> $65 – $87
  • Open Cart >> $45 – $91
  • Shofi Themes >> $75 – $160



100k+ Different Types of Graphics.
Template Monster Product Graphics
Template Monster Product Graphics

Now we like to watch or hear content instead of reading, here Graphics play an important role. We pay more attention to graphics and it also represents how creative we are.

TemplateMonster has a large collection of pre-made build graphics that are ready to use on every showcase.

It provides graphics for PowerPoint, Keynotes, Google Slides, Social Media, Resume, PSD, Logo, Icons, and Much More. Every graphics design is available on TM which we need from the start of the day to the end of the day.

We are saying this because one time we were also a Web Designer, Where We needed some creative design to add to clients’ websites. So We believe

every web designer and graphic designer needs designs to do their work in a creative or professional way.

Here is a price range of the selling Graphic category:

  • Social Media Graphics: $4 – $30
  • PSD Templates: $10 – $14
  • Resume Templates: $6 – $16
  • Logo Templates: $17 – $39
  • PowerPoint Templates: $9 – $55
  • Google Slide: $13 – $17
  • Certificate Templates: $8 – $17


Video and Audio

Are you getting bored with your old video templates and want to grab the latest and most amazing video templates for your websites and business?

So in this post, we share great video templates such as After Effects Templates, Premiere Pro Templates, Final Cut Pro Templates, and Motion Graphics Templates. and they also provide stock videos.

Audio is also an important part of the videos TemplatesMonster has the stock music and stock effects that enhance your video performance.

Audio and Video Price Range

  • Audio price range – $18 to $100
  • Video Price range – $10 to $25


Plugins & Add-Ons

WordPress, Shopify or CMS Plugins.
Template Monster Product Plugins
Template Monster Product Plugins

TM also provides extensions, widgets, and plugins to boost the functionality of websites. Plugins add more power to our website and allow us to do more. It helps to generate more conversation, increase leads, and create engagement with website visitors.

It has all kinds of web tools for WordPress, JavaScript, Magneto, and Prestashop to increase features in a budget range. So you can pick a tool according to your CMS and increase power.

Here below We’ve added their price range with plugin categories.

  • WordPress Plugins >> $11 – $79
  • Javascript Extension >> $9 – $18
  • Magneto Extension >> $86
  • Prestashop Modules >> $39 – $69


3D Presentation

Move on from your old Presentation techniques and modules because now the TemplateMonster provides you with amazing Presentation templates and 3D Modules so now it’s time to be more focused on the latest presentation techniques.

TemplatesMonster has a lot of great presentation templates and also has 3D modules to up your website levels.

Such as PowerPoint templates, Google slide templates, keynote templates, and infographic elements available for popular categories like Consulting PowerPoint, Templates Web Design, PowerPoint Templates, and more.

3D modules enhance the quality of your images and image presentation in front of your user so with the 3D image your user can easily connect with your presentation.

Price Range of the 3D and Presentation

  • PowerPoint Range – $15 to $23
  • Google slides – $15 to $23

All presentation templates are available at almost the same range of price.


Website Builder

Build a Website with Front-End Tools.

It’s time for blocks, not code.

That means now designers also use web builders to create a website fast and in an easy way. With time Page Builder also becoming smarter, more functional, and very easy to create an age in front.

TemplateMonster has 2 kinds of website builders, One is officially by TM Site and another is a MotoCMS site builder. Both builders are good but the TemplateMonster builder has more features and newly designed blocks.

The price range of TemplateMmonster page builders:

  • TM Sites Builder >> $12.42/mo
  • MotaCMS Builder >> $9.9/mo


Online Services

Get help from the experts.

TM provides all kinds of online setup and Online marketing services from the configuration of WordPress to ad marketing via content writing, graphic design, online store setup, and search engine optimization.

Running lack of time and need expert service in online marketing go for TM services which are cost-efficient and quality services.

The price range for the different services

  • WordPress Services – $49 to $299
  • Shopify services – $59 to $679
  • Woo-Commerce – $49 to $849

Almost all services available in the same range

Worth it to buy Products

About TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is an in-one-market solution for Web Designers, Graphic artists,s and Every Web Marketer. TM provides all Kinda Themes/templates, Graphics, Plugins,  Add-Ons, Professional Templates, and all kinds of services. Which Market is this market hub of digital marketers?

Template Monster Home Page

It is established in 2002 and yet they’re spreading its product range and making it usable for everyone. It has more than 1600+ themes and a total of 32,000+ products.

This market is built for those who need something creative for creating a site, or any report, need extra power for their sites, and are ready to use graphic design to promote something.

Now TM is not only a theme marketplace but it has changed into a new destination where a user can get a membership and access all products on TemplateMonster. It is a good deal for Agencies, Freelancers, or Web designers who need multiple tools or products for their business.

TemplateMonster Features:

  • Multiple video templates
  • Multiple Products
  • High-quality product
  • 24/7 free support
  • Unlimited projects
  • One membership store
  • New and latest released products

Our Final Word

Conclusion – MonsterOne Promo Codes

In this article, we are sharing a template monster coupon code and discount on their multiple products template monster products with a price range, and template monster features.

TemplateMonster keeps updating its promo codes and offers, so getting the right TemplateMonster promo code or coupon becomes sometimes hard.

But here we’ve shared the latest TM Coupon 2024 with 7% Off on WordPress Themes, 5% Off on One Membership, 5% off on Graphics, 15% Off on Moto CMS, and 10% Discount on E-Commerce themes like Shopify themes.

Get a coupon for your desired products and save valuable money. Check other products’ price ranges and features if these web tools belong to you.

Queries Related To This Post-

FAQ – MonsterOne Discount Code

What is the TemplateMonster?

TemplatesMonster is a marketplace where you can see multiple products available like Website templates, Plugins and Add-ons, 3D presentations, and many more.

How Many Products are listed in the TemplateMonster?

There are multiple products are listed on the TemplateMonster marketplace for different categories.

How much is the Price Range of TemplateMonster Products?

On the TemplateMonster market place products are available between $15 to $ 849 price range

How much discount is offered by the TemplateMonster on Products?

Maximum 10% discount offer by the TemplateMonster on every product.

How to Avail Templates Coupon Code?

In a few steps, you are able to avail TemplateMonster coupon code 1- visit the Template Monster site, 2- Choose the product category or product, 3- Choose the pricing plan of the product, and 4- apply Our given Coupon code.

What is the TemplateMonster Coupon Code?

TemplateMonster coupon code those codes that you can apply on your product purchasing time and get the maximum discount on a particular product. By applying our given Coupon code you get the 45% OFF.

TemplateMonster Promo Code 2024- Get an Exclusive Discount on Every Product
TemplateMonster Promo Code 2024- Get an Exclusive Discount on Every Product
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