Rocket Hosting Promo Code and Discount 2024

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New Rocket Hosting Coupon Codes

Latest Rocket.Net Hosting Coupon Codes to get up to 20% Discount and Save up to $300 on Rocket Plans. Avail of Maximum Rocket Discount or Start Rocket Hosting just at $1 for 1 Month.

Are you looking for a discount on Rocket hosting?

Then you are on the right page, here we have shared the maximum discount and the latest deals of hosting.

Info – We have also personally tried this hosting for our website and found its is amazing in terms of speed. (Shared our experience in the conclusion)

Rocket is a premium WordPress hosting based on Cloudflare enterprise servers.

Rocket Hosting Offer8 Deals
Rocket Trial Option30 Days for $1
Regular Discount2 Months OFF on Annual Subscription
Maximum Saving on PlansSave $408
Money Back Guarantee30 Days hosting coupon code 2022

Latest And Actives Coupons-

Rocket.Net Promo Codes 2024

Rocket $1 First Month

The offer is valid for all plans.
Start Rocket hosting at just $1 for the first month of the selected plan.

Rocket Starter Plan Coupon Most Selling

Get the Rocket hosting for 1 Website with 250k Visits, 50Gb Bandwidth, and 10GB Storage Space. Almost 16% OFF or Save $60 on an annual subscription.
$25/mo$30/mo Get Offer
Right Plan for a Single Blog or Business Website.

Rocket PRO Plan Coupon Most Popular

Get the Rocket hosting for 3 Websites with 1000k Visits, 100GB Bandwidth, and 20GB Storage Space. Almost 16% OFF or Save $120 on an annual subscription.
$50/mo$60/mo Get Offer
Best Plan for Multiple Blogging & Business Sites.

Rocket Business Plan Coupon

Get the Rocket hosting for 10 Websites with 2500k Visits, 300GB Bandwidth, and 40GB Storage Space. Almost 16% OFF or Save $204 on an annual subscription.
$83/mo$100/mo Get Offer
Right Plan for Freelancers and High-Paying Clients.

Rocket Expert Plan Coupon

Get the Rocket hosting for 25 Websites with 5000k Visits, 500GB Bandwidth, and 60GB Storage Space. Almost 16% OFF or Save $408 on an annual subscription.
$166/mo$200/mo Get Offer
Best Plan for Agencies to Handle Good Websites.

Rocket Agency Plan Coupon

Get hosting for a large number of websites from 10 to 200 in the Agency Plan.
$100-$1600/mo Get Offer
Best Plan for Agencies to Handle Good Websites.

Easy Steps To Get Discount-

How to avail of Discount

Step-1 Visit the Rocket Pricing Plans

Visit the Rocket Pricing Page.

Rocket net coupon 1 dollar start

Step-2 Select a Hosting Type

  • Managed Hosting – For Bloggers and Small businesses
  • Agency – Made for Agencies and a large number of sites
  • Enterprise Hosting – For Startups and High Traffic Sites.

If you are looking for hosting for a few sites and want good performance, then you can simply select the Managed Hosting Plans.

Select a right hosting plan Hosting Pricing Plans

Rocket Hosting only provides hosting for WordPress Sites.

And they don’t have different types of hosting plans like VPS, Cloud, Shared, or else.

Rocket hosting plans are simple and have similar features.

Mostly Rocket hosting provides 3 types of plans:

  • Managed – For Bloggers & Small Businesses
  • Agencies – For Agencies with White Label Toolkits
  • Enterprise – Powerful Business WordPress Hosting

But their most selling plans are Managed, as it is starting plan, have essential features, and is made for bloggers and small business who is higher in number.

So here we are explaining their Managed Hosting plans in the detail, the rest of the plans have been explained in the Rocket Pricing Plans post.


Rocket Managed Hosting Plans:

Managed has 4 plans with almost the same features and the same server configuration. So whatever plan you select you will receive the same performance, only the difference is the number of WordPress sites, visits, and disk storage.

All the Managed Plan comes with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, Free SSL & CDN, WAF, Edge Networks, the Latest PHP, Auto updates, and the rest of the hosting features.

For small websites who is owned by a blogger or small business owners, this plan is best for them to host their website on a faster and more secure server.

Managed Plan’s pricing range is $30/mo to $200/mo, when users select the annual subscription they get 2 months of free hosting. Or New users can start Rocket hosting from $1 for a month on any plan. Use our shared Rocket coupons to get discounts on its hosting plans.

Rocket Managed Plans:

  • Starter – $30/month
  • Pro – $50/month
  • Business – $100/month
  • Enterprise – $200/month

WordPress Sites131025
Disk Storage10GB20GB40GB50GB
Free SSL, CDN & WAFYesYesYesYes
24*7 Phone SupportYesYes
Annual Subscription$30/month$60/month$100/month$200/month
Monthly Subscription$25/month$50/month$83/month$166/month
Get StarterGet ProGet BusinessGet Enterprise

Know More-

About Rocket Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting solution that is founded by Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Phillips back in 2020. Right now Its headquarters is situated in the _. This hosting platform uses Cloudflare Enterprises CDN servers to host the web applications.


This Fully-managed WordPress solution based on Cloud infrastructure provides amazing page speed. Their dashboard is easy to use and manages all the sites carefully. Its Plans have all the essential features to build, host, and run your WordPress website.

This WordPress hosting is a hassle-free experience for managing sites and excellent performance. Even after switching from our previous hosting to the Rocket hosting we also saw an improvement in our Coral Web Vitals scores.

As a standalone Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is costly for a single user, but here It is budget friendly and users get all the benefits of its Enterprise Plans. It gives the best performance, optimization, 100% uptime, and security from DDoS and Malware.

Rocket.Net Key Features:

  • Free SSL, CDN, and WAF
  • 20+ Global Server Locations
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Free Migrations
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • 250+ Caching & Security PoPs
  • Optimized Edge Servers
  • Global CDN Caching
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • 30 Days Refund Policy

Rocket Hosting Pros and Cons:

Pros of Rocket:

  • Performance – No doubt, Rocket is giving the best performance to its hosted website. Due to the Global distribution of server CDNs, it gives the best speed for all the geo-locations.
  • Security – Due to CloudFlare Enterprise CDN and Servers Its security is very tough. Features like Malware scanners, regular updates, the latest PHP, DDos Protection, and WAF keep secure tour websites.
  • Ease of Use – Rocket Dashboard is very easy, users can manage all the WordPress sites, their files, and Installed plugins & themes from the dashboard.

Cons of Rocket:

  • Expensive Hosting – As compared to another hosting, Rocket is expensive. It is only good if you have a profitable website and need better speed for conversion and SEO. Otherwise, for beginners, I would recommend Bluehost or Hostinger.
  • Limited Resources – Its Plan has very limited sources, Limited WordPress Sites, and Disk Space. For more sites, users have to choose higher plans, which are too costly and the disk space is not enough for large blogging or business sites.

Why Rocket Net?

Reason to Choose Rocket net Coupon

There are lots of reasons for this CloudFlare enterprise-based web hosting solution. But here we are sharing only a few important key points of Rocket hosting.

1. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Rocket-net Instant Speed Optimization

To deliver all the traffic bandwidth, Rocket uses Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. So users don’t need any additional CDN or any kind of extra configurations.

Enterprise CDN comes with multiple optimization features that make website loading smooth and fast.

Here are some of the features:

  • Brotli File Compression
  • Mirage Image Optimization
  • Polish Image Optimization
  • Smart Argo Routing
  • Tiered Caching

2. Free SSL, CDN, and WAF

This hosting provide CloudFlare SSL for all websites, which makes the secure transaction of all your website-related request.

It has CloudFlare Enterprise CDN, which has 200+ cache locations and serves data from the user’s closet location. This Enterprise CDN also increases the security of your website.

WAF(Web Application Firewall) is included in all plans, that keep secure your site from HTTP unauthorized requests.

3. Servers are Always Up (100% Uptime)

Rocket hosting servers are always up and they give 100% uptime to the users. As we know, rocket uses a Cloudflare edge server to host your website content that is secure, fast, and has good uptime.

Your visitors won’t ever face the downtime of the website and this also gives a good ranking signal to Google. In the Google search console, users can also check their server host issue. If there is some issue found then crawls can’t crawl your complete website properly.

So having a good uptime, must be now important for web hosting users. And on this Rocket hosting is perfect to keep your website always live.

4. WordPress Optimization Features:

Its edge servers deliver the best optimization for WordPress sites. That makes this hosting good for bloggers and online stores that use WooCommerce and WordPress-built sites.

  • Built-in caching or Server side caching
  • Powered by NGINX servers
  • Blazing Fast PHP – Always on the latest version of PHP
  • NVMe Drives – Faster SSD Storage Drives

5. Easy-to-use Control Panel:

Its control panel is very easy to use to start and manage WordPress sites.

From a single dashboard, users can create a new site, enable or disable the optimization features, check the website visitors and server stats, manage the database, access the file manager, and so on…

6. Wide Network Worldwide

Rocket 250 Edge Locations

The rocket uses Cloudflare servers to host the website and Its Enterprise CDN to server websites from the edge locations. Rocket claims they have 15+ Pop Edge locations and 250+ Cache Pop locations in different continents.

Its CDN store your site’s static files and other data on these 250+ locations and servers via the Argo smart routing that selects the fastest path to transfer files, optimize files via Brotli, and separate image compression.

Thus all make the Cloudflare network best for your website which serves the best speed, good optimization, tight security, and is affordable.

7. First Month at just $1

The best part of rocket hosting is, that it provides first-month hosting for every plan at just $1.

It is easy to start and during this 1st-month users can migrate their complete website, set up a new site, or test the platform and rocket hosting features.

8. Multiple Security Features


Cloudflare Enterprise WAF’s Secure WordPress Hosting utilizes Cloudflare’s Website Application Firewall (WAF) to scan every request coming to your WordPress site and make sure it’s safe before it’s sent to our servers.

Malware Protection:

As we are using WordPress for a long and have faced so many times malware issues, know very well how hectic they are.

But on Rocket hosting, protect your website files with Imunify360 which monitors every PHP script and stops if it seems malicious. This real-time defense technology saves your website from being hacked and keeps secure your data too.

Auto Updates:

WordPress developers continue to update their systems to fix bugs, add new features and update the files. Updating WordPress keeps your website secure from old patches and leaks. If there is any new update of WordPress either it is a core update or minor, rocket hosting does it for you.

Same as WordPress, Rocket also update the WordPress Themes and Plugins if they are from the WordPress Directory. This also keeps updating your site’s functions and features.

WordPress Activity Logging –

Websites that have login option need more security as compared to blogging sites, Rocket hosting checks every logged-in user data on their API system and then save it to the database.

9. Free Site Migrations:

Rocket team is ready to migrate your all sites from another previous hosting provider. This feature does not let come any downtime on your site.

And before actual move your domain, the user can test the website performance on the temporary rocket domain. Then later if you are satisfied with the rocket hosting you can change the DNS for your domain name.

To migrate your site on Rocket, users have to sign up on Rocket and submit the migration request. Within 24 hours Rocket expert will move your all site content to the new server.

10. Support and Documents

Rocket hosting comes with great customer support options.

As we already know, migration is already free and done by its hosting expert.

Rocket hosting has created a help center with lots of guides and configuration articles. Users can easily access and follow the Rocket guide to host their website correctly.

The help center is only available for logged-in users.

Along with the help center for the logged-in user, there is an option for the Submit The Ticket, In which users can share their problem and mention all the details regards the issue. Generally, the reply time of the ticket is 18-24 hours.

Support Options Are:

  • Phone – +1-877-374-0764
  • Email –
  • Live Chat – 24/7/365 Available
  • Ticket Option

Our Opinion??

Conclusion – Coupon and Discount 2024

On this page, we have shared the latest and working deals of the rocket hosting. By default, rocket hosting provides 2 months off on the annual plans over the monthly. But its Plan price is higher so selecting monthly subscriptions will be better.

Rocket hosting also offers new users a $1 plan for the first month of any plan. During this users can migrate their websites, test the performance, get the ease of the platform and check capabilities.

Rocket is overall a good hosting provider in terms of performance, but it is expensive and provides fewer resources. But for a few sites that need good speed, I would like to recommend Rocket Hosting.

Personal Experience with Rocket:

Web Marketing Tools hosted on Rocket net hosting

As we are running a blogging site, so we are always looking for hosting that has good speed and security.

So We came across the Rocket hosting and purchased its Starter Plan(1 Site, 10GB Space, 250k Visits). I request the Rocket team to migrate the site they migrated our whole content successfully within 15 hours.

After switching to Rocket there is a huge improvement in our website speed and coral web vital scores. At that time we were using the WP Rocket as the cache plugin and No additional CDN. I tested their support, It’s also good and quiet.

But after a few months, our disk storage was fulfilled and now we also need hosting for multiple sites, So we change our hosting.

Queries Related To This Post-

FAQs – Rocket.Net Plans and Coupons

  1. How much discount is available on the Rocket?

    You can avail up to 40% discount on the plans of by using coupons.

  2. What are Coupon Codes? coupon is a set of codes, that enable discounts on the Rocket hosting plans.

  3. How can I pay for rocket net plans?

    Users can make payments on rocket hosting using their credit cards and Paypal. For PayPal payment contact them first.

  4. Does Rocket have any refund policy?

    Yes, Rocket hosting has 30 days of a refund policy on their all plans. Users can ask for a refund under 30 days of the payment date.

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Rocket Hosting Promo Code and Discount 2024
Rocket Hosting Promo Code and Discount 2024
$25/month $30/month
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