Google Workspace Pricing Plans, Select a Right Plan



Google Workspace Pricing Plans, Select a Right Plan
Google Workspace Pricing Plans, Select a Right Plan

Compare all the Google Workspace Plans Pricing and their Features. Check all the Google Workspace(formerly G-suite) Plans with their Total Costs.

Are you looking for the right Google Workspace Plan?

Then this page will help you in selecting the right Google Workspace Pricing Plan.

Google Workspace provides solutions for individuals, businesses, and enterprises to manage and run their businesses by collaborating, communicating, save data tools.

Google Workspace’s price depends on the number of users, data storage, and additional features.

Let’s have a closer look at Google Workspace costs, Features, and check out if is it worth it.

Number of Plans3 Plans
Plans NameIndividuals, Businesses, or Enterprise
Starting Price$6/user/month
Free TrialFor 14 Days

How much does Google Workspace Cost?

Google Workspace provides 3 kinds of major plans, Individual, Business, or Enterprise simulation costs from $9/month to $6-18/user/month and enterprise plans have customized pricing.

Google Workspace offers the following pricing options:

  1. Google Workspace Business Starter: $6 per user per month.
  2. Google Workspace Business Standard: $12 per user per month.
  3. Google Workspace Business Plus: $18 per user per month.
  4. Google Workspace Enterprise: $20 per user per month.
  5. Google Workspace Enterprise Plus: $30 per user per month.

Workspace pricing depends on the number of users, how much storage you need, and some Google application additional features.

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Google Workspace Pricing Countywise

It has different pricing in different countries, here we have mentioned Google Workspace plans prices in the top 10 countries.

CountryBasicBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise Standard
United States$6/user/month$12/user/month$18/user/month$20/user/month
United Kingdom£4.14/user/month£8.28/user/month£12.42/user/month£13.80/user/month
CanadaCAD 8/user/monthCAD 16/user/monthCAD 24/user/monthCAD 26.67/user/month
AustraliaAUD 8/user/monthAUD 16/user/monthAUD 24/user/monthAUD 26.67/user/month
South Korea₩8,000/user/month₩16,000/user/month₩24,000/user/month₩26,667/user/month

Please note that this price is at the current time when we created this post. It may change or same right now.

Start a Trial Account before.

Google Workspace Trial Plan

Google Workspace also provides a 14 Days of Free Trial on the Individual and Business Plan so users can test its features and check its compatibility for their business.

Google Workspace Free Trial

How to activate Google Workspace Trial:

  • Visit the Google Workspace site
  • Go to the pricing page
  • Select any Individual or Business Plan
  • Enter your details
  • Enter the Payment details
  • Start your first 14 Days Trial

Quick Info about this.

What is Google Workspace?


Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps and later G Suite) is a set of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, developed and marketed by Google.

It includes Google Business, Productivity, or Collaboration tools like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Keep, Jamboard, Apps Script, and Cloud Search. There are over 14 Google Applications for businesses.

Back in 2006, It is launched as Gmail for your domain, then Google expand this as Google Apps for your domain in the current year. Later in 2016, it is rebranded as G Suite and it become popular. Again in 2020, Its name is changed to Google Workspace.

According to some sites, As of April 2020, Google Workspace has 6 million paying customers.

While most of the Google Applications are easily available and free for everyone, Google Workspace adds new features like a custom email address on your domain address, an option for higher online data storage, and more features in the Google Meet and Calender with some administration controls. Google Workspcase also provides support and help to its customers.

Applications and Services.

Google Workspace Products

It provides all kinds of applications for businesses that they can use to scale and manage their businesses. Google provides nearly 14 Applications and 4 other services in the Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Products
  • Gmail – Sent and Receive email security, chat, make voice and video calls, and stay on top of project work with shared files and tasks
  • Calendar – Sharable Calenders with the team, manage your event, and meetings, and clients can book appointments.
  • Drive – Save, Share and Access files anytime from anywhere supporting up to 100 files type.
  • Meet – For business-level video confessing with additional features.
  • Docs – Create, Edit, and Share content with every team member. Supported multiple members to edit on a single doc and save automatically.
  • Sheet – For data sharing with the team, multiple members can edit and see.
  • Slides – For creating presentations or any visual data in the record
  • Chats – For chats, text messages, and sharing files

Completed Details about Each Plan.

Google Workspace Pricing Plans

Google Workspace provides different kinds of solutions based on users and working requirements.

Here we have shared 5 Types of Google Workspace Plans with their Price and Features.

That will help you in selecting the right plan according to your need and budget.

The WMT team has monitored all the plans very closely and checked their features, their compatibility, and the best possible use for the users.


Google Workspace Individual Plan

This G-workspace plan is made for a single person, who can manage his business with Google tools like Google Meet, Calendar, and Gmail. It makes it easy to connect and engage with people through Google apps.

Google Workspace Individual Plan

As compared to the free public Google application here users get some extra features like longer calls, noise cancellation, and appointment booking-like solutions. So that you can make engagement video calls, your clients can easily book appointments on the calendar and communicate with clients using customized emails.

The Google Workspace Individual features come as a bundle, which will grow over time as more premium features get added. For additional business features designed for a team or organization, check out our other Google Workspace plans.

Google Workspace Individual is a plan built for one user. If you’re interested in using Google Workspace for your team, you should consider Google Workspace Essentials. Teams can easily get started with just their company email address and a credit card.

INFO – As we found, Individual Plan is not available for all countries.

Google Meet

  • Unlimited group calls – Host video calls up to 24 hours
  • Call recording – Record meetings and documents direct on google meet
  • Intelligent noise cancellation – Reduce background noise and help people to hear what you say
  • Polls, breakout, and room – Split into groups for discussions and get a quick pulse on the audience with polls

Google Calendar:

  • Appointment booking system – Get appointments, manage them, and set up dates on the google calendar
  • Integrated with your calendar – In a consolidated view add and book events
  • Easily avoid conflicts – Based on event and meeting, It shows your availability
  • Multiple appointment schedules – Clients can select multiple types of appointments direct on Google Calendar


  • Professional email layouts – Use professionally-designed templates for newsletters, marketing emails, and more
  • Email campaigns – Grow your business using multi-send and contact lists to easily email a large audience
  • Customize with your brand – Specify your brand color and logo just once, saving time on repeat use
  • Upload your own images – Customizing layouts with your own content is quick and easy


Google Workspace Business Plan

Business Plans are made for every type of business, whether it is a small business or a large established business.

Google Workspace Business Plans
Google Workspace Business Plans

Business Plans’ price mostly depends on the number of storage and video call participants. As the total number of members increases its total cost also hikes.

The Price of the Google Workspace Business plan starts from $6/user/month in the Business starter plan, the Business Standard plan costs $12/user/month and the Business Plus plan cost $18/user/month.

Here is a quick view of G-Suite Business Plans:

Business StarterBusiness StandardBusiness Plus
Gmail Business EmailYesYesYes
Voice Conferencing and Video Meeting100 Participants150 Participants500 Participants
Noise CancellationYesYes
Attendance TrackingYes
Cloud Storage per user30 GB2 TB5 TB
Team MessagingYesYesYes
Shared CalendarsYesYesYes
Get StarterGet StandardGet Plus


Business Starter

The business starter plan comes with all the basics of google workspace and essential features for a business. This plan starts from $6/user/month with a limited of maximum 300 users.

Business Starter Plan Features:

  • Custom and secure business email
  • Video meeting with up to 100 participants
  • 30 GB cloud storage per user
  • Maximum 24 hours meeting length
  • Team messaging and external chat
  • Website builder and survey builder
  • Collaboration content in drive, doc, and sheet

Starter Plan is Best For:

  • freelancers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Online store owners
  • Small business owners with five or fewer employees

Startup Plan Price:

Cost – $6/user/month


Business Standard

This plan contains all the important features of Google Workspace that are also missing in the starter plan. By default, google workspace also claims this plan as the most popular pricing plan.

This plan provides some extra features in video meetings and voice conferencing. that make this plan right for those who need lots of virtual meetings and seminars.

Additional features in the meeting are noise cancellation, polling option, QnA, Hand rising, breakout room, and moderation control.

Business Standard Features:

  • 2 TB storage per user
  • 150 members can participate in the video meetings
  • Record a video meeting and watch it later on the Google Drive
  • Meeting additional features
  • Appointment booking pages
  • Shared Drive with the team
  • Fundamental data regions
  • Google Workspace Migrate tool
  • Advanced chat rooms, including threaded rooms and guest access
  • Custom branding for document and form templates
  • Cloud-smart search inside Doc, Drive, Gmail, and Sheet

Standard Plan is Best For:

  • Small Business
  • Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers, YouTubers, and Influencers

Standard Plan Price:

Cost – $12/user/month


Business Plus

If you need more storage for users and more participants in the meetings, then you can consider the google workspace business plan.

Plus plan is the google workspace last plan, with some more additional features. It is made for stable businesses, startups, and organizations that have large teams.

This plan starts from $18 per user for a month, it seems higher as compared to the standard plan but here you get something more to make business smooth.

Business Plus Plan Features:

  • Included Standard Plan Features
  • 5 TB Storage per user
  • Video meeting available for the 500 participants
  • Meeting Attendance tracking

Business Plus Plan Best For:

  • Stable Business
  • New Startups
  • Large Team Organisation

Business Plan Price:

Cost – $18/user/month


Google Workspace Enterprise Plan

The Google Workspace Enterprise Plan provides an unlimited amount of storage, and unlimited meeting participants based on company needs. To get this plan, send all requirements to the google workspace team and get a quote with the price.

An interesting fact about this plan is that if you don’t need an Enterprise plan for every team member, you can set some team members in the lower business plans or set some members in the enterprise plans.

On the Enterprise plan, users have the option to pay their charges on a monthly or annual basis. Even Google representative also offers some discounts to organizations if you are able to start this.

Enterprise Plan Features:

  • 500 participants in the meetings
  • Storage as much as you need
  • In-domain live streaming
  • Build Apps without codes in the AppSheet
  • Enterprise Data Regions
  • Set rules to manage devices

Enterprise Plan is Best For:

This plan seems best when you required extra security protocols, this plan comes with Data loss prevention, cloud identity premium, context-aware access, security center, and S/MIME encryption.

Enterprise Plan Price:


Google Workspace Plan for Education

For Qualified Education Institutions Only

For Institutes and Education organizations, Colleges’ Google Workspace has special education plans. Where students, teachers, and other staff can use Google applications.

Additionally, google workspace also provides Google Classroom, It is a smart teaching and learning solution for teachers and students.

Google Workspace Education Plans:

  • Education Fundamentals – Free for Qualifying Institutions
  • Education Standard – $3/student/year
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade – $4/license/month
  • Education Plus – $5/student/year


Google Workspace Nonprofit editions

qualified nonprofit organizations only

Nonprofits also offer a free plan and some paid Google Workspace plans at a discounted price.

Google Workspace Plans for Nonprofits:

  • Nonprofits – Free
  • Business Standard – $3/user/month
  • Business Plus – $5.04/user/month
  • Enterprise Plans – Discounted nearly 70% of standard prices

Compare Google Workspace Plans

Google Workspace provide plans for individual users, business, industries, or startups. They have 3 major kinds of plans and inside them, there are more plans based on specifications.

Google Workspace Pricing Plans

All these plans have almost similar Google Applications, the Same Interface, and the rest of the things, Only the difference is the number of users, online storage, and the price.

A quick comparison of Google Workspace Plans:

Individual PlanBusiness PlansEnterprise Plans
No. of Available Plans13Customized
Per User Storage30 GB – 5 TBCustomized
Free Trial14 Days14 Days14 Days
Plan Price$9.99/month$6/month-$18/month
Get Individual Get BusinessGet Enterprise

Does it worth your money?

Wrap up – Google Workspace Pricing Plans

On this page, we have shared all the Google Workspace Plans with their pricing and features. It provides different kinds of solutions for different entities.

Google Workspace plans are more affordable as compared to Microsoft Office 365. As they are also completely on the cloud so access any google workspace application in the mobile or laptop browser.

To access its application users don’t need to download applications, they all smoothly work in the browsers. That makes it easy to access and save your device storage.

Another best part of Google Workspace is that right now chrome is the most popular browser, we all have Google accounts that make access to the google workspace application easy.

Its plans are designed based on the number of users and billing is monthly, so the owner can easily add new members and remove those who have resigned from the office.

Overall Google Workspace is the best solution for businesses and enterprises to stay connected with team members, easily share files, communicate, and host meetings.

Solve your queries and get more ideas.

Common Queries on Google Workspace Plans

What is starting pricing of the Google Workspace?

Google Workspace starting pricing is $9/month for the Individual plan and $6/user/month for the business plan. The enterprise plan’s starting price depends on the user’s requirements.

How much does Google Workspace cost?

The total cost of Google Workspace depends on the number of users and specifications. Its initial cost is $9/month for Individuals and $6/user/month for Business Plans.

How much does Google Workspace Business Plan Cost?

Business Plan has 3 kinds of plans. They are Starter, Standard, and Plus that cost simultaneously $6/user/month, $12/user/month, and $18/user/month.

Does Google Workspace provide Individual Plan?

Yes in some countries, Google Workspace also provides plans for Individual users. Which offers extra features in the Calender, Meet, and Google Applications.

How many members can use Google Workspace Business Plan?

Google has set this limit from 1 to 300 members for the Google Workspace business plan. For more. Its enterprise plan is free from the minimum and maximum number of users.

Is there any discount for the nonprofits?

Google Workspace for nonprofits is free with 100 participants, 30 GB of cloud storage per user, and a professional email address on the domain.

What does google workspace include?

Google Workspace has 14 different Google applications like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Keep, Jamboard, Apps Script, Cloud Search, and some other helpful software.

Is Google GSuite Free?

G-Suite provides 14 Days of Free Trial for new users, There is no free plan in the Google Workspace.


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