Amateur Blogging 2024 [A Guide To Become Amateur Blogger]

Complete Guide about Amateur Blogging, How to start an amateur blog, search amateur niche, 15 Common amateur blogging mistakes to avoid, and make money up to $1,000/mo from your amateur blog in 2024.

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The beauty of blogging as a way of life is that it allows you to be as affluent as you want to be. Nevertheless, this is picture-perfect in every way. Specifically, what is the reality of amateur blogging?

Do you have what it takes? Does a strong sense of passion drive this activity? If this concept teases you, what are your options?

Let’s explore the world of amateur blogging together and learn all the minor details that may turn it from a fascinating notion into a satisfying full-time pastime.

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  • What is Amateur Blogging
  • How to Start an Amateur Blog
  • How to find a good Niche
  • Top 11 Common Amateur Blogging Mistakes
  • Make money from Amateur Blogging

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Let’s Start-

What is Amateur Blogging?

Amateur blogging is a form of blogging that is done by people who are not professional writers. They write in their own style without any professional training.

The term “amateur” comes from the French word for “lover;” it’s a person who likes or has an interest in something, and blogs about it.

Blogging has become one of the most popular hobbies for people to do because it allows them to share their thoughts and feelings with other people.

It also gives them a way to connect with like-minded individuals and build communities over common interests.

To put it simply, amateur blogging is the practice of producing and distributing content online without expecting to make a significant profit.

Or is it possible that you shouldn’t hold out hope for anything in return? For example, posting personal words on a unique website may be considered a pastime.

About- Amateur Blogging

It’s best to begin as a side project. To start with, you should be able to enjoy this pastime. Why are you writing so much?

As a result, everything stems from your enjoyment of publishing online and sharing an opinion or finding a particular issue.

Another facet of amateur blogging comes to light here. It’s essential to maintain a degree of openness to everyone who may be reading your writings, whether they are friends or strangers. Consider the possibility of getting criticism or remarks from those who have different views than your own.

As a public speaker, you must be prepared for a barrage of written criticism. But, of course, if you were writing simply for yourself, you wouldn’t post your work online, would you?

When it comes to establishing a blog, it’s essential to remember that you’ll be taking a slight risk of getting some harsh comments before you even begin writing your first article.

Some Advantages-

7 Benefits of Starting an Amateur Blog

Starting an amateur blog can provide a wide range of benefits for both personal and professional growth. Here are some of the key benefits of starting an amateur blog:


Developing Your Writing Skills:

As you write more blog posts, you’ll begin to refine your writing skills and develop your own unique voice as a writer. Writing regularly can also help you become more confident in expressing your ideas and opinions.


Building Your Online Presence:

Having a blog can help you establish an online presence that showcases your skills, interests, and expertise. This can be a powerful tool for attracting potential employers, clients, or collaborators.


Sharing Your Knowledge and Expertise:

By sharing your knowledge and expertise on your blog, you can establish yourself as a credible and trustworthy authority in your field. This can help you attract new followers and build your professional reputation.


Connecting with Like-Minded People:

Blogging can help you connect with others who share your interests and passions, which can be a great way to build relationships and expand your network.


Building Your Personal Brand:

A blog can serve as a platform for building your personal brand and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. By creating valuable content and engaging with your audience, you can develop a strong online presence that sets you apart from your competitors.


Exploring New Topics and Ideas:

Blogging can be a fun and creative way to explore new topics and ideas, which can help you stay intellectually engaged and inspired.


Boosting Your SEO:

By regularly publishing high-quality blog posts, you can improve your website’s search engine ranking and attract more organic traffic to your site. This can be a great way to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

A simple guide to starting your amateur blogging.

How to Become an Amateur Blogger in 2024?

Here starting your Amateur Blogging journey, you have to keep many things in your mind.

Most of the time, Amateur bloggers are as simple as following a few simple steps. First, begin a blog and see where it takes you. Then, don’t worry about it too much. Even if your first draughts aren’t perfect, you should still get started writing.

If you like blogging and have a few subject ideas in mind, you should start a blog. Or, maybe, you work in an activity that not many people can access, making your thoughts unique and intriguing to others unfamiliar with them.

Or, perhaps, you’ve had a rich and varied life worth recounting.

Starting to write takes just a tiny amount of time. You won’t need to spend much time on it in most cases, provided the concept and the facts are clear.

The rest is a breeze. Online systems such as WordPress and Blogger make it easy to create a blog-friendly website. As a result, creating a blog account is a simple one-time task. Finally, feel free to post whenever suits your fancy.

It is possible to tailor the look and feel of your website to suit your needs and writing style with these web servers.

Follow the steps to create an amateur blog.

How to Start an Amateur Blog?

We understand that it may appear very exciting at first, and believe me, we agree!

But we want to achieve something in life by amateur blogging for the right reasons, not for the lifestyle that everyone else will sell on the internet. So here are a few indicators that blogging is a good fit for you:

  • You genuinely want to share information and assist others.
  • To your content, you can be consistent and persistent.
  • You are not expecting a get-rich-quick scheme and can remain focused on your objectives even if you do not see immediate results.
  • You’re prepared to fail.
  • You are eager to learn new strategies and put them into practice regularly.
  • You like writing or can learn to like it.

If you’re looking for a way to express yourself, blogging isn’t for you:

  • You want to become wealthy quickly.
  • You are unwilling to put in the effort to do the work.
  • You despise marketing and social media usage.
  • You are unwilling to put money into your blog.
  • You despise learning and prefer to do simple things.
  • You despise writing and are unwilling to hire a writer.
  • You’re not interested in learning how to use technology.

Search For a Blogging Topic.

How To Identify Your Amateur Blogs Niche?

Before you begin writing, you must do preliminary research and establish a game plan. There are a few things to keep in mind at this point:

Do you have enough knowledge of your blog’s subject matter to write about it confidently? As long as you’re passionate about the issue, you don’t need to be an expert to start a blog about it right away. Your audience can tell if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing.

You must decide if your blog will be a short or long-term project. Trendy blogs in specific niches don’t stay long. For example, if your blog is about a particular television program, you may get a lot of visitors while the show is still on the air.

How To Identify Your Amateur Blogs Niche
Image Source:

In no way does this imply you shouldn’t do it; it only means that you must take advantage of every last drop before the buzz disappears.

Is your target audience big enough? It’s best not to be too general in your approach. If your goal is to reach everyone, you’ll probably end up with no one. To get the best results, you’ll need a niche that gets a lot of traffic yet isn’t extremely crowded.

Is it possible to make money in your area of expertise? When it comes to advertising and affiliate marketing, niche blogs excel. To gain the attention of advertising, you’ll need to have a sizable following.

Researched and New Ideas to Start a Blog:

150+ Profitable Blog Niche Ideas & Topics in 2024

Common Errors That Most Amateur Bloggers Do.

12 Common Amateur Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some of the amateur blogger mistakes that cannot be neglected while creating blog content:

Amateur Blogger Mistake You Should Avoid

Not Buy A Proper Domain

Most Amateur Bloggers start their blogging careers with a free domain name (, and make one of the most common blunders of all newbies: they can’t expand their company.

As a result, we strongly advise any aspiring blogger to get their domain name to control their website and establish themselves as an authority in the field.

Building your blog’s identity with a custom domain name is an essential step in expanding your blog’s audience and readership.

If you’re a newbie making this error, we also advise you to stop and instead invest in a custom domain name. A free domain name will not provide you with the long-term success you want. NameCheap and Godaddy are good places to start if you’re wondering where to get a domain name.


Choosing the Wrong Web Host

Bloggers who use free platforms like to host their domain names risk losing ownership of their blogs and their material if the platform they’re using goes out of business.

Free platforms also don’t provide you with enough customization options to make changes to your blog on your own.

Choose Right Web Hosting

Self-hosting your website is critical since it ensures that you are the only owner of the servers on which your website is hosted. Your site will also benefit from an abundance of necessary plugins that can be used to enhance its functionality.

Select Top hosting for the WordPress:

Best WordPress Recommended Hosting

If you’re a blogger making a mistake, please correct it. In my opinion, DigitalOcean is the finest and fastest hosting service nowadays for everyone. Also included is a free $100 credit for the first 60 days.

Top Web Hosting Providers


Using someone else’s work without crediting them

When we all begin blogging, the work of creating articles appears tedious. That’s what’s known as plagiarism, so we started copying things from other well-known blogs in our industry and tweaking them a little before blog posting them on our site.

This isn’t a problem for everyone, but it’s common for novice bloggers. How would you feel if someone started taking your material and using your site as a source without your permission?

You commit SEO death if you plagiarise; Google despises this practice. This is a common issue for beginning bloggers.

Mention and attempt to credit the people in your pictures and videos if you are taking them. As a result, you’ll be able to build strong bonds with others.


Blog Design

A website’s homepage should be the first thing that grabs your attention. Everyone’s initial impression of a website is its design and layout.

The appearance of your blog is critical to its success. Free themes are what most new bloggers use to get their blogs up and running because that’s what everyone else is doing.

We advocate spending some money on a premium theme for starters since free articles aren’t optimized for search engines, don’t provide decent performance, and are difficult to modify.

Blog Design in Amatuer Blogging

A professional-looking theme might attract readers or at the very least keep them from being distracted, so choose wisely. Consider premium themes an investment in your blog, and don’t be afraid to test them out.

To minimize a negative influence on visitors, you should avoid changing your site’s theme too often. The experience of visiting a website only to discover that the design has been wholly altered while you were browsing its content would be disturbing, wouldn’t it? So, it’s best to focus on one idea at a time.


Lack of Consistent Writing

This is a common blunder that novice bloggers should avoid at all costs. After starting their blogs, a new blogger creates some material and waits for results for the first month. In the absence of results, they cease creating material.

Because this is a long-term business, you won’t see results in a matter of weeks or months. Furthermore, it’s impossible to predict the future of a blog after only a few entries have been published.

To get your blog discovered by Google in a few months, keep publishing regularly and focusing on keyword research.

Writing may be a challenging task at first, but if you persevere, it will become second nature, and you won’t have to worry about any challenges in the future.


Build a Massive Number of Backlinks

Amateur bloggers believe that obtaining backlinks is the sole method to get high rankings on Google’s search engine results pages. Not at all.

Because every new blogger assumes that all they have to do is establish a blog, write a few articles, and then begin link-building the next day, We believe that many new bloggers fail to see any returns at all.

Since We made the same error at the beginning of my blog and didn’t see any returns despite putting in a lot of work, We urge you to quit making this mistake.

To begin earning backlinks via guest blogging, you will need to consume between 70-100 high-quality blog pieces. Until then, keep the number of guest posts you write to a bare minimum.


Ignoring Social Media

The new blogger’s biggest worry is, “Why doesn’t my site receive enough traffic?” If you want people to read your fantastic blog, you need to make sure they know about it by sharing it on social media.

Your blog will get a tonne of traffic as a result of this. Depending on the quality of your material, a part of this traffic will convert into paying customers. You won’t have to bother trying to get new readers after you’ve established a following of regulars.

Skyrocket Your Website Traffic:

Best Social Bookmarking Site List


Publish Only Your Own Stuff

Some amateur bloggers tend to post solely their stuff, which is a bad idea. However, you may also share the material of other bloggers, which might assist you in the future by establishing a solid relationship with them.

At the beginning of your blogging career, you must post insightful comments on other famous sites and share other popular material within your area to create partnerships.


Not Connecting With Others

It’s less likely that you’ll obtain a backlink from someone if you don’t connect to them in the first place. The more material you link to, the better your search engine rankings will be, and you’ll be able to quickly create a connection with other high-ranking bloggers as a result.


Afraid To Invest

Every new blogger is reluctant to spend money on something they don’t know much about. Because they’re all hesitant to pay, they utilize free resources. How can you tell which is a huge mistake? If you want to make money, you must first put in money.

If you want to see your company develop, stop making this mistake and start investing in the essential things to your business that can help it grow 20 times as fast as it otherwise would.


Relying solely on paid advertisements and sponsored content

In Our view, beginner bloggers should not rely on ads and sponsored pieces. Instead, make your products and services so you can better serve your community.

To do this, you need to either work with one-on-one customers, create your online courses and ebooks, organize live events, or do all of the above.

Making and operating an online course used to be challenging, but technological advances have made it much easier now.


Scared to Invest in Plugins/Tools

Take your blog as a business and businesses need some investment. So don’t hesitate to invest in your blog in the beginning.

After a time, this blog is going to make money for you. So right now you should invest some amount in the right Domain, Hosting, Theme, or Plugin.

Scared to Invest in Plugins/Tools

Get the best blogging tools to win this war and make your blogging profitable and worthy.

Get More Niche Ideas to Start the Amature Blogging:

25 Niche Research Tools: Select a Profitable & Low Competition Niche

So, what separates the highly successful from the ones who can’t seem to gain traction with their work? The answer is how quickly they move from the amateur stage to becoming a professional. The fastest way to do that is by learning from other people’s mistakes.

Make money from an amateur blog.

How to Turn Amateur Blogging Into a Profession?

Businesses of all kinds are beginning to blog to establish a long-term audience. However, more and more bloggers are starting businesses to sideline their writing. It’s also logical.

Building an audience for new businesses is one of the most challenging tasks they face. But on the other hand, bloggers frequently work backward, first building an audience by consistently producing high-quality content and then looking for ways to monetize their traffic.

Your Amateur blog’s potential like a business is determined entirely by your audience, regardless of how you approach it.

Concentrate on growing this audience as you continue to publish regularly, and you’ll notice an increase in traffic and reach.

To turn your Amateur blogging into a Real business is as follows:

1. Create a Personal Brand:-

Businesses must create a distinct brand that will attract customers.

Unless you already have some traction or followers as a blogger, you may already have a reputation – good or bad. It’s time to develop a professional image.

Maintain your distinct style and tone, but clean up your interactions to give your ideal audience a positive or appealing impression of your brand.

2. Understand the Rules and Laws That Apply to You:-

Know the state-specific rules for giveaways on your blog and social media. Even if your vendor does not, you may need to make good on prizes.

Learn which photos you can use for free and which you must pay for, as well as what constitutes reasonable use.

Monetizing Your Amateur Blog-

How To Make Money With Amateur Blogging?

Some bloggers earn several thousand dollars a month or more from their sites. Alternatively, it might be substantially higher. However, there aren’t very many of them.

If you earn money from your amateur blog, it’s generally via affiliate marketing, adverts on your website, traditional advertising contracts, or even donations provided by your followers.

How To Make Money With Amateur Blogging?

Typically, it will take months or even years to build a network of revenue sources that are ideal for your situation. To test a wide range of alternatives and collaborate with various organizations to narrow down the best solutions for you.

Even with Amature blogging, you can also make money from URL shorteners. We have listed the best URL shorter tools here.

Our Opinion-

Conclusion: Does Amateur Blogging Worth in 2024?

In this article, we have completely shared how to find a niche for amateur blogs, how to start amateur blogging, what mistakes to avoid, and how to make money from it.

Now you have gotten more ideas about Amateur blogging and how to proceed in the right direction.

Amateur bloggers’ critical sources of fulfillment and success are their ability to express themselves creatively, have a sense of direction in their life and work, have meaningful relationships, access financial resources, and be in good physical condition.

As long as we focus on our clients’ lives rather than simply monthly revenue reports, we can maintain seeking the balance of purpose and money.

Since the debut of blogs, online journals have increased significantly. A private blogger is an individual who writes down their thoughts and experiences to share them with others.

Amateur and professional copywriters use blogs to build their reputations. Brand recognition, client loyalty, and expert status are all reasons why companies build blogs for their business.

At the end of the post, we hope that this article was informative for you. We just want to say that we have mentioned all the major details related to Amateur Blogging.


Some Queries Related to Amateur Blogging

How Does Money Come From Amateur Blogging?

To put it another way, professional bloggers earned an average profit of $138,064 in 2017, whereas amateur bloggers (who accounted for 86% of those polled) only made $9,497.

What is Amateur Blogging?

When a blogger with little expertise maintains a blog, it is referred to as amateur blogging. Here are a few things to help you understand it better:
●  Many inexperienced bloggers begin blogging as a pastime.
●  Some people begin to express themselves and share their viewpoints.
●  Some bloggers establish blogs to convey their enthusiasm, inspiration, and intensity.

Should you Start Amateur Blog?

Beginning a blog significantly influences your writing abilities. The more you write, the more you’ll learn about what people like and what they don’t like. In addition, you’ll be able to write about topics that readers like more since you’ll be forced to use more of your imagination. As a result, there is a greater audience.

Is Amateur Blogging Worth it?

With the rise of social media, you may believe that maintaining a blog is no longer worthwhile. However, having your blog or website is becoming increasingly important. If you only use social media, you risk losing your audience if the algorithm changes.

Can an Amateur Blogger Become a Pro Some Day?

Yes, we can quickly become pro bloggers. Firstly, we can make some efforts to do some content work properly. Secondly, do practice for every work you give for less time and effort.

Can I Start Blogging on a Free Platform and Later Upgrade?

Of course, there are many free platforms available in the market for blogging in today’s scenario. WordPress is also the king of free blogging sites. We Can Choose any suitable and easy platform to do blogging.

What is a Good Example of an Amateur Blog?

There are so many popular blogs in today’s world. To write some content on any blog: the best fashion blog, best photography blog, and many more. You can write so much content on these blogs.

What are some free blogging platforms for Amateur bloggers?

There are many free blogging platforms where you can create your blog for free, such as Tumblr, Bloggers, WordPress, etc.

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