15 Best TemplateMonster Alternatives & Template Monster One Competitors

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15 Best Alternative to TemplateMonster & TemplateMonster One Subscription 🔁 in 2021. Compare ✅ all Template Monster Competitors with their Asset Checklist, Plans, and Features.

Are you looking for TemplateMonster Alternatives?

We've picked the Best Alternatives of TemplateMonster to get more creative and new design assets for your next digital products.

In this article, we've shared 12 Sites like TemplateMonster that provide unlimited digital assets for designers. Compare other tools with their features, price, and why you should pick them over TemplateMonster.

In this post we've included:

  • TemplateMonster Alternatives
  • Sites like TemplateMonster
  • TemplateMonster Competitors
This article will help you choose the best TemplateMonster Alternative according to your need.

In a really short period, TemplateMonster has enhanced the favorite of designers, creators, marketing agencies & small businesses.

They must have produced something right. Though some also say that TemplateMonster is eliminating the competition by presenting a huge top-quality acquisition of digital assets in unmatchable pricing. Since it is quite simple to see if there are any serious alternatives or opponents of TemplateMonster.

Template Monster Alternatives Summary:

No. of TemplateMonster10
Best TemplateMonster AlternativeEnvato Elements??
Price Range of Alternatives$6.85 – $599
Compare Alternatives ByAssets, Price, and Features
Competitors TypeFree & Paid Both
15 Best TemplateMonster Alternatives & Template Monster One Competitors
Credit – https://thedigitalmerchant.com/

Top Alternatives of TemplateMonster Theme.

What Are TemplateMonster Alternatives?

TemplateMonster is a subscription service that presents you with a way to over 900K downloadable digital assets for your plans.

To put things simply, TemplateMonster allows just two pricing plans monthly and yearly with both promoting unlimited downloads.

Basically, there are some cons of TemplateMonster like:

  • Quality is a mixed bag
  • No update notifications
  • No item support.

When it comes to content production, the TemplateMonster assets are created by a community of autonomous designers.

These designers are compensated for their works via a revenue-sharing pattern. Fifty percent of net revenue is reportedly dealt with the content producers who provide the assets for TemplateMonster.

Best Alternatives to Template Monster Theme Builder

S.NoNameStarting PriceSpecifications-1Specifications-2Get Alternative
#Envato Elements$16.50/moTop graphic templatesUnlimited downloadsVisit Site
1.Template Monster$14.95/moMultiple Digital AssetsTechnical SupportVisit Site
2.Creative Market$39/yearUnlimited photos24/7 supportVisit Site
3.Adobe Stock$29.99/yearFree trialPremium imagesVisit Site
4.Motion Elements$198/yearFree elementsAfter effects templates 
5.Freepik$68.28/yearUnlimited downloadsPriority support 
6.Motion Array$29.99/yearPremier pro pluginsUnlimited downloads 
7.Storyblocks$316/year4K FootageCancel anytime 

12 Template Monster Alternatives and Competitors:

Here are the 7 Best TemplateMonster alternatives with their Features, Plans, and Pricing to use over TemplateMonster.


Motion Elements

sites like TemplateMonster Motion elements

Motion Elements is the best digital assets provider platform. It claims to have deeper than 3.5 million digital assets, which is large. This is Asia’s largest platform for digital assets. These could be extremely used in your all variety of projects and very beneficial for creators, designers, webmasters, small businesses, and start-ups.

Motion Elements Features:

It has the following key features:

  • 2M+ stock video footage
  • Over 500k+ background music
  • 2M+ animated backgrounds
  • 250k+ after effects templates
  • Includes 300k+ images and gif’s
  • 30k+ Sound effects for videos
  • Includes premiere pro templates

Motion Elements Plans and Pricing:

It has only one plan adding a wide range of features. Let us look into detail:

Plan: Unlimited plan for $198. It has the features of HD footage & animations, After Effects Templates, Premiere Pro Templates, Photos, Apple Motion Templates, music, and much more.

Why use Motion Elements is Similar like TemplateMonster:

Motion Elements has a much larger number of digital assets than TemplateMonster. Still, Motion Elements doesn’t have some digital assets. It also proposes a vast collection of digital assets for people of Asia, but, at the same time, TemplateMonster has an enormous global collection.

Motion Elements claims of more than 3 million digital assets, which involves music & audio tracks, templates, video footage, motion templates, 3D, etc. It, too, has Premiere Pro templates, Apple Motion templates, and BGM music tracks, which presents it very engaging for creators. It is claimed to be Asia’s largest acquisition of digital assets.

One thing which retains it aside from the competition is its unique AI search tools.  It has one Great advantage over TemplateMonster. You can, too, join it as a free account & can download 5 digital assets every week.


Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the biggest collections of digital assets, which originates from Adobe itself. Every one apprehends how nearly Adobe is linked with the imaging/visuals technologies. Stock from Adobe is a known stock digital assets service, as it is integrable with the Creative cloud.

Adobe Stock Features:

It has the following features:

  • 191k+ images are available
  • 165k+ videos are included
  • More than 39k+ templates included
  • 13k+ 3D images to use
  • Get one-month trial
  • 399k+ vectors to use
  • Royalty-free assets

Adobe Stock Plans and Pricing:

It has three plans under two subscriptions with varied pricing with its features. Let us discuss below of each plan:

Plan-1: Most popular starting plan for $29.99. It offers the features of 10 standard images a month and, Rollover up to 120 unused licenses.

Plan-2: Middle plan for $79.99. It includes 40 standard images a month,
And roll over up to 480 unused licenses.

Plan-3: End plan for $199.99. It consists of the features of 750 standard images a month and offers the best value for standard images.

Why use Adobe Stock over TemplateMonster:

Adobe Stock starts with a solid base of images, contributors, and consumers, which hugely profited its commercial offer. The advantage of this platform regard to the others is the total integration with all the applications of the Adobe Creative Cloud as it is likely to market your images and upload them to the web without ought to begin an Internet browser.

Best Place to Sell Photos Online, Footage Clips, Illustrations, & Vectors – Adobe  Stock

This does things more comfortable for all current users of the Creative Cloud platform, that with some clicks can sell, purchase, download, and update their images, graphics, videos, and all the content accessible in Adobe Stock without abandoning the application. If you are an Adobe user and you need to manage with royalty-free content, there is no intent to use a different platform.



Storyblocks is the perfect stock solution for creators and businesses alike, giving an immense library of high-quality royalty-free video, audio, and pictures through cost-effective subscription plans.

Storyblocks Features:

It has the following features:

  • 780k+ video footages
  • 8k+ After effects included
  • More than 30k+ sounds to use
  • Included 3k+ photos
  • 175k+ vectors to use
  • 53k+ illustrations are available
  • Cancel plans anytime

Storyblocks Plans and Pricing:

It has the all-access plan following the video and audio plans:

Plan-1: Unlimited All Access for $316. It includes the features of HD Footage, Music, Sound Effects, & Loops, Photos, Vectors, & Illustrations, and much more.

Why use Storyblocks alternative of TemplateMonster:

Storyblocks is a subscription service that gives a path to over 1.5 million royalty-free digital goods that can be downloaded for private and business use.

It now serves all of the services related to the business i.e., audio, and image stock libraries. Storyblocks allows its members with affordable annual and monthly plans.

Storyblocks – Stock Agency Review

Storyblocks are intended to be a one-stop-shop for everything a person could require for a creative project. As digital media has become fixed into our regular life, the need for royalty-free images, audio, and video has skyrocketed.

Since its start, the organization’s aim has been to give high-quality materials at charges artists can afford. It is one of the best platforms as premium digital assets providers are close rivals to TemplateMonster, Storyblocks is one of those few.


Creative Market

Envato Alternatives Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace of individualistic artists throughout the world who build top class designs. Both TemplateMonster & Creative Market suggest many things in common. Both are excellent platforms for images, templates, graphics, web themes, fonts, and add-ons.

Creative Market Features

It has the following key features:

  • 282k+ photos to use
  • 970k+ custom-designed graphics
  • More than 290k+ templates are included
  • Over 7,600 web themes available
  • 34k+ fonts available
  • Includes 19k+ Add-ons
  • More than 7,100 3D models

Creative Market Plans and Pricing:

Plan-1: Personal plan for $39. It offers the features of one personal social media account with non-commercial activities, and much more.

Plan-2: Commercial plan for $49. It includes 5,000 physical or digital end products, one business social media account, Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000-lifetime viewers, and much more.

Plan-3: Extended Commercial plan for $399. It has Unlimited physical advertisements for local, national, and global markets, Unlimited business social media accounts, and much more.

Why Creative Market is a TemplateMonster Alternative:

Creative Market is an online marketplace that presents design content in a type of various categories, including templates, graphics, fonts, and more that are built by independent makers.

With Creative Market, you can buy pre-made design assets that you can connect straight to your website, or you can buy design assets such as fonts or icons that you can later continue to other designs and customize further.

Creative Market gives you the items and parts you need to create your design assets for your company, whether it be an outline for a business card or a template for a logo while some of these features are missing in TemplateMonster.


Envato Elements

Best Alternative to Template Monster.
  • Product
  • Specification

Envato Elements

$10.75 -67%
Envato Elements is an excellent service that offers good value for money. That’s certainly worth it. The subscription covers a lot of areas, so each …
Starting Price




Money Back Guarantee



Valuable for Designers.

Element is a service from Envato that intends to present creators and makers with ever-expanding archives of digital assets for their projects.

If you need a path to a huge and increasing collection of graphics, audio files, images, videos, designs, fonts, HTML templates, and WordPress themes and plugins, as well as extra content, then TemplateMonster could be exactly what you seem for.

TemplateMonster is already the Best Solution to get the Latest Creative Digital Assets for Designers with 1 Million Assets.
TemplateMonster offer 12 Premium Assets Every Month at Free of Cost.

Moreover, TemplateMonster subscribers soon also gain access to 1,200 video courses and eBooks from EnvatoTuts+. Appreciations to this, you not simply get access to almost 1 Million Digital Assets but also the informative content to ease your work with them efficiently.



Freepik TemplateMonster alternatives

This free graphic design service is the best option for those who require quality visual assets for nothing: freepik flourishes vector images, presentations, banners, images, and icons for all seasons. Besides, you can find many postcards and infographic components out there. The service also offers paid graphic products.

Freepik Features:

It has the following features:

  • 265k+ vectors are available
  • 493k+ photos to use
  • 166k+ free PSD files
  • Included 295k+ icons
  • More than 50k+ illustrations
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Priority support.

Freepik Plans and Pricing:

It has two plans with varied features as:

Plan-1: The first is a free plan. This plan includes thousands of free resources, but it is helpful for beginners to start with.

Plan-2: Premium plan for $68.28. It has the features of Unlimited downloads, Priority support, No ads, Premium stock photos, and much more.

Why Freepik is a Alternative to TemplateMonster:

Freepik is a root for free vectors, icons, and images. The platform has over 80k+ particular free resources each month, created by Freepik’s team or the community of graphic designers and vector artists contributors.

Freepik has classified all assets into 4 main sections: Icons, vectors, and Stock Photos. You will also discover several subcategories that will assist you in narrowing your quest. Some of the most common kinds of graphic resources are logos, Business cards, Infographics, Banner, Pattern, Frame, Flyer, and more.

When uploaded, all resources are marked with appropriate tags, so this is an extra handy option to do precise searches. Freepik enables you to use all free and resources for private and commercial projects. Some of these features are might missing in other platforms.

Visit | FreePik


Motion Array

Motion array has performed an excellent job of offering a great quality of essential resources. It is a marketplace for different types of creative resources. It provides templates (including Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve templates), audio effects, presets, and video footage, tutorials, plugins, etc.

Motion Array Features:

It has the following features:

  • 87k+ premiere pro templates
  • 42k+ premiere pro presets
  • More than 16k+ stock photos
  • Over 60k+ royalty-free music
  • Includes 41k+ stock videos
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Best premiere pro plugins included

Motion Array Plans and Pricing:

It has the following plans:

Plan-1: First is the Free plan as it is only for single-user and has the option for free downloads.

Plan-2: Monthly plan for $29.99. It includes plugins, review, and it is also for a single user.

Plan-3: Annual plan for $249.99. It has the same features as the monthly plan.

Why Motion Array is a Competitor of TemplateMonster:

Motion Array was formerly and still is a stock asset marketplace for everything from After Effects templates and Premiere Pro templates to a stock video footage, stock effects library, and royalty-free production music.

Motion Array

Now thousands of unique assets are added to the site each period, although each asset is curated for quality before it’s released in. With the addition of Review and Portfolio to the Motion Array support service, one of the heart benefits is being ready to have all your subscription services in one spot.

Your client review service, your video hosting, your website hosting and design, your stock assets of graphics and music. It’s all bundled into one rate and one service. With all these features, it is considered as the best platform when compared to TemplateMonster.

Visit | StoryBlocks

Should you search for its Alternative?

Conclusion – Sites Like TemplateMonster and Alternatives

So, these were some of the TemplateMonster alternatives. There are some more Envato alternatives are available, which are listed below:

  • Icons8
  • IconArchieve
  • Nucleo
  • IcoMoon
  • Iconfinder

TemplateMonster is also the best platform but some of the functional elements are missing in it. So we have listed the best alternatives among the TemplateMonster above.

TemplateMonster contributes nearly all types of digital assets. You will get everything you require for your projects. It was designed, managing in mind regarding the practical needs of expert bloggers, creators, webmasters & small businesses by the WordPress fonts, themes, infographics.

You can access the entire collection of TemplateMonster, without opting for a plan and see how helpful it could be for you. At the similar time, there are various other platforms to explore, which possess their strengths.

Not Found a Better Alternative of TemplateMonster?

Try TemplateMonster Self:

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
TemplateMonster is All-In-One market solution for Web Designers, Graphic artist and Every Web Marketers. TemplateMonster provides all Kinda …
Starting Price

Theme-$14, Plugin-$9, Graphics-$4, Membership-$13.25/mo


Single Products-1,5 & Membership-Unlimited Site

Money Back

For Membership 14 Days


For Developers Its Membership is Great Opportunity.

Template Monster is appreciated for its rich, high-quality website templates. The marketplace has a broad variety of WordPress themes in categories such as outdoors & travel, design & typography, sports, home & family, and many more. Template Monster themes are well-researched to satisfy user needs.

One Membership Template Monster

Template Monster Features:

Template Monster has the following features:

  • 1500+ WordPress Themes
  • 3500+ CMS & ECommerce Themes
  • 30+ plugins available
  • 30k+ Graphics Assets
  • 422 Audio Assets
  • 15500+ Video Assets
  • 9000+ Presentation Templates
  • 1.7M stock photos included
  • Unlimited Lifetime Plan
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Template Monster Plans and Pricing:

It has the following One Membership Plans and Pricing:

15 Best TemplateMonster Alternatives & Template Monster One Competitors

One Membership is best solution for Graphic Designers, Video makers, Developers & DIY users.

Even users also get here Lifetime Access of All Digital Assets in just one time price which option is not available in TemplateMonster. We do recommend One Monster over Enavto.

Creative Plan $6.85/mo – Graphic Design Assets, Presentation, Video & Audio, Unlimited Projects

ALL-IN-ONE $14.95/mo – WordPress and CMS Themes, E-Commerce Theme, Plugins

ALL-IN-ONE ∞ $599 – Unlimited Lifetime Access

TemplateMonster Helpful Resources:

Template Monster Coupon and TemplateMonster One Discount

Exclusive TemplateMonster One Promo Code to Save $60 and ✅ Working Template Monster Coupon of 2021. Get Up to 80% OFF …
Get an Additional 10% Discount on One Membership with this Working & Verified Coupon.

FAQs – TemplateMonster Alternatives & Similar Sites

Best Template Monster Alternatives & Template Monster Similar Softwares. Cheap & Free Template Monster Alternatives also Included.

Get more ideas about Alternatives of Template Monster & Template Monster Competitors inside FAQs.

  1. What are Top TemplateMonster Alternatives?

    Top Alternative of TemplateMonster is Template Monster's One Membership and Creative Market Subscription. Both have unlimited assets like Envato.

  2. What makes Motion Array unique from TemplateMonster?

    Motion Array provides royalty-free music while this is absent in TemplateMonster. 

  3. What is the best feature of Adobe Stock that TemplateMonster do not have?

    Adobe Stock offers a one-month free trial for users, as this feature is not available in TemplateMonster.

  4. Why should we choose a Storyblocks instead of TemplateMonster?

    Storyblocks have more video footage than TemplateMonster. 

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