10 Best Teachable Alternatives and Teachable Competitors

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Look out at the 10+ best Teachable alternatives and Teachable competitors in 2021. Compare all 🔁 the Top Teachable Alternatives with thier features, plans and review✅ the tools.

In this article, We also included some Teachable free alternatives, so if want to try free teachable alternatives, you should definitely check our top 10 teachable alternatives list.

Choose the best Teachable alternative that suits your requirements. Here I have mentioned each and every detail of Alternatives to Teachable and Websites like teachable.

Teachable is an online course builder platform that give a loads of features to simplify the complex problem that arises while selling and managing your coaching business. With Teachable things become easier to manage.

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Are You looking for Alternatives to Teachable?

With more than 100,000 users and $500 million worth of course already sold worldwide. Teachable is surely making serious competition in the market. Teachable has a great support team to resolve your query.

But still it have some flaws that make us try some of the Alternatives of Teachable. In this article we are going to look at some of the Teachable Competitors. We will also discuss the features and plans of the alternative tools.

Here are the 10 best Teachable Alternatives that you can use.

  1. Thinkific
  2. LearnWorlds
  3. Ruzuku
  4. Kajabi
  5. Podia
  6. SamCart
  7. LearnDash
  8. Kartra
  9. LifterLMS
  10. Accessally

Why look for Teachable Competitors?

No doubt Teachable is an awesome tool to use for your coaching career but still there are some flaws that make mention some of the Best Teachable alternatives and its competitors.

Here I have mentioned why there is a need for Alternative to Teachable: –

  • Teachable is costly as compared to its Competitors.
  • It takes a lot of time to upload large courses.
  • The blog auto-schedule posting does not work well.
  • There are Transaction fees even in paid plans.
  • You have to Post the links for large videos.

10 Best Teachable Alternatives and Teachable Competitors:

Here are some of the best Alternatives of Teachable with Price and Key Features.

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is another tool that has made to our list because of its ability to make things simpler and help in taking decisions to grow the business. Create amazing learning business with Thinkific. This tool is really worth trying for a beginner because it lets you make better decisions. Thinkific is simple and yet amazing at the same time.

Thinkific comes with rich multimedia course content to let your students engage with the platform and learn better. Video, discussions, surveys, quizzes, text, downloads etc. Create private and hidden courses, have multiple instructors, expiring content and, many more features to make use of and this tools is the part of our Teachable free alternatives list.

Thinkific Review

Selling your course becomes simpler on Thinkific, create your own courses website with the drag-and-drop tool and start selling your courses and make profits. Market and sell your courses with a full suite of business tools. Get paid immediately, accept international transactions, and its all 100% secure.

Thinkific Features

  • Create and Customize easily.
  • Private and hidden courses.
  • Build a website to ease Selling
  • Organize content with drop and drag builder.
  • Unlimited learner storage and course quizzes.
  • Unlimited live classes
  • Completely white labelled website.
  • Onboarding package

Thinkific Pricing

  1. Basic starting for $39/month – Start your course creation experience with the basic features and tools you need to launch your first course.
  2. PRO starting for $79/month – For course creators ready to build a successful online course business, a complete suite of tools to create an amazing student experience.
  3. Premier starting for $399/month – For advanced customers ready to build an education empire, get all the Thinkific features + the Growth package. Designed for delivering online education at scale. 

Why choose Thinkific Over Teachable?

Thinkific let you have an unlimited number of courses and students. It lets you focus on course creation. Selling and creating courses become easy with Thinkific. Thinkific also has a free plan to lets its users try the tools with limited courses and unlimited students and teachable also provides some free features, so we can say it is a Teachable free alternative.

2. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is another tools that has made to our Teachable Alternatives list, it a platform to create, market, and sell your product. Monetize your skills, your audience and your experience. LearnWorlds gives the most versatile learning experience to your learners. Engage your learners through effective training and effective course videos, pdf, quizzes, assesments, e-books and certificates.

Design and Create highly converting pages for your products. It super easy and flexible on LearnWorlds to create fast, simple, beautiful and branded SEO optimized website for your business.

LearnWorlds Review

Increase your profit through marketing funnels, sell your courses, bundles and memberships with advanced pricing options. Integrate with the best marketing tool to Upsell and cross-sell with promotions, coupons and payment plans.

LearnWorlds Features

  • Engaging and Effective training.
  • Versatile Course Experience.
  • Reimagined video learning.
  • Build a high converting Website.
  • Create Own ebook.
  • Manage staff
  • Hold Criteria Of Service.
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Video Library

LearnWorlds Pricing

  1. Starter  $24/month – $5 Fee Per Course Sale, 1 Admin, Custom Domain
  2. Pro trainer  $79/month. – Live Classes & Webinars Via Zoom No Transaction Fees. 5 Admins.
  3. Learner  $249/month – 20 Admins, Advanced Affiliate Management.

Why LearnWorlds Over Teachable?

LearnWorlds is cheaper than Teachable, create and sell unlimited numbers of courses, and sell subscription and memberships to make more profit. LearnWorlds provides fully customized courses. Affiliate marketing to increase your promotion and sales and hence your business.these are the points, why we included Learnworlds in our Best Teachable alternative list.

LearnWorlds Related Info:

Learnworlds Pricing Plans

3. Ruzuku

If you are ready to learn to build your course then RUZUKU is certainly the place that one must visit. The whole course is yours to keep 100% free. Ruzuku also gives you quick feedback.

It’s pie for an apple. The features are great to build your course at a lower price than other builder platforms. toolkit of techniques for facilitating partners.

On day 1 you start building your course. Day 2 you learn to outline your first course. The content is the King is what you learn on day 3. On day 4 you catalyze your community of learners. Share your work with the world.

Ruzuku Features

  • Simple powerful course management.
  • Beautiful courses.
  • Launch your course super fast.
  • Single instructor
  • Unlimited courses & students.
  • Unlimited video, audio & data hosting.
  • Unlimited webinars 
  • Unlimited polls and quizzes 
  • Quick feedback

Ruzuku Pricing

  1. Bootstraper   at $74/month Accept payments via Paypal or Stripe. Basic commerce with coupons
  2. Up & Comer  at $83/month Single Instructor. Unlimited courses. Unlimited students. Unlimited webinars

Why Ruzuku Over Teachable?

Ruzuku helps you in managing your course and loads of other Technical stuff that are frustrating when building the course. It offers a 5 day free course where each day you uncover the important fundamentals of your Course. Before starting they create workshops on web and User experience design. Step by step structure and detailed info and prompts to help you understand. These are reason, why you should try Ruzuku as Teachable alternative.

Ruzuku Related Info:

Ruzuku Pricing Plans
Rukuzu Free Trial: Start Your Trial Now

4. Kajabi

Kajabi is a very awesome tool for a beginner to start his journey as an entrepreneur, you create and design courses, market and sell, and manage your course all on the same platform. You need no coding skills to use this tool. The interface is simple and flexible. Access your website, products, marketing, community, from a single dashboard.

Take a few minutes to turn your ideas into business with Kajabi. Turn your basic products into a polished, high-value product. Analyze the data to make smarter business moves, make thoughtful decisions. Grow and reach your audience with beautiful emails and landing pages to attract more customers and increase your customer loyalty.

Kajabi Review

Get payment on your terms, Kajabi comes with integration with Paypal, Stripe and many more, from recurring to a one-time payment, Kajabi has it all. Focus on important things and automate others with Kajabi Pipelines. Track your customer on your pages like a real business.

Kajabi Features

  • 100 Products
  • 100 Pipelines
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails
  • Up to 100,000 Contacts
  • Up to 20,000 Active Members
  • Up to 3 Websites
  • Up to 25 Admin Users

Kajabi Pricing

  1. Kajabi Basic Plan – $119/month – For those who are new to the business, they can use this plan to start their business journey.
  2. Growth for $159/month – For those who have prior expertise and had their hands on the platform and have made their team and are not new to the business.
  3. Pro for $319/month – For those who are very professional in online business and have excellent experience and wisdom in online business and want to expand more.

Why Kajabi Over Teachable?

Kajabi has made in the list of best alternatives to Teachable because it comes with a lot of useful tools and integrations. The ease and flexibility of the tool are amazing. Kajabi University and chat support to help you any problem. The most important thing of all is that Kajabi does not take Transaction Fees on Sales, as Teachable Do. and these above points makea kajabi a better Teachable Competitor.

5. Podia

Podia lets creators make a living, it turns your passion into income. Get all your products in one place online courses, digital marketing, email marketing, websites, downloads, webinars, memberships everything all at one place. Podia lets turn your creativity into businesses.

Write blogs and publish them to let your customer and audience know about your products. Create stunning landing pages to attract your customers and increase your sales. Messaging, email marketing, and affiliate marketing to let your customers know about your products.

Podia Review

Get your payments quickly and easily. Connect your payment platform like Paypal or Stripe to get your payments instantly. Podia is a tool that combines the functionality of all the other tool. Podia make your work easy and flexible. It lets you focus on things that really matter.

Podia Features

  • Digital Downloads.
  • Your Own website.
  • Messaging.
  • 7-day week support
  • Zoom integration
  • Blog 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Flexible layout.

Podia Pricing

  1. Mover Plan $39/mo: This plan is for a beginner who wants to get started with an online course. It costs $39/mo which is billed annually. This plan offers you to save $78 when billed annually.
  2. Shaker Plan $79/mo: This plan is for professionals who have experience in online course building. It costs $79/mo which is billed annually. This plan offers you to save $158 when billed annually.

Why Podia Over Teachable?

One of the first and important reasons to use podia over teachable because Podia is cheaper than Teachable. Podia doesn’t take transaction charges. Create your website and sell your unlimited number of products to your customers. Podia is the integrations of several tools all put together on a single platform.

6. SamCart

SamCart focus on real things, instead of focusing on the stores SamCart focus on the things your customers care the most of your products. SamCart is known to give your customers an amazing shopping experience. It has been observed that SamCart users got at least 2X sales after using the tool.

SamCart is for all influencers, course creators, authors, etc it serves all kind of users. Get started by creating your product, promote it, and that sell it all on a single platform. Design and Create fully customizable landing pages to convert promotion into sales.

SamCart Review

Manage and scale your business and track key metrics to grow your business. Make better decisions using data analytics smartly displayed on your dashboard. SamCart increases sales easy-to-use order enhancements like upsells, add-ons, multiple payment types, cart recovery and much more.

SamCart Features

  • Unlimited Pages & Products
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Drag & Drop Template Builder
  • Full Template Library
  • Advanced Subscriptions
  • Full Email Customizations
  • Custom Domains
  • Digital Product Delivery

SamCart Pricing

  1. Launch starting for $49/ month -valid for up to 1 users. This plan is for those who want to lunch their product nd venture.
  2. Grow starting for $99/ month – valid for up to 3 users. Convert more of your visitors into customers, and increase the value of each purchase.
  3. Scale starting for $99/month – valid for up to 0 users. If you want all the advanced features you will need for selling at scale.

Why SamCart Over Teachable?

SamCart is a smart choice to choose over Teachable because it is cheaper than Teachable. Unlike Teachable, SamCart doesn’t charge transactional fees on your product sales in any plan. SamCart gives this flexibility to take based on your convenience. Create Unlimited pages and products on SamCart.

SamCart Related Info:

SamCart Pricing Plans
Samcart Free Trial: Start Your Trial Now

7. LearnDash

LearnDash is a course creator platform designed by experts to give an impressive platform to create and grow while managing it with ease. LearnDash is structured such that your students get an impressive learning experience. Engage students with superior quizzes capabilities with 8 different types to help them learn more deeply.

Extend your creativity with integrations and work with tools you are compatible with and create a unique learning platform with ease. If you are a beginner then LearnDash has this video tutorials and documents to make you understand the platform better. LearnDash is vibrant and the community is awesome, They put learning tutorials to make you grow better.

LearnDash Review

Make courses and sale it easily. Sophisticated marketing becomes simple with LearnDash. Automatically update your learners through triggered emails. Maximize sales using recurring payments, and subscriptions.

LearnDash Features

  • Unlimited Course
  • Unlimited Students
  • LearnDash Focus Mode
  • Drag and drop course Builder
  • Free Quizzes.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Flexible Pre Requests
  • Automated Leader Boards
  • Assignments
  • Course Certificates

LearnDash Pricing

  1. Basic Feature: This plan is for 1 site license and it offers access to unlimited users, course content protection. This plan is priced at $159/year.
  2. Plus Package: This plan is for $189/year and is for 10 site license. Along with the features you also get free Demo Site templates and Propanel Subscription.
  3. Pro Package: This plan is for 25 site licenses and it offers all the features in the Pro Plan. This plan comes at a price of $349/year.

Why LearnDash over Teachable?

LearnDash helps you create impressive courses and it gives them deep learning experience through multimedia content like videos, pdf, quizzes etc. Turn your promotion into sales through impressive pages your products deserve. Accept payment through different modes. You can try Learndash as a Teachable Alternative.

8. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a powerful builder tool and thousands of people have already used it to create your best course. The price range of systeme.io is flexible and is affordable with so many features to use.

Systeme.io is performing well in this domain and is now in the race to lead the market and it doesn’t cost much for us to sell our course. You can add automatic upsells and Downsells. One of the greatest features is that you can start it for free.

It is simple to build your email list and sell products with quick integration. A/B testing gives the flexibiltiy to optimize your courses.

Systeme.io Features

  • Autoresponder
  • Click through tracking.
  • A/B testing.
  • Event-triggered emails.
  • Unlimited members
  • Marketing automation
  • Run your affiliate program
  • Support answer under 24h
  • Build Email List.

Systeme.io Pricing

  1. Startup.    $27/month – 5000 contracts, 3 membership sites.
  2.    Webinar    $47/month – 3 evergreen webinars. Coupon codes. A/B tests
  3.   Enterprise.  $97/month Unlimited evergreen webinars. 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session
System.io Related Info:

System.io Free Trial: Start Your Trial Now
System.io Pricing Plans

9. LifterLMS

10. Accessally

Conclusion: 10 Best Teachable Alternatives and Teachable Competitors

10 Best Teachable Alternatives and Teachable Competitors
Credit: https://www.comparebeforebuying.com/teachable-alternatives/

Teachable no doubt is very good tool to use but because it has some flaws, that make us try some of the Best Teachable Competitors and Teachable is costly, so its difficult for beginner to afford it. Sometimes your students can’t access to the links and emails that you send. You can not upload large Video Content.

But there are some best alternatives that you can use to encounter the drawbacks. Thinkific lets you make an unlimited number of Courses. LearnWorlds Lets you create a whole new coaching institute letting you create courses and manage the staff. Publish your own e-books etc. Kajabi is the best tool for course builder no transaction fees on sales of the courses. Podia is cheaper and price flexible compared to other tools. then there are LearnDash, SamCart systeme.io LifterLMS and Assessally.

Try out all the Teachable Alternatives and make the best use of it.

Not Found a Better Alternative of Teachable?

Try Teachable self:

  • Product
  • Photos


LearnDash is really a good and useful tool for making your own courses. It lets you design the courses and helps in managing the courses efficiently. …

Engage your students with amazingly designed multimedia like videos, audio, texts, etc. Make your students learn better with quizzes, discussions, etc. Increase earning with private and hidden courses.

With Teachable things becomes easy. Create a website for the courses. It is easy with a drag and drop tool to create. Landing pages to promote courses stunningly. Different payment gateways to reach international students and a wider audience. Teachable also provides you a better Customer support.

Teachable Features

Teachable Features
Teachable Plans Features

Key Features of Teachable:

  • Create and Customize easily.
  • Private and hidden courses.
  • Build a website to ease Selling
  • Organize content with drop and drag builder.
  • Unlimited learner storage and course quizzes.
  • Unlimited live classes
  • Completely white labelled website.
  • Onboarding package

Teachable Pricing

  1. Basic starting for $39/month – Start your course creation experience with the basic features and tools you need to launch your first course.
  2. PRO starting for $79/month – For course creators ready to build a successful online course business, a complete suite of tools to create an amazing student experience.
  3. Premier starting for $399/month – For advanced customers ready to build an education empire, get all the Teachable features + the Growth package. Designed for delivering online education at scale. 
Teachable Pricing Plans

FAQs: Teachable Free Trial

Get more ideas about Alternatives Teachable and Teachable Competitors inside FAQs

What are the best ‘Teachable’ alternatives?

There are many tools in the market that compete with the features of Teachable, But here are the top three Teachable Alternatives.
1. Thinkific
2. LearnWorlds
3. Kajabi

Why you should search for ‘Teachable’ alternatives?

1. Teachable is costly.
2. Teachable Links don’t work sometimes.
3. Some serious Updates still required in the tool intself.
4. It Charges Transactional fees on Sales.

What are the Top ‘Teachable’ competitors?

There are many in the market but the top three that I like the most are:-
1. Thinkific – It’s Flexible and lets you create unlimited numbers of courses.
2. LearnWorlds – Let you design courses. You can also make an institute that works according to you.
3. Kajabi – Very Flexible tools to design and create courses. the platform is easy to use and fun while making courses.

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