Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

Using a dropshipping platform is a necessity to achieve at drop shipping in 2020, but it can be difficult to understand which one is best for youWhatever the purpose, you do have alternative dropshipping options to Oberlo. Below is a great list of such Oberlo alternatives.

Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

Are you looking for alternatives to Oberlo?

There’s no doubt regarding the truth that Oberlo is one of the biggest dropshipping tools in the store. Later being procured for $15 million by Shopify themselves in 2017, Oberlo has turned into a powerful platform for drop shipping.

In this post we have included:

  • Oberlo alternatives
  • Oberlo alternatives for BigCommerce
  • Oberlo alternatives for Shopify

Oberlo lets drop shippers import goods from AliExpress into Shopify with comfort. With Oberlo, it only demands a few clicks to import goods images, product information, prices, and transportation details from an AliExpress product page to your Shopify store.

In this article, we’ll describe precisely how to find the dropshipping platform quite suited for your needs with the sites like Oberlo.

About Oberlo:

Oberlo is the most popular solution for dropshippers, as it provides company owners with a Shopify eCommerce website the choice to scan into the products and add the ones they need to sell directly to their store. As the world’s leading Shopify app for people who desire to sell products online without trouble, Oberlo has relished business owners globally.

Oberlo exports goods straight from AliExpress into your digital store. While the software technically operates throughout the world, it’s only accessible for Shopify store users – which could be problematic for brands that favor WordPress and WooCommerce.

Why look for Oberlo alternatives?

As stated above, Oberlo is only possible to work for Shopify customers. That indicates that it’s normally the go-to solution or the largest Shopify-based brands.

Some cons of Oberlo are:

  • No possibility to work on standalone sites
  • Only Aliexpress is supported
  • None of the products are actually edited within Oberlo

But, just because Oberlo might be one of the most successful dropshipping choices for Shopify users, doesn’t imply that there aren’t Oberlo alternatives out there. From Alidropship services to Banggood and DHGate, there’s a broad range of drop shipping solutions in the Shopify app store.

Top Alternatives to Oberlo

Tool NameStarting PriceKey Feature 1Key Feature 2Visit Webite
Visit Website$29.99/monthCurated product selection from US and EU suppliersBranded invoicing and custom packaging optionsVisit Website
SaleHoo$127 one-time feeAccess to a directory of verified suppliersMarket research tools and community supportVisit Website
AliDropship$89 one-time feeAutomated order fulfillment and product customizationBuilt-in marketing tools and free lifelong updatesVisit Website
Modalyst$35/monthCurated product selection and automated order fulfillmentMarketplace of vetted suppliers and real-time inventory syncingVisit Website
Dropified$97/monthOne-click product importing from multiple sourcesAutomated order fulfillment and trackingVisit Website
Importify$14.95/monthOne-click product importing from multiple sourcesAutomated order fulfillment and price markup optionsVisit Website
CJDropshippingFree to use, pay for products onlyIntegrated product sourcing and order fulfillmentCustomizable packaging and shipping optionsVisit Website
Doba$29/monthAccess to millions of wholesale productsAutomated order fulfillment and inventory syncingVisit Website
Wholesale2B$24.99/monthAccess to millions of dropship productsAutomated order fulfillment and real-time inventory updatesVisit Website
Inventory Source$99/monthIntegrated product sourcing and order managementCustomizable data feeds and pricing rulesVisit Website

Best Oberlo Alternatives and Competitors:

Here are the best alternatives to Oberlo with their plans, features, and pricing to use over the Oberlo.



Spocket Banner sc

You already understood from the title that Spocket is a dropshipping app for eCommerce platforms.

The app simply combines two major eCommerce platforms: Shopify and WooCommerce, and with only some clicks of a button, you can start your free account on Spocket and begin selling products from suppliers throughout the world directly.

Spocket Features:

It has the following features:

  • 1million+ US/EU products
  • Branded invoicing
  • 24×7 chat support
  • Winning Products
  • Chat with supplier
  • Image search
  • AliExpress dropshipping
  • Unlimited orders

Spocket Plans and Pricing:

It has three plans with a variety of features:

Plan-1: Pro plan for $29.99. (see pricing) You will get the features of premium 24/7 chat support, up to 250 unique products, and much more

Plan-2: Empire plan for $99.99. You will have the features to upload up to 10,000 premium products

Plan 3: Unicorn for $299.99 . Includes bulk checkout, dedicated account executive, product requests, and much more.

Why use Spocket as Oberlo Alternative:

Spocket is an extremely rated app and several people describe it ‘an exceptional alternative to Oberlo. Many claims that Spocket is further ahead than Oberlo in phases of the quality of suppliers.

They’re not far from the fact since most of Spocket’s suppliers arrive from Europe and the US, so if you’re settled in those nations, we’d suggest giving it a try, because the shipping would be way quicker for you and on the whole easier and more stable.

Spocket is excellent from three perspectives, the first one being the pricing. The normal discount for merchants is mind-blowing 30-60%, which indicates excellent margins for you.



Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

The most useful thing of Dropified is that it’s adjustable – it integrates with many eCommerce stores. You get way to a lot of characteristics that make managing a dropshipping business a purpose and can manage multiple stores at once for an equal price. All in all, it can contend with Oberlo, and at times even win.

Dropified Features:

It has the following features:

  • 14 days of a free trial
  • 1-Click Save for Later
  • 1-Click Auto Fulfillment
  • Free Chrome Extension
  • 50k+ products available
  • Unlimited orders/month
  • 250+ product boards

Dropified Plans and Pricing:

It has the following plans and pricing:

Plan-1: Builder plan for $39. You will get the features of one store, five user accounts, unlimited orders, and much more.

Plan-2: Premier plan for $97. It includes Advanced Profit Dashboard, Unlimited High-Speed Captcha Solver, and many more.

Plan-3: Dropifiedblack for $167. It has the features of Regular Sample Kits Sent Out, GrooveKart Platform: 3 Month Pass, and much more.

Why Dropified Similar to Oberlo:

Dropified is an Oberlo-like platform that helps to import goods into an online store. Unlike Oberlo, it can export products from sites like AliEpxress and combines them with Shopify.

Dropified is valuable, particularly when associated with Oberlo – prices begin at $47 per month – though, Dropified allows the capability to import from over 100 various supplier sites and goods catalogs. This does Dropified a dropshipping multi-tool – it aids in listing an immense amount of goods from many various sites, providing it a clear choice over Oberlo.

Dropified also gives bulk order attainment via an automated captcha solver, which, while not as safe as DSers, helps to improve achievement speed for dropshippers. That said, keep learning to learn regarding the characteristics, pricing, consumer support, and different elements that make Dropified reach out from another drop shipping choice in the store.



Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

Modalyst is an excellent dropshipping service that relates you to verified product suppliers and enables you to quickly sell their inventory to your consumers. The principal advantage of this method is that you do not ought to spend on developing your warehouses and stock products. Hence, both risk and entry barrier is decreased to such an extent, that any person can undertake out this marketing model for less than $100.

Modalyst Features

It has the following features:

  • zero upfront inventory costs
  • Add Products in 1-click
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates
  • Set your own Pricing Rules
  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Updates
  • Unlimited Inbound Messages

Modalyst Plans and Pricing:

It has three plans with a variety of features:

Plan-1: Starting plan is the Hobby one which is free of cost. You will get the features of 25 product limit, Add Products in 1-click, and much more.

Plan-2: Startup plan for $35. It includes the features of 250 product limit, Import All Products Info, Images, and Variants, etc.

Plan-3: Pro plan for $90. It has the features of unlimited products per month, add even more products, including well-known brands, delivered with shorter shipping times.

Why Modalyst Alternative of Oberlo:

In many aspects, Modalyst is big ample to be declared a set of retail solutions in one place, not simply a sole app. Concerning the suppliers, it manages to work with the best of the best and works for such famous brands as Calvin Klein and Puma.

Though the costs are way more expensive than what you’d get with the normal range of Asian suppliers, just use some time on analysis and you’ll find that there’re several opportunities with great margins. You can sell with Modalyst a large range of goods, including men’s and women’s apparel, bridal wear, clothing, homewares, beauty products, and accessories, to mention just some.

It unites instantly with the Shopify store, which implies you can add products with simply one click. It also presents the features for handling orders and tracking inventory.



DSers is exactly like Oberlo, a Shopify plugin, and a Chrome extension to swiftly import goods from Aliexpress and market them online. It is one of the absolute dropshipping partners of Aliexpress. This Shopify app guarantees to keep you 97% of your time used ordering products.

DSers Features:

It has the following features:

  • 75k+ product limit included
  • 3k+ products per store available
  • Supports multi-language
  • Process 100+ orders in bulk
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Advanced Mapping
  • Inventory monitor

DSers Plans and Pricing:

It has three plans based on the number of features. Let us discuss it below:

Plan-1: Starting plan for free. You will get the features of three store limits, unlimited order limit, supports multi-language, and much more.

Plan-2: Advanced plan for $190.8. It consists of the features of ten store limits, includes DSers Chrome Extension, etc.,

Plan-3: Pro plan for $478.8. It has the features of an unlimited order limit, including an Automated Pricing Rule, Inventory Notification, and many more.

Why DSers is Oberlo Alternative:

Unlike different Oberlo alternatives, DSers is the best AliExpress dropshipping partner, which implies that the app was created by AliExpress for the single idea of drop shipping. The main benefit DSers has over different apps is the capability to fill orders in bulk, indicating that you can dispatch many orders to many consumers with the snap of a button.

Despite being delivered in 2019, years after Oberlo was initially designed, the app has quickly caught up in use and reputation. In terms of pricing, DSers are free for life and have no boundaries on how many goods you can list.

Connected to Oberlo, we discover the UI, comfort of use, and import characteristics to be lacking, DSers make up for this by producing the most reliable bulk fulfillment characteristic of any dropshipping app. For dropshippers who get a huge volume of orders on their dropshipping store, DSers are the most suitable alternative to Oberlo.



Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

AliDropship is a premium plugin that combines AliExpress and WordPress. AliDropship automatically extricates all the important product terms including shipping costs and lets you download stock images and import them into your website, enabling you to balance your company at a much quicker rate by automating the entire process.

AliDropship Features:

It has the following features:

  • 100M+ products to choose from
  • 20+ themes available
  • 15+ Add-ons included
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Convenient product editing
  • Import products directly from AliExpress
  • 30+ websites available

AliDropship Plans and Pricing:

It has four plans under the hosting platform. Let us discuss it below:

Plan-1: Silver plan for $48. You will get features of Unlimited bandwidth, 3 GB disc space, 20 email addresses, and much more.

Plan-2: Gold plan for $86. It has the features of Up to 10 Websites, Free SSL, 40 email addresses, and many more.

Plan-3: Gold plus for $129. It includes 40 email addresses, a control panel, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

Plan-4: Platinum plan for $220. It has the features of 17 GB disc space, Unlimited bandwidth, 80 email addresses, and many more.

Why AliDropship is Similar to Oberlo:

Dropshipping is usually connected with huge profits, and zero investment – the ideal business model. It’s not solely the problem – like any successful company, it needs a lot of time and energy to make your dropshipping business grow.

But sometimes you get over tools and plugins that make that method easier. AliDropship is one of those tools, which has amazed and fascinated dropshippers throughout the world. In this AliDropship review, we have dived into the characteristics users should watch out for and how the plugin measures up to other platforms on the market.

Promising to present users 100% authority over their stores, most excellent profit margins, and unlimited products for an identical small yearly fee – AliDropship seems like the best-kept secret in the dropshipping circles. These are some of the features which you will miss out in the Oberlo.



Dropship.me attains out as one of the most famous Oberlo alternatives for dropshipping entrepreneurs. Intended to be combined seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce, this software will analyze business owners who favor something different than Shopify to run their business.

Dropship.me Features:

It has the following features:

  • 50k+ products to choose from
  • Lifelong customer support
  • Free WordPress plugin to manage your imports
  • Zero additional fees
  • High-quality images
  • Free plugin
  • 100% free plan available

Dropship.me Plans and Pricing:

It has the following plans with a wide range of features:

Plan-1: Basic plan for free. You will get 50 product imports, as you can start using and upgrade as you grow.

Plan-2: Second plan for $29. It includes 100 product imports, as it is the core you need for a growing business.

Plan-3: Third plan for $119. It consists of 500 products, as it is a Smart way to scale your store to a degree.

Plan-4: Fourth plan for $199. It gives 1000 product imports, as you can Power your store and meet all your customers’ needs.

How Dropship.me is Oberlo Alternative:

DropshipMe is a WordPress plugin. It operates with WooCommerce as great as with the AliDropship plugin which is produced by the corresponding team. Unlike different WordPress dropshipping plugins, DropshipMe’s main focus is on presenting the biggest inventory for your dropshipping store.

It presents you with over 50,000 goods from AliExpress that have been manually chosen for holding a confirmed track report of sales, huge ratings, and reliable suppliers. The products arrive with already customized product titles, descriptions, and pictures.

What this indicates for you is that you no longer have to give a notable amount of time making this type of analysis and editing yourself. To start a dropshipping store with DropshipMe, you’ll require a WooCommerce installed or AliDropship plugin. You can download the DropshipMe plugin for WordPress as it is free.



Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify and Alternatives to Oberlo

ProductPro is the best delighted for high-volume Shopify dealers seeking quality goods from good, US vendors. It gives quality products from USA suppliers which you can sell on your Shopify store.

ProductPro Features:

It has the following features:

  • Real-time inventory sync
  • Chat + email support
  • Expanded Inventory
  • $10 towards first order
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Vendor Management System
  • Ease of use

ProductPro Plans and Pricing:

It has the following plans and pricing:

Plan-1: Premium plan for $45. You will get the features of Custom Product Recommendations, 15-minute products consultation, and much more.

Plan-2: Pro plan for $89. It has the features of a Full product catalog, 100 orders per month, etc.

Plan-3: Power plan for $1999. It includes Lifetime access – pay once, Dedicated account rep, and much more.

Why ProductPro is Tool like Oberlo :

Many users would choose this one for the grand title of the best dropshipping app. They like this great app for overlooking Asian suppliers and trading only with US-based companies.

Their purpose is solely on quality since all members of a vast network of trusted suppliers are recorded for the top quality of their goods. They sell goods from a number of levels that cover apparel, jewelry, consumer electronics, and more.

Here we mean people actually since with ProductPro you can browse across 50,000 products, all of them top-notch, which however can give good margins. The suppliers are also supported for satisfaction times. It even allows an internal messenger where you can speak with suppliers and explain some arising issues with them or just ask about the product line or fulfillment time.

Conclusion – Oberlo Alternatives 2023

In conclusion, while Oberlo is a popular choice for dropshippers, there are a number of alternatives available that may better suit your needs.

So, these were some of the alternatives to Oberlo. These are some more alternatives are available, which are listed below:

  • UniteXpress
  • Importify
  • Spread App

Oberlo is also the best platform but some of the functional elements are missing in it. So, we have listed the best alternatives among the Oberlo above.

Whether you’re looking for more product options, better customer support, or lower pricing, these alternatives offer a variety of features that can help you succeed in the world of e-commerce. Be sure to do your research and choose the platform that best fits your business model and goals.

Ultimately, the choice of the dropshipping platform comes down to your specific needs and preferences. While Oberlo may be the most well-known option, there are a number of alternatives that can offer you unique benefits and advantages.

Whether you’re looking for more product options, better pricing, or better customer support, it’s worth exploring the alternatives and choosing the one that aligns best with your goals and objectives. With the right platform in place, you can build a thriving e-commerce business and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

FAQs – Oberlo Alternatives & Competitors

Why should we choose Alidropshop instead of Oberlo?

Ans:  Alidropship offers Free SSL certificate while this is absent in Oberlo.

What makes Spocket unique from Oberla?

Ans:  Spocket provides exclusive deals as this is missing in Oberlo.

What is the best feature of Modalyst that Oberlo do not have?

Ans:  Modalyst offers zero upfront inventory costs as this feature do not have in Oberlo.


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