Longtail Pro Trial 2023: Start 8-day Trial Now

Start Your Longtail Pro Free Trial or Longtail Pro Free for 30 days Trial today and get the maximum benefits of Longtail Pro in this free trial. Make the best use of the Free Longtail Pro Trial for 7 days and grab the maximum benefits with all the essential features.

Longtail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you find low competitive keywords and ultimately helps you in ranking your website.

Finding the right keyword is the most important and the backbone for your website, Longtail Pro makes it strong.

Do You Want To Try LongTail Pro For Free in 2023? We made this work easy.

In This Article…

We have shared the details on Longtail Pro Trial & How to Start Longtail Pro Free Trial.

Longtail Pro trial Post Summary:

Longtail Pro Risk-Free Trial7-days
Trial CouponsLink Activated
Longtail Key FeatureTracked Keywords up to 1000
AnalyticsBacklink and SERP analytics
LongTail Pro Refund PolicyAvailable for 10 days
Longtail Pro Trial 2023: Start 8-day Trial Now
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Start Your Trial Now!!

8-Days Longtail Pro Trial

Longtail Pro offers an 8-day trial for $8 where you can use Longtail Pro features for free. You can explore the Longtail Pro interface and test its functionality in this duration. During Free Trial,

you can try:

  • 800 keywords per 24hrs
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Competitive Research tool
  • Rank Value Tool
  • Keyword Competitiveness Metrics
  • Rank tracker tool
  • SERP Analysis
  • Personalized recommendations

Longtail Pro will help you in getting the right keyword for your website or article. Longtail Pro will provide you 8 days to test their interface for free but you are risk-free for 10 more days because of their 10 days refund policy.

After 8 days what feature you get depends on the plan you have chosen while login in or registering for Longtail Pro Trial.

Longtail Pro generates thousands of keywords based on your single or multiple keywords. It helps you in picking the right keyword for your website and helps you in getting more traffic on your website.

Easy Steps To Start.

How To Start Longtail Pro 8-Day Trial?

To start your Longtail Pro 8-Day Trial you need first to have a credit or debit card. Firstly make up your mind about which plans you need to choose.

Visit the Longtail Pro Website and log in or enter your email and password. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to select your plan based on your choice.

You will also be asked about credit or debit card details. Fill that out and you are free to use 8-day Longtail Pro.

Steps to Get Activate Your Longtail Pro Trial:

  1. Visit the Longtail Pro Website.
  2. Choose Any Plan
  3. You can see the Trial Option below every plan, Click on It
  4. Login or Enter your email and password.
  5. Click on ‘Start $8 Trial.
  6. Fill in the credit/debit card details.
  7. And Enjoy Your Trial

You use the tool and if you are in doubt after 7 days use it for a few more days as you are risk-free for 10 more days. You can get a refund in 10 days.

All Free Trial Features of Longtail Pro.

Features of Longtail Pro Trial

An 8-day Trial is enough to test the tool you’re risk-free for 10 more days. These days you can completely test the Longtail Pro functionality in depth. The features you get after the trial depends upon the plan you have chosen while login in or registering yourself.

For the First 7-days or during the Longtail Pro Free Trial you will get 800 keywords searched per 24 hours, with unlimited Rank URLs, and one Rank Tracker term.

Longtail offers three paid plans i.e. Starter for $297, Pro for $537, and Power Pro for $694 when billed annually.

After the Trial ends you can use the tool for 10 more days risk-free, where you get access to the features depending upon the plan you have chosen.

Here We have mentioned some key features of the Longtail Pro Free Trial:

  • Keyword Research up to 6000 per 24 hours.
  • SERP lookups up to 6000 per 24 hours.
  • Simultaneous logins up to 5.
  • Plug-and-play template system.
  • Tracked Keywords up to 1000.
  • Unlimited Tracked Domains.
  • Daily Rank Updates.

Choose the Best Plan For You!!

Longtail Pro Pricing Plans After Trial

Longtail Pro Trial lasts for 7 days but you can extend the trial risk-free for 10 more days and with some extra premium features. After a 7-day Trial, you will be charged based on your chosen plan, but you have 10 more days to test the tool risk-free.

Longtail Pro offers three paid plans:

  • Starter for $37/month. This plan is for those who are new to the website and have just started or are in the initial phase of website development or building.
  • PRO for $67/month. This plan is for those who have some experience in website building.
  • Power Pro for $147/month. This Plan is for those who have quite a good experience in website development and are very much into website development and need several keyword searches.

Here We have compared the Plans of Longtail Pro in tabular form.

FeaturesStarterPROPower PRO
Keyword Research per 24 hours80025006000
KC calculation per 24 hours80025006000
SERP Lookups per 24 hours80025006000
Tracked Keywords302001000
Simultaneous Logins125
Rank updatesDailyDailyDaily
Tracked DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Longtail Pro Pricing Plans: Get a Right Plan

Reasons To Choose LongTail Pro

Why Choose Longtail Pro Trial?

Longtail Pro SEO is a powerful tool for generating longtail keyword lists. It provides a comprehensive list of potential keywords and their associated searches, as well as the meta tags that are used to optimize search results.

The tool allows you to test different keywords in order to find the most relevant ones that will generate traffic.

Longtail Pro Free Trial is for the duration of 7 days and there are 10 more risk-free days to utilize the premium paid features of your choice because of the refund policy that the tool offers. Longtail Pro is an ideal tool to start for SEO and page optimization.

Why Choose Longtail Pro Trial?
Image- thepainite.com/

This Trial is an opportunity to learn the basics of SEO and optimizing your website. Longtail Pro runs keyword and competitor analysis based on 13 metrics. Rank Tracker helps you in being on the top ranking.

With 7 day free trial you get to know about the interface free of cost and if you like to experience more features of the tool you are risk-free for 10 more days after the free trial.

Longtail Pro trial gives an overview of the tool interface and also you get to know how keyword research is done and how Longtail Pro makes it easy for doing such frustrating work

Enjoy All the Benefits of LongTail Pro.

Conclusion: Longtail Pro 8-Day Trial

When you are new to website building or development you must know the importance of finding the right keyword for your website. This is where Longtail Pro plays a role in selecting the right tool for your website.

Longtail Pro Free trial is for 7-days and this is just enough to start learning the ways of searching the right keyword. This trial offers 100 keywords search per 24 hours in their free trial and it is extended up to 6000 in risk-free 10 more days after the free trial expires.

This limit is more than what is needed at the beginning of our website development.

Why Longtail Pro 8-Day Trial Is A Better Choice?

Longtail Pro Free Trial gets around 400 keywords from a single seed keyword in a few seconds. Do more analysis on the keywords that you have already shortlisted or the keywords for which you aim to rank higher.

Find keywords that meet your preferences using Filters based on your average CPC bid, search volume, rank value and many more. Using the average keyword competitiveness metric, you can calculate the viability of keyword ideas for your brand on a scale of 0 to 100.

There are certain ways of using the free trial, it may be for learning purpose, for just starting your website, or just learning to optimize on Page SEO. Whether you start your e-commerce site or affiliate marketing or just blogs choosing the right keyword is the key to more traffic.

Some Queries Related to This Post.

FAQs on Longtail Pro Free Trial 2023

  1. How to sign up for a Longtail Pro trial?

    Longtail Prov7-day free trial is about as hassle-free as you’ll find. Simply click and fill out the form. You’ll get logged straight into a full version of the Long Tail Pro Cloud app to try it out for free!

  2. What is the duration of the Free Trial in Longtail pro?

    The Longtail Pro Free Trial is for the duration of 7 days from the date of creating your Account. It’s Link activated and you don’t need any coupon for that.

  3. How to cancel Longtail Pro trial?

    There is Automatic Cancellation in Longtail Pro Cloud. If you subscribed through our regular signup page, you can cancel within the app from the Billing Information page. Your cancellation will be processed immediately. 

  4. How many paid plan do Longtail Pro offers and what is the pricing?

    Longtail Pro offers three paid plans.

    1. Starter starting at $25/ month.
    2. Pro starting at $45/month.
    3. Power Pro staring at $98/month.

  5. How do I change my Longtail Pro plan?

    Contact the support team to request a plan change. Provide the details required by them, their team will be in touch within 24 hours. If for some reason you are unable to switch your plan from within the app, please contact the team within the app and someone will process the change manually for you.

  6. How many keywords can I search in Longtail Pro Free Trial?

    Your are offered with 100 keyword search per 24 hours during the free trial and it is then extended up to 6000 per 24 hours in the next risk-free 10 free days.

Some Details About Longtail Pro.

Longtail Pro Overview

Longtail Pro is a powerful all-in-one keyword research tool that reduces the frustrating work of finding the right keyword for your website. it was where Longtail Pro comes into play, founded by Spencer Haws from NichePursuits.com. He has been involved in Internet Marketing for about 5 years and has developed hundreds of long-tail websites.

LongTailPro Keyword Research Tool for Long Tail Keywords home

Longtail Pro has helped thousands of website developers worldwide in choosing the right keyword for their website. Longtail Pro creates more than 800 keywords relating to the main keyword using the data from the Google keyword tool.

Long Tail Pro provides the best customer support team for their users, If you face any issues related to Longtail Pro contact the support team with a question or request. We try to respond to everything within 24 hours during the week and help you out.

Longtail Pro Review : SE Ranking Pros and Cons

Longtail Pro helps businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs build and sustain high-converting SEO content that ranks at the top of the SERPs, which increases website traffic, conversions, and ultimately sales.

LongTailPro Features:

  • Create multiple projects. …
  • Generate keywords based on your seed keyword. …
  • Export keywords in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import keywords into LongTailPro.
  • Find long-tail high-CPC keywords (great for increasing AdSense revenue).
  • Find available domain names.

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