SpyFu Free Trial – Forever Free or 30 Days Premium Plan Trial

Start your 30-Day Risk-Free SpyFu trial or SpyFu Free Trial now with all the features and explore the functions ✅ for free. Activate your Free SpyFu Trial for 30 days and use it with all the necessary features and get the maximum benefit from this tool.

SpyFu is the best tool to find out your competitor’s keywords, rank history, PCC campaign, and lots of tools to keep an eye on SERP and your competitions.

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Here in this article, I am going to describe how you can start your 30-days SpyFu Free Trial and how you can get maximum benefits from the SpyFu Free Trial.

Read the full article and find out the fundamentals of SpyFu, SpyFu Pricing Plans, SpyFu Features, and How to Make Use of SpyFu. Without wasting any more time let’s start.

SpyFu Free Trial - Forever Free or 30 Days Premium Plan Trial
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30-Days SpyFu Trial for Free

SpyFu does not provide any free trial but it provides 30 days refund policy. Till 30 days you can try out all the features that the tool provides and also try the functionality of every tool that they offer in their pack.

The features you get depends on the plan you choose to have while making the initial payment. Although all the plans includes unlimited domains overview PDF’s, data result and search results.

The plans start at the price of $33/month when billed annually. I recommend if you are a beginner which is the most probable case you buy the Basic plan at $39/month billed monthly. The basic plan covers almost everything that the tool offers and the features don’t differ much from the Team Plan which is their advance plan.

Risk-Free Trial Validity30 days refund policy
UnlimitedDomain, Data, search results
Free PlanN.A
 SEO Rankings trackingYes

SpyFu basically helps you compete with your competitor with its secret of getting every information of your competitor from google and all other web platforms. Just type your competitor’s domain and they will tell you everything.

How to Start the SpyFu Free Trial?

To start your 30-day SpyFU Free Trial you need to visit their website and log in. After that, you need to select the plan you want to choose and make the payment. You are free to cancel and get a full refund if canceled in 30 days.

Before login, you need to add details like your name, email, mobile number, etc. After selecting the plan you need to select your plan and add credit card details and make the payment.

Also, you can change your plan anytime, and if you can also withdraw or cancel the SpyFu free trial if you don’t like the features. You are Risk-free for 30 days.

Steps to Get Activate Your SpyFu Free Trial:

  1. Visit the SpyFu Website
  2. Login or Register Your Account
  3. Click on SpyFu Pricing
  4. Select your Plan
  5. Add details
  6. Make the Payment

SpyFu Risk-Free Trial or SpyFu Free Trial Features

SpyFu Risk-Free Trial or SpyFu Free Trial is for 30 days and you get all the features of the plan you have chosen while making the initial payment. All the plan includes all the necessary features and tools and has almost the same features except a few which are in the team plan only.

SpyFu opens every detail of your competitor from its Adwords to its Adwords variations, every keyword, and every organic ranking that they get in the past.

Track your SEO keyword ranking with SpyFu SEO competitor research and also get complete keyword history. See what keywords groups are more effective and use them as per your use.

PPC and SEO SERP analysis to find the ranking factor for each keyword. Quality Backlinks for specific keywords that help your rank better. With domain leads and top list get high CPC and most searched keywords.

Learn how to connect with your competitor and also find online and traditional leads methods – social media, email, phone, and address. Here I have also mentioned some of the features that you will get in every plan you choose.

  • Unlimited Backlinks Searches
  • Unlimited Domain Comparisons 
  • Track Ad Placement & SEO Rankings
  • Custom SEO & PPC Reports
  • Filter Sales Leads
  • Small Domain SEO Report
  • AdWords Advisor PPC Report
  • Top Lists (Top PPC Spenders, etc.)
SpyFu pricing plans features

If you are a beginner start with a Basic plan and learn the fundamentals of website marketing and to compete with your competitor and if you find the tool useful and effective move onto the higher plan and try to now work in a team to achieve higher goals.

SpyFu Pricing Plans after Free Trial

SpyFu offers three plans i.e. Basic, Professional, and Team plans for every kind of user starting at $33/month the basic plan that comes with all the basic features that are necessary for your website development and website marketing to get more audience and get better ranking than your competitors.

Here are the details of the SpyFu Pricing provides:

  1. Basic starting at $33/month. This plan is for those who are new to this domain of work and new to websites.
  2. Professional starting at $99/month this plan is for who have experience in this domain and have really their hands in the website pool.
  3. Team starting at $199/month this plan is for those who work in a team and are one the way to mark their journey and working on a big project.
SpyFu Pricing plans

Here I have tabulated the features of each of the SpyFu plan.

Basic Professional Team
250 sales leads & domain contacts.500 sales leads & domain contacts.2000 sales leads & domain contacts.
5k weekly tracked keyword rankings.15k weekly tracked keyword rankings40k weekly tracked keyword rankings
10k top lists results50k top lists results75k top lists results
Small Domain SEO Report- 10Small Domain SEO Report- 30Small Domain SEO Report- unlimited
API Access – Not AvailableAPI AccessAPI Access
AdWords Advisor PPC Report-10AdWords Advisor PPC Report-30AdWords Advisor PPC Report-unlimited
1 user access1 user access5 users Access
Compare the features

SpyFu Overview

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos
$39.00 $33.00 -15%
Looking for a platform that will help you in Finding the competitor’s keyword for Google AdWords?And which can save your time and efforts in doing it …

SEO Tool

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited SEO, PPC and Keyword Research.

Moeny Back

30 Days


Best SEO Tool for Spy SERP and Competitors with all Important SEO Features.

SpyFu interface is simple and you get every information about your competitors and you get the idea of making your site better and you learn while using the interface.

The journey of the SpyFu started in 2005 by Mike Roberts. Mike focused on retrieving google search information and got the idea of creating a useful tool to convert Adwords data and Google search results into insightful answers that expose new opportunities for search marketers.

SpyFu Competitor Keyword Research Tools home

SpyFu has a great overview of the information that they provide the dashboard is clear and easy to read. You get the full overview of the tool.

You get to know what are the other keywords that are being used by your competitors and what headings and titles you can list in your article to make it rank for the main keyword and the keywords related to it.

SpyFu Review : SE Ranking Pros and Cons

SpyFu has also been featured in Giants brands all over the world like The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journals, etc. If you face any issues related to Spyfu just contact the SpyFu support team they will surely accept your request. You can reach our team through email (support@spyfu.com) or live chat. If you’re an existing customer, please include your account email so we can make that quick adjustment for you.

Why Choose SpyFu Free Trial?

As the world is growing and everything shifting towards online its time for everybody to get ready with the internet domain. Today websites play a major role in advertising and in doing business.

Web-developers work and day and night to rank their websites higher for any related keyword that the user searches. It was SpyFu Free Trial clear your path a little bit. SpyFu helps in making the website foundation strong and find the right keyword and related keywords for you and also gives the analysis of your competitor’s domain. The keyword, the questions, and from where they get the backlinks for their website, From where they get most of the traffic, and many more important things.

As a beginner who has no experience in website development and marketing, the SpyFu Free trial is the best opportunity that the tool can offers.

SpuFu Free Trial gives you an overview of their platform and at the same time, you get to learn many new things for your website. SpyFu provides ideas and creative ideas to make your website rank higher.

Since SpyFu has their refund policy you are risk-free for 30 days to try all their features and functionality. You got to try all the features of the tool and experience the full interface of the tool.

You try and get failed and sometimes you win but that doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is that you should learn without the loss of your money. SEO research, PPC research, Keyword research, SEO reports, SERP analysis, and many more you got to try and understand all these things for free.

How to make use of a 30-days Free SpyFu Trial?

Since the SpyFu is risk-free for 30 days, during this time you can use the tool’s full interface and try out its functionality and features. You have access to every feature that the tool offers.

As a beginner SpyFu Free Trial a great opportunity to learn and make use of it for our website. In a 30-day SpyFu Free Trial, you can try several things and make a selection of things that work for you and of those that didn’t respond to your expectation.

You can observe the behavior of your audience and also view the activities of your competitors and analyze what things have worked for them. Overall you make better discussion based on records and experiments.

Track the ranks, Observe Competitors, Research better keywords, compare domains, review Ad history, SERP checker, Keyword suggestions, groupers, and many more things to use and try.

It helps you in getting web traffic onto your website and also provides ideas and keywords to compete with your competitor. It also helps you in making better connections with your audience and affiliates.

Overall why I strongly recommend SpyFu Free Trial because SpyFu makes the work simple and helps you in competing with your competitors and helps you making your website rank better so that it can get more audience or users. Also, SpyFu helps you in analyzing certain domains of website development and make better decisions.

FAQs on SpyFu Free Trial

Here are some frequently asked questions which will surely clear your doubts and queries related to SpyFu Free Trial.

How to start the SpyFu Free Trial?

Visit the SpyFu website, then login or register yourself, click on Spyfu Pricing, and select your plan that you want to use. After selecting the plan add your credit card details and make the payment. Use your plan for 30 days risk-free.

How to cancel SpyFu Trial?

Visit the SpyFu website then click on support ask them to cancel your subscription. If you cancel in 30 days you will get your refund.

What is the duration of SpyFu Free Trial?

Though SpyFu doesn’t provide any free trial. You can get the trial under the Spyfu 30 days refund policy you can try SpyFu Risk-free for 30 days and can use all their features for this duration. There is no limit to the use of an interface, it is only limited by the plan’s limit what’s there in their plan you can use that much to its full extent.

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$39.00 $33.00 -15%
Looking for a platform that will help you in Finding the competitor’s keyword for Google AdWords?And which can save your time and efforts in doing it …

SEO Tool

Starting Price


Key Features

Unlimited SEO, PPC and Keyword Research.

Moeny Back

30 Days


Best SEO Tool for Spy SERP and Competitors with all Important SEO Features.

SpyFu Free Trial – Forever Free or 30 Days Premium Plan Trial

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