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FastComet is the best Budget Hosting even for a Short Period with Special Features and Configurations.

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Let’s explore FastComet Deals And offers.


Fastcomet Coupon 2020

Here are Latest and updated Deals of Fastcomet hosting.

Fastcomet Shared Coupon


Fastcomet WordPress Coupon


Fastcomet VPS Coupon


Fastcomet Dedicated VPS Coupon



FastComet Plans Discount with Features

FastComet Web hosting provides shared hosting to host your Coding, WordPress, or any CMS website.

Its range is affordable and having quality features from the beginning plan.

It has a special feature RocketBooster to optimize your site speed to the next level. We’ve shared it in the below reasons.

FastComet has the Same Pricing Plans for Shared, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting.

So here I am sharing FastComet Plans with their features price:

FastCloud FastCloud Plus FastCloud Extra
Website 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SSD Storage 15 GB 25 GB  35 GB
Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer 1 3 3
All Important Features
Website Starter Kit
Advance Features
Rocket Booster
Price $2.95/mo $4.45/mo $5.95/mo

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Other companies provide just 30 days money-back guarantee but first commit provide 45 days money-back guarantee so you can use the first comment hosting for 45 days risk-free.


Reason to avail Fastcomet Coupon Code

I don’t know you’ve heard about this hosting yet yes or no. But I can say after reviewing this product this hosting will be the future.

We’ve also shared a detailed FastComet Hosting Review, with its all essential information.

It has more than any other hosting like SSD Drives, FastGuard, and RocketBooster. I’ll explain all these things in the next sections.

1. Great Features at low cost

FastComet Coupon Code with Features

FastComet Hosting Features

Fastcomet price is same as SiteGound pricing but offers something more than Siteground in this range.  It has all SSD drives, Free Domain name, migrations, backups, and 45 days money back.


2. Same Price for 12 Months Also

We loved it!

FastComet offers the Same Price $2.95/mo however you’re buying hosting for 12 Months, 24 Months, or 36 Months.

While other hosting companies offer their cheap price when we buy for 36 months. In this case, we’ve to a large amount in begging to the hosting providers.

But FastComet keeps the Same Price for 12 Months and 24 Months. Which makes this deal the best money saving to start your website or blog. And you can also use exclusive FastComet promo codes to save more.


3. FastGuard – Extraordinary Security

I should include this in the featured section but because I wanna write about this more so here I made a separate point for this.

FastGuard reacts to each malicious activity, server configuration, and DDoS attack. It has multiple security levels that prevent users data from bots and hackers and keep site safe.

FastComet FastGuard WordPress Featuure

FastComet FastGuard WordPress Feature


Hosting Account Security Layer:

  • Complete Account Isolation
  • Bruteforce protection for all services
  • Free Personal SSL encryption on all plans
  • Up to 30 free daily backups

WordPress Application Security Layer:

  • WordPress Web Application Firewall
  • Malware Scan & Reports
  • DDoS detection and mitigation
  • IP Reputation botnet attacks filter


4. RocketBooster – Super Thrust

While RocketBooster works on site performance, using a cache, SSD drives and keep updating software versions. It has varnish static and dynamic caching levels which put your data on CDN for better performance.

FastComet RocketBooster WordPress Feature

FastComet RocketBooster WordPress Feature


Out-of-the-box WordPress Optimization:

  • Latest and Fastest PHP/MySQL version
  • SSD-only cloud with guaranteed CPU
  • HTTP/2 and free Cloudflare CDN
  • Observer Resource Monitoring

FastCloud Extra RocketBooster:

  • Varnish Static and Dynamic caching
  • LiteSpeed LSPHP Technology
  • Opcode Caching
  • Optimized static content processing





5. 99.9% Server Uptime

Its server uptime is great.

Even website Hostingfact’s report also that this hosting has 99.98% Uptime of the Server. While sign up on FastCoemt it gives the option to choose a server location from its 11 Worldwide Servers. And using its server monitoring we can check each server static and their speed in different regions.

So selecting the right server become easy for us, we pick a server based on the target audience and server performance. Get this amazing always up hosting with FastComet coupon code at 75% discount.


6. FastComet Fast Page Speed

I’ve already talked about its Rocket Booster but adding this point is necessary yet.

This web hosting provides something extra on its package which results in fast page speed. CDN and Updation is now common but all sites do not provide SSD drives or multiple cache level.

  • Integrated Cloudflare CDN
  • SSD Storage Drives
  • Multiple Cache Levels
  • Updated PHP and MySQL
  • Server Side Static Content optimization
  • Website usage Monitor

FastComet Hosting dashboard also has a section for website monitoring where you can check as Cloudflare dashboard how much bandwidth is a website using. And calculate the execution time of website scripts or static contents.


7. Multiple Server Location

1,2,3,4… Total = 11

Yes! FastComet hosting has 11 server locations which is really good for a local marketer or target audience.

FastComet Promo Code & Servers Location

FastComet Servers Location

You can pick any server when you buy its hosting service at no extra cost. Area wise it has servers in North America, Europe, and South Asia. But It is a really good option for local sites.

One Best Thing about its Servers

  • You can check their all details and speed.

Yes, I’ve never seen this before. You can download speed test, check each server connection, first byte, and total response time at multiple locations.

Now you can easily choose one right server location for you. Host your next website on it using FastComet hosting coupon to avail 75% discount + free domain name.


8. Award-Winning Hosting

FastComet Awards

I’m not the only one.

Who is praising FastComet, It has won multiple awards due to its support and customer service. Even We would I also to give it NextGen Hosting Award from our company Web Me Tools.


9. Free Express Transfer

It just transfers your website from another host on the same day with the help of FastComet experts.

Without facing any downtime it moves completely website content to Fastcomet hosting servers and also moves a domain name from another domain register if you want.

On the other hosting providers, we need to move a site using their dashboard and face so many issues. Because as a simple site, WordPress site has a big directory and a lot of connection with a database file. If we made an error in this we can’t live again WordPress site until we didn’t suck.

So if the FastComet team or expert is transferring our site, let them do it.

And Relax! Believe that they will do it correctly and after some time again start work on blog/site on other hosts. Migrate your site from existing host using FastComet Promo Code and Get 75% Off and exclusive benefits.



10. 45 Days Money Back

Mostly hosting provides just 30 days money back but here you get extra 15 days to try or use FastComet. From the date of purchase in the first 45 days, you get 100% Cashback to expect your domain expense.

So if you found FastComet hosting slow, ridiculous, or worst support you can apply for money back.


11. Expert Support 24*7

Can you believe that a technical issue can be solved I just 15 min. ??

FastComet Discount Code & FastComet Customer Support

But Fastcomet claims that they solved 83% tickets in just 15 mins. Ok If it is true then a plus point for us to choose Fastcomet hosting.

Web hosting support plays an important role if you’re a newbie in web carrier. There are several technical terms and new issues that you’ve to face at the beginning of your carrier. Because you’re doing something new so it is confirmed that you’ll make some mistakes.

And need support?

Here’s Hosting Expert help us to fix our problems and suggest the right configuration.

FastComet customer support is average and pre-sale support is good.


FastComet Promo Code and Discount 2020

This page has all the latest FastComet Coupon & FastComet Discount Deals of 2020 so you get right hosting at possible lowest price with all offers. You can use the above coupons or discount links to grab a discount on FastComet hosting.

This new era fast hosting comes with advanced optimization options and multiple security levels. Its FastComet WordPress hosting is the best solution for new Bloggers and WordPress developers. It has all essential features an specification which you need to create a pro site.

As compared to its peers, it adds some more valuation into plans. Which makes FastComet hosting out of a box from all other hosting solutions.


FAQs on FastComet Hosting Coupon

Get more ideas about FastComet Hosting Coupon.

1. Which is Right FastComet Plan for Beginners?

You can start from FastCloud Plan if you have just a single website but if you want to host multiple websites then I recommend you go with FastCloud Plus Plan.

2. What is the Starting Price of FastComet?

Fastcomet pricing starting from $2.95/month where you can host one website and get all essential features to build, manage, and run an online website.

3. How to get a Discount on FastComet?

FastComet offers some exclusive coupons that we have shared in this post you can use them to get discounts on FastComet Hosting.

On some occasions and festivals, FastComet offers some exclusive deals where you can also get FastComent Discount.

Location end date first commits provide some special deals where you also get an additional discount.



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