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Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which One is Better Tool?

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which One is Better Tool?

Compare Ahrefs and Ubersuggest with their Pricing and features & Choose the best SEO Tool, we have covered all the possible topics about Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest. So if you are looking for a better Ubersuggest and Ahrefs comparison this post is made for you!!

Are you Confused Better Ahrefs and Ubersuggest??

Then we must say you are reading the right article as you will get here Ubersuggest vs Ahrefs in-depth comparison.

Both SEO tools come in the list of most powerful SEO Tools, so it is hard to compare which one is superior,

Comparing Ahrefs and Ubersuggest is a hard task, but don’t worry we make it easy for you!!

So read this article till the end and you will get your answer.

Know About These Tools.

Overview: Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest


About Ahrefs

ahrefs seo tool home

ahrefs is a wildly well-known SEO tool created to examine backlinks. In the last few years, it has grown significantly more and has an outstanding backlink database and keywords. Ahrefs is among the most well-known SEO-related tools because of this reason.

It offers an SEO tool suite that comes with one of the top backlink databases, a site crawler, a rank-tracking engine as well as an SEO keyword tool that is far beyond the competition.

It is also well-known for its backlink-checking tool, which has one of the largest live link databases. It uses crawling software that recreates your site as a search engine would. This allows you to better understand your site so that you can optimize it for search engines.

Ahrefs Key Features:

  • SEO Alerting
  • SEO Auditing
  • SEO Change Tracking
  • Technical SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • SERP Rank Tracking
  • Localization
  • Content Insights


About Ubersuggest

UberSuggest mainpage

Ubersuggest can be described as an SEO software and marketing keyword tool designed by Neil Patel. He created an instrument that could assist fellow owners of websites to access the possibility of a list of keywords, based on data from Google Suggest.

It has a huge collection of content and keyword suggestions that will aid you and your company improve your ranking on search engines.

Aside from SEO Tools, Ubbersuggest also has other tools like AI Writer where you can create your own content with just a click.

Also has a Keyword Visualization feature, with the help of this feature you can Find profitable SEO keywords that are easy to win.

Ubersuggest Key Features:

  • Backlink Monitoring.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Dashboard.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Visualization
  • Keyword Tracking.
  • Link Management.
  • SEO Management.
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Site Auditing

Let’s Compare!

Quick Comparison of Ahrefs and Ubersuggest

Keyword ResearchComprehensive keyword research tools with accurate search volume and keyword difficulty data.Basic keyword research tools with limited search volume and keyword difficulty data.
Backlink AnalysisOne of the most comprehensive backlink analysis tools available with accurate data on referring domains, backlinks, and anchor text.Provides limited backlink analysis data, including backlink count and top referring domains.
Site AuditingOffers a comprehensive site auditing tool with detailed reports on technical issues, on-page SEO, and more.Offers a basic site auditing tool with limited analysis and reporting capabilities.
Competitor AnalysisOffers a detailed competitor analysis tool that provides insight into your competitors’ top pages, organic traffic, backlinks, and more.Provides basic competitor analysis data, including top pages and estimated organic traffic.
PricingStarts at $99/month for the Lite plan, with additional plans available for larger businesses.Offers a limited free plan, with premium plans starting at $29/month.

Overall, Ahrefs is a more comprehensive and advanced SEO tool than Ubersuggest, offering more accurate data and more in-depth analysis tools.

Know Their Advantages & Disadvantages.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest.

Ahrefs Pros & Cons:

  • It is a very Easy To Use Tools with a very simple interface
  • It Provides All tools that you need
  • You can audit your Core Web Vital easily.
  • Make Backlinks Analysis Very Easy.
  • It does not provide any free trial.
  • Phone Supporting is not available.
  • Limits in Reporting

Checkout- A Complate Review of Ahrefs

Ubersuggest Pros & Cons:

  • It Provides a Free 7 Days Trial
  • It has a Chrome Extention
  • It is great for keyword research and competitor analysis
  • It has a simple interface
  • Limitations for Rank Tracking
  • Content idea features aren’t that better.
  • It is no longer free

Know Their Pricing Plans.

Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest: Pricing Plans

Ahrefs Pricing Plans

Know All Plans of Ahrefs.
Ahrefs Plans Features

1. Ahrefs Lite Plan

In this Plan, Ahrefs Provides all the essential data needed for your small businesses and hobby projects this plan is made for beginners or individuals who just want to kick-start their SEO journey

which cost you $99/month. and the features like Keywords Explorer, Rank Tracker, SEO Dashboard, Alerts, and site audit option.


  • 2500 Max rows per report
  • 750 Tracked keywords
  • 100,000Crawl credits
  • 5 Keywords lists
  • 5 Unverified projects
  • And more

2. Ahrefs Standard Plans

Ahrefs This plan is made for someone who is an SEO professional and an in-house marketer and as compared to Ahrefs Lite plans, it includes more features.

This plan will cost you $199/month. with the features like SERP updates in which you can see the freshest SERPs instead of cached ones and a Position history chart which is See an interactive graph of all the pages ranking organically for a keyword and their positions over time.


  • 30,000 Max rows per report
  • 2000 Tracked keywords
  • 500,000Crawl credits
  • 50 Keywords lists
  • 20 Unverified projects
  • And more

3. Ahrefs Advanced Plan:

This Plan of Ahrefs comes with some advanced features with Indispensable tools and more data allowance as your business scale, if you want to grow your SEO to the next level, then you can choose it.

That Plan cost $399/month. with some features like Google Data Studio Integration, and 2 years of history in which you can see a breakdown of the parts of a site that contribute to its SEO performance for both traffic and backlinks data.


  • 75,000 Max rows per report
  • 5000 Tracked keywords
  • 1,500,000Crawl credits
  • 100 Keywords lists
  • 50 Unverified projects
  • And more

4. Ahrefs Enterprise Plan:

This is the last feature of Ahrefs, in which you will get access to every feature that ahrefs provides, and this plan is mainly ideal for big agencies and enterprises who looking for more data and limits.

This plan will cost you $999/month and the features like Unlimited history, and Access Management with these features you can manage access permissions for your team, and with the help of the Directory listing feature you can list your SEO agency in Ahrefs’ exclusive directory.


  • 150,000 Max rows per report
  • 10,000 Tracked keywords
  • 5,000,000Crawl credits
  • 250 Keywords lists
  • 30 Unverified projects
  • And more

Ahrefs Pricing Plans 2023- Get The Best Plan and Check Total Cost

Get the Total Pricing and Plan details Here:

Ubersuggest Pricing Plan

Know Their Pricing Plans
ubersuggest Pricing Plans

1. Ubersuggest Individual Plan

If you are the owner of a single website you can start with this plan for Ubersuggest, when you talk about the price of this plan, then we can say this is not too costly, so if you are looking for some basic features, then you should try this plan.

This plan will cost you $12/month with the features like Rank Tracking, Site audit, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Backlinks Checker, and more, but they have some limits.


  • 100 searches/day
  • 1 domain
  • 125 tracked keywords/domain
  • 3 competitors/domain
  • 1,000-page scans/domain
  • 1 user
  • and more.

2. Ubersuggest Business Plan

Under this plan, you can manage up to 5 Websites, with includes some more features than Individual Plan, and this plan is mainly focused on users who won’t need SEO Features for their business.

The cost of this plan is $20/month and with this plan, you can manage 150 Rank Tracking/ per project / Daily and 2000 Content Ideas which is the number of blog post Ideas they will recommend for your topic.


  • 500 searches/day
  • 5 domains
  • 250 tracked keywords/domain
  • 5 competitors/domain
  • 5,000-page scans/domain
  • 2 users
  • and More.

3. Ubersuggest Enterprise Plan

This is an advance and the last plan of uber-suggest, in this plan, you can manage up to 10 websites, that mean with this plan you can manage an agency This plan also includes a large number of data and limits.

At the cost of $40/month, you can site audit over 10,000 pages/week and 10,000 rows of Data exporting per report and much more.


  • 1,000 searches/day
  • 10 domains
  • 500 tracked keywords/domain
  • 5 competitors/domain
  • 10,000-page scans/domain
  • 5 users
  • and More.

Compare Their Features

Ubersuggest Vs Ahrefs: Features Comparison


Dashboard Comparison

Ahrefs Dashboard:

Ahrefs Dashboard

A Better dashboard makes your work easier, we have seen some tools provide lots of features but because of that much at one plan, their dashboard looks too messy. and that is why we should also compare also a dashboard of SEO Tools.

When we talk about the ahrefs Dashboard, You can see lots of features in the Ahrefs dashboard, but the way they are managing all of them is pretty good.

on the top site, you can notice various options and one of them is the “Site Explorer” option where you can see all the data of your domain, like their authority, no, of backlinks, organic keywords, and much more.

After that, you can see the “keyword Explorer” Tool where you can check the volume of your keyword, their difficulty, and related queries.

And after “Keyword Explorer”, you can see the “Content Explorer” Tool with the help of this tool you can get Topic Ideas related to your content.

You have mentioned only basic tools, there are tools that we are going to discuss below

Ubersuggest Dashboard:

We never find out people talking about Ubbersuggest Dashboard, so it is hard to make our opinion on this tool’s dashboard before knowing it very well, so we decided to try this tool and found that this is an underrated tool with very obvious features of the dashboard.

Ubersuggest Dashboard:

They manage all their tools in a very simple manner, On the first top, you can see their “Dashboard” Option in which you can see options for Rank Tracking and Ubersuggest’s Chrome Extension.

After that, you can see the “Site Audit” tools in which you can see the overall performance of your website. and then the “Keyword” tool option which is mainly used for keyword research.

Their “Traffic”, Features show you an overview of your website’s traffic, and their ” Backlink” Option is made for backlinks analysis. and Ubersuggest newly introduces their “lab” tool, where you can find a Keyword Visualization and Ai Writer option.

We just provide you an overview so you can get an idea about the Ubersuggest dashboard, otherwise, there are lots of features to check, once you enter into Ubersugges Dashboard.


Keyword Analysis Comparison

Ahrefs Keyword Analysis:

Ahrefs Provides keyword Explorer features, in which you can find a variety of keywords and their details, also The keyword explorer can be complemented with the Keyword List feature that allows you to save keywords while performing research.

Ahrefs Keyword Analysis:

Many keyword tools only display data and metrics that are relevant to Google. This is understandable given Google’s near-monopoly on the search engine market. However, it is important to remember that other search engines can also provide traffic.

On Ahrefs you can check the data of 10 search engines, Just toggle between each of them to see respective monthly search volumes for any keyword.

Ubersuggest Keyword Analysis:

Rather than taking a long path of using a hardcore SEO Process to inspect Search phrases, web traffic, competitors, and other factors, simply discover Keywords in your target specific niche and also start producing quality material you will obtain a good ranking as well as authority in no time.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which One is Better Tool?

From head-related words to long-tail terms, you’ll find many suggestions from Ubersuggest. There’s also how many people are searching, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword.

When we talk about keywords research features that are provided by Ubersuggest, mainly we found three: Keyword overview, keyword Ideas, and Keyword by traffic, these three features are enough for your keyword research


On-Page SEO Comparison

Ahrefs On-Page SEO:

Proper on-page SEO instruction is very important for a website, and some websites miss out on that point there are lots of tools that analyze your on-page SEO, but Ahrefs doesn’t have any On Page SEO tools in their dashboard.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which One is Better Tool?

but Ahrefs has a Chrome Extension, which can be used as an On-page SEO checker, That Ahrefs Chrome extension is known as SEO Tool Bar, where you can check

  • On-page SEO report
  • Redirect tracer with HTTP Headers
  • Outgoing links report with link highlighter and broken link checker
  • SERP positions
  • Country changer for SERP

We can say, a Chrome extension can be the easiest way to check On-page SEO, and the best part is, This SEO Toolbar by Ahresf is free for everyone.

Ubersuggest On-Page SEO:

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which One is Better Tool?

Ubersuggest is also a perfect page for SEO, but it also doesn’t provide any On Page SEO tools, but if you want to check the SEO issue of your particular page, you can paste your URL into Ubersuggest’s Site Audit Bar, and it will show your On-page SEO Score, Organic monthly Traffic, organic keywords, and backlinks.


Competitor Analysis Comparison


In every niche Competition is increasing day by day, You must be aware of the domains that rank for the keywords you are targeting.

ahrefs Competitor analysis

If a lot of websites with high authority rank for that keyword, it will likely be more difficult to rank for it. so it is important to check what our competitors are doing so Ahrefs is making this word easy for you.

For Competitor Analysis, Ahrefs does not have any specific tools but there are lots of features with the help that you can analyze your competitor’s websites.

With the overview option of ahrefs, you can see an option on the compete for domain option where you can see all your competitors, with a few clicks you can check their backlinks option.


Competitor analysis is an important part so, Use Ubersuggest to get an idea from the competitors and also seek a lot more opportunities!

Ubersuggest Competitor analysis

you can see helpful, relevant info like the number of natural search phrases they’re ranking for as well as the number of backlinks (including what percentage are nofollow they have.


Site Auditing Comparison

Ahrefs Site Auditing:

Website audit in Ahrefs Is Very Simple. It will prompt you to start using the crawler as soon as possible and once a week after you first sign up for your account. You must agree and Ahrefs immediately begins crawling your website.

Ubersuggest Site Auditing:

It is a helpful feature that health checks your website for critical errors, warnings, and recommendations.

With the SEO Analyzer in Ubersuggest, you can execute technical SEO audits on your website. because the tool needs to crawl your internet site’s pages and try to find issues & errors, the entire process takes 10-15 minutes to complete,


Rank Tracking Comparison

Ahrefs Rank Tracking:

The Features of rank tracking in ahrefs is pretty good, in just a few click you can get all the details of your keyword about their ranking. and you can also track your keyword countrywide they provide features to filter your rank tracking.

Ubersuggest Rank Tracking:

ahrefs rank tracking

Uberguggest’s rank tracking feature displays details in a lot more detail for the tasks you have become part of the Dashboard.

This can be somewhat limiting, especially if you would love to use Ubersuggest to track the positions of an information website or a blog with more than two hundred blog posts.


Content Marketing Comparison

Ahrefs Content Marketing:

Content Marketing also plays a very important role for a brand, so A Tool called Content Explorer by Ahrefs allows you to find the most popular content on any topic or website. You can sort content by social share and backlinks.

Ubersuggest Content Marketing:

Recognizing what to cover can make or break your content approach. Dive deep right into the top-performing material items for any kind of given keyword phrase so you can discuss topics that people are curious about.

Ubersuggest provides a feature called “Content Ideas” With the help of this Feature you can find Various amazing topics related to your content.

It also has the Ai Writing option, with the help of this feature, you have to choose a topic, and it will automatically suggest a title and write content about it.


Reporting Comparison


Ahrefs will show you various numbers of reports in just a few click with a very easy-to-understand interface, but you have to pay some extra for reporting and that is digestible but there is also some limits, which we think is not a good point of Ahrefs.


Ubersuggest specifically doesn’t provide any reporting features, in which they can provide numbers of data like ahrefs.


Backlinks Analysis Comparison

Ahrefs Backlinks Analysis:

When it comes to Backlinks analysis, we can say Ahrefs is the best option because as we mentioned in the beginning it started its journey as a Backing checker tool and now it can check your backlink.

AhrefsnBacklink analysis

Ahrefs provides clear backlink data. It allows you to see which domains have gained and lost links as well as the value of those links.

For backlink analysis, Ahrefs has two features, first one is a backlinks profile in which you can check your overall backlinks and New, Lost, and Broken backlinks, and the second feature is a Referring Domain in which you can check the domain from where you are getting backlinks.

Ubersuggest Backlinks Analysis:

As you know how important backlinks are for a Website, Ubersuggets can be a better option for Backlinks analysis because it provides accurate data.

Ubersuggest Backlinks analysis

you can see the precise web content in your space that individuals are linking to. You then come close to each of these sites as well as inquire to link to you.

Ubersuggest provides all the data related to your backlinks info, so you simply get to know about your website backlinks.

For backlinks Analysis, Ubersugges have two option first one is the Backlinks Overview where you will get data of all your backlinks and the second is “Backlinks” Opportunity” Features where you can get backlinks Idea for your domain.


Customer Support Comparison

Ahrefs Customer Support:

For Customer support ahrefs has three options, first one they have is Email Support: You can contact them through email, and we think this is a very common way, for better customer support they should provide Phone Support, not for every but for their premium customers.

Second, they have an online help center where you can add your queries related to ahrefs their expert will answer these queries, and you can choose any topic you want.

The third option is Blog, In their blog section they create content around their tools, features, and SEO, and People find those blog posts very helpful.

Ubersuggest Customer Support:

Like every other tool, Ubbersuggest also has the option of Contacting through email, and we found that this is the only option to contact their team, which is pretty sad.

Another option is their blog, Niel Patel is a good marketer, people love the content he writes and we also love to read his article.

So, Neil Patel Also made some Blog posts related to this tool, so you should check them.

Which One You Should Choose?

Ubersuggest Vs Ahrefs: Their Expertise

Ahrefs is Best For:

Ahrefs is an excellent solution for most SEO projects. You have access to a lot of information. You are looking for an SEO tool that is exceptional in crawling and domain analysis, and that covers basic keyword research as well as ongoing monitoring.

Ahrefs’ user interface is another popular feature. This SEO suite was designed to be easy to use, which you’ll discover as soon as your first play with it.

Ubersuggest is Best For:

We like the ability to find keywords, and backlinks and their feature of content ideas is pretty good. Ubersuggest is fast when performing one report at a time.

If We compare Ubersuggest with another SEO tool then we can say it comes with an affordable price. we can say it is easy to use, comes with lots of features, and is nearly one of the likable tools.

Which One Is Better?

Conclusion- Ahrefs and Ubersuggest Comparison

Comparing Ahrefs and Ubersuggest is a really difficult task because both tools are providing amazing features that require SEO.

if you read this article then you have noticed that we point out what features these tools do not provide and that makes a big difference if you checkout ahrefs then we can say does not provide a Free Trial, and on the other side, Ubersuggest does not provide Reporting.

Best Ahrefs Alternatives and ahrefs Similar SEO Tools For You

Try some other similiar tools like ahrefs:
Ahrefs and Ubersuggest

and We think these features make some difference between both tools like if you are looking for some specific features you must need to compare tools.

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives & Tools like Ubersuggest

Try other similiar platforms like Ubersuggest:

FAQs: Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest

Here we have added some frequently asked questions about ahrefs and Ubersuggest.

Ahrefs Or Ubersugget, Which is Better?

When we compare ahrefs and Ubersuggest then we can say this is a tie because tools provide an amazing experience with their SEO Tool.

Why should I choose Ahrefs?

The main reason we prefer Ahrefs to you is that their backlinks analysis feature is pretty good. there are lots of features that do not change their points.

Why Should I Choose Ubersuggest?

If your budget is not that high then you will prefer to choose Ubersuggest, because it comes in an affordable price range. also, it has some features that are different.

Ubersuggest vs ahrefs, which one is Affordable?

We can say Ubersuggest is affordable, but there have some limitations with the less price. Ubersuggest $18/month and $99/month. but there are lots of differences in their features

Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest, which one provides more features?

Ahrefs and Ubersuggest, both provide a variety of features, but the one feature you couldn’t find in Ubersuggest is reporting, and other side Ahrefs doesn’t provide a free trial option.

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