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As a blogger you would be conscious of the term ‘content is the king' because it implies that quality content writing is necessary to help rank content high in Google and other search engines.

The regularly updated blogs or websites will rank higher in the search engines by writing top quality content. It acknowledges the site as valuable as such. Writing quality posts was a difficult task for bloggers, as producing original material requires a lot of time and energy.

They will compose the material on their own, like most independent writers, but the major corporations employ a writer to produce quality pieces for them. So several businesses are still going to search for professional freelancers to create a deal with them.

If you have a blog and try to rank high in search engines, you're sure you need to write the article every day, but it takes time to write quality content.

Users always work to beat the competition and go ahead using the latest technology to create articles; plus, publishing content on the blog should take less time and effort.

Here comes the chimp rewriter, which lets you generate the articles in a fraction of seconds. Let us discuss this more in-depth below.


About Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is an online marketers premium article rewriter software that helps create endless content in record time. There are few features associated with this software, which makes it a preferred choice for many, though, in forums and blogs, there are lots of negative reviews about it. Chimp Rewriter is also a free article rewriter based on AI, which helps produce unique content for your publications. So for Mac users, it's a PC software which is compliant with Windows 7, 8, 10, so article rewriting. You can do

  • Rewrite or spin content in seconds
  • Create original, complex content
  • Multi-language twist
  • Create articles by pressing a button
  • Record existing articles, pictures, and videos And so much more!


Chimp Rewriter Key Feature

  • AI-powered writer
  • 60-second article rewrite
  • quality content
  • 1-click article generation
  • 14 days of a free trial
  • Multi-language twist


Chimp Rewriter Review and Features

Using cutting-edge AI Tools, Chimp Rewriter helps you create new content. Chimp Rewriter is a rewriter article using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Processing of Natural Language (NLP). The technology allows you to search, analyze, and rewrite content at the speed of lightning.


Quick and familiar interface

With Chimp Rewriter's familiar interface that looks and feels the same as virtually any experienced application, you'll be up and working in no time. All it does is lightning fast so that you can work incredibly efficiently in record time to rewrite and spin articles.


Easy to use

Chimp Rewriter is a program that you can use. This article spinning method is sadly designed for Windows PC, so Mac users would need to set up a virtual Windows system to run Chimp Rewriter.

Chimp Rewriter has an overwhelming user interface and instantly throws a lot of features and options on you. A 132-page instructional ebook accompanying Chimp Rewriter is available. I'd say first time users aren't user-friendly with Chimp Rewriter. Nevertheless, after you have heard about the automated fast and quick spinning function of the journal, you can spin a journal in seconds.


Integrations of the Program

Since 2010, Chimp Rewriter has been around and is deeply incorporated into many leading internet marketing platforms. If you are using any auto blogging, SEO, link building, or any tools that have the spinning of an article, Chimp Rewriter is probably integrated.


Automatic Spinning Intelligence

The automatic rewriting engine Chimp Rewriter is built around the research on Natural Language Processing funded by universities and massive international companies. In human speaking, this means that Chimp uses artificial intelligence and intelligent cross-checking to make sure that your articles make sense for real people.


Study and create articles from scratch

Create multimedia-rich documents with digital software in seconds for gathering posts, videos, and photographs and putting them together into a unique article to call your own. To construct a great article for both humans and search engines, run grammar tests, and evaluate metrics like word density and LSI.


One-click tools

We know that you want the experience of rewriting the article to be as quick as possible. Rewriting and flipping have never been easier with more than 10 One-click devices. Intelligent editing, preferred twist, deleting all initial terms for better continuity, reordering or merging sentences and phrases, matching outcomes, and reviewing all Copyscape in one button.


Rewriting and flipping the way you see it

Add variants to your favorite style. The introduction of manual variations is enjoyable, versatile, and quick with a set of synonym/phrase selectors, sentence and paragraph builders, keyboard shortcuts, and the highlighting of parts that require focus. Chimp Rewriter contains everything you'd expect from the spinner of a top-notch article and the rewriter in one.


Customization of Thesaurus

Learning from the way you spin and rewrite, Chimp Rewriter always delivers the best synonyms for your style. Build global and niche-based custom thesauri, protect terms from rewriting, add synonym favorites, and delete those you don't like. Point Chimp with spintax on your old papers, and learn from them too. You have complete control here.


Advanced tools for the spin connoisseur

Chimp Rewriter provides several specialized resources that bring immense levels of authenticity to the outcome for anyone that are passionate about spinning and rewriting articles. Those include the creation of tip article, N-spin (creates significant permutations from word-groups), anchor text spin, random sorting & anchoring, rewriting of bulk files, reordering of lists, and more.


Exporting and submitting to blogs

Once the rewriting is done, you can export your content to any format you need. Choose the spin syntax, text formatting (e.g., HTML), add signatures automatically, and use tags in the mail merge style. There is also a strong blog submitter where you can trickle your article out with one click to hundreds of websites.


Everything is multilingual

Almost every language supports the main interface. Thesauri are built for English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish, Netherlands, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, and Swedish. These are continually improving.


APIs and Integrations

The Chimp Rewriter API has been incorporated into all significant content development suites and SEO software, including WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Ghost, SEO Web System, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Kontent System and more.


Efforts and time save

Many of the users will be writing their blogs or websites for their content. It takes a great deal of time to compose quality material as well. This tool can help users generate content in seconds and publish their blog content. It can save the users time and effort, and in return, they get quality content that is free of plagiarism.


Chimp Rewriter Plans

Chimp's rewriter comes up with two plans. Let us look in detail below.

Features Monthly Plan Yearly Plan
AI- powered writer Yes Yes
Human quality content Yes Yes
Passes from Copyscape Yes Yes
1-click article generation Yes Yes
60 second article turnaround Yes Yes
Automatically posts to blogs Yes Yes

Chimp Rewriter Pricing

The price of the Chimp Rewriter is $15 per month or $99 per year. You will get a 14 Days free trial for yourself to try out Chimp Rewriter.

Chimp Rewriter Pricing Compared Monthly Yearly
Total $15 $99

FAQs on chimp rewriter

1. If I did not like the tool, can I get a refund?

Answer: No, you didn't get a refund. Before you buy the chimp rewriter, I highly recommend you take a 14 days free trial and test chimp rewriter out for yourself.

2. Will I be getting articles optimized for SEO?

Answer: Yes. The tool can create SEO Customized articles.

3. Does the tool create articles using any algorithm?

Answer: Yea. It uses Artificial Intelligence to write content and enable users to read it.

Pros and Cons on Chimp Rewriter


Good product Readability

Good article Singularity

Integration with the most appropriate marketing tools

Easy to use Automatic Spin Function


At $15 / month or $99 / yr, pricey

Limit API for heavy users to 1500 requests/month

Small Buggy

Not Friendly with the Mac

Final verdict: Chimp Rewriter

Article spinning tools are in high demand to generate the material in this emerging technology as users try to look to their articles for better quality.

Articles generated by this tool are readable and pass the plagiarism tool of Copyscape as well. Once you place a keyword in the text box, the machine seeks to find information from across the web and begins spinning to create an original article and of higher quality. It uses an algorithm based on artificial intelligence. As such, it is human-readable, and it also passes the plagiarism checker for Copyscape.

Chimp Rewriter is a useful article spinner, Chimp Rewriter's content is high enough, but often it looks like spun material and needs manual editing. If the content like a human can be understood, then it can produce some quite impressive content.

However, this is much better than the other tools on the market. Just adding a few additional features will make this unbeatable. This is one of the best methods to turn around the demand for the post. I hope this article can help you get an idea of the spinning of an article and all the best features of Chimp Rewriter.

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