26 Best Online Broken Link Checker & Dead Links Checker Tools

26 Best Online Broken Link Checker & Dead Links Checker Tools

25+ Best Broken Link Checker Tools &  Online Dead Link Checker Tools. Paid & Free Backlink Checker Tool 🔗 to remove ❌ all bad links from your website. Broken Link Tools are Online, WordPress plugin, Chrome & Firefox extensions.

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Best tools which can help you in detection the broken link in your website?

If yes, then here we have made a list of 25+ broken link checker tools which can help you in identifying broken links on your website.

We’ve divided this giant article into 2 sections.

  1. 12 Best Broken Link checker Tools – Paid & Best SEO Tools
  2. 14 Free Broken Link checker Tools – Freemium Online SEO Tools
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12 Best Broken Link Checker Tools

Here are 21 Best Free & Paid Broken Link Checker Tools of 2020.

1. Ahref Broken Link Checker

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos
$99.00 $82.00 -17%
  About Ahref Ahref is Most Popular SEO Tools which is Managing by Dmitry and Its headquarter is present in Singapour. Since childhood, the …
Starting Price


Free Trial

7 Days Trial for $7

Money Back

48 Hours for Monthly Subscription


Best Tool for Professionals but It is Expensive.

Ahref is must buy tools for SEO perspective. This tool is very famous among online marketing professionals. It provides you with all the necessary data, that a broken link checker tool much have.

Ahref broken link checker

This tool is not only used for monitoring the quality of your website but also used for keyword research. Apart from this, you can also use this tool for competitor analysis.

They have a huge database, which they prefer to update on a daily basis. Hence, you should not worry about the accuracy of the information that they provide. They show the most current link data.

The best part is that it offers seven days free trial at a price of only $7. Hence you can look for the quality service that they offer and then make the decision of purchasing the tool.

2. SEMrush Link Audit

  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos
  • Videos
$99.00 $83.00 -16%
  About Semrush Semrush is Leading SEO Tool and a SAAS  company which started in near 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. In 2016, it …
Starting Price


Free Trial

10 Days

Money Back

7 Days


Leading SEO Tool with Each Feature that you Need.

It is my favourite tool for monitoring broken Backlink and being highly robust SEO tool, lots of love to use this tool.

SEMrush has many advanced features and also continuously adding more and more features. They have a collection of the huge database, which they prefer to update on a daily basis.

Despite broken link monitoring, it also helps you to analyse the backlink analysis and remove all the toxic, dead abd bacd links from your site.

In this tool, you can easily look for all the link, only do-follow links, and only no-follow links. And if you see any broken or bad link, then by clicking on the “plus sign”, you can put it in disavow list.

In short, this tool allows you to monitor for a good number of competitor’s website at once and give you enough information about the quality of link that their website has, hence it is easy to identify the broken backlink. And You can easily add your competitors, in SEMrush dashboard.

SEMrush is available at a price of $99.95 per month. The best part is that it comes with 30 days of the free trial, so you can use this tool 30 days for free, and if you like their service, you can purchase this tool.

3. Site checker

It is a premium tool to expose the broken links you just need to enter your domain name URL and it will investigate all the broken links.

sitechecker online broken link checker

Site checker is all in one SEO tool, which also provides some free services at a limit. We like this tool for most ON-Page SEO check, It makes it easy to check On-Page health in just 1 click.

You can create your own project on SiteChecker PRO if you have a premium plan can then it will automatically create a report of broken links, and other website SEO monitoring.

4. Moz

It is also one of the most favourite tools for many online marketing experts. The tool always fits in your expressions.

Moz claimed that their primary focus is to – ” the data you need to do better link building research, smarter content duration, and prospecting – in less time “

With this tool, you will not only analyse broken link but also grab some linking building opportunities. The speed that Moz link explorer provide is just awesome.

Apart from the URL of the website, you can also look for the details like anchor text, DA ( domain authority), PA (page authority) and spam score.

Moz should be your first choice if you believe in quality, speed and accuracy. That data that mix provides is very easy to understand. It is the best tool if you have a premium account.

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is a website SEO tool which also detects the whole website to find out broken links.

Scremingfrog Broken Links detector

it is both premium and free tool you can check up to 500 links on its free plan so if your website is small and you want to check broken link when you can use screaming frog because it works very good for on-page SEO

5. Neil Patel’s backlink tool

It is a new tool in the industry. It has a great number of awesome features that makes it a powerful SEO tool.

With their feature, you can easily track of link and also of your competitors. It provides you with all the necessary details like the total number of link, number of do-follow or no-follow link along with anchor text and many more.

In order to use the tool, you must first visit their website, and then paste the link of your website in their search box, then you can look for all the link. With this method, you can also check the link of your competitors.

It is not just used to check broken links but also used as a keyword research tool. You can also export the data of all the information, that you want to store in your files.

6. Monitor link

It is also one of the best platforms for broken Backlink analysis for last 6 years. One can easily research for Backlink scenario of a website with the help of graphs and charts provided by this tool.

This tool contains all the necessary data which are needed to analyse the broken backlink. It ensures that not a single user won’t go anywhere else for Backlink research. It also provides, user-friendly dashboard, so that users can easily understand.

The best part of this tool is, they allow users to create disavow link and submit to google.

The tool provides no free version. But It comes with 30 days free trial, which you can use a demo, by paying a small amount of money and if you are not satisfied with their service, you can easily claim for your refund.

7. OpenLinkProfiler

It is a free tool, which provides excellent as well as comprehensive data on Backlink analysis, which one can easily understand.

In order to use such a tool, first, you should go on their homepage, and type your domain name and then click on “get Backlink data”. It will give you a result of your searched domain name, within a second.

With this tool, you can easily get the data like type of Backlink, subdomains, link distribution, Backlink age and many other valuable information from which, you can easily understand the Backlink profile.

It also offers you a feature of downloading the data of your link in different formats and save it in your files for further use.

8. CognitiveSEO Broken link analysis tool

In 2018, CognitiveSEO is a very trending tool as it helped more than 10000 SEO professionals and improved ranking of more than 35000 websites. It is a much-advanced tool and provides a list of link for a particular website.

In this tool, you can use a feature like advanced filtration and analysis scope, to determine the profile of the backlink of a particular website.

In order to use this tool, you should first go on their website and enter the URL of the domain, and within a second, cognitiveSEO will prove you a data which is very accurate and trustworthy. It will do very rigorous research and Also apply its own customized methods to get the data.

One of the best features of this tool is the detection of the unnatural or broken link which enable the user to identify any Spammy or broken link which can penalize their website.

9. Linkody Broken Link checker

it is one of the great broken Backlink analysis tool, which helps you to identify broken link on your website. It is all in one Backlink monitoring tool. Which provides real-time data of any particular website.

Like all other link analysis tool, it provides you with Kuch data like page authority, domain authority, spam score, trust score and etc. Of a particular website.

This tool manages all the backlink activities of your website. It will notify you whenever you gain or lose any Backlink. You can also untreated your Google Analytics with this toll, In order to experience and analyze link profoundly.

It also offers you a feature, with the help of which, you can easily download the data as a report in your computer’s files.

10. Majestic

This tool claim to have the largest index database on this planet. It offers you a feature of ” Backlink history checker “ which gives you real-time data of a particular website.

Based on the topic, quality, language and industry-based matrices. You can easily filter out the data.

It gives you freedom, to compare the link profiles of two different websites. but if you go with their premium plan, you can compare multiples websites simultaneously for determining the quality of the backlink.

11. Alexa

This tool is powered by one the very famous e-com company in the world, amazon. It is one of the most leading digital marketing tools which provide a detailed analysis of any website.

If you want to grow your business online and wants to convert a new audience, then with the help of features provided by Alexa, you can find, reach and pursue your audience.

Competitor’s website analysis, keyword research, SEO analysis, target audience analysis are some very great features provided by Alexa. And yes, we can’t say that it is only a Backlink analysis tool. But yes, I can say it is one tomorrow the beat Backlink analysis tool.

Although it is a paid tool, the best part is that it gives you a free trial window to test and experience Alexa for Backlink analysis.

12. Backlink watch

It is a free tool which provides all the necessary details of the link of any specific domain. In order to check for broken link of any website, all you need to just enter the name of the domain and in their website and click on “check link”

The tool provides you with all the details for backings in a specified list format so that you can easily understand the interface.

In fact, the tool has uses the database of Ahref to provide the best result to their users. Like all other link checker tool, in this tool you will also get all the related information related to Backlink like anchor text, outbound links, page rank, do follow no-follow and etc.

This tool also provides you with some trending keywords With the help of which, you can easily rank your website.

This tool provides you with enough data as a free tool, but if you want to use some features except link checker, then it will redirect you to a premium tool like SEMrush, SpyGlass, etc.

14 Free Broken Link Checker Tools

Here are some best FREE Broken Link Tools of 2020.

1. HexoMeter Broken Link Scanner

Broken Links Scanner HexoMeter Dead links

Hexa metre 100 metre is an online website checking tool for different parameters line movies page analyzers broken links W3C validator SSL and uptime monitor.

It is a completely free tool up to 3,000 urls limit per domain and there is no limit on the number of website you can scan unlimited website.

2. Site24*7 Broken Link Checker

Site24x7 Website Broken Link Checker

Site 24*7 is an All in one Monitoring platform to track website uptime, monitor server status, monitor application and services. It provides solutions to the company to monitor its services over clients. And users can also track their application uptime.

But along this, It also provides a Free Broken Link Checker and Redirection Checker tool, where you just need to enter your website URL. And it will track all the URL’s status code (300, 400, 500).

3. Dead Link Checker

BrokenLink Checker Tool Dead Link Checker

It is another free online tool to check broken links, dead link checker rollout every page and check all the internal and external links, Report about broken links that are placed on our website.

It has two option the first is multi check where you can check multiple websites at the same time or we can say it a bulk broken link checker tool and the second option is auto check where this tool checks your website broken links on a period of time and send us a report on email.

4. W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker Tool

W3C tool is a very popular tool to find out your website architecture is correct or not. It is can for your website web pages not just on Front add even it also check your website HTML markup, CSS, On-Site Structure, Website loading, and the website is accessible on different devices.

So you can also use this online backlink checker tool to find out your websites broken links it is completely free and also a good tool to measure your all website blueprint.

5. Dr link checker

This tool is only made to find out broken links.

Dr link checker tests your website all links internal and external both. Dr Link checker also scan SSL certificate and find out the content that should be blacklist.

This tool has a free and premium plan, but on its free plan, you can use 2 websites to check theirs up to 1500 links. If your website is a small site than 1500 all links are enough to find out your website broken links using this tool that is specially made for website broken links.

6. Broken link checker WordPress plugin

WPMuDev has created a WordPress plugin to monitor and test all the external links and internal links of a website to find out broken or dead links.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugins

this WordPress plugin help you can find out bad or dead links and improve your User experience and the website SEO is your both.

This WordPress plugin works for not only dead links it also finds out missing images and redirects also. One of the best features of this plugin is it prevents search engines crawl your broken links This smart plugin automatically adds a no-follow tag on your broken links.

It is very easy to use WordPress broken link checker plugin where you can directly edit your broken links on the plugins page

7. Google Search Console

Google search console is a free website monitoring tool that offered by officially Google. Where you can check your website impression, clicks, CTR, and positions for web pages and queries.

But it is much more than a website insight data tool, it also shows site links, site coverage, and page issues.

Live Google Analytics Google search console also provides some very useful data of your website and it is really a good as a tool to find out your website broken links.

Google search console also shows website errors in the coverage section, By its error codes, their loading issue, indexing problems, and rich schema availability.

8. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tool multipurpose website SEO tool.  which provides different kinds of SEO tools free of cost. You can also check your broken links from this tool by simply entering your web pages or your website domain.

Although with a broken links checker tool, small SEO tool also provides a backlink analyzer tool, toxic backlinks tool, domain authority checker tool, and other SEO services, which is also helpful in SEO.

9. Broken Link Checker Chrome Extension

It was also created their broken link checker Chrome extension tool which finds out for the broken links of a website when we click on the extension icon.

It shows the whole date for broken links and finds out the percentage of error also it is complete website pages and counts on page-wise.

10. Broken Link Checker Firefox ADD-Ons

It is a Chrome extension by Balvin which find out broken 404 links and all 300 links in a single click.

This Tool Examine all current page link in the category with them in their error code.

This tool also has some good features like deep search here you can examine all the links of a webpage for a website, you can also set some filters like a

11. Broken link Checker

Online broken link checker

Broken link checker tool website find out your dead link on website or blog. Scan all of your web pages at free of cost. This tool works on internal and external links both.

This online broken link checker tool reports in 2 error codes for example 400 and 500 error codes. This online tool also had its software version.

12. LinkTiger

Link Tiger is an online website broken link checker tool which has a 15 days free trial which you can avail without any credit card.

The best feature of this website it is only made for search and scans broken links on a website, so it works well with all kinds of websites they’re founders ambition to remove all the dead and backlinks from the web.

LinkTiger website some paid plans which start from $10 per month where it scans 1000 links weekly.

13. DubBot

DubBot is a premium broken link checker tool. This tool scans all of your inbound and outbound links at the same time and finds out dead links before your visitors do.

By removing broken links from the website it gives a signal to search engines. Your users also get the right information and visit your Desired web pages.

14. SEOReviewTools

Like small SEO tools website SEO review tool also provides multiple free website SEO tools. You can audit your website here you can also find keyword research, track ranks, and etc.

Small review to the website also allow to audit your website that links or broken links using its online broken link checker tool. It works for broken link building strategy which removes node existing web pages from the website.

What are Broken Links?

How to Broken Links Checker & Dead Link Checker

Website broken links are those links which are linked to another web page for an external web page that is no more live. Admin the liquid web page is no more exists on the website.

An broken link is also known as a dead link, rotten links, and broken hyper. Broken link checker tool helps you to scan and detect the date

When we click on those link we get an error of 404 or something else.

Broken links can be inbound or outbound both.

1. Encounter broken link

On our website, we have a link to a web page which is no more on our site and still, we have added this link in our blog post or website article then this link will called inbound broken link.

In what link across if we remove our page to change our page URL.

2. Outbound broken links

If we have linked an external web page and that is no more then this link will called out got broken link.

Broken link 9 cure the same reason that we got on our website like removing the web page or changing the web page URL.

Reason to Occure Broken Links on your site:

Website broken links can be due to some reasons:

  • The webpage has deleted
  • The web page link has changed and no 301 redirect
  • Page movenFrom website
  • ISP changed
  • Web Hosting Server Down
  • While adding links made some spelling error

We have mentioned this reason so if you are a website or Digital marketer then you should keep checking all your links that they are lives and working properly.

To stay away server down the problem you should good Web Hosting Coupon compies which provide 99% uptime.

Because broken links also hurt your website SEO and it also gives a bad experience to our website visitor so we should try to remove all the broken links regularly.

How to Find Website Broken Links?

To find out your website broken links you can use about tools that we shared.

Some of us are paid or premium tools but they work great to find out broken links on your website. So if you have a budget or want to invest in your online business you can go with the premium tool because I hear you also get some extra features like keyword research red tracking a deep back neck analysis and much more.

But you just want to find out your broken links then you can also use free Tools for free WordPress plugins to find out broken links online

Effects of Broken Links on your Site:

Having broken links on the website gives a bad experience to visitors and it also decreases your website authority because you are using now that links.

So so we can say badly broken links affect both visitor’s experience and organic SEO also.

1. Poor Visitor’s Experience

When users visit on our site and they click on kalank in the link page show error message there it down our reputation also so and users also didn’t like our website and they bounce back.

So we should always keep only live links on our blog website.

2. Bad SEO Signal

Can we consider broken links for SEO purpose we can stay right with Google Chrome our website and they found some broken links they send a message to index that that website has dead links and it down power rank and page authority also.

We can say broken link affected so hard so we should always keep removing all broken links from our website using above broken link checker tools it is a simple and quick process to find out all your website broken links and there you can remove them manually from your pages or blog posts.

Ways to Fix Website Broken Links:

To fix your broken links we have two ways:

  1. Remove Broken Link
  2. Update to New Link
  3. Change to Correct Spelling

1. Remove Broken Link

If we link an external web page and the page is not more then we can simply remove that page link.

And in case of our website if we have a remove a webpage from our website and we know that we have linked this web page in many other web pages that we can manually remove that removed page link.

2. Update to New Link

Sometimes after time a broker or website owner change their blog post link, due to SEO reason or due to their different purpose for the same page. So in that case, if we know that we want to like this web page and the link it changes your previous page and the new link is xyz.com when we can insert a new link to the new updated link.

And if it is on our website and we know that we are changing a web page URL then we can find out where we have visited this web page URL in other web pages can we can manually change that URL to done URL.

3. Change to Correct Spelling

Digital marketing world we use copy and paste for inserting a URL but somehow if you are typing for you are a manually and you made some spelling mistakes.

Then later we can find out that broken link we can change the spelling in our life in now we have a live link.

FAQs – Website Broken & Dead Links

Here are some more information about checking website broken links.

1. How to find broken links on WordPress website?

To check the WordPress website broken links you can use WordPress plugin, online broken link checker tool or any premium SEO tool.

2. How to check broken links in website?

There are lots of tools to check broken links on a website like broken link checker, dead link checker, Semrush, Ahref and Site24*7. We have listed 25 + best-broken link checker tools which will help you to find out all the broken links of your website.

3. What are dead links on the website?

Dealings are those links which are right currently not live, either their webpage has removed or their URL has changed.

4. How to remove broken links?

To remove your website broken links visit on pages which have broken links and manually remove them or updated them.

5. Why remove broken links from website?

When your users click on broken links they get a bad experience and bounce back to the SERP again. Which increase your bounce rate. Case of Google crawling it also sends Google a bad signal which decreases our website rank.

6. Which is best-broken links scanner?

Mostly Premium for paid is your tools are best-broken links can like Semrush, Ahref and site scanner. You can also use some free broken links which are also good.

7. How broken links affect website SEO?

Broken links send Google a signal that that webpage has some bad for dead links that mean your web page has been not updated since a long, indirectly it affects your on-page website SEO

8. How to check bulk broken links?

To find out bulk broken links you can use any above tool they all of our website web pages and in bulk and find out broken or dead links.

9. What are the types of Broken links?

We can diversify broken links in 400 links which means either web pages 300 links which are redirected links and 500 links which mains and internal server error.

End of Article – Best Online Broken Link Checker Tools 2021

There are tons of reasons, why you should use a good link checker tool. link are the key factors in order to rank high in google search results.

In fact, according to research, many great SEO websites all around the world believe that link are one of the top 3 ranking factors of google or any other search engine.

After analysing approx 1 million google search results, Brian Dean of very famous website, Backlinko, conclude that pages with the highest numbers of link tend to rank higher on Google Search results.

link checker tools, helps you to analyse the quality or broken link on your site. And hence, you can improve it, if something goes wrong. When it comes to building link, it is worth monitoring the quality of link first.

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