Where to Buy Expired Domains – 20 Best Places to Buy Expired Domain

Are you Looking to boost your website’s ranking? And Search for the best place to buy expired domains?

Looking to grab the best domain with high DA|PA, quality backlinks, less spam score?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Here I provide you a detailed explanation that definitely helps you in choosing the best-expired domains, and guide you how you can increase your website’s ranking.

I also put a bonus tip at the end of this article, which will help you to increase your website’s ranking with the help of expired domain, so read the article till the end.

Being a professional blogger and knowing the importance of time, so without wasting it let begin with the article.

What are expired domains

It is a type of domain which is not renewed by its owner. And once it expires, it becomes available for registration again.

As the expiry date of domain comes closure, the owner has 2 choices, either he can sell the domain or renew the domain, but if he does not do anything, then it expires and becomes available for registration again.

If you know SEO, then you already know the advantage of expired domains, but if you are a beginner, then don’t worry, we will give a detailed explanation of it including tips and tricks so that your website can easily rank higher on search results.

Purchasing an expired domain is much harder than purchasing a new one, before buying expired domain, you need to do lots of research with putting lots of consideration into mind.

Why should you prefer expired domains

Here is 5 main reasons why you should go with expired domains

  1. Having good domain authority(DA).
  2. Having good and enough amounts of backlinks.
  3. Increase ranking of your articles/content.
  4. They are pre-established.
  5. EMD or easy to remember type of domain.

What you can do with expired domains

  1. If you have less time and a great amount of money to invest, then you can go with 301 Redirect, which increases the ranking of your pages.
  2. You can create a micro-niche website which is easy to rank and gives you lots of money also.
  3. You can also create your own PBN(private Blog Network).

How to find ideal expired domain

Expired domains are best in many prospects, but before buying them you need to keep some considerations in your mind, which definitely helps you in choosing a best and ideal expired domain.

Investing money in such expired domains which will not give you traffic then it will totally waste money.

Things to be considered before buying a expired domain are-

  1. First you have to find the list of expired domains
  2. Research whether that expired domain contains keywords of your choice or not.
  3. Look what kind of content that expired domain contains earlier.
  4. Check whether the domain is having quality backlinks or not.
  5. Check the age of the domain.
  6. Check for DA/PA.

Best place to buy expired domains

1. GoDaddy Auctions

This is the best place to buy terminated domains. You will get lots of deals by putting your keyword in their search option. 

Here, you will easily find decent domains with affordable prices. And easily look for your ideal domain.

2. DomCop

Domcop is a paid service and very user friendly also. It saves you much time in selecting your ideal expired domains. 

You can easily find great domains within minutes using this platform.

Current they are having data of more than 20 million expired domains with 31 domain extensions such as .net, .info, .com, .in, etc.

Their best feature is you can look  for  10 million new domains every month.

  1. Namejet

Namejet is the premier market place to buy expired domains. They use advanced software to get data of expired domains which help you in choosing a professional domain, domain for small business and many more purposes.

They are having 3 sections, namely-

  1. Hot picks: This section provides you hand picked domains by experts.
  • Last chance: In this section, you will find domains which are going to expire soon.
  • Open Auctions: In this section you have to place the bid before choosing the domain which is going to expire soon.


This is a very popular marketplace of expired domains since 2007. Currently, they are having a database of more than 3.7 million expired domains.

The best feature of FreshDrop is they are providing detailed information like Majestic SEO metrics, Page Authority, Moz rank, DA, Page Rank, Domain age, backlinks count etc.

You need to spend some extra time to find the best and trustworthy domain.

5. Flippa Domain Auctions

This is a very popular website in the blogging industry, if you are in the blogging industry then definitely you heard this word before.

It has its own dedicated search engine for finding the best expired domains.

The cost of expired domain you are getting on flippa is little bit expensive as compared to other providers.

They provide features like- “editor’s choice” where you can get a list of worth buying expired domains.

6. Snap Names

They are having a database of 30 million expired domains at a very affordable price which can easily fit in your budget.

They also provide a section which contains hand picked domains by experts, having high authority and quality backlinks and they are worth buying expired domains.

Here you can also place a bid for the domain which is going to expire soon.

7. Expired Domains

Expireddomaind.net provides you a huge list of huge domain names which are recently expired every day. 

This is a free and best tool, it helped me alot when I was a beginner.

Thousands of domains expire every day and expireddomain.net is a place where you get enough information like- page rank, alexa rank, backlinks and many more, regarding that domain.

  1. 1 and 1 domain search

This is not just a place to search for expired domains, they are also offering web hosting services, domain registration and site creation.

They have been in this field since 2003 and constantly serving their best services to their customers. They are also well known hosting providers in the market.

Along with the domain details, 1 and 1 also offers you – Separate email address, Unlimited subdomains and private registration for free.

  1. Namecheap domains

Namecheap is a leading domain registration company nowadays. And Also selling expired domains at a very affordable price which will easily fit in your budget.

Here you can search for expired domains related to any niche. And you can also filter out expired domains based upon your choice.

For Example- setting a price range of $25 to &100, and you will be able to see a huge list of expired domains.

  1. Domain Hunter Gatherer

DomainHunter gatherer helps you to find best unlimited branded expired domains from all domain domain name providers like godaddy, flippa, etc.

Their advanced feature helps you to find unlimited worthy domains no matter what niche you are looking for.

Here you can find an unlimited number of high quality and high PR domains of a particular keyword or a site within seconds.

11. Name.com

This is also one of the most popular marketplace of expired domain buying users. It generates huge repetition in just a very sorry time. 

They are receiving wonderful feedback from countries like the USA. This company is situated in the USA and carries the work of domain registration.

They are constantly delivering an amazinglist of expired domains to their users which cannot be ignored easily. 

  1. Stuckdomains

They make their platform for serving expired domains much easier, you don’t need to sign-up before using it. I.e, You will get a full list of expired domains without sign-up on their page.

However they will provide you limited filter options but the quick bees can explore this for sure.

  1. Expireddomainsleuth.com

ExpireddomainsSleuth is a tool which helps in finding the right expired domain name. 

Make all the things that to be considered before buying an expired domain, and if you do so, trust me, you will get a very amazing expired domain. 

  1. Domainpeel.com

This is the first website which offers a list of only spam free expired domains to their users. 

No matter whether you are taking expired domain for 301 redirect or for building a website from scratch, you will get all the needed information here.

I recommend this website for those who are new in this field and are going to buy expired domain for the first time. 

I am definitely sure you will have an amazing experience from this website. And if you find my suggestion useful then let me know by commenting in the comment section below.

  1. Domainhole

This website is really a perfect option of finding the expired domains of your choice. 

You can use filter options for selection of expired based Upon any keyword or category.

They offer top level domains in their list you can easily go through because they made it publicly available. 

They are constantly delivering best expired domains to their users by updating their list everyday. 

  1. Domainsbot.com

It is a simple yet expansion way of searching for an expired domain. But no doubt this is just like a game changer for everyone. 

This websites is perfect and sure shot winner when it comes to buying if expired domains

They have many filters which you can use one by one to narrow down your list and this makes it easy to search for an ideal domain that you are looking for.

This website has been interesting since 2004 and this cloud is no doubt a perfect option for you, if you have money to invest.

  1. Domainmonster

They remain true to every one’s face and serve what exactly it stands for.

This website is having many features starting from domains registration to back ordering and much more. 

They offer every essential information which you have to take care before making your order, hence making your work easy.

You will get everything to know regarding the domain including price and how to do it.

  1. Dynadot.com

This website was founded by a software engineer in 2002, situated in California. 

They claim to have their primary focus on engineering and design excellence. 

We have come through hundreds of reviews from members of 70+ countries and from that, it is clear that they are stable, fast and easy to use. 

They also offer excellent customer service, if you find any issue, you can easily connect with them, and they are available every time to solve your issues. 

  1. Go.co

They are also constantly providing best results to their users. They have a support system also, you can connect with them easily through live chat. 

They are delivering .co domains only, it can be registered for a period of 1 to 5 years. 

Bonus tip – Best Place to Buy Expired Dpomains

When a domain expires, many things also expire with that. And if you want to take limitless help  from expired domain names, then you should consider a way of sub domains. 

For this, you have to take help of hosting and service providers. And by this, when you run a blog/website. You will be able to save lots of money. 

If you want to avail this service then you need to create your account and start availing for sub domain services.

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