15 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Marketing your products is the only way of reaching your goals. Gone are the days of traditional marketing when you had to knock on the doors for promoting your products. Now, you have to rely on digital channels for proper marketing and making sales.

But if you don't give it a thought before investing time and money in your marketing campaigns? Can you ensure to get the best results when your only focus is on creating “Fancy ads?” How can you be sure about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

The only way of answering all these questions is by developing a Data-driven Digital marketing campaign. It provides you with great insights into how you should develop your advertising strategies. Data enables you to provide a personalized experience to your customers. Keep reading this article to find out the 15 amazing benefits of Data-driven Digital marketing!

  1. Define Your Goals

A Data-driven digital marketing strategy allows you to define your goals. You get to understand the tendency of your target to help you work on the right strategies. For example, if Data shows you that most of your customers are aware of the problem and what types of products are available for them, then your prospects belong to the “Consideration” phase of the sales funnel.

The right way to market your products to such prospects is by showing them how your products are better than your customers' products. You will then develop helpful marketing material using data to show your products' effectiveness, thus making it easier to define the goals you want to achieve at the early phase. Skilled digital marketers like the experts at Thunder Road Digital can help you develop and implement data-driven digital marketing strategies for the maximum growth of your business.

2. Personalized Marketing

Today's marketing is all about personalization. You don't have to target all the people when working on a marketing strategy. Your goal should be building relevance and providing what your audience expects from you.But how can you be sure about what your audience “Really” wants? Data-driven digital marketing allows you to create personalized marketing material for your target audience.

3. Being Consistent

The important thing for the success of a marketing strategy is consistency. If a specific ad has given great results, you have to ensure that you keep it live to keep getting the same results. But the problem is how to find out what works and what doesn't?The only way to know about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is by using data-driven digital marketing. Data can help you stay consistent in the market by a focus on strategies that are hit among your target audience.

4. Skipping What Doesn't Work

Not all marketing strategies are created equal. Some of them work, and others fail miserably. As a marketer, it's your job to ensure that you focus on the ones that bring results and skip the ones that don't give you many benefits.The good thing about a data-driven digital marketing campaign is that it helps you overlook the not helpful strategies. Data doesn't lie about the effectiveness of different strategies. Proper use of data will help you get rid of what isn't beneficial for you at all.

5. Audience Segmentation

Not all of your target audience is concentrated in a single marketing channel. People love to use different online platforms to find content that engages and informs in today's world. It's important for you as a marketer to find out where your audience is the most active to make the right decisions.

Data-driven digital marketing strategies help you define your audience and make proper segments. For example, if your target audience is CEOs, they might be more active on LinkedIn than on Instagram. Data will help you understand where your customers are the most active – enabling you to target them the right way!

6. The Buyer Persona

Buyer persona allows you to make a generalized assumption about your target audience using data. Properly collected information helps you find the common traits of your customer, enabling you to use it for providing customized solutions.

But how can you gather accurate, concise, and clear data about your ideal customers? By working on a Data-driven digital marketing strategy. A proper strategy backed by data will help you understand the choices of your target audience.

7. Building Hype

What if you come up with the most effective and revolutionary product in the industry, but you fail to make any sales as nobody knows about it? The only way of ensuring that you close more sales and become authoritative in the industry is by building hype.Your data-driven digital marketing strategies help you target the right audience, so they get excited to use your product. Doing this will help you reap the benefits of “Word of mouth marketing,” and it will become easier to generate sales.

8. Improve Your Products

An important aspect of staying relevant in the market is the constant evaluation of your products. Gone are the days when the choices were limited for customers, and they had no other way but to buy the products from the top companies.

As the choices have increased for the customers in the market, you have to ensure that your product is the best in the industry. The only way to be sure about the effectiveness of your products is by doing a proper evaluation.

A data-driven digital marketing campaign can help you evaluate your products and services. You can use customer feedback data to find out what excites them and what they hate the most – enabling you to make any required changes along the way.

9. The User Experience

Improved user experience is the key to the growth of a product. If your products are not easy to use, people will quickly choose the ones that provide a better user experience.

The only way to improve the user experience of your products is by using data.Data-driven digital marketing campaigns make it easier for you to shape your products for your target audience. Proper data allows you to understand what your audience likes, so you can include the right elements in your products and services.

10. Finding New Opportunities

Scaling your business is the most important thing to survive in marketing. If you are stuck providing the same things like always, someone else will pop up in the industry selling better products and services – and you will be out of business.Data can help you find new opportunities to accelerate the growth of your business. Data-driven digital marketing strategies will help you tap into other options.

11. Targeting The Right Channels

What if most of your target audience is active on TikTok and you are busy spending money on Facebook Ads? If you don't know where your target audience is the most active and keep targeting the wrong channels, it will never be possible for you to reach your goals.

The obvious advantage of a data-driven digital marketing campaign is that it enables you to target the right channels. Data gathered using proven strategies shows you where your audience is and how you can attract people to buy your products.

12. Making Timely Decisions

Time is money in the world of digital marketing.

If you are not making timely decisions, you will miss out on all the amazing opportunities. It's your job to ensure that you always make the right decisions on time.Data-driven digital marketing strategies enable you to make the right decisions on time. Your data can show you the past trends to make projections about the future for making the right decisions.

13. The Choice Of The Future

There's no doubt that we are increasingly becoming dependent on data for everything in our lives. From the development of IoT to universal healthcare, Data is paving the way for the progress of our civilization.

The same is true about the importance of data in marketing. Data-driven digital marketing is the true future of marketing your products for all the right reasons, as nothing can be more reliable for decision-making than data!

14. The Cost Factor

Data-driven digital marketing is not costly at all. After you're done setting the stage for gathering the data, the process of devising marketing strategies and making projections is not costly. There are tons of free and paid marketing tools to help you use data without making a dent in your pocket.

15. Proper Budgeting

Most people have the misconception that marketing costs a lot of money. But the truth is that if you have the right information about your target audience, then marketing isn't costly at all – provided that you are not obsessed with showing flashy cars in your ads.

A data-driven digital marketing strategy shows you how you should plan your marketing budget. For example, if your target audience loves luxury products, there's nothing wrong with including them in your ads. Data will help you decide what should or shouldn't be part of your marketing efforts. It will get a lot easier to allot a budget for ads when Data is there to help you.

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